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How to Shave with Straight Razors : How to Put in a Straight Razor Blade

Hi I’m Joyce with Major League Trim, I will
be speaking on behalf of Expert Village in this segment we would be talking about the
straight razor shave. These are the tools that I use for the shave, these are the cutting
tools and the hair razors. This is a straight razor and a straight razor you have open blade,
for each client you use new blade. So you will see in this blade there is a brand new
blade. So you want to be very careful and it slides right into the spot. Now that you
have the blade inside you want to check the temperature of the towel and make sure he
is nice and warmed up. You don’t want to leave your towel on for too long cause it will cool
down the face, you want to keep his face warm. Wipe any excess water off of his face. It
is always best to pat rather them rub and you would still be able to see the shine of
the oils on his face. Pat off as much as possible and now I’m ready to go into the shave.

15 thoughts on “How to Shave with Straight Razors : How to Put in a Straight Razor Blade

  1. i have one of the blades that i think you break in half but im not sure if you should its one of thise personna blades

  2. Look bitch nobody gives a fuck about the guy or the dam towel i wanna see how you put that blade in not your fucking face while you put it in retitle this video because your a dumb bitch you didn't even show the razor blade after you put it in. Im tired of fucking dumb white bitches

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