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Meet the Face of the Millennial Anti-Abortion Movement

The right to abortion is not a real right. My bodily autonomy doesn’t give me licence
to kill. Period. We have to change the way we look at this
entirely and get that message to everyone. I’m Lila Rose. I’ve been a pro-life activist for 15 years. The pro-life movement is today’s authentic
women’s movement. The popular narrative has been that abortion
is somehow going to empower women when we know that it is an act of violence
against our children. Live Action is a non-profit dedicated to educating
the masses on the truth of abortion. We want it rejected culturally and legally. We are reaching millions of people on a monthly
basis through social media, through Live Action News. But the goal is, how do we get these stories
in front of every single person? People that claim to be feminist, and people
that claim to be pro-women, but are out there advocating for abortion,
they are still stuck in this very antiquated view that abortion equals women’s empowerment. We are publishing content every day to millions
of people. Content that exposes what abortion is. I’m catholic, so my faith is extremely important
to me. Take this all of you and drink from it, for
this is the chalice of my blood. Our rights, our human rights, don’t come from
the state. There’s a higher power and there’s an absolute
truth that we can agree on, that we can build the society on. For the kingdom and the power and the glory
are yours, now and forever. When I was a little girl I think I had heard
the word abortion, but I didn’t understand what it was. Around the age of nine I came across images
of children. Beautiful. But had that been torn apart by first-trimester
section abortion. And it inspired me to say “I have to do something.” What are the thoughts going through your mind
right now? I don’t know, it’s gonna be fun.. In preparation I ended up bleaching my hair
platinum blonde, Hannah Montana outfit at the time was the rage, got it from Walmart. Put together a whole identity of what this
girl was going through. I’m taking on the persona of this young
girl, who’s an abuse victim. We’re using undercover cameras,
I’m posing as a 13-year-old girl named Brianna. I tell the Planned Parenthood worker that
I had a 31-year-old boyfriend. I remember watching the view count on the
youtube videos start to skyrocket. I call it advocacy journalism. A pro-life group stage an undercover sting
at Planned Parenthood, and the results are shocking The video was shot by this anti-abortion group. They call themselves Live Action, and its
led by, there she is, 22 year old Lila Rose. The cry from the pro-choice side against the
Live Action videos is always been that they are edited unfairly, that they only selectively show some of the
conversations that she was having, or that they are manufactured all together. Lila Rose has been a huge pain in the side
of Planned Parenthood and I think that they view her along with
other pro-life activists as being a huge threat to women. Lila Rose is one of the most charismatic figures
in the pro-life movement. As long as they are legal in our nation, abortions
would be done in the public square, until we were so sick and tired of seeing
them that we would do away with the injustice altogether. Lila over time has certainly become more polished. She has been able to take the model of a young,
millennial feminist and transform that into a young, millennial, pro-life feminist. Women in our country have walked into
classrooms powerful, we have walked into the voting booth powerful. but today, after winning the so-called right
to abortion, women walk into abortion facilities powerless. She’s professionalized. That has allowed her to have longevity, rather than just being a scandal maker, blip. She has been able to transform her platform
into not just an insurgent bunch of people with handheld cams, going into an abortion
clinic and trying to find some dirt, but rather really a platform for a movement. EWTN: And we are joined now by Lila Rose,
president of Live Action. Unfortunately for our country, in many states you can commit and abortion on a child that is viable,
that can survive outside the womb. Today we learned justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring from the court. President Trump, right there in the middle,
will get a chance to shape the court for at least a generation. This is a pivotal moment. If we have another Supreme court justice appointed
who recognizes that Roe v. Wade is bad law, it could change
everything. We urge congress, the administration and HHS
to continue to take action on behalf of our most vulnerable. Hi, I’m appreciative of being here, standing
here with, surrounded by so many pro-life supporters who’ve done so much work for so
long. Not only here in this Congress, but across
this country. And I am one of the big fans of Lila Rose
and the research that she’s done. I think we are going to see an end to legalized
and culturally accepted abortion in my lifetime. I’m excited to be alive and be a part of it.

100 thoughts on “Meet the Face of the Millennial Anti-Abortion Movement

  1. I’m an atheist and I’m anti-abortion. I’m proof that just because your an atheist doesn’t mean you support killing babies. When something is wrong, it’s wrong. I support your work, good luck.

  2. Supports catholic church (who hide and protected thousands of cases of pedophilia and sexual abuse by priests around the world) but not abortion…
    yeah, makes sense.

  3. Lila rose. Have you not seen the amount of children being neglected and abused by so called parents who 'love them?' Those children usually end up in acworsenplace. Would rather the parents terminated rathervthan see children abused

  4. And here comes the faith. Honestly, people who are Catholic should conserve their energy in protecting children against sexual abuse. This is definitely not their forte.

  5. Catcholics would ban masturbation too if they could. They want as many children in the world as possible for their priests and nuns to molest and abuse.

  6. Planned Parenthood rakes in millions of dollars a year. Abortion is their Cash Cow.
    They don't see Pro LIFE as a threat to Women.
    They see Pro LIFE as a threat to Their Bottom Line!!! It's all about the Money!!!
    PP isn't a Woman's health care clinic. If it was, they would do Pre-natal care for women who Want their babies. They would have mammogram machines at Every location. They would test for ovarian cancer at Every location. And they would screen for heart issues as Heart attacks are women's number 1 killer.

  7. It's not a matter of being Roman Catholic or otherwise. It is what God says that is paramount. In Jeremiah 1:5 God says: "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, [and] I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations."

  8. They're all well spoken and very confident. I love that God has given all these woman voices to spread awareness

  9. Lila Rose makes her living by stealing some of the funds that get donated to her evil organization. I'll be willing to bet she has never been pregnant against her will and FORCED to carry her unwanted baby full term. She has never worn their shoes so she should keep her fucking mouth shut.

  10. Before Roe vs Wade thousands of women died every year from botched abortions performed with knitting needles and coat hangers. Roe vs Wade FINALLY gave them the opportunity to have SAFE abortions performed by highly trained medical professionals. Now the evil "pro-lifers" want to FORCE women to carry their unwanted pregnancies full term whether they like it or not.

  11. "I think we're going to see an end to legalise and culturally accept abortion in my lifetime, and I'm excited to be alive & to be a part of it!!" – I love this woman!! That activism is so strong and I know you'll get there someday!! You're amazing Lila!!

  12. I am Pro-Life, just flipped over. What I would agree to though – is 8 to 10 weeks to abort. Realistically, as bad of comparison this might be – “A good deal is when money is left by both parties on the table.”

  13. *Do you eat meat?
    *Do you support the war in Afghanistan?
    *Do you support the use of drone strikes?
    *Do you support the detention camps on the border?
    *Do you live in a state that supports the death penalty?
    *Do you live in a country that executed criminals prior to DNA evidence?
    *Do you enjoy the privilege today from a past of owning and profiting of slaves?
    *Does the house you live on today exist on First Nation land that was forcibly taken and its people executed?
    *Have you fostered any children in the foster care system?
    *Do you volunteer your time or money to benefit the lives of children in America's foster care system?
    *Are you on the list to adopt a child/infant who has been put up for adoption?
    *Do you donate your time or money to enriching the lives of children who are less fortunate?
    *Do you teach/volunteer at a school that serves underprivileged communities?
    *Have you donated time or money to community initiatives that clothe, feed, or nurture infants or young children?
    *Have you volunteered at or mentored at-risk women?
    *Do you pledge money or volunteer at pregnancy crisis centers?
    *Are you a certified/licensed health professional that can counsel young at-risk women?
    *Does the administration you voted for provide public assistance for women and children in need?
    *Have you supported whether financially or emotionally, the lives of any children other than your family, from the ages of 0-18 years old?
    *Have you volunteered time or money to the lives of innocent civilians and young children who were affected by military action?
    *Have you volunteered time or money to orphanages in this county or around the world that raises, fosters, or nurtures orphaned children?
    *Have you…

    DO NOT mistake pro-life for pro-birth.

  14. I was reminded of this, when you said that our human rights don't come from the state, but a higher power. It also refers to abortion in that sense.

  15. Obviously at age 30 she still thinks of herself as a girl and she is complaining that she deserves better. What is it that she wants but isn't getting?

  16. If, after doing years of research on the history of the negative effects that abortion has wreaked on society at large, coupled with seeing the recent films Gosnell and Unplanned, doesn't change your pro-choice mind on this hot-button issue, you are nothing more that a souless, heartless monster.

  17. The fact is that if abortion is banned everywhere people are still going to get them and it’s going to endanger lots of people. Why ban them, it’s that persons choice so leave it be

  18. I believe your thoughts on this topic are horribly one sided and extremely biased. I am pro choice and nothing you do can change that. I believe the young woman who was raped should not be forced to birth a child who's father ruined her own image and life. You must come to this realization for your own good.

  19. Fetuses cant feel pain, if you think fetuses are equal to human beings then you should see no problem choosing killing a grown person over aborting 5 zygotes.

  20. Your own life is not yours at the first place, you are first and foremost God's creation, no right to end your own life or someone else life, second a suicide attempt will earn you a black list and internment in a mental institution on the expense of the tax payers and if you do succeed you will be judge from your action on the day of reckoning… Freedom is not free and will never be, earth and it's inhabitants are tested to separate the filth from the righteous!

  21. I've lost two to abortion and had no say in the matter. Today I have no children. Nobody should have to live with that type of pain. I love each of you fighting for life. God bless you.

  22. abortions in the third tri are illegal…idk why pro life people push the narrative that the aborted fetus looks fully developed when they are legally aborted (through the first tri). abortions are only given in the third trimester when the mothers life is at high risk, the baby will not make it, or both beings are in danger. no one carries a baby to full term and decided they don't want it. and even if they did, itsy illegal at term I'm so confused by their appeal to emotion without logic or fact

  23. Well who parents children the child or the parent?
    Who chooses to circumsize the child, the parent.
    Who chooses a name for the child, the parent
    Who chooses anything for the child, the parent
    So just because a parent chooses that that child would not have a nice life then now the child should get a say?
    I guarantee that if you had a child with severe disabilities that died painfully that if you had another child with serve disabilities you would choose to abort it.

  24. I wish people would stop acting like they are hopelessly enslaved to their sexual urges and can't do anything about controlling themselves. Abortion is emotionally and physically devastating. Feminists kill me, why are they so intent on fighting for destroying the ONE thing that men can't do which is to conceive and grow life???

  25. There is no crime against women and children that is worst than abortion!! Popular media has brainwashed so many disillusioned women into thinking that it helps the women's movement; so many lies and hypocrisy!!!

  26. I think that in order to end abortion you have to go about it by convincing the woman to give birth and then give it up if she does not want it. Trying to outlaw it again is not the answer.

  27. Pro-abortion does not equal pro-women's rights! I wish these morons would get that. These abortion doctors make women think this is the only option, that there's no hope. It puts $$ in their pockets. How is that a woman's right???!!??

  28. Lol the libtards always say if prolifers really cared about poor kids they would help them outside the womb, so in their crazy mind aborting them, which is done piece by piece, without anesthesia!, is a way better solution than not having a good foster care system.

  29. I used to be prochoice in my early 20s back in the early 2000s…but went prolife shortly after….

    Abortion to me in a way is a LATENT shaming of WONENS FEETILITY.

    ProAbortion culture is giving off this message that having babies is somehow a disadvantage or a sickness which must be cured.. NO! FERTILITY IS BEAUTIFUL, CHILDREN EMPOWER US.. it is not a disadvantage. A REAL FEMINIST is a strong woman who can KEEP HER BABIES and still carry on achieving many things in life.

    Fertility is not sonething we should shame and having babies is not a disadvantage.. its the totally completely NATURAL result to having sex that allows us WOMEN to fully come into being! A real feminist knows this.

  30. What's Lila's qualifications? Is she a doctor? All religious nutcases
    should simply avoid medical assistance at all times and just pray 😉

  31. What's Lila's qualifications? Is she a doctor? All religious nutcases
    should simply avoid medical assistance at all times and just pray 😉

  32. A young, white well-off woman who has simple answers to very complex problems. Has she ever listened to women who came of age before Roe v Wade to find out what reproductive options existed for them? She really wants to turn back the clock to those good old days? Listen to women in their 70s and older who lived through such times. Her simple answers have been tried in the U.S. Can she think outside her own paradigm and develop a new approach to this age-old, extremely complex social problem?

  33. I believe I'd the contraceptive fails, if there's was a rape or if tje pregnant women is a minor abortion should be legal.. completely and period…

  34. I wonder if the aborting mother can feel and/or hear the tearing, snapping, breaking, and suctioning of her little baby in her womb. Nobody ever seems to talk about that. This just makes my heart hurt!

  35. All people who refuse to constantly having children are just selfish people who force their choice into innocent would-be baby by condamning them to non-existence sarcasm
    Also,all the pro-life should be vegan,and for free healthcare

    And it's funny how the so called PRO LIFE groups are totally mum on the whole issue of Tearing Babies From Immigrant Mothers' Arms, AND Keeping Kids & Babies in Cages
    So my question is where are all these PRO LIFE (& PRO FAMILY VALUES) groups?
    I can tell you where they are not, they are definitely NOT PROTESTING AT THE BORDER & ALL OF THE INHUMANE MIGRANT DETENTION CENTERS!!!

    Hmmmm….looks like they care about WHITE BABIES ONLY!
    ACTUALLY THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT BABIES, IT IS ONLY THE FETUS THEY ARE CONCERNED WITH!! Plus they want to give a fetus MORE rights than the woman carrying it. Such as the recent case in GA where a pregnant woman was shot by another woman during the course of an argument that was started by the other woman, and then she was charged with murder for the death of her fetus! How many of these pro life nuts think that is justice? For if she was not pregnant when she was shot at, then she would be the victim of a crime!! Luckily, the public outrage was sufficient enough to convince the courts that they had in fact made a massive error in this case, and thus the true victim was released from custody!)
    And notice the lack of diversity…And why is that? Where are all of the non-white people?

    The entire pro life movement is such a scam, it's scary & sad how brain washed these ignorant sheep actually are, completely blind to the fact that one cannot control one's life when they are forced to carry out a pregnancy they did not plan nor want.

    And don't even try to say that it's the woman's fault, since we all know that a woman cannot get pregnant all by herself. (Unless she goes to a fertility clinic to have a baby via IVF or a sperm donor, or any other means of that nature. And that is an entirely different realm than this.)

    Besides, women do not always choose to have sexual interactions, I guess these pro life nuts didn't know that either. There is so much they do not know, nor want to know. And I do feel pity for such closed minded ignorant brain washed fools, just a little bit. Mostly though, I simply loathe them.

    BTW if they bothered to actually read the bible then they would know this passage – Genesis 2:7 is clearest. The first human became a “living being” (nefesh hayah, “a living breath”) when God blew into its nostrils and it started to breathe.
    So therefore human life begins when you start breathing, biblical writers thought. It ends when you stop. Not very complicated either. (And a fetus does not (or rather) cannot not breathe air!!)

    Unbelievable how these people do not understand the simple terms used in that passage.
    I could name a few others that would astound all of the brainwashed religious zealots, but I just don't care to, since it would most likely be pointless anyways!
    So I've just thrown a little information out there, and let me add one more thing.

    If you are a pro life nut, then DO NOT EVEN BOTHER TO REPLY TO THIS COMMENT!!

    I am a devout Atheist (and that is a little joke I decided to throw into the mix) that was raised in a Roman Catholic household, so don't even waste your time trying to convince me to be a part of your mindless flock!! I have already come to the realization that organized religion is one of the worst things that has come out of humanity.
    The only exceptions are the Buddhists, and a few other similar belief systems. And the one that makes the most sense is actually Thelema, which is also one of only a few religions that are a positive! (No dogma in either of these 2 indeed!!)

    It is so very disheartening that such a vast majority of religious nuts are incredibly ignorant. Let knowledge and an open mind be the light that guides you, not blind faith (in something that cannot be proven.)

    I believe in science & factual information, I only wish that more do the same!!!

  37. This is the voice of those who never spoke,
    These words bear the life of those who never got to live!
    They are called shadows
    Since their bodies never actualized.
    Like stones to be thrown off a field
    We considered them worthless.
    While we've been given a pegasus to fly
    Through a life of rain and rainbows,
    They've been given the reaper
    Sentenced to die in the place of another.
    Yes! they are martyrs,
    Though martyrs are at least given the choice to live.
    Yes! they are the seed of tomorrow,
    Buried in blood but raised to be an end time army.

  38. Pro life? Hypocrite biggot… We are already too many people on this planet, and yes outside America there's countless children who have horrible lives… If every human life counts, just began to fight for the one who are already here and suffer.

  39. I love seeing a strong woman make this argument. A male like myself can't make this argument because I don't have the ability to get pregnant.

  40. Why should I listen to a girl who has never been pregnant! She knows nothing about what women are going through personally. Only to walk around in heels and talk. I am a mother, I am a woman. Women should be able to choose for themselves. When she becomes a mother, then she and the rest of men can talk.

  41. Go ladies, abortion is not the Right. It’s the work of the divil. Our prayers in every parish goes out to I Am and He answers daily.

  42. So, no one is going to mention she literally pretended to be a rape victim to further her political ideology? That's a bit too far for anyone to go — at least I would hope as I thought she had higher standards….

  43. Maybe this young woman has realized liberals have been trying to kill off her generation while they were in the womb.

  44. Abortion is just like what Hitler did. He did not see the Jews as real people, while pro-choicers do not see unborn babies as real people.

  45. life begins at conception…..you have the CHOICE to MURDER your kid or give birth to him/her…..abortion is the MURDER of the innocent….think of how God feels looking down from heaven at whats happening on this earth…..EVERY EVIL ACT A MAN/WOMAN COMMITS….HE/SHE WILL GIVE AN ACCOUNT OF ON THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT

    if you support abortion you support this… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0tQZhEisaE

    and this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EosJDaja70

  46. pro-choice and pro-abortion creatures are all cowards. want to have sex outside wedlock like animals but not the consequences?

  47. She IS a young millineal feminist. Of the HIGHEST KIND. and why SHOULDNT SHE BE PROFESSIONAL AND POLISHED? That’s only for your side honey? How surprising she has a brain!

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