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hey guys welcome back if you new here my name is Smitha welcome to my channel today I’m going to be showing you how to
create a long-lasting Indian Bridal makeup look and I’m only going to be
using colourpop’s products this is not a sponsored video this is more like a one
brand video so if you’re ready let’s get started I’m going to be giving you so
many tips and tricks on keeping your makeup sealed so it can last longer and
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any of my new uploads. great makeup starts with great skin so let’s do some
prep work I’m going to first start with scrubbing my lips with the Coco Loco
lippy scrub this will remove any dry skin or any dead skin that’s just
layered on top of your lips and then I’m applying some Coco Loco lippy balm just
to keep it moisturized and prepped for the lipstick that comes at the very end
it’s a common practice to use turmeric to keep your face bright and illuminated
especially on a bride so I’m going to be using the illuminating moisture booster
from colourpop this is a turmeric face milk so I’m going to give my face
and neck a good massage this is an amazing moisturizer and my face will be
ready for the next step one of the most important steps to keep your makeup
intact is to use a primer so I’m going to be using the pretty fresh hydrating
primer on my face and neck pretty much in areas where I’ll be applying the
foundation this will not only smooth out your skin it’ll also act as a sticky
base for your foundation so it will cling onto your foundation and any
makeup that you apply over this which means it’ll make the makeup and
foundation last longer and that’s exactly what we need for foundation I’m going to be using the
no filter stix in 145 W and for reference i am NC 35 in MAC I’m going to be blending it out with
this damp Beauty sponge with stick foundations you can also use a kabuki
brush but this foundation is extremely blendable so I’m using a sponge although
this is a stick foundation it has a beautiful glow to it as you can see my
face has that glow and it gives you a medium to full buildable coverage and
although it gives you that coverage it makes your skin look like skin which is
what we exactly need to add some dimension to my face I’m
going to be using a couple different shades of the pretty fresh concealer
let’s start with adding some depth or contouring and for this I’m going to be
using 200 N and because this is so pigmented all I need is very little so
I’m going to be placing small dots in areas where I want to contour before I
blend it out I personally don’t prefer very harsh
contouring especially when you look on the side I don’t like that contour lines
to be shown I want my skin to look as natural as possible if you like harsh
contour go for a little bit more product but for me this is good enough and I’m
blending this out with the f20 brush all my brushes are also from colourpop to conceal my dark circles to do some
patch as well as spot correction I’m going to be using the concealer in 115w this concealer is an exact match of my skin tone and you can see it has
beautifully covered my dark circles and I’m also going to do some spot
correction now when you use a concealer that’s your skin tone or a tad deeper
you can use it for color correction like I just did if you use anything lighter
to color correct it’s going to look ashy so just keep that in mind once have blended that out and once I
feel like everything is covered pretty well I’m going to use a lighter color
concealer to highlight the high plains of my face and the shade that I’m using
is 90 W it’s not too light but it’s lighter than the concealer that I
previously used and the reason you highlight the high plains of your face
is to bring the best features forward especially if there’s going to be flash
photography light is going to first fall on those places where you have
highlighted and your face is going to have the depth and dimension and it’s
going to look fantastic the most important step to make your
makeup long-lasting is to set and seal it let’s go ahead and set it with the
powder first I’m going to be using the no filter loose setting powder in banana
I’m going to dip the same sponge into the powder and gently first press it in
areas where I use the concealer just so the concealer doesn’t crease and nice
thing about using a banana powder or any powder that’s a little bit tinted is it
doesn’t give you flashbacks so I’m going to gently press this with the sponge
first in areas where I applied the concealer and then I’m going to press it
all over my face and neck to set in this technique when you press the loose
powder against the foundation that you’ve applied it’s going to mix with
the foundation so the foundation will absorb it your skin will bake it and
give you that flawless coverage and keep your makeup sealed and to further
completely lock the base so it doesn’t move I’m going to be using the pretty
fresh setting mist this works really well if you don’t have much time between
different events during your wedding so you can keep the makeup on you can seal
it so it doesn’t move and you can do some minor touch-ups along the way
moving on to the brows I’m going to be using the precision brow pencil in Cool
cocoa just filling in the sparse areas as always and shaping it with the
spoolie brush let me know if you guys want a brow tutorial separately
especially for hooded eyes brows are done a bit different than usual so let
me know in the comment section below next I’m going to be using some pretty
fresh concealer with the e3 brush to clean up underneath the brows and I’m
also going to be using the concealer on my lids as a base for the eyeshadows the
eyeshadow palette that I’ll be using is so jaded this is a colourpop
collaboration with Kathleen Lights has beautiful colors in it so I’m really
excited for my eye makeup I’m first taking Ruby with my finger and I’m going
to just saturate my lid with it all the way from my lash line up to my crease and then to soften this at the crease
I’m going to dip into garnet with the e9 blending brush and I’m going to
lightly smoke this out at the crease and to soften this even further so it can
melt into my skin I’m going to dip into rose quartz with the same blending brush
and I’m going to smoke it out right about the transition shade that I just
used at the crease in the inner half of the lid right on
top of Ruby I’m going to be applying smoky quartz and I’m going to be
blending out the edges so it can melt with Ruby and it can create that
beautiful ombre and over this I’m going to be using some glitter that’s in the
palette it’s called topaz it’s a beautiful multi colored like it’s
got pink it’s got gold I don’t know how much the camera catches but it looks
beautiful in person and because this is pressed glitter you don’t need a sticky
base underneath you can apply it directly with a brush or your finger to tightline my lashline as well as in
my waterline I’m going to be using the swerve liner this is a black eye pencil and before i line my lashline i’m going
to be highlighting my brow bones as well as inner corners using pearl and the
brush that i’m using is the e3 flat shader brush and now i’m going to be
using the numero uno felt tip liquid liner in black i’m going to be pulling
out a wing in the outer and inner corner so i’ll be extending the inner corner
and because i have hooded eyes i’m completely avoiding that crease line
that passes right across my lid to do my outer wing and if you want to know easy
ways to do winged eyeliner on hooded eyes i’m going to link that video right
on top next I’m going to be using some black
eyeshadow to add more drama to my lower lash line this is called let’s do it
this is a matte black eyeshadow I’m going to smoke it out right underneath
my waterline using the e 20 brush and right underneath that to soften the
black eyeshadow I’m going to smoke out some garnet with a pencil brush this is
the E10 brush next I’m going to prep my lashes for the
false lashes by curling it and applying a coat of mascara and for false lashes
so I’m going to be using BAE the face is looking a bit flat so let’s
bring some warmth and add more dimensions so I’m going to be using the
coconut beach bronzer this is the f21 angled brush that I’m using and for blush I’m going to be using
growth flirt and I’m going to be applying it with the f18 brush and for highlighter I’m going to be
using this beautiful warm gold soul body highlighter and I’m going to be applying
it again on the highest points of my face using the e 15 brush the e 15 brush
is actually a blending brush but I’ve seen that blending brushes work really
well to apply highlighters as well because you are blending the highlighter
also into your skin and you want to make sure it blends in with the other colors
on your face so try using a blending brush if you don’t have a highlighter
brush it works equally well and to go with my outfit I’m using a beautiful
berry lipstick this is the liquid lipstick in more better it has a pretty
smooth swipe and it gives you that intense color payoff and it definitely
dries down to a super matte transfer proof finish I know it looks quite
glossy now because it’s wet but it’s definitely going to dry down matte and
if you want the borders to look perfect just use some concealer to clean up
around and the brush that I’m using is the e11 and now that I’ve completed the
makeup I’m going to use the setting spray one more time to make sure my face
is double sealed before I use any jewelry or accessories on me and here’s
the completed look all my jewelry outfit and accessories are from India I bought
it long ago I hope you enjoyed this video please comment below and let me
know and if you did enjoy the video please don’t forget to Like share and
subscribe I love you guys so much and I will see you soon with a brand new video
bye guys


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