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Makeup For Men : Nighttime Routine & Makeup For Men

Hi, I’m Michelle Renee from the Michelle Renee
Makeup Artist Group here in Tampa, Florida. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to show
you how to apply makeup for men. We’ve gone from day time look to night time look. What
comes on must come off. So, every night make sure that you wipe away the makeup with a
cleanser or sometimes I would just like to use a baby wipe. Go in and gently wipe off
all the makeup. You might want to use a separate eye makeup remover for the liner either a
Q tip. We’ve got the makeup off begin with your routine, your toner, your moisturizers.
I’ve noticed with my clients that I can specifically tell their age through their eyes. Many men
do not use eye creams. I’d like to emphasize the eye cream especially on men. What I do
is gently with your ring finger get a nice emollient cream and go from the outside in.
After all the makeup is removed you’ve got your skin care. You’re ready for a good night

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