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Introducing New NIVEA Care

Feeling your best starts with your mindset Your confidence Your attitude And with new NIVEA Care introducing a light, revolutionary cream with a hydrating complex for 100% nourishment and 0% greasiness It’s a new way to feel good in your skin Try new NIVEA Care

11 thoughts on “Introducing New NIVEA Care

  1. hi Nivea, I would switch from Loreal men's line to Nivea men's if Scott Moir was the face of that brand. 🙂 He's got great skin too.

  2. Also I didn't realize this was Tessa narrating the commercial till like the 5th time I watched this SHOOKETH

  3. Since Ice Dance is considered a Team Sport, I'm disappointed that both Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue are not given equal treatment with Nivea.

    In other words, both Tessa and Scott should be get the same level of promotion, not one getting more recognition than another like Tessa Virtue.

    So far, Tessa has gotten far more recognition, especially with Nivea and even Bell Media, than Scott Moir, which goes against the spirit of team sports like Ice Dance or Pairs Figure Skating.

  4. Since Scott Moir was responsible for Tessa Virtue's success at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, I'm disappointed that he was excluded from that promotion, which is why I don't like the commercial.

    Because Ice Dance and Pairs Figure Skating are team oriented events, to show the fairness of team based sports and events, Nivea should feature both Tessa and Scott in their promotions, not specifically Tessa.

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