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K Beauty Skincare Empties | My Daily Korean Skincare Routine | Best of K Beauty

Hi guys, my name is Marie and welcome to my kawaii world~ So today I wanted to share with you my skincare empties of 2019 These are all the products that I’ve completely used up and I think that I’m missing a few but I tried to remember to save the bottles as much as I could I’m gonna go in order of like skincare routine starting from the cleansers – all the way to the moisturizers, at the end This is my favorite cleanser of the year. It’s the Neogen Real Fresh Foam green tea cleanser and I feel like I’ve used this the entire year and my husband has used it too and it just lasted us so long There’s a little bit left at the bottom of the bottle, but it’s almost completely empty and I really like this foaming cleanser I don’t usually like foaming cleansers because I feel like they strip my skin dry but this one still leaves a lot of moisture and it’s just really light and gentle, it makes for a great second sub cleanser and if you’re not wearing any makeup It makes you a great daily cleanser. So I would definitely repurchase this This is up there with the CosRX low pH cleanser. I like both of them equally This one is just more foaming and the other one is more of a gel cleanser. So it depends on your preference I’m kind of liking the foaming cleanser this year. Next up is another Neogene product It’s the Real Polish honey and sugar and this is a sugar scrub I was looking for a substitute for the Skin Food black sugar scrub, which is probably my favorite sugar scrub out there But I don’t know what happened to Skin Food in Korea. It seems like all the stores have closed down I think their website is still up, but I don’t really have any word to buy the sugar scrub so I purchased this one to try to substitute If I actually don’t like it as much, it’s okay, and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a good basic sugar scrub cleanser, but I think I prefer the Skin Food one. So I’m gonna try to look for something That’s a little more similar to that next time. Next up, is this Real Cica pad by Neogen and when I first tried this I didn’t really like it that much and I just continued to use it up just because It was there but I don’t think it’s as hydrating as some of the other toner pads like the CosRX one I really like the Moisture up pad and compared to that, this one is not as great. I think this is probably better for people who have acne protein [?] because it has Cica in it and for me it just didn’t do a whole lot but I did end up using it up because they are toner pads and I feel like It’s wasteful not to use them. But yeah, this was okay. I probably wouldn’t repurchase I have so many Neogen products this time but next up is the Gentle gauze peeling wine Bio-peel pad. I really like this one I have used the lemon one and the green tea one before but I think I like the scent of this better I can’t really tell the difference between the three pads They all seem to work the same for me But they are a good physical exfoliator and they just feel so refreshing So I will use these once or twice a week to exfoliate my skin and I have definitely repurchased these in the past and I will do so in the future. Another toner pad that I’ve used up is the One-step Moisture up pad by CosRX. This is the old model They have a new bottle now, but this is actually my favorite toner pad out there. It’s a moisture up pad So it’s super moisturizing. I think they have the Original clear pad which is for acne prone skin, but my skin is dry So this one is really good for me And I find it a lot more hydrating than the other toner pads out there. Next I have the Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid This is a favorite toner of mine and my husband also likes this so we have used many bottles of this actually It’s just a liquid toner and it has a really good consistency And then in the summer, sometimes you can just use this as a moisturizer alone I think that my husband uses the most of this product but I also like it. I feel like this is a little expensive for the amount that you get and that there are other Toners out there that are just as good and less expensive, but I think it’s a great product Next up is the Hada Labo Goku Jyun toner. I always pronounce that wrong But this is one of my favorite toners out there. It’s super hydrating. It’s super thick It’s great for people with dry skin and I use it in both the winter and summer and it’s really great for winter just because it’s so thick. It’s also really gentle non-irritating. This is one of my all-time favorite toners out there I’ve been mostly using Korean beauty products, but this is a Japanese product, probably my favorite Japanese beauty product out there. Okay. I’ve gone through multiple bottles of this. This is just one of them it’s the Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence and this leaves my skin feeling still plump and smooth and Using this in combination with like a vitamin C serum, I felt like this was like my power skincare routine product but I like to alternate between different toners and essences just to try out different things and also so my skin doesn’t plateau [?] and get used to one thing I don’t really know if that’s how it works. But this is one of my Holy Grail products I always repurchase this and I’m using another bottle, right now So I went through a phase where I was using a lot of fermented products and I decided to try out the CosRX Galactomyces 95 tone balancing essence and I felt like it wasn’t that remarkable I don’t think that there was anything wrong with it it was still very hydrating and it didn’t irritate my skin at all, but I didn’t feel like I had any super remarkable results from this but I think that the price is also pretty reasonable. So Yeah, if you find that fermented, that must work really well for you Then you might want to give this a try, but I probably won’t repurchase. I also got this AHA/BHA clarifying treatment toner by CosRX and I really do like this brand Although I can’t remember any remarkable results from using this clarifying treatment toner It was a mist. So maybe it’s not as effective as something like a serum that you put on your face, but This one did get emptied out. Yeah, I can’t remember any like remarkable results from this. Okay next up I have the Whamisa Organic flowers toner deep rich now This was an amazing toner for me and I definitely would repurchase this It’s a little bit more pricey than some of these other toners by like CosRX but it’s very effective and I felt like this was really hydrating for my skin. It really pumped up my skin and this is something that I always recommend to people. It’s such a joy to use I really love the scent of it and I really like the result as well I also want to give a shout out to the Whamisa Hydrogel mask that’s one of my favorite masks out there. It’s a little more expensive than your typical sheet mask or hydrogel mask but I feel like after using it my skin looks really good So that is also something that I would recommend even though I don’t have like an empty package for it It’s a single use item so it’s kind of pricey but if you have a special event then it’s something that you might want to give a try. The Timestop Collagen Ampoule by The Plant Base I remember really liking this product I think it’s like some kind of mushroom, “Hericium erinaceum mushroom plant extracts base” and this is a really fun product just because the packaging is really cool it’s like this giant eye dropper that… You push this down and it brings up some of the serum I feel like this left my skin really plump. So this is something that I would definitely consider Repurchasing it’s also like really fun and pretty packaging but there’s not a ton of product in here Okay. Now for the serums, I have two vitamin C terms The first one is the Dear Klairs Freshly juiced vitamin C drop and prior to using this I haven’t really used a lot of vitamin C products. I did use one by Obagi quite a while ago, but I can’t remember how good that one was This one was a good introductory vitamin C product because my skin was really sensitive to vitamin C and I gradually built up tolerance by using this product I think there’s a low concentration of vitamin C in here So it’s a good starter vitamin C serum And then I use that along with the freshly juiced vitamin E mask and I love this. I love the texture of it It’s really light but still hydrating and it’s supposed to help your skin absorb the vitamin C better I think Okay after I got used to using vitamin C with the Klairs I graduated to this Maelove the glow maker antioxidant serum and this Is an American product using this has like just changed my skin so much and transformed my skin I don’t know if it’s the actual product itself or the fact that it’s like a little bit stronger vitamin C But I feel like after I started using this my skin became a lot brighter and clearer And then I stopped using it for a while So I feel like my skin is a little bit dull again, and then I repurchased it So I just started using the new bottle but the thing is that this goes bad really quickly Once the vitamin C starts to oxidize Or turn yellow it becomes a little bit less Effective and I was able to use this up completely without having it oxidized at all. But this one oxidize really quickly I feel like I was only halfway through the bottle and it was already bright yellow So I was like is this even effective but I just continue to use it day and night So feel free to use this generously use it every day because it goes bad really quickly but it’s also very effective. This is probably my favorite skincare product of 2019 Next I have the Mizon All-in-one Snail Repair Cream and I love snail products. I I like this one very much It’s definitely you know a moisturizer that’s great for summer something that I would definitely repurchase in the future just because I like snail products I feel like they’re really effective for me. And this one was no exception. I do like this I also like the CosRX snail cream, but Yeah, I like to use snail creams in the summertime because I feel like they’re a good lightweight moisturizer the only thing about this Is it’s not that big you don’t get a ton of product. I don’t feel like it lasted me very long but yeah, I like this. And then the last one is something that I always use. This is my stable sun cream, it’s the Aloe Soothing Sun Cream by CosRX and I use tons of bottles of these I use these- my kids use this sunscreen as well And so does my husband so we go through it really quickly and I like to cut the top off to get to the product inside Because there’s actually like I don’t know two to three days worth of product in here that you don’t get to or You can’t actually reach unless you cut the thing open So I’ll cut it open put it in a ziplock bag and then use it for a few days. The winners of this year were The Neogen foaming green tea cleanser and the Maelove vitamin C serum and Also, I loved this Whamisa toner This is my absolute favorite toner of the year. And also this one the Hada Labo. I loved this. This is so good. I think it’s very similar to the Isntree toner. So I use this side-by-side and I think that they’re interchangeable Those are my skincare empties of 2019. I don’t think that I have everything here, but Most of the stuff I’ve used is here. I just wanna give a big shout out to my patreons Hello Dino, Christy, Airen, Bonnie, Pinball Reviewer and Vi. Thank you guys so much for your support. You are sponsoring this video and I couldn’t do this without you. So I really appreciate your support this whole year. If you guys want to see more skincare videos check out these playlists right here and Let me know what you’d like to see in the future. I’ll talk to you next time. Bye~

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  1. So glad to watch your skincare products! Have your tried putting your Maelove Vitamin C in the fridge? It's recommended for higher concentration of vitamin C to be place in a cold, dark place so it will keep its potency.

  2. Really nice to see all the range of products out there; gotta love when you find a gem that you enjoy. This is always perfect timing since I've got another acne breakout, lol, so just when I was thinking what was good for acne, you mentioned it a few seconds later in the video. Keep enjoying the little things out there, Marie. And 54K, woo! 2020 you may get that 100K. God bless yours and you! 🙂

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