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outch my neck Hi guys and welcome to my skincare routine i’ll show you what my skincare is like and… ##**!!## treat my skin it has three products in skin care and for washing there are 1-2 products(same in morning and night) and now i’ll show you take care of my skin first i wash my face with neutral water i use a cleansing mousse from Herbina i put it a little to my hands and rub it to my then i wash it away with warm water then i wipe my face with towel i use a toner by Neurogena then i take a cotton pad and… wipe my face with it that i’ll get all dirty from my face and to get more moisturize to my skin (that toner is awesome for my skin) it’s for acne skin then i use serum(that’a from Herbina too :P) i usually don’t use serum too much now i got too much it i use a cream from ACO and it’s so good i got this too much i rub it to my face pretty gently i put it everywhere thanks for watching this video see you in the next video and subscribe my channel thumbs up and notifications on bye

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