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Jayla Gray, MD, Dermatology

I would say I got interested in healthcare when I was a teenager I had some injuries that required surgery and
through my experience as a patient I remember admiring the doctors that
took care of me during that difficult time. The doctor that gave me the ability
to continue my athletic lifestyle and that was when I realized that I wanted
to be in healthcare because I wanted to be able to provide that for for others.
Jayla Grey, dermatologist. What I love about dermatology is that I am able to
improve my patients’ lives every day; whether it’s improving their acne or
diagnosing and treating their skin cancer. The first thing that people see
every day is your skin and some skin conditions may not be painful or
symptomatic but my ability to improve those skin conditions helps patients
improve their self-esteem and their emotional well-being. One thing people
might find surprising about me is I was a high level gymnast for many years of
my life and I can still do handstands and walk on my hands. you

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