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[leowong Makeup] 型男口罩妝 立刻變韓星(附字幕)/ Makeup For Men (With Sub) @Leo Wong Makeup

Hi everyone, I’m Leo Today I want to share with you how to do your own makeup when wearing a mask My motto is everyone can be more beautiful Just use a few steps Because novel coronavirus spread out over the world, everyone will wear a mask to go out Have you noticed that there are more and more handsome guys and girls on the street? Because wearing a mask adds a lot of mystery It will make people guess what they really look like under the masks However, if the eye makeup is not enough, the total look will become very dull So in this episode, I will share how to become a handsome Korean star after makeup when wearing the mask Let’s start It’s as simple as that to become a Korean star What do you think Please like this video Remember subscribe to my YouTube Channel and click the bell And follow my Instagram and Facebook. Please stay close on the updates, Bye Bye!

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