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MANicure At Home – How To Take Care Of Your Nails, Hands & Cuticles Like A Well-Groomed Gentleman

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette. In today’s video, we discuss nails and men’s
manicure so you look well-groomed wherever you go. When I say manicure, I don’t mean a girly
manicure that takes one hour and has nail polish and all that stuff. I mean, a quick proper treatment of your nails
that makes you look well-groomed and dapper so it fits the rest of your outfit. Sometimes, I come across tips for dates, and
people say “oh, clip your nails” but actually that’s not quite enough. And if you want a really nice looking set
of nails, it just takes a few more steps that are simple and will explain them in this video. For example, take a look at Prince Charles,
he’s really well dressed, he has a great style but if you look at his fingernails, the nice
cufflinks and the watch really don’t look as nice anymore because of his cuticles, and
his not so well-groomed nails. If you have dirt underneath your nails or
if you bite your nails. They look short, they’re all yellow, they’re
just ugly and people will judge you for it. Honestly, you don’t need to go to a nail salon,
you can do it for 10 minutes or less at home and it looks really well-groomed and you can
do it repeatedly even when you travel. So what tools do you need? The basic set includes a nail clipper, a cuticle
clipper, and a nail file. We put all of these together in a nice little
travel grooming set for you from Fort Belvedere that even comes with a pair of tweezers. It’s TSA approved so you could travel with
it in your carry-on. It’s all very convenient and it’s all you
really need. Of course, like anything in Fort Belvedere,
it’s a quality set made of aniline dyed leather in Germany, the tools are not just regular
stainless steel ones, but they come from Solingen, Germany, a town that’s renowned for its high-end
quality knives and cuttingware and nail clippers Do you want to get an even better manicure? Then I suggest that in a buffing block and
a larger file because you can get on the angles of your nails much better. Another tool that’s really helpful is a so-called
cuticle pusher. It has a little tip and a little pusher at
the end that really helps remove all of the dry skin around your cuticles. Optionally, you could use some hot water that
makes your cuticles softer, easier to trim. And last but not the least, you should invest
in a quality hand cream cause it really helps give your nails a polished look and it’s also
good for your hands. Alright Gentlemen, first let’s discuss the
basic manicure with these three tools step by step. Step 1. Using the nail clipper, clip slowly and in
small steps, along your nail bed so a little edge of white remains. Don’t cut all the way down to the nail because
it’s not good for your nail. Make sure you follow the natural curve of
your nail. Step 2. Use the cuticle clipper to get rid any hangnails
which are little pieces of skin or nail that stand off in a weird way and get them flushed
with your skin. Use the same tool to cut the dry cuticles. Be very careful and only cut the parts that
are dry. Don’t cut too deep. Otherwise, you’ll bleed and it could also
dry out your cuticles even more. If you cut non-dry cuticles, they would dry
out and it’s a vicious cycle of cutting, drying out and you wanna prevent that. Normally, most men won’t even know of that
step, they just stop after cutting them but filing is really essential because it smoothes
out your edges. Also, it helps prevents any nicks. Let say in your silktie or in your suit, cause
sometimes if you have very rough nails, it’s very easy to pull a thread and destroy your
neckwear. In Step 3, you use the file. First, use the rougher side and you hold it
perpendicular to your nail. Filing off all the rough edges. That’s followed by using the finer side
at a 45-degree angle to make sure you don’t have any rough edges standing on your nail. Simply glide over with your fingertips to see if
there are any rough edges and repeat until it’s all smooth. Especially with the finer side, be gentle. Don’t be too harsh and push a lot. Otherwise, you’ll get deep grooves and you
just wanna have smooth nail edges. Last but not the least, step 4. Use the tip of your file and remove any dirt
that you may have underneath your nails. A lot of it may have come off during clipping
it but just wanna make sure that everything was well-groomed and neat. Alright Gentlemen, that’s the basic nail grooming
manicure routine. If you wanna step up, you can get a longer
nail file and a buffing block as well as a cuticle tool or a cuticle pusher that helps
you keep your cuticles intact and just create a very nice look on your nails. Step 1 is just like before, clip your nails,
be slow, use three to four steps and make sure you stay along the natural curve of your
nail and leave some white. An optional step here is to soak your fingers
in water beforehand. It makes your nails softer and makes the clipping
much easier. Alternatively, you can just clip your nails
after you’ve taken a hot shower, it has the same effect. Step 2. Use the cuticle pusher and push back your
cuticles gently. Make sure the angle is not too steep and not
too flat. Once you’ve done that, use the opposite pointy
end of your cuticle pusher and remove the dry skin or the dirt around your cuticles. Step 3 means to use the cuticle clippers and
clip off any hangnails, things that stand off or dried cuticles. Make sure to leave the not-so-dry cuticles
intact otherwise, you’ll dry them out more and it’s just a vicious cycle. Step no. 4 is to use the file. Usually, you have a rougher side and a finer
side. However, I suggest you start with a finer
for your fingernails and the rougher one for your toenails. The advantage of having a long file versus
a small file is that you have a better angle, you’re quicker and you can just get to that
cracks better. A larger file is really inexpensive and just
easier and faster. So it’s a great investment. To see what kind of products we recommend,
please head over to our guide here. Step no. 5 is to use a buffing block which is a very
fine sand grip. Ideally you hold it in between of your thumb
and your middle finger or index finger and hold it in at an angle about 45 degrees and
gently go back and forth. It’s fantastic to smoothen out the edges of
your nails without hurting them and without creating any deep grooves. Last but not the least, in step no. 6, use the pointed end of the cuticle tool
and remove any dirt that remains underneath your nails or around the skin so you have
a well-groomed nail by then. Personally, at the very end, I like to give
my nails a little bit of oil and I use a nice quality hand cream. I apply it in my fingertips and gently massage
them and then rub them into my cuticles, same thing with the thumbs and at the very end,
I just rub the remainder of the lotion onto my hands. That way, my hands stay moisturized, my nails
are well-groomed and I look very handsome. If you want an even more detailed manicure
or pedicure. Head over to a salon but honestly, I believe
that 95 or even 99% of all men are just fine with a basic or the basic+ routine. Now you know all the steps of a perfect men’s
manicure, there’s some other ailments that may come in the way of looking well-groomed. The biggest issue is biting your nails. Not only that it looks very immature but you
also get rough edges and your nails become shorter over time. It just looks very odd. The reasons why people bite nails are manyfold. They can stem from stress or other things. One way to remedy it is to maybe have a rubber
band around your wrist so you can direct your attention from biting your nails to pulling
on the rubber band. Alternatively there are treatments like Mavala
which is basically a bitter nail polish that just tastes so bad that everytime you try
it, you stop. Another thing I often see in men’s nails that
looks quite so not well-groomed are cracked cuticles that are dry. And just like Prince Charles, it just brings
down your overall look. A way to prevent it is to stop overclipping
your nails, try to avoid hot water, and moisturize often so your cuticles look healthy and well-groomed. Another thing that sometimes you see in men’s
nails are discolored nails either from smoking a lot they get that yellow tint. If you noticed that your nails are discolored,
it’s probably best to contact your doctor to see what the reasons are. The same goes for lifting of nails, splitting,
or excessive grooving. That’s just something you have to figure out
on an individual basis. Most importantly, every man can have well-groomed
nails and all you need is a few simple tools. Just a quick routine, it takes about 10 minutes. If you’re interested in a nice nail kit, you
can check out the one we offer here in our website. If you enjoyed this video, please check out
our guide on men’s grooming mistakes and also sign up to our channel, it’s free and you
get videos like this right to your inbox.

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