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LIVE- How to Plan Looking Your Best Makeup & Hair All Day & Night + Q&A

Good morning everyone. Merry Christmas a Happy Hanukkah whatever your celebrations are – may they be meaningful
and Merry. Today we’re going to talk about how to look or how to look your
best day and night with proper planning everybody is really busy and it seems
women still carry most of the load when it comes time for partying and things of
that nature so and then when we’re finished with that we’ll do our usual
Q&A so let’s jump into it what’s your situation for Christmas or Hanukkah or
swans or whatever it is you celebrate I say Christmas because I’m that’s what
I’ve been all my life now think about what your situation is
do you have family do you have people with special needs we don’t often think
about that do we do you have turkeys you know the ones that the one that’s in the
oven and the ones that may be out in the living room are you spending it alone or
are you spending it with friends are you encumbered physically someway have you
been through surgery recently if you got broken bones or are you limited in some
way physically are you missing a loved one and what does Christmas or the
holidays mean for you it’s some no matter you know what what you’re looking
at for Christmas we know that when you well I made a mistake here I want to get
back to where I was sorry about that um no matter what you are going through
what your situation is whether you have a lot of people around whether you don’t how you spend it doesn’t matter but what
matters is looking your best because why is that important because whenever we
look our best we simply enjoy our activities and the things that were
involved in a whole lot more because when we you know that final look at the
mirror when you’re you know after you’ve finished with
your thing and you go to greet your guests your family your friends or
whatever it is that last look at yourself in the mirror that’s what
sticks in your mind’s eye and if you’re happy with it then you bring that
happiness to whatever it is you do now here’s some easy tips to maintain or to
get you ready and to keep you looking good all day
number one is pick a hairstyle that you don’t have to groom today as an example
I don’t have my hair down I have it up I could go for probably 14 to 16 hours
with this hairstyle and I wouldn’t have to touch it so if you don’t have to fix
your hair or groom it that eliminates one concern you have and you can do that
with scrunchies with extensions with ropes and braids like this with hair
padding all kinds of things that you have available to you now the trick is
the trick is to know what you’re going to do or how you’re going to wear your
hair before your festivities begin and be practiced on how to put the hairstyle
together so that on the day when your time is very limited you can
successfully put your hairstyle together and know it’s going to be great all day
as far as makeup and things are concerned follow the advice on this
channel with respect to products the tools the procedures and just just keep
it simple the simpler the better and simple doesn’t mean necessarily that it
doesn’t show or that you don’t make a striking look simple just means smart
simple is smart it’s streamlined yet it is still very effective and no ahead of
time because we wear the long wear lip color know ahead of time what you’re
going to be wearing so whether you have a blue base like a cool red or whether
you’re wearing a warm red example I’m wearing a warm red why because my blouse
the Poinsettia here and the background that I’ve chosen for today all has a bit
of a warrant to it there’s some of the some of the
peat some of the pieces have a little bit of blue but it’s still that it still
has enough warmth in it so know that before you select your color for the day
and your touch-ups touch-up should be minimal all makeup requires touch-ups
all of it so knowing that you go in fully armed and you wear products that
are again are recommended on this page that will allow you very minimal
touch-up usually usually what it is is the powder foundation around the corners
of the eyes this is where this is where it wears out the sides of the nose on
the sides of your mouth a center of your face pretty much basically is it because
it’s the one that gets the most used now if you’re doing crying or tears of joy
or whatever you know you’re going to need to touch up but if you’ve got your
compact handy all you have to do is go in with the sponge or a brush if you’ve
got it and set it aside somewhere easily accessible and then just touch up you’re
done and the other thing is remember to wear your put your bomb off your
lipstick the Maybelline put that on before you eat so that it helps – it
helps so that any oils that are in the food which there will be will not break
down the lip color however if it does we’ve got a way to fix that all right
I’m going to show you some examples here of makeup in the morning and we start
off now for those that have children and/or a family gathering where there’s
you know the frantic present opening under the tree and when do they take
pictures when they’re opening presents under the tree and you go with Bed Head
and no makeup or anything you can still go looking good you can still wear a
little bit of makeup this makeup here and this picture takes me be three
minutes your dual finish powder put your brows on a little bit they don’t have to
be full-blown a little bit and use your maybelline
superstay you know with just touching it just you know put put the wand on or on
the top and there’s there’s a video of that that I will put up here and you
just smush it together so it looks more like a stain add the little bit of gloss
and you’re good to go all morning long with your morning look and I have
another picture here and I’m using myself because I don’t want copyright
issues here is that a light color the pink
let me see it’s a number 55 perpetual plum has a has a nice soft natural
natural pink look to it for the face it’s not that bright pink it’s the pink
with a little bit of brown in it so for sad or for Christmas morning hair tied
to the side or whatever you know just looking fresh and all I did here too is
just put a little bit of eyeshadow along my lash line on my lashes and underneath
just to give the eyes a little bit of depth okay so that’s our early-morning
makeup now for early-morning hair here’s do you remember that video I did
with the scrunchie and the roller well put your hair up gret now this is for
people with longer hair if you pull your hair hair all up and just with your
fingers fast and easy put an elastic around wrap your hair round in a roller
so that why you’re looking great your hair is being curled to put a scrunchie
on top and voila you have a nice relaxed look for Christmas morning that you
could you could take this look throughout the day if you were so
inclined okay so let’s take a look at our next one these are updos and i’m
sure you have seen these before updos that you can do that are fairly easy the
top one with the twist that’s simply twisting your hair or you could use a
rope if you have it made and that simply a scrunchie at the back so if you
haven’t had time to curl your hair take care of it wherever your scrunchies and
your extensions can help you immensely to
look fantastic without having to plan ahead of time
next is the edwardian flip all that is is a ponytail with the elastic pull down
– OH – about this level in the center and then that ponytail much like a topsy
turvy just turn it up and under and then pin it in place it’s a soft romantic
look again you could wear this all day if that was a look that felt comfortable
for you but in the morning what that can also do is help to curl or give your
hair some wave to it down at the bottom here on well it’s I think it may be your
left the French roll classic easy grab all the hair up into a ponytail turn it
under and I’ve got videos on this stick your long bobby pin in and voila it
looks great and the picture on your far right is very much like what I’m wearing
right now again that that can this can be done actually in in like five to six
minutes again it looks great for more you can wear all day long so they’re
just options for you to look at with respect to examples and now let me see
I’m going to take these down and I’m going to put up and look for all your
short haired femme fatales out there there’s so many things wonderful things
you can do is short her hair with a little hairspray and a little back
combing and or gel or products that you like that work well for you the reason
I’m pointing this one out is one of the things in short hair that’s really
important as well as long hair is to make sure the circumference of your
crown that’s around here and the crown itself are lifted with this hairstyle
that we have right here that’s fine just like it is or she could take the sides
in the front and bring it down if your bangs were longer she could have them
sitting and have them quite textured you can have nice smooth gelled shorter hair
or you can texture it all up bring it all forward move it off to the side
there’s lots of styling options with short hair
so just wanted to make sure that I touched all you short-haired beauties
out there okay makeup for the evening so what do you do
you pump up your lips you add your eyeshadow liner and if you have a crease
you do that if you don’t then you treat your eye with the hooded eye approach
and you can wear your false lashes or curl your lashes and use a couple of
coats of mascara if that’s the route you prefer to go now here’s the full blown
and shilada much like actually very much like what I’m wearing right now false
lashes brightened through the eye here because when you keep that nice and
bright it makes a big difference eyebrows are done a little heavier and
stronger and the lipstick is well this is flame number 25 with number 150
overtop making sure that your darker under here this look when it’s all put
together will last you hours and hours and hours okay so I just wanted to show
that there’s a whole variety of things that you can do and a whole variety of
different ways you can wear your hair etc but the trick is is to plan okay
touch-ups now that’s what we want to talk about because everybody will need
to do a touch-up you only need foundation as I said
around the corners of your eyes the sides of your nose and the sides of your
mouth apply the Maybelline bond balm especially before your eating now if you
have if you want before you intensify your lip color let’s say for afternoon
and evening make sure you remove any balm and if your nips have started to
black peel a little bit because you’ve eaten an oily food or whatever simply
remove that take a you know a face cloth don’t have to wet it don’t just
something that will take off the the excess of anything that you may have
okay and then apply what you need to apply you want to go a little darker or
you want to add some highlight or whatever it is that you want to do
that’s all you have to do when your lips peel it’s
usually because you haven’t had it don’t have enough balm on your lips before you
start eating because it acts it like it’s acts like a shield between oily
food and your lipstick anyway that should help with that so um let me see
as far as I can see that’s it it’s not difficult it’s not hard it’s simple but
the thing is you need to plan ahead you need to have your touchup
readily available whatever it is you need readily available for you for quick
access for you so and and when you’ve got it planned and it’s working well
with your wardrobe you are done so then you can pay attention to all the other
things that you will need to pay attention to so I hope that helps so now
we’re going to take a look at some questions here and let’s see what people
are asking good morning Mary Ellen ah Frieda McGuire I love listening to you
happy Christmas – thank you Pamela Prescott good morning Sharon Merry
Christmas thank you Jane Griffin Merry Christmas
Kathleen louver so Merry Christmas and to you and your family sharing and happy
and happy blessed New Year good morning Jan cook I think we have a question here
from Pamela Prescott yes but you look beautiful like that I know not I know
not so well not sure if I understand what you mean if you’re talking I’m
gonna think that maybe is about the early morning that that that’s what you
maybe be talking about no you know what it is having a well moisturized face
having a cleansed face that’s well moisturized will make a difference in in
in in how your your skin looks in the morning but again that little bit of
powder will do all kinds of things to help out and Kay a girl good morning
happy holidays Joyce Merry Christmas Joyce Moses love the updos good updos
really really really do make a difference and let’s see you’re looking
so elegant Sharon have you know what it is guys I’m gonna be really you know
it’s really simple this is this is what I wear all the time there’s there’s it’s
nothing special but but what I when I did this video I planned out the colors
ahead of time I planned out the overlays so that you know we’d have a kind of a
Christmas red theme to it I plan to wear my red blouse I put this point set in
the background here and my lipstick so that when you look at the page it looks
great all that it is is good planning ahead of time and that’s that’s what I’m
suggesting that for your your your holidays however you are celebrating
that that will really good planning goes a long way
jalisa Merry Christmas Cathy kid Herman Merry Christmas thank you
LK so Lynn Tracy let’s see what have we got here I am 56 with dark hair that
refuses to turn gray dark thick brows and lashes my question is what looks
harsh on my aging face what can I do to soften my look okay well if your hair is
naturally dark and your brows are naturally dark just work with them
seriously lots of women too who have not lots of there’s a there is a certain
faction of women who have gray hair or white hair and well into their 70s and
80s who maintain their dark eyebrows which looks lovely instead of fighting
it embrace it and enjoy it the trick is Tracy is making sure your
skin tone is even I would think without even seeing you I would think that you
could wear a good solid red a blue red some warm red very very well make sure
that your lash line is strengthened while your hair may continue to be dark
and your eyebrows will stay dark most people will still lose the the
weight the thickness and the color of their lashes so strengthening that lash
line with eyeshadow and a flat angled brush and and the procedures shown on
this page will do a lot to bring back that weight that’s probably needed and
the lip color will bring the color that you need without going anyplace else and
evening your skin tone will do a lot give that a try Tracy and let’s see how
that works for you let’s see okay a girl hi Sharon I wonder if you have any tips
for making sure your foundation doesn’t rub off on your collar or coat hmm you
could use what’s known as a fixing powder a fixing powder is usually sold
with airbrush makeup which you don’t hear too much about anymore yes it’s
white and what it and and you can actually you get it with products like
special effects or a camouflage makeup like dermablend a fixing powder helps to
seal okay so try putting once you’ve done what you want then put the fixing
powder on over top and that should take care of it for you
and let’s see what else we have here Kara batiste what are the basic products
I should start with well if you if you take a look at the beauty playlist Kara
everything’s listed in there and in the description box below all the videos I
have a listing of things that I find that are the most useful for the most
people your dual finish powder foundation take a look at the video I
did just a little bit ago about you know what products I use and it’s either the
Mac or the Burrell dual finish powder foundation
get two or three lip colors of the Maybelline and get three or four of the
eyeshadows from Mac probably just looking at your picture here I would say
get Brune a Coquette print and well those three should should do it for you
and get a lighter cut well knowing you don’t need to get a lighter color in an
eyeshadow if you get a found whatever color foundation you get for your face
get another one that’s a couple of shades lighter and you can use that as a
highlighter on your eyes highlighter and your cheeks etc that and what you want
to get to Kara is about five or six brushes now again that’s all in the
description box for you okay I hope that helps
Joyce Moses it’s been four weeks since I have colored my hair will hair powder on
my new growth help with the transition I’m not sure I understand what you mean
Joyce except if you’re thinking about hair powder from a standpoint of
covering up the demarcation line there’s about a month to two months period where
at the very beginning you might want to cover it over until you start to get
maybe about an inch or so and then don’t bother with anything you there’s Roux
which is a crayon that you can wet and it’s ro uix
you wet it and it’s like a crayon and you can put that on you can use a dried
up mascara you can use you can use an eyeshadow any number of things you can
use and just put it around your hairline and on your demarcation line and that
should work just fine no need for anything really special honestly I hope
that helps Pamela Prescott thank you very much I
was talking about my hair oh okay I’m sorry I’ve okay as long as I’ve
mentioned it if you need if you need for me to clarify more please let me know or
put up another question give Gisela I have permanent eyebrows and I
like it anymore mmm Gisela I hear you I hear you um there’s a couple of options
you could do one is depending on how light they are you could cover the motor
with makeup number two go to a corrective tattoo arts no I’m assuming
you have tattoo yes you just said permanent eyebrows you can go to a
corrective tattoo artist and get them corrected they can color in you know
with the same color as your skin color they can use that pigment to cover over
okay but I highly recommend that you go after you’ve had some guidelines from
someone like myself on where your eyebrows should be the problem is as we
age when I had my eyebrows tattooed too but I’m so fortunate in that the front
end here faded right away it was so great because my one brow for those of
you who followed me know it sits down here and I have like a false brow a pair
that I that I you know color in but if I had if that tattoo had stayed it would
be sitting down here it would be awfully hard I would either have to depending
again if it’s really dark I’d have to have it we tap tude to cover over with
my own skin color or I could use a camouflage make-up like dermablend or
something to cover over it because I used to cover tattoos for some Brides
and it can be done but you know it takes a little while and I’m sure that most
people don’t want to be doing that every morning when they’re getting ready so
take a look at that check the people out in your neighborhood who are the
technicians who have done corrective tattoo work and investigate that
research it and if you have any problems speak to me on my public Beauty page or
the going gray page and I’d be happy to help you further tracing in thank you
Mary Ellen do you recommend a setting Spray for your face actually I don’t I
don’t I don’t think it does all that that much good and it’s an extra product
and it’s extra money in it doesn’t really serve that big doesn’t do that
much of the service what you can do and it’s been known for years you know when
you spray your hair spray a little up walk under it hair spray does the same
thing you know and there be people say you shouldn’t do that whatever you put
hairspray on your hair anyway it’s still going to get on your face a little bit
no if you just right if you just follow the recommended way of application that
I put on this channel you should be fine my face I don’t have anything on it
except what I say I’m moisturize first I put the dual
finish powder on and the highlight and the and the blush and everything that I
that I always say this will last me this will ask me and if I need if I’m let’s
suppose you you know you’re in and out of the oven with the turkey and it’s hot
okay so what you do is you keep a Kleenex or something by and you press
press press press if you’re glistening okay just press it in and that should
take care of it if you need more like I said and if you’re in a hurry but you’ve
got your your product strategically placed so you can go in and just go one
two three takes maybe 15 seconds to touch-up
that’s a much better approach in in in my opinion and I have tried I have tried
these setting sprays and I’m not impressed so I hope that helps Denise
miss out my question above regarding scrunchies and my hair color its changes
oh sorry Denise did I miss something with your scrunchies if you’ve got if
you’ve got a grey haired scrunching your you still got some color left in your
hair just mix mix the scrunchie and your hair together okay and what’s great is
you can make it all nice and messy you can either put your scrunchie on and
put your own hair over top of it and I’ve shown that in a couple of videos or
you can put your scrunchie on and twist and mix your own hair color in with it
so that it it’s nice and blended I hope that answers the question if not put up
another question cuz I’m going down the list here
Kathleen what’s the best foundation to conceal acne scars what I recommend now if you’re talking there’s a
difference between texture Kathleen and color texture is one thing and that
requires special effects color you can you can get by with you can just use
what I’m using and and when you you put your sponge on your face which or your
brush you you you push you push the let’s suppose I had a scar here you push
push the product in like this you push it in you push it in get more on your
sponge push it in its the pushing of the product into the skin that will make the
difference and if you’re if it’s badly discolored do that first then try it
with a damp sponge press it in when it’s dry press in a layer of dry now if you
still have color bleed through then you may want to look at a concealer and I
currently I’m liking the Mac Pro Longwear concealer so again you have to
be more clear about whether it’s color or whether it’s texture okay and Irene
Braden hello from Northern Ireland Joyce Moses yes
okay Giselle I have permanent eyebrows but I don’t like them any more because
they turn down so much at the end because of aging I think I think I
answered this but maybe I didn’t seek out a tattoo artist in your area
who does corrective work and they can be corrected watch this video afterwards
and seed because I went over this a little bit more earlier okay Joyce Moses
thank you do you recommend highlights to blend demarcation no why because it
prolongs getting to the finish line it really does and you don’t know none of
us really knows what color our gray is going to be when it’s growing it it as
it grows in at various stages it looks a little different than what we thought it
was the stage before don’t go that route really it’s it’s and like I said it
prolongs the process and often when you excuse me when you need when you want to
get like a silver color or a gray color they have to use far more bleach and too
many women I’ve heard of yes there have been some successes but – but more have
not been successful it’s helped to ruin their hair so I wouldn’t go that I
wouldn’t go that concentrate instead on updating and redesigning your makeup and
look at hairstyles that embrace your your emerging gray and blend it in with
where you’re headed okay I hope that helps
Cafe Fame Merry Christmas thank you same to you ah and a Neely Sharon please
remind me of the brand of hairspray you recommend ah
it’s John Frieda Frizz Ease I like the flexible hold I use that the most and if
I’m going out in a tornado or something like that then I use the the firm hold
okay Kathleen never oh so thank you I was talking more about texture okay
texture well then it depends on the amount of texture
how how how deep they are the scars are first of all there’s a few different
ways you can go but first of all make sure that your skin color and your
makeup your eat your skin tone is even do that learn the tips and tricks about
how about how to do your brows your eyebrow your lashes your lipstick all
that sort of stuff get that going first take some selfies
and assess is it worth looking into or can you just get by with the way it is
if it really bothers you then seek out a dermatologist and see what can be done
with current laser treatments and things of that nature to even out the the
texture okay hope that helps let me see now Deborah best way to prevent under I
bleed I do use the Mac powder as an under liner and the gel liner on the
waterline I’m not quite sure what you mean by Joe under-eye bleed when you put
the gel liner on the upper waterline you want to have it apply it closer to the
lash line than to the eyeball does that make sense
and make sure that your eyes are dry before you start blinking okay if your
eyes are a little bit watery at first I then use the Kleenex top up any moisture
that may be there put it on and keep your eyes open now for the bottom
do not wear gel liner on the bottom your your lash line on your lash line here
like right here only eye shadow only eyeshadow no gel liner no Kohl pencil
no mascara you don’t need it just eye shadow and that will prevent any you
know bleeding as you say give that a try Deborah and let me know how it works for
you Joyce thank you you’re welcome Kathleen thank you you’re welcome
Deborah yes that makes sense okay okay so is there any other questions that
anybody has let me just see if there’s something anything that I’ve missed for
you gotta go Pamela Prescott thank you have a
wonderful day and you as well one of the things that I I need to say too is that
at because we’re for those of us who are older in on this live stream um we need
to aim differently towards our makeup and our appearance we want to use
classic colors don’t don’t need to go for colored eyeshadows and things and
just because it’s Christmas or New Year’s is around the corner no need to
have all kinds of colors and shimmers and things of that nature you don’t need
it believe me so you want your classic colors but what’s more important than
shadows and shimmer and glimmer is corrected and defined lines like have
your eyebrows shape corrected having your lashline done well with your eye
shadow and and blend in both top and bottom so that it’s it works for where
you are now it’s easy and it’s easy to maintain and and that you’re so your
lips and your eyebrows are the things that need to be defined your lash line
and your blush are the things that are blended and blended well no matter what
your festivities are that’s that’s the smart way to go alright it looks like we
have a couple of other questions here joy Lambert would you recommend hair
permanent for thin hair to give it body absolutely not
alloy I would not I I don’t recommend the perms and coloring and you know the
extensive studies that have been done these chemicals on our head are not good
for us not good for us and not good for the environment okay
they really aren’t here’s the thing with the perm entire stand you’re thinking
that will help fluff up the hair what happens when your perm is about a month
four weeks six weeks old the roots start to flatten why because they’re not
lifted from the curl if you ever seen a perm that’s grown out a bit it’s all
flat around the roots and then you’ve got the curl you know at the ends that’s
a very hard hair to maintain to have it look good okay I would highly recommend
depending on where your thinness is either a topper because today’s toppers
are fantastic or extensions I use extensions all the time I have quite
thin hair and I’ve noticed lately it’s getting even thinner but that’s the way
it is and so what do I do just pump up what I do use getting an
extension just a single weft or maybe two F’s depending depending on the
length of your hair and if you have short hair extensions work really well
with with short hair too I mean you can have extensions that are that long trust
me they they can do a lot and the hair toppers today I strongly recommend that
you look into them I think it’s Paula Young I think has quite a variety too of
gray hair toppers and you know and if you get toppers that have a monofilament
top that means it looks absolutely natural it looks like you can see the
scalp so they’re they’re really good to get they’re lightweight
they they keep their memory wave curl or whatever or Bend whatever it is they
that was built into them in the manufacturing process all you have to do
is just shampoo them bring them let them and dry wring them out let them dry they
go right back to the shape and they’re lightweight they’re just they just sit
on the top of your head so if you’re thinning here which happens to a lot of
women it brings back it brings back the fullness without without so much weight
and you can still you can wear your hair up with Stoppers you can do all kinds of
things they look very very natural I would I would go with that route before
I would ever do a perm I hope that helps Mary Ellen
do you recommend a warmer deeper tone blush with a red wine or lip color no
your question makes sense no I just apply more of what I of what I apply
normally with when I’m wearing this warmish red or I’m surrounded by a red
background I wear both the pink and the orange and I think you guys have seen
this before and I not think I know you have this blush and this eyeshadow I
blend together and I use that for my blush as you can see it blends in nicely
with everything I’m wearing if you’re if you are wearing let’s say something
that’s a little bit more cool tone just wear the pink only okay now the trick is
with the eye shadows and this is what I love about them you can make it darker
or lighter just put a second layer on if you want a little more intensity
now with eyebrows I think you’ve seen me my I made my eyebrows just a little bit
darker today but you see me where I have lighter brows when I in the video
there’s a couple of them I did on the senior seniors where I just wear a light
brow it’s exactly the same product but with a lighter hand
the trick with holidays festivities red-carpet events or anything like that
we have to pump it up all you do is give it more intensity of the same things
that you normally use no extra expense no extra product no extra dumping into
the environment just just add an extra layer or apply it with a heavier hand
okay III I hope that helps Mary Ellen and tracy lynn laura you look into a
shorter hairstyle i really it really made my hair look a lot thicker ah what
that that’s a good point tracy however if you don’t suit short hair then you
shouldn’t go that route if you do great it’s like long hair if it doesn’t look
that great on you don’t go that route the thing that you have to take into
consideration with whatever length hair you have is your head size in relation
to your body frame that’s really important and what’s your hairline like
and how thick or finish your hair generally speaking for thin hair I would
recommend having your hair longer why is that because you can put it in two
styles and add scrunchies and extensions that will help thicken it and make it
look make it look thicker if you’ve got thin hair and it’s short you’re going to
see a lot more of your scalp that way and it will only intensify unless your
hair is long enough or thick enough that you can comb it over the scalp and if
you’ve got thin fine hair that’s usually not the case so a little bit longer hair
is better when you’ve got when you’ve got thin hair in my experienced opinion
okay let’s see Mary Ellen can you wear a topper with short hair like a pixie cut
yes you can you have to get it cut for you you have to get it cut for your you
know your style of hair and so you would probably want to have a trusted
hairdresser cut that for you but you can take a look online and there are shorter
styles of hair Stoppers that you can get to they also have what they call
pastiches wear their hair pieces not not like a top right that’s an old version
but it’s called a pastiche some people still wear them where it’s hair that you
just plonk on the top of your head too and you can pull your own hair through
through the hair through the because it’s it’s like a netting and they’ve got
holes in it so you can pull your own hair through it I don’t think it’s as I
don’t think I haven’t seen them styled well enough to recommend iya but I but
certainly you can have a hair chopper that’s that’s um that’s good for short
hair and I have to do a little research you have to do a little talking and
you’ve checked with a hairdresser but you know but it can work for sure and
Tracy Lambert says that that’s uh that works fine she’s happy with that okay I
can’t see any other questions so I’m going to just do a little reminder that
if you have any questions that I haven’t answered please feel free to you know go
onto the page and search out what you want in the search box there or go to
the playlists and when you’re in the playlists they’re all listed in in in in
like so you have makeup is one hair styling is another you have extensions
is another there’s wardrobe and then there’s my soap box and so on and so
forth now remember please to subscribe to the
channel because I’m not monetized or receive benefit or payment in any way
and for those who are interested in the advocacy work that I do
there’s my advocacy channel very simple if you like the videos please like share
and subscribe as I said it because I’m not monetized YouTube doesn’t put me out
there so in order to spread the word I’m counting on you guys to help me out with
that okay now for my public Beauty page I’m at Sharon Danni beauty and if you
want a private closed group where there’s lots of conversation and lots of
information you can go to going grey and loving it and for those that want a make
better it’s a pay it forward make better you can go to either channel on Facebook
I should say not channel but page on Facebook and make a request there and
you know if you’ve had help here if you’ve gained some insight and some
help I really would appreciate if you paid it forward in your own time talent
or treasure in your little corner of the world
help somebody out that needs it okay with whatever you can do to help in my
daughter Andrea Mane’s name it’s the spirit of the season as Christmas’s is
to share and to give and I’d like you just a gentle reminder to to share and
help out those if you if you’ve been helped by anything that I’ve been able
to supply here for you okay so this week’s quote is as eternal Beauty
diminishes internal Beauty brightens how by what we do for others how we share
our skills how we forgive more easily and how we love mightily so that’s I
hope that that’s helped you with you know thinking about getting ready for
the holidays. Thank you for joining me today ladies. As always it’s fun to be with you. Next week I’m going to put up a quick easy to do updo with two scrunchies for your New Year’s celebrations or any time,
so please take good care of yourself, your loved ones and the world around you. and we will see you in the New Year.

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