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I Used Fresh Aloe Vera Gel on My Face For 2 Weeks and THIS Happened!!

Hello and welcome back to my channel So today I’m gonna be talking to you guys about an aloe vera gel Facial mask that I’ve been using every single night for about two weeks I heard about this a while ago and I was actually going to do it right after I finished filming my castor oil Challenge for my eyebrows. However, I Can get a little lazy sometimes and you need a lot of discipline especially because I like to film it every single day every night when I put on the gel just to show you guys what my Skin progress has been like I’m really liking it. My skin looks super glowy. I’ll give you a little closer look. I just brought my aloe plant because it feels a little unfair not to have aloe when we’re talking about aloe, whatever I’m gonna have it right here. So you guys can still see it’s little legs. I really don’t know where to put her. So maybe she won’t be a part of the video I had seen a couple videos of people doing it online and was really curious as to how it would help out with my skin Pigmentation I can tell you for sure. It has definitely gone down I think at the beginning of the video when I started filming it I had some three little marks here that I have had for the past I want to say maybe six months. If you guys are new to my channel I used to get really strong hyperpigmentation from when I had any type of dairy or egg allergy reaction not gonna lie I became a little insecure with showing my skin like just bare skin no makeup on. When you’re used to your skin Just being one skin tone and then all of a sudden that develops I had one over here for a while But I think that’s more from the sun, a big boo boo from years ago But that guy we can always hide with our hair However, when it’s down here it became really stressful and I heard that aloe vera could definitely help out and like you can see now it hasn’t taken it away completely Again it’s only been two weeks, but the pigmentation has gone down. So this is something that I’m definitely going to continue doing I’m not gonna be doing it every single day because I’m gonna talk about the pros and cons in just a little bit and yeah I guess let’s just get started with this video So that actually ended up being enough for just one week I put it on every single night after washing my face after the toner before going to bed and yes at the beginning it is a little yucky just because of how gooey it is as you can see here kind of reminds me of something that I can’t really put my Finger on. Oh, yeah, I do. I just don’t want to say it I Will say that the first couple days that I used it my skin got a little bit itchy as I was putting it on I did know it is kind of flake up a bit as well as it was drying on my face I did not touch it. I left it however There were a couple days where I kind of had to go in with my finger Just to kind of dig my nail and to take the itch away cuz it was so bad And then after I think maybe three days I noticed that I started to get a little bit of red bumps I think there was only two on my forehead and I wasn’t quite sure if it was because I was getting my menstrual cycle although Hormonal usually hits you around your jaw I’ve never really been the person to get any type of acne before during or after my menstrual cycle however in this time I found that my Cycle was a little bit more different maybe just because of some stress that I’ve been going through but besides that the only thing that was different was this aloe vera gel so it’s kind of freaking out a little bit and I stopped using it for about two days and then Went right back on it when I did my second batch of the aloe vera gel. I actually didn’t put it in the blender I just grabbed a fork whisking it mashing it all up and left it like that but I did notice that it wasn’t flaking up on my skin anymore and It wasn’t making my face as red as it did before however, it is after I had finished my menstrual cycle So I wasn’t sure what was really going on. I guess the timing of everything wasn’t all that great But this is something that I really wanted to try out. I do love that end results of it Here’s a little clip of me actually first thing this morning showing you guys exactly what my skin looks like Alright, ok, so this is what my skin looks like after I have washed it. There’s nothing on it I’m actually getting ready to go to an acupuncture appointment For my face and that always makes my face really glow and look super pumped So I definitely wanted to show you before going there Cuz then I feel like I’m kind of cheating the real results on the whole aloe vera gel thing so I’m just waiting on some lip balm and Yeah, I’m just gonna go out with my skin like this. I’m just going to use a few of these drops From bioessence and this is the vitamin C rose oil. It smells really good. I just do a couple drops But yeah, I really wanted to show you guys what it looks like I have noticed that as for my pigmentation down here, it has cleared out a little bit I’ll go more into skin details a little later as you could see I did get a little couple breakouts. I don’t know It’s a little bit of a mixed review with what I have to tell you guys But as soon as I get back, I’ll talk to you guys about Everything that I noticed in the two weeks that I did the aloe vera gel Pros and cons and then benefits I had read up online before Actually doing the aloe vera and what I noticed and what I picked up with my own skin So now that you have seen the results day by day and the end in the morning and what my skin looks like right now And I wanted to give you guys more of a background Benefits that aloe vera has for your skin So the first one would be just that it’s an antioxidant, it contains many minerals like enzymes, amino acids Vitamin A & C. It’s an anti-inflammatory It is recommended that you put on your aloe vera before going to bed Apply it have it all for about 25 minutes and then wash it off However, because I wanted the most intense type of results for my pigmentation I kept it on all over which is probably why I ended up with some pimples on my forehead around here along with my menstrual Cycle I say cycle Along with the hyperpigmentation It also helps out with burns, any cuts that you might have on your face, frostbite, cold sores It’s good for a dry skin. It’s very moisturizing. However, if you use it for too long, it can dry out your skin so I would recommend that you use it for a week and then move on to something else and then try it out again for Another week or just use it a couple times a week and mix it in with other nightly routines that you might have It helps up with eczema. I hope I said that right the last time I said eczema people came after me hard!!! Psoriasis, it helps fight aging which is also really good, especially if you want to add some right about here It also helps let you know your stretch marks if you have them on the booty Like myself or on your tummy if you just gave birth or sometimes even on your arms when you start working out I find that a lot of people get them here to just anywhere where you have them Try it out. And then for acne, there is no evidence that it actually helps out with acne But with the videos that I’ve seen on YouTube with people that have done it to target their acne I did notice with a lot of the videos that it brightened their skin And I’m not sure if it’s because it brightened it that it kind of calmed everything down because aloe vera does have a calming element to it that maybe that’s why I was seeing there are some people where it Reduces it a little bit. As for it curing it completely There is no evidence as from the research that I’ve done But if you’re someone that’s tried it out and it has completely taking your acne away, let me know in the comments down below I’m so curious to know as I’m sure if there’s other people that are watching This video for that purpose to know if it would help out leave it down below We all want to know. Now with everything that I ever talked about on my channel Please know that you need to test out a little patch whether it’s on your forearm on the back of your hand Whatever just so that you don’t have a crazy Sensitivity to it or an allergy reaction. Having an allergy to aloe vera is very rare But it could definitely develop if it’s something that you’re using everytime everything in moderation is key You can continue doing it. Just not every single day for the rest your life And yeah that is it for all the research that I’ve done, my personal experience with it. I’m really liking the results It’s definitely made my skin a little lighter, which I don’t mind It’s winter anyways, and I can throw a little bronzer if I want to make myself a little bit more tanned But I am loving the fact that it’s killed my pigmentation over here It’s just looking really bright, really plump, very dewy like that sheen right there, I live for that I live for the highlight Dewy look and I love getting Complimented for it. If your skin is bright and glowy and it’s coming from within you’re doing something right. You’re doing something healthy And that is amazing I apologize for looking a little wacky, but I wanted to show you exactly what my skin it looked like a bare face Don’t mind the dark circles and this is the result and I hope that you guys like this video Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe right over here and I will see you guys at the next one, bye!

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