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MEN’S FASHION TIPS 2019 | 7 Basic STYLE RULES every guy should know

Yo in this video I’m gonna talk about
the seven basic style rules that every guy should know let’s not waste any more
time let’s get right into the video: Hey! If you’re new here on my channel, welcome! I’m Daniel, consider subscribing and also clicking that notification bell so you
won’t miss any of the next videos. Now, let’s start with the first basic rule
that every guy should know Dress according to who you are and what you stand for. You always have the choice to dress how you want but remember people
will always judge you based on your appearance you know that saying where
they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover well unfortunately most people in the world still do it. So they will make assumptions on who you are based on the way that you dress, so don’t overdress don’t under dress. Just dress yourself
according to who you are, according to what fits well with you. In this way you
are letting people know who you are before you even say a word. Know your measurements. We all have different body types,right? and that general small medium or large it’s not gonna look the same on
everybody because that’s just the general size. Some people have broader
shoulders, some guys have bigger arms some guys have bigger lads. So it will
look different. You have to know your measurements. If you know your
measurements then you’ll know better what kind of clothes will fit you and
look good on you. You can also then find a good tailor. If you find a good tailor
they can make the clothes to fit you perfectly and that’ll just improve your
appearance immensely Don’t buy clothes that you like. Buy clothes that you love
and that you use all the time. In this way you save money and you don’t buy
unnecessary stuff that you don’t need but you can invest that same money on
the items that you really love and really need. So you buy better quality
clothing. There’s a lot of videos out there that says these are the clothes
you need, you need this, you need that you need this. You don’t need all the stuff. You
just need the basic clothing essentials I have added my list for you in the video
description down below if you want to go and check it out. every guy needs to know
how to tie a tie. This is very basic when it comes to style but I’m very surprised
because a lot of guys out there have no clue. They have no clue how to tie a tie. If you’re still young chances are you’ll find yourself in a situation
very soon where you will need to know how to tie a tie.
Alright I am quickly gonna show you how to tie a tie.
Specifically a half Windsor knot. Because that’s the most easiest one to tie.
Alright so when you look at the tie: you got two ends. You got the thin end and then you got a thick end. It’s not that complicated. What you want to do is bring the
thin end up to around here. Right, now the first step of tying a tie is to take
this thin end and bring it underneath the long thick end. Step two you take the
long thick end bring it underneath these two and bring it over and back to where it was. So let’s do that: under right through these two and back to where it was.
Alright now these two fingers are very important because they keep the whole
knot together the whole time. Take the thick end you bring it underneath this
whole knot area and you bring it over and back to it was. Alright so let’s do that.
Under and over to to where it was. Last step you want to bring this whole
thick end and you want to bring it under through these two and then it’s
gonna be a loop and you put it through the loop. So let’s do that. under through these two and then through the loop. Alright there we go and now what you have to do is take this and
tighten it a little bit. Adjust it, adjust it. Take this whole thin end and you hold
it and then you take the knot area and you bring it up like that. Now you can
adjust this part here until you feel very comfortable with it. All right bring
the color down. Okay now you have to adjust it again. You’re can’t just leave it like this, right? So you have to adjust a little bit. All right it’s not perfect
but now you know how to tie and tie knot Get some practicing and you’ll get it
done. Alright let’s move on Every man needs to know how to choose
the right shoes for every occasion for example Oxford Derby or loafers look
good at work or at business meetings Leather boots, loafers and sandals those
are great for casual situations like socializing, depending on the weather.
Sneakers and chucks they’re good for everyday use. There are also different
types of a specific shoe styles within a specific style. Let’s look at boots for example you get boots for work hiking, casual and smart. Socks! if you wear socks in such a way where people can see it it can either make or break
your clothing style. If you want to stay safe remember these following rules: For
white socks wear it mainly with athletic shoes. Then monotone black socks are for dress shoes and the color of your socks should match the color of your suit pants and
if you wear shorts put hidden socks on unless you’re going to the gym. Know your basic color combinations. if you know which colors go together
when you wear your outfits it can greatly enhance the look of your style. So let me
explain it very quickly: Almost all the colors look really good with black and
white. Colors that fit well with beige are black, brown, red, and green. Navy blue with white, beige, yellow, red and green Yellow with black, brown, sky blue and
navy blue. Orange with white, yellow, black and dark green. Brown with white, beige,
black, red and dark green. Dark green with white, beige, sky blue, yellow, navy blue and black Red with white, beige, sky blue, navy blue
black and brown. Sky blue looks good with brown, dark green, dark purple, red and
beige. Purple with white, beige, sky blue, pink, blue and brown. If you liked the
video give it a thumbs up subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video Cheers

94 thoughts on “MEN’S FASHION TIPS 2019 | 7 Basic STYLE RULES every guy should know

  1. Thanks Daniel for the tips. You've given me a lot of confidence in myself in the past few weeks since i've found your channel

  2. If you are new here: Remember to SUBSCRIBE and RING THE BELL so you won't miss any of the next videos
    & check the video description for more style videos 😀

  3. I don’t have a fashion sense 😀 but I think I’ll seriously follow these tips from now on. Thanks Daniel!

  4. Great advice. I'm in the mid twenties and seem like the only dude that knows how to tie a tie. It can really make me judge other men that don't know how to. (also many men have no idea how to iron)

    Thank you for your videos. Truly inspirational and informative.

  5. A very short and on point video, that's what's best about your channel! Also i love the way you chose to present the color matching as most channels just go with the color wheel 🙂

  6. 4 in hand knot is much easier and looks better for most men. If you check some classic menswear events like Pitti Uomo, you will see mostly 4 in hand or Albert

  7. Daniel how many times you will repeat that same phrase…. "don't judge a book by it's cover"….need change…anyways nice video

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    Thanks again, especially for summarizing the color matching (it's always difficult to remember it well 😅)

  9. Is the matching clothes color's that you mentioned are a standard in each country or it's vary from one to other ?

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  11. He is a very nice person guys.
    Cause he tells to be real , be unique and not to try to be like anyone else

  12. "Buy what you love and not what you like" thanks for that grt piece of advise Daniel.Completely agree.Also that color combination section is quite helpful for a person like me who mostly team it up with black to play safe 😉

  13. One part is missing and that’s essential: how to wear and tie a scarf! Other than that, your videos are great, I discovered lots of stuffs that are obvious but somehow unbelievable to think of xD Cheers – Ben
    PS: Maybe you should get some help and get captions in foreign languages to broad your audience?

  14. Thanks Daniel for the color combos. I'm colorblind so finding the color combinations that work isn't easy. But I can take some of the colors I can somewhat tell from your chart, and build something there…I hope! Also, the shoe topic was quick, and that might be something hard for me to grasp because of the color combos. Are there more basic all around shoes? Are they that important?

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  16. Okay, I have to bust on you a little bit… There is NO NEED to guys where the tie should be hung as you are tying the tie. The tie already has that "marked" on the tie (Unless it's a cheap junk tie.) Good ties have 2 diagonal seams on the tie. Those "seams" should both be touching your right and left collarbone. You will need to make the bottom of the tie side SLIGHTLY longer. You know you have it correct when the seam mark on the long side of the tie is about 1-2 inches BELOW your collar bone. By using these markers on the tie you will have the CORRECT length of the tie. Your tie should NEVER be longer than your belt line. In fact, you want the tie's length to be as close as possible to your belt line but NOT exceed it.

  17. When I wear a blazer a little bit of shirt material pokes out after the first button, is this normal?

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  19. Regarding the choice of colors that one wears, you MUST read "Colour Me Beautiful" by Carole Jackson, there are mans versions of the book as well, it explains in better details and so that one can understand why you might like a color but it does not like you.

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