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How to Shave with Straight Razors : How to Apply Men’s Shaving Cream

Hi I’m Joyce with Major League Trim, I will
be speaking on behalf of Expert Village in this next clipping we would be talking about
the straight razor shave. Now that he is nice and warm you want to take the towel off of
his face and you have already pat him dry. You are going to use the oils that you have
already put on his face and incorporated with the shaving cream. A lot of barbers like to
use a hot lather, in this case we are just going to use a regular shaving cream. It is
the consistency of a creamy substance rather than a gel. There are all different types
of shaving cream; some of them are gel, some of them are cream. You just choose the one
that is best for your skin type and we already assist our plan, we know that he has very
sensitive skin. So you want to be very careful especially with a open blade alway going with
the grain never against so you can prevent razor bumps and any type of irritation. So
you want to rub that in really good, get that in there. You want to keep his face warm and
moist. I alway put water on my hand to help keep it moist and spread around properly.
This would also prevent drag when you put the water you don’t want drag cause then you
have razor burn.

50 thoughts on “How to Shave with Straight Razors : How to Apply Men’s Shaving Cream

  1. I agree with you as it's totally weird seeing this woman smearing shaving cream with her fingers instead of using a shaving brush.

  2. I agree, but all she really needs to worry about is being "major league trim" and guys won't care what the hell she is talking about.

  3. Hi joyce, i uese to shave on my own with a shving stick without going to the barber, and 4 o 5 days after i shaving, i always have pimpuls on my cheeks… have you any idea of this cause? THANKS

  4. Lol. Worst shaving video ever. If you people want to ACTUALLY learn about shaving, search for Wet Shaving or Wetshaving.

  5. @34601k Because the next day this guy had intense razor fire. Because this is the worst shave ever given. Let's face it – she's a woman. She's never had to shave her own face. She doesn't know all the minute details. It's really plain. Anyone who is a skilled shaver will notice that she does about 25 to 50 things wrong in these videos.

  6. @CuntBubbly Shaving a crotch and shaving a face are two somewhat different tasks. Maybe not fundamentally very different, but in practice they are different.

  7. @CuntBubbly id pay serious money to see her do it with a straight razor. no gillette for women or shit like that – shave that cooter bald with a straight razor and ill be impressed lol

  8. @DarkestElite i agree… and in many of the other videos ive seen all the barbers are applying the lather in a CIRCULAR motion to message all the hairs, shes going up and down like shes battering a cake! lol

  9. @Doug19752533 Yep, I'd pay for that DVD too. However, I would like a nice hardcore scene. I wanna see that cooter stretched out. My how this is off topic now….

  10. @sieracki001 Hey you fucking idiot! Some states don't allow barbers to use shaving brushes for public health reasons! Are you a fucking moron???

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