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Hi Everyone I wanna talk about sunscreen in this video. It is July now, so I know I should have done this like at least a month ago, but this summer didn’t feel as hot as the summers usually are in Korea so I didn’t think about shooting a video about sunblock but I saw the news saying that every countries are going through heatwaves. And the sunscreen from Innisfree I have been using is not produced anymore so I needed to look for new sunblock And those are a few reasons why I decided to shoot this video about sunblock. If you are in Korea, you would be able to see that sunscreens in drugstores are arranged in 3 different types. Physical sunscreen, chemical sunscreen and mixed sunscreen. There must be a lot of viewers who always think of researching it but didn’t, I was also the one who pushed back again and again So today, I will talk about what the differences between those three types of sunscreen are. And I want to also talk about which sunblock type fits which skin type and I will show you some representative products of each sunscreen type. Let me talk about physical sunscreen aka mineral sunscreen first. When you visited somewhere like a beach, have you ever thought, like, ‘my skin wouldn’t get a sunburn if I put sand on my skin’ I remember that I was thinking like that sometimes, and I guess you can easily understand how this mineral sunscreen is working by thinking of that In the mineral sunscreens, there are the ingredients that reflect ultraviolet aka UV which cause sunburn. Then what Is the chemical sunscreen? In the chemical sunblock, There are the ingredients that absorb the UV and turn the power of the UV into heat. It goes without saying they both protect your skin so well, but the features of each are different. First of all, if you are looking for something you can softly apply onto your skin, you need to get the chemical sunscreen. You know something called white cast right? The mineral sunscreen is working by using ingredients, that reflect the ultraviolet physically, so your skin doesn’t absorb the ingredients inside the mineral sunscreen. So, if you apply mineral sunscreen, it will just be on your skin and reflect the light and that is why you suffer the white cast with some sunscreen products. But with chemical sunscreens, your skin absorbs the chemical sunscreen like a skincare product, so it can be applied more softly than physical sunscreen and doesn’t cause white cast as much as physical sunscreen. And secondly, if you have sensitive skin and are looking for sunscreen that has better ingredients, I recommend you get the physical sunscreen. Like I said before, in the mineral sunscreen’s case, it protects your skin by blocking light on the skin and it means the physical sunscreen just cannot directly affect your skin as much as the chemical sunscreen does. So if your skin is sensitive now or if you want less possibility of causing trouble on your skin, physical sunscreen is what I suggest to you. Lastly, if your skin is oily type, personally, I recommend you apply chemical sunblock. My skin is oily type skin and if I put the mineral sunscreen on my skin, everybody can notice that I put something on my face. Mineral sunscreen causes white cast anyways and if it meets oily skin in the summer, it’s not a good combination. So I recommend you get the chemical one especially during summer. for oily type skin And I haven’t talked about mixed sunscreen, but as it sounds, the companies tried to make sunscreen having both features of physical one and chemical one, so. That’s what mixed sunscreen is. So easy right?. So I’ve been telling you the differences between those types of sunscreen briefly and now I want to talk about some popular sunscreens and which type they are. Ok I want to start with this product. This is the mild sica sun lotion from too cool for school and it is the mineral sunblock type. Oh then we can’t apply this softly? This one is a lotion type sunscreen, so it is applied very softly even tho it is the physical sunscreen type. So if you are looking for mineral sunscreen and don’t want a heavy feeling, I think this product will fit you And this one This one is the no sebum sunscreen for men from Innisfree and it is the mixed type sunscreen close to physical sunscreen. But this one is out of stock now and there is another no sebum sunscreen from Innisfree. And this Innisfree tone up no sebum sunscreen is the mineral type sunscreen. there will be no problem to consider no sebum sunscreens as a mineral sunscreen for you to get the no sebum sunscreen. And this one is pure block natural daily sunscreen from apieu I heard that this product is very popular too and this is one of the chemical sunscreens. and it is a chemical sunscreen. I don’t do any make up, but one of my friends who applies make up said that it helps the makeup look more natural, so i hope that information is helpful And this fourth one is aloe soothing sunscreen from cosrx. I know cosrx is doing so well lately and I think this product is pretty popular too. This one is mixed sunscreen and while you might be able to avoid white cast using this product, I think this one is kinda oilier than I expected. So I recommend this product to those who have dry type skins more than oily type skins. And this last one is tone up green sunscreen from the face shop and it is a mixed sunscreen. This one is actually what I am using now and this sunscreen brightens up my skin tone. But I haven’t suffered white cast and It doesn’t show people that you applied something on your skin . So if you are a man who wants to brighten up skin tone but are afraid of what people will think of you, I think this one is a good choice. So I have talked about 3 different types of sunscreen and I didn’t explain in too much detail cause I wanted you to remember those things easily. But I think you might be able to look for the sunscreen right for you by just watching this video. So I hope you remember what I told you and which sunscreen you need to get for your skin. But if you want more details of sunscreen or if you want to know the tips of using sunscreen, leave comments please. I cannot guarantee I’ll be able to shoot that video but I will refer to it for the next videos. If you enjoyed this video, press like button and subscribe button please Thank you for watching this video and see u

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