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MAKEUP CHALLENGE #Funny Family Challenge | Pihu vs Mummy Blindfold | Aayu and Pihu Show

Did you see? How concerned your father is? You messed up the makeup on my face. Mom close your eyes I will clean your face. Okay Bring the napkin too (Laughing) What happened? very beautiful I made you all fair and nice Hi friends!! Today we are going to do the Makeup challenge I will not have any fun today Why? Beacuse there is nothing to eat Yes Aayu always wants to do some food challenge. Only girls use makeup Boys don’t do it Yes boys don’t use makeup Mom, we will do the makeup but Aayu will guide us Today I am going to help them so well With their makeup That they will end up looking like a monkey What? No, I meant really beautiful. Yes I’ll start first. Okay put on your blindfold Means I will put on makeup first Okay The rule is that whoever is getting the makeup done Will not say anything Means, stay quiet yes Mom, stay quiet Pin drop silence Give the first one Fisrt, first First, powder Show me your face Face Ok Mom. You want more sister Is it okay, Mom ? What happened? Stay quiet. Want more? Laughing (Whimpering) What happened, Mom? Why are you sad? Nothing. Do the makeup, it’s okay Done. Done. Mom, what’s next? Next please Here, do it Can you see what I am doing? It’s must have gotten over No, no no Take the 2nd colour Give, did you apply the colour Apply it, come closer Mom. (Laughing) What happened? I am doing good? Yes, very good Done, done Mom Next Aayu let me do it. Sister let me do it Otherwise how will Mummy be a monkey? I meant how will she look beautiful ? Let me do it Stop, done Shall I fill it? I know, this goes on cheeks Aayu I will apply it Hmm, apply it I meant on the face Where is the face? Let me hold it properly first Here? Wait, now next cheek wait, let me apply some more How am I performing Mom? It’s good right? Yes very good. Barbie doll Yes just like barbie doll. Or it’s opposite? Ghost No, not a ghost. Beautiful Apply it. Oho… Mumma Aayu you don’t do it One more rule Whoever is getting the makeup done, will not move Mom, you are moving too much Done. No, it isn’t right. Oho… Mumma What are you doing Mom? (Laughing) What did you to me? No, mom you can’t talk in between the challenge Pihu isn’t doing my makep right now We can’t talk when makeup is being applied Ok, what is next Nail paint. Oh God. Sister, here. Here? No, first on Mom’s thumb Okay. Next hand stop No, next hand, one hand only No, Finished What? Nail paint finished It’s okay, my chance will also come stop stop it She put it on my hand delibrately Aayu help out your sister Stop, stop Okay my makeup is done No, No there’s one thing left Which we will apply to Mummy Take it You’ve already made me so beautiful, see They want to make me even more beautiful Apply it, make me wear the hairband too. You spread it, I will come forward spread it (Luaghing) Aayu, you put it Aayu does not know at all. See what they did to me. Mom, see Can you bear me? Yes. Sister – mummy looking so beautiful, you’ll be surprised You have done my such a bad makeup That you will stare at me when you see this One Two And (Laughing) Laugh laugh, laugh all you want Mom, Aayu did it, I didn’t. You did it. Aayu made me do it. Yes, first item for sister. You are very exicted to make your sister a monkey It looks like a mark rather than a lipstick Now, it’s my turn Look at my hands He’s worried about his hands you won’t see what you did to my face. Now it’s my turn Mom will make me a barbie doll Aayu give the face powder first. here Not this one That big one No, no this one No, no big one no this Sister that one Why Not that one Not that Because she’s my lovely sister I will not make her a ghost. But you made me a ghost Yes Where is your sister’s face Done, done But it’s just the starting Done No, it’s not done yet Done No, not yet No it’s done Come here, Pihu come here Done Stop Done, it’s done now They made me quiet but Pihu is talking. Next item This one Give me the eye shadow Apply the pigment properly Aayu eyes Where are the eyes? No. Up Here Is this the 2nd eye or first one First one Now second Why are you putting on her nose See how worried he is for his sister. He made me a complete jocker. Sister’s makeup should be nice Now give me the liner Now see how worried will Aayu be. Aayu leave my hand No. I’ll do the eyeliner on my own Just guide me to your sister’s face I’ll manage Aayu leave my hand No. I tried while applying face powder, eyeshadow. Stop Mom will do it very nicely Don’t come in middle, otherwise it will become a mess How are you applying it I am doing a much better job than you. Mom don’t do it like this Let me do it child. Mom, don’t do it like this Now give me the blusher. Where is it? Give it to me and give me a thick brush Mom, do it nicely My sister should look very beautiful. yes Yes, makeup is done to enhance your beauty I’ll do it Done Now other side Give me more Otherwise how will she look pink pink? Okay, now give me the lipstick. Hmmmm Let me apply it. Where are the lips? see I just touched Now if you back off, I’ll apply even more I wonder how will sister look like? Is it okay Aayu Yes promise yes Friends, her lipstick looks okay? yes I didn’t hear anything. yes okay Now, I’ll put on some nail paint. It will be fun now They are teaming up It’s okay I am enough give me They made me really quiet, when it was my chance. I am quiet They did my such a bad makeup that i got shocked It will drop outside Okay, give it to me This is for nails Aayu now guide me to sister’s nail Aayu will help me Do it nicely for your sister Look, how worried Aayu looks. (Laughing) Put it on the brush nicely It is full with pigment. Both sister and brother together Ok we will do it Dip it more Aayu Pihu you will not cheat Apply the pigment properly I will apply the nail paint very beautifully. You didn’t do it nicely on me Show your nails Where are your nails? here One is left. No, no Now we will see, weather sister Pihu Looks better or Hair band is remaining. Oh, hair band Aayu give the hair band Okay, okay done okay Now can I look at Pihu? Yes Let’s see (Laughing) She is looking like a What do you call it? Black faced Moneky Even better He applied the liner on cheeks Look at the lipstick on her hands Nail paint looks nice though. Aayu applied it Sister should we play xo What xo? Oh, paper, paper on paper Pihu, Pihu Should we play xo, here? Here It is empty here See They didn’t get to play on paper Don’t shake, don’t move They are playing on paper I won’t do it who won? Game hasn’t finished yet? Finish your game fast Is it over? Who won? We are playing Whoever wins, I’ll play xo on his face Pihu sister is scared Yeah, nobody won It’s a tie They had a tie Laughing Now see My face is all colourful Pihu’s face is colourful Now there is only one person left who dosen’t has any colour on his face No, don’t do it He ran away come, come Dad I knew Mom would paint my face. No, no you can’t paint Aayu’s face But Mom is looking so beautiful I really like it Dad is having a lot fun seeing Mom in this state I am really having a lot of fun Yes Dad might be the happiest Pihu looks okay, Mom is looking like a ghost I’ll clean up Mom’s face know See Dad is so concerned about me You two made a complete mess Mom I know Dad’s Mom close your eyes I’ll clean your face bring the napkin (Laughing) What happened? Very beautiful I made you all fair and nice Why are you worried? Look at your face just once. See how you look in the mirror? I too want to see. (Laughing) What happened? You are looking all white white, fair fair You haven’t left any place Did you enjoyed watching this video? Yes Yes? So like and share the video And yes Subscribe also And after subscribing, turn on your bell notification Okay, tata Bye, bye Love you all. Bye, bye Bye with wheat flour…. (Laughing) What happened? Did you enjoyed?

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