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How to Shave with Straight Razors : How to Use a Men’s Straight Razor Blade

Hi I’m Joyce with Major League Trim, I will
be speaking on behalf of Expert Village in this next clipping we would be talking about
the straight razor shave. You are going to get your straight razor. Make sure your hands
are clean. Again you want to watch that blade, it is brand new. You are going to turn your
client to his side and you know I have already assets him so I know where his side burns
to go. He wants them as low as possible. So you find his point and make your mark and
it’s always great to go with a straight swipe. You always make sure you want to feel the
hair pattern so you know where his hair growth is, everybody is different, like a thumb print.
So you just want to check and feel when you are rubbing that cream in. Inside the straight
razor shave we do multiple steps and it would be a 2 step process. Meaning the first shave
we get the tropical hair off and the second shave we get the last part of his hair off
and any detail work. Now you notice here his skin that he has a sensitive skin very fair
but it has a red hint in it. So you want to rub some of that water and that would do is
bring up that oil that you have already put on his face. That will help coat his skin
and protect it. You always want to stretch the skin so you get a good shave. You would
notice here that the hair is growing so you would shave up with the grain and down here
the hair is growing down so you shave down with the grain. Sometimes you have to adjust
your blade according and that is okay cause it would keep the customer nice and comfortable.

61 thoughts on “How to Shave with Straight Razors : How to Use a Men’s Straight Razor Blade

  1. It would really help if u labeled each vid as part 1, 2, 3, etc. As well as not having her saying the same thing at the begining of each one. Makes it a lil difficult to follow in order. Just a suggestion.

  2. Actually, Marlo916 refined gentlemen like myself will pay top dollar to be shaven in that manner. It really is a very nice experience. You should try it.

  3. You obviously didn't understand what i was saying. I'd rather have a male barbor, somebody who has been shaving their face for YEARS and knows what they're doing rather than some pretty girl whos like "Oh i kinda know how to use a razor so i'll shave your face" it's obvious that she doesn't know what shes doing.

  4. Holy CRAP this chick does not know what she's doing. Watch the way how she makes tiny fluttering scrapes. That's the way you shave with a safety razor, NOT a straight. You need LONG careful passes, not "scrape a 1/2 inch really quick then go back up" But then again she's not even using a real straight razor. It's a shavette, the phony type with disposable blades. They suck.

  5. Can't use the old style straight razors unless you sterilize the blade in an autoclave – which also means monthly spore testing and regular visits by your local health department.

    Reason? Spread of blood-borne illnesses, such as Hepatitis B, HIV, and Hepatitis C. Dipping in a low-level disinfectant (such as barbicide) is a big no-no.

    Hence shy places that offer shaving services will use disposable blades and will sanitize the holder with a high-level disinfectant.

  6. dont talk back to me if you dont kno what the hell your talking about. a straight razor would be continuous blade requiring honing like dovo's wade and butchers theirs issard to name the top of the line. im tired of people shaving with safety razors. its such a joke. shave with a real straight razor or just with a mach3. no inbetween. it pisses me off

  7. so i understand (or so i think) how to shave with a straight razor. what kinda of cream, how much, how often and how would i clean the blade? also, where does one buy one? thanks

  8. @TeslaDRay It's called a shavette and the usually use a de blade that is snapped in half, very poor compared to a decent straight.

    She has poor technique coupled with very poor prep, it's a good job the razor is sharp otherwise he would have had a very rough shave.

  9. @Austyg Because they provide a far better shave, if im in a hurry i'll grab my de razor instead, i still get a better shave than a cartridge razor.

  10. oooo man you can hear that dudes hair being pulled out of his face rather then cut i would demand a refund

  11. So what alse she can shave other than that?? but im also somehow very sure that she must b great at suckin big things with her hot lips! 😀 😀

  12. Hey you need to see the black barbers cut and shave on youtube. There is always music, girls, and a HDTV in the background. This shit like like Super cuts

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