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LANEIGE Cica Sleeping Mask 라네즈 리뷰 | Korean Skincare

Hello Friends! This is me Leneha Junsu.
Welcome back to my channel! Today, we are reviewing Laneige Cica Sleeping mask. Y’all know how much I love their original sleeping mask but now we’re
going to talk about this new Cica sleeping mask. It has this holographic
patterned dark green box. The product claims that, “Hypoallergenic sleeping mask nourishes and reinforces skin barrier over night. Infused with ‘forest yeast’
cica, the formula is gentle on skin as it also brightens, moisturizes and fights
signs of aging. It comes with a plastic spatula. It also comes with a little
pamphlet or a booklet with information on it about the mask. This green tub is made of plastic with
frosted glass effect. This masks main ingredients are Centella Asiatica, Forest
Yeast, Japanese cypress leaf and glycerin. I love the dark green and white combo.
it’s my all-time favorite nail art combination. Expiry date is mentioned on
the bottom. Cica sleeping mask has different formulation than water
sleeping mask along with differences in quantity and size, as well.
Also, Water sleeping mask has gel like texture while Cica one has cream-like
texture. Look how beautiful this cream is! This cream is opaque white with a
heavier texture than its previous sleeping masks. It’s not on suffocatingly
thick side. It’s spreadable. As it spreads it’s texture feels more light and
gel like. Sleeping masks take care of skin overnight while targeting different
skincare issues. It retains skin moisture overnight for a plumped and smooth skin
when you wake up. You guys can see how the red mark is calming down right in
front of your eyes as cream is being absorbed into my skin. My skin is not
sticky at all but it’s a little greasy. Even though this mask claims to be
hypoallergenic I still have found some skin irritants
in its ingredients. So, this is my skin before using the mask. The only reason I
bought Cica sleeping mask is because I have very dry skin and that gets
irritated easily. Cica sleeping mask should be used as last step of your
skincare routine. So, after applying my toner and serum I am applying Laneige
Cica sleeping mask. It has a very faint Centella like smell that goes
away in few seconds. The ‘forest yeast’ which is a patented ingredient in it is
a micro organism from ‘split peas’ growing in the Gotjawal forest on Jeju island.
Laneige claims that it has 119 percent more skin regeneration power than
‘madecassoside’. The mask has been absorbed into my skin within few seconds.
Impressive! Once absorbed, Cica sleeping mask leaves a seal of moisture on my
skin that isn’t sticky but it’s little greasy. It instantly banishes dryness on
skin which I love. So, after 13 days of use here in the video and three months
of use now I can say that this mask is the best for moisturization. Here, in
before and after 13 days you guys can see that there is no difference,
whatsoever but it has worked wonders in calming my skin and hydrating it. It
brightens skin a little bit but nothing too noticeable. This cream is really
soothing as well but for the price I paid it didn’t did much for me, to be
honest. As compared to Water sleeping mask, I love this one more. I will rate it
4.5 by 5 and will definitely repurchase it IF it’s on sale because of its
soothing and moisturizing properties. This is me Leneha Junsu signing off.

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