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MAC VS ELF Full Face Comparison! WHAT’S BETTER?!

hola , te me Sylvia back with another video! Welcome back to my channel. I’m feeling really weird today, my eyes are really red. I wasn’t crying and my allergies are like acting up, and I was just rubbing my eyes for like two minutes straight Which I know you’re not really supposed to do wrinkles and Whatnot but I can’t stop They’re so itchy wow I really look crazy, and I am kind of crazy so Matches anyways today we’re gonna do half my face with Mac makeup and the other half with elf makeup one is very high-end and kind of pricey the Other is very affordable, but still has quality products, so we’re gonna kind of battle it out Do my full face with both of these brands and see how the products compared to each other I thought this would be a great idea because you guys know I do a lot of full face using one brand I do high-end brands and I do affordable brands, but I’ve never really mixed the two together to compare, so mmm teomo we’re gonna see the difference on each side and to make sure you watch the entire video thorough because I am Gonna Pop in a shout out a day, and it could be you so make sure you watch the whole video to see who got shadow today and Gross what am I doing burping up the storm and before we start the video if you are not yet subscribed to my channel make Sure, you subscribe because I dropped two videos a week one video on Sundays and a bonus video for three weeks So you don’t wanna miss out on that and without further ado Let’s get started with the video this lot of my face is Gonna be the elf makeup And this side will be the mak makeup, so let’s start with primer I’ll be using the Elf Poreless primer and Mac’s skin base. So I’m more like a silicone kind of feel to it It’s very silky meant to smooth out and mattify your face and fill in any pores, and it does a really good job You can see it instantly modified. This is the site I didn’t put any on that filled in all that texture and here you can see the kind of bumps that I have on my Forehead this is the mac one literally looks exactly the same when you pump it out this one I know has a little bit of Sparkle to it But it’s not really noticeable and also feels super similar to this one the main difference is probably a little less Mattifying and then the elf one if you like something Super matte and pore filling then go with the elf one if you like something that has those aspects But still a little bit hydrating go with Mac one next up is Foundation the Elf one doesn’t even have a name on and the Mac one is the studio fix fluid So this is the Elf side one layer of the Elf foundation It’s more like a light medium coverage, so I like a little bit more coverage I’m Gonna Build it now let’s do the Mac studio fix So the studio fix fluid has the tiniest bit more coverage, and I think it builds a little bit better on problem areas I had a tough time with the Elf one building it enough to cover up this massive Is it that I have right there, but they have literally the exact same finish It’s that very nice kind of natural Skin finish to it If you need more coverage for problem areas you want to go with the mac one if you don’t have a lot of problem areas And you still like this finish and the look of it then go with the elf one the next test would be really to see How long they both wear or how well it works with your skin type? And that’s kind of subjective It’s the person wearing it next up. We’re doing concealers both of these are very different from each other This is a cream stick from Elf and this is the pro longwear which is a liquid from Mac We’re still gonna put them against each other and just judge it based off how it looks and the coverage and how it wears So this is kgkfglelf one it’s very creamy and very Moisturizing, and this is the Mac pro longwear very different consistency this one’s kind of like a sticky liquid or obviously is a difference in Color but we’ll just ignore that and I’m just gonna blend using my beauty blender for both Elf blends out really easily Pretty good coverage, I wouldn’t say full coverage because you can still kind of see the darkness peeking through there now Let’s blend out Mac’s a little bit of a thicker consistency and since it’s like the pro longwear it is more long wearing those type of products tend to be a little bit quicker drying and a harder to blend out so both are on if you have more of a dry und i dont know spanish muhhahahaha le probably for the Elf one if you Like a more full coverage and super long wearing then you’ll probably like the pro longer one next up is eyeshadow primers I have the one from Elf and Mac soft ochre Pro Longwear paint pot So we’ll start out with elf this one is a doe foot applicator very easy to apply. It’s a very thin formula You can definitely see it’s not applying Super full coverage You can still see my natural lid color and veins still poking through now let’s apply soft ochre this one I use all the time so I know it’s very full coverage and it’s a way thicker formula But at the end of the day when you apply them voters barely really a noticeable difference now. Let’s write with brows I have elfs medium brow Powder Compact and Maxvill luxe brow line so again starting out with the elf one these are very different brow products One’s a powder and one’s a pencil obviously, so there is gonna be difference in application But let’s just judge this one based off the end result and this elf one has like a cream Darker color and then a powder lighter color assuming is to kind of create that ombre brow, so this is the Elf brow now Let’s see the Mac Brown so both these shades are a little bit darker than I would normally use on my brows this one is A little bit easier to apply so these are the final brows the mac one does come with a spoolie brush So that’s something to keep in mind I had to use my own for at the elf one so if you prefer a powder brow product you’ll probably like the Elf one Better, but if you prefer a pencil, then you probably like the mask better moving on to contour and bronzing from Elf I’m using contour Palette and from Mac. I’m using the shade taupe and harmony Let’s start with the elf side very subtle, so it kind of allows you to build without you know putting on too much Too quickly, not patchy at all going on really smoothly I’m kind of rubbing off the foundation off the blemish though moving on to the Mac side I’m gonna flip my brush over and mix harmony and taupe together definitely Applies a lot more right off the bat you don’t have to build it as much or head both are applied This is the elf side. This is it is really messing with the L side. I mean it Just makes it so much uglier, but the contour is a little bit more on the ashy side This is the Mac side definitely a lot warmer overall, but you can’t really notice too much of a difference So since there’s not really too much of a difference in the way it looks the main difference in being how it applies So if you prefer something that is very easy to build and very subtle So you’re not as likely to make a mistake or apply too much Then you’ll like the oh if you like something a little bit more pigmented and just quicker to deposit the powder on your face then You’ll probably like the mac side moving on to highlight from Elf. I’m using moonlight pearls and from Mac I’m using soft and gentle let’s start out with Elf Whoa definitely blinding moving on to Mac? This is one of my favorite highlighters of all time So I’m gonna be a little bit biased The Elf one is a really great highlight for an affordable drugstore product so both highlights are on the elf side is very blinding and so is the Mac side I mean, can you see a difference the main difference for me? Is that the elf one kind of applies like like an eye shadow you can really see the strip of color it’s a lot whiter There you can tell and this one still has that glimmering highlight, but you don’t see like a strip of white You know more of like a luminous powder and instead of a very opaque one it’s hard to explain But you can kind of see the difference Moving onto blush from Alf I’m using this shade right here and for Mac. I’m using this one So let’s start with Elf again a very subtle Formula and for the other side the Mac blush is definitely blending better with the highlight for some reason this one was having a hard Time blending in with that highlight there, you can see there’s like a clear separation Even though I did the blush after we applied the highlight. It’s just not wanting to blend with that so for this one I will have to say that I kind of prefer the MaC one Just because I’m having that blending issue, but you can see the colors are basically identical to each other so for the outside I’m gonna use this shade for highlight from there? Need it nude Palette and just apply that right on my brow bone inner corner And you do the same thing on the other side. I’m using the long type from Mac. They literally look the exact same For the crease color on the outside I’m using this shade this shade is actually taking a few layers for it to actually show up as much as I want it to For the Mac side I’m going to use the shade soft brown this one right off the bat is a lot more pigmented I don’t need as many layers to get that color payoff But the actual color itself is so somewhere between the two of them back to the outside I’m gonna go in with this shade right here. I’m just gonna deepen up the crease a bit more with that For the Mac side I’m using espresso. I’m gonna do the exact same thing deepen up the crease a bit back to the outside I’m gonna use this gold color all over the lid now. This is just a little bit patchy, but it’s still giving me that gold Moving on to the Mac side. I’m using gold mine Oh, yeah, a lot more even it’s a little bit more of a yellow gold than the other one, but it’s still gonna work So alternate the eyeshadows I just brought them down to my lower lash line as well, and you can see that the colors are on par They literally look very very similar but you can tell that there is a difference in the richness of the color the outside is a little bit more patchy it was harder to blend harder to work with harder to get the color to show up and The Mac one you can see the clear transitions from each of the colors, and there’s no patchiness very smooth So I will say that Mac wins the round for sure you’d want to invest in the Mac ones over the off ones I think Actually if you’re doing looks with more than one eye shadow moving on to Mascara for elf you have the volume plumping Mascara and from Mac. We have the zoom fast black lash starting with Elf Let’s just apply and the Mac side think the mac side is making them just a tiny bit longer Mascara is done. I honestly can’t see a difference and they both applied in the same way They mostly lengthen your lashes and separate them. It’s not for like a lot of volume it’s more for lengthening and They look the same moving on to lips basically the last step I’m gonna be using the runway ready lip palette from Elf and I mean use this shade right here Let’s move on to the Mac side. I’m using Diva for Mac Which is one of my favorite shades especially? For fall I used to wear this like every day so diva is definitely a lot darker than I Remembered let’s mix in this darker shade to try and Match Diva a little bit lips are done We definitely matched the elf one a little bit better, too Diva if you like a very matte long wearing not Gonna budge lipstick Then you’re gonna like the mac one if you like something a little bit more hydrating something with some shine to it And you’ll like the elf one now the last step is setting sprays I have the makeup mist and set from Elf and the fix+ which is a classic from Mac start with the Elf side oh That squirt was way too intense holy that felt like a Sprinkler was oh, I guess you got to sprayed a couple times, okay? Let’s try that again No, that’s better woo now Mac fix+ So besides the Spritz difference and this elf wind ride a lot faster than the fix+, but the fixed place I think does a better job of melting everything into your skin this one. Just felt like it Just dried like on top of all my makeup All right, you guys this is the finished look can you believe it – honestly? I can’t really tell the difference between the two sides other than I think the lip finish is very Different and the eye shadow is a little bit different as well Make sure you leave me a comment down below letting me know which side you guys like better Do you like the Elf side or do you like the Mac side? That’s all for now if you missed my last Upload all you have to do is click the box down below if you watch it and don’t forget to subscribe if you have not Yet subscribed So you can see the future videos click the button of my face the corner of the screen and you will be subscribed I’ll see you guys my next video. Thank you so much for watching bye. Bye

100 thoughts on “MAC VS ELF Full Face Comparison! WHAT’S BETTER?!

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  7. I think both done a good job,but I think the Mac one had a better job with the eyeshadow. It was way more pigmented, you can see a difference with the golds,I know the macs one was a bit of a different gold but overall I think the texture looked way nicer. I’m in for both looks though. I haven’t used many elf products compared to Mac as I have the foundations,but soon will.

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