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How to Paint Faces

What’s up guys? Welcome back! I’d like to thank you all for your continued
enthusiasm towards my work. I really appreciate all your support. I get a lot of questions from people asking
about how I paint faces, so today’s video is going to focus on exactly that. On our palette here we have Cadian Flesh Tone,
now you can use whatever flesh tone you like here. I can highly recommend Vallejo Red Beige,
P3 Khardic Flesh, and also Resurrection Flesh from Fantasy and Games. They’re all outstanding. Next up we have some GW Screamer Pink. Vallejo Dark Sea Blue White And a little pool of water off to the side
for changing paint consistency. You’ll also need some Rhinox Hide, Reikland
Flesh Shade and either P3 Rucksack Tan, or GW Balor Brown. To start off we’ll mix our base colour by
taking some of the fleshtone and adding a little Screamer Pink. And then a little Dark Sea Blue. Careful that you don’t add too much, it can
alter the colour quite drastically. It’s actually kinda hard to see with this
lighting but it’s nothing a bit of Movie Magic can’t fix. There we go, much better. You can see that I’ve already painted his
face with the base tone. So what we’re going to do is now is just simply
wash the surface with some Reikland Flesh Shade. Now you don’t want this to pool too much so
just use a damp brush here to draw some of the wash off the face anywhere where it’s
over pooling. Ok so once that dries just come back in with
your base colour and start to pick out the details. So, hit the eyebrows. Slight mistake there but we can fix that with
a clean brush. The bridge of the nose. The upper half of the checkbones Then we’re going to do these little creases
at the side of the mouth. And finally the upper part of the forehead. You want to try and draw the pigment up to
where the forehead meets the hairline. Alright so for our first highlight we’ll just
add some white to our base mix and we’ll hit the same sections again but this time we’ll
cover a small surface area. For our second highlight we’ll simply add
some more white and so that you can see what’s happening more clearly we’ll go for an Extreme Close Up!!!! WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!! WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!! Excellent, excellent, extreme close up woo! Alright so focus on the front edge of the
checkbone this time. On the forehead we’re just going to hit where
the face joins the hairline. And we’ll highlight the upper part of the
creases at the side of the mouth. Like so. Moving on to our shading we’ll add some pink
to our base colour and we’ll thin it down with a bit of water, in order to make a glaze. Now we’re going to apply this both under the
cheeks and directly over them. And we”re going to try and pull the pigment
to the side of the face, that’s going to help round out the forehead. And just go ahead and do the same on the other
side. Add a little bit here just above the eyebrows. Ok so we’re going to take some DarkSea Blue
now and we’re going to mix that into our shadow colour. That’s going to give you this really rich
dark purple. And we’re going to glaze that into the creases
by the side of the mouth. We’ll also reinforce the shadow under the
cheekbone. And we’ll glaze over the lowerpart of the
jaw going towards the bottom of the jawline. We’ll also glaze the neck, and under the chin. Ok so just go ahead and add some Rhinox Hide
to your palette now and we’re going to make a start on the eyes. Do your best to neatly paint the eye socket,
this is going to form a frame for your eye later on. I find it’s much easier if you hold the model
side on like this. Alright so, grab some white and we’ll just
paint the eyeball. Lets go for second time lucky. When you’re doing this you want to try and
retain an outline of Rhinox Hide around the white. Alright that was close enough. Just tidy it up a bit here with some Rhinox
Hide. Next we’ll take our Rhinox Hide again and
just add it to our base colour, a bit of screamer pink. It’s not quite dark enough so we’ll just add
a bit more of each. I think that looks about right. We’re going to use this colour to line around
the teeth. To paint the teeth we’ll either use P3 Rucksack
tan, or Balor Brown from GW. I’m going to add a bit of Dark Sea Blue just
to darken it a little bit. Alright so just go ahead and paint the teeth Mix in some white and we’re going to use that
to highlight the teeth. For the lower lip we’ll add a bit of Screamer
Pink to our base colour and then we’ll just come in and do our best to hit the lip. Usually I’ll put a strong shadow under the
lip, but the beard on this guy will basically act as the shadow. So you don’t really need
to add anything extra. Again, mix in some white and use that to highlight
the lip this time. For the tongue we’re just going to add a bit
more Screamer Pink. It’s actually easier to paint the tongue first, so that you don’t
run the risk of hitting the teeth I did things a bit arse backwards here but it’s no big
deal it just makes it a bit trickier. So you can see the whole thing’s actually
quite rough but once you block in the hair to frame it it’s going to pull all the colour
together and it’s going to end up looking something like this. Alrighty! So thanks for watching guys, like
share and subscribe and I’ll see you all next time. Thanks again. Bye for now.

83 thoughts on “How to Paint Faces

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  21. Honestly I just base in a dark colour or black, heavily drybrush a midtone on with downward strokes, use a wash, then blend a lighter tone into the mid tone, and add sparce highlighted to the cheekbones, crown, and brow.
    I find that if you pull the viewer's attention toward the skin tones, drawing everything up while leaving many of the deeper details in shadow, you can avoid painting the eyes and mouth at all.
    It gives a dark and intimidating look, with lots of contrast, while being nice to look at.


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