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How to Treat Acne Scars with Stem Cells | Dr. Alex Martin | MetroMD

Hello, I’m Alex Martin from Metro MD, Center
for Regenerative Medicine. Many of you will ask, “Well, what is “regenerative medicine”?
What is that?” What we do here at our medical center, is
we replace hormones. We also use stem cell therapy and other modalities to stave off
the aging process, and to keep individuals as active and as viable as possible.
The aging process, of course, is really one of lack of repair. As we age many of us lose,
all of us lose the ability to repair tissue. That’s what we struggle against.
With HGH, with human growth hormone, we are able to go back into the cell and repair at
the level of the chromosomes, which is amazing. With the application of stem cells, we can
actually repair structure. So we can replace missing structure, that means missing organs
and missing pieces of the body. The combination of these powerful tools in
the 21st century offers us a very long lifespan, with the great possibility of being active
well after the age of 80, and productive up to the age of maybe 100 to 120.
These are ideas that would not be appreciated in the 20th century. They would have been
scoffed at. The 21st century, with the practice of regenerative medicine, we’re looking forward
to seeing individuals functioning fully over the age of 100. That is exactly what regenerative
medicine is all about. If you would like to have any other further
questions, contact us at here and Los Angeles at the Metro MD Center for Regenerative Medicine.
Thank you.

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