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How To Get Rid Of Chicken Skin Bumps | Keratosis Pilaris | Chris Gibson

well hey everybody welcome back to skincare with Chris Gibson if you’re new I’m Chris I am your skincare expert and I’m here to help you get your best in ever and on this channel we talk about skin care products skin care routines skin care problems and we fix those so if that’s your thing do me a big favor and hit that subscription button and the little notification bell so that you know my videos are up each week now that you found me don’t lose me okay today I’m gonna be giving you all an unbelievable way to stop a dress get rid of or move extricate from your life forever bumpy skin or as a lot of people like to call it chicken skin yeah so let’s not call it that let’s call it what it really is which is keratosis pilaris now it sounds like we’re talking about a car but anyway that’s what it’s actually called and a lot of people call it chicken skin and is a very very common problem so what these actually are is a collection of bullshit now it sounds like we’re talking about art who writes this stuff oh yeah I knew okay so really what these are as a collection of dead skin cells that have gotten trapped down in your pores around the hair follicle and things like dry weather genetics skin care products can all kind of combine in a perfect storm to give you these things and the interesting thing about these if you want to call it interesting is that you can get them anywhere except the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet and yes anywhere but most often they occur on the thighs on the upper arms sometimes on the chest usually on the cheekbones that’s usually where we find them but no matter where they appear I have the ways well of course I do this is skin care with Chris Gibson I have the ways to help you get rid of them or in this case to release them and keep them from coming back for good now it’s really really important to make the distinction between keratosis pilaris and psoriasis and a lot of people get the two confused because they look somewhat similar both of these conditions involved the protein keratin which if you’re thinking keratin nuts a hair protein right you’re absolutely correct it is it is the protein that your hair follicle creates but psoriasis is usually patchy itchi red raised areas where keratosis pilaris is usually bumpy and over a large area of skin usually it’s just sort of a rough area of raised bumps and as usual a visual aid would be most helpful right so this is what psoriasis generally looks like and this is what keratosis pilaris generally looks like now psoriasis is an autoimmune disease which means it requires medications that are anti-inflammatory like creams and lotions and pills that are basically cortisone that’s what you take for that but cortisone will do absolutely nothing for keratosis pilaris but what will cure this wait for it wait for it what is my favorite absolute step in the skincare routine exfoliation and this makes sense since since since oh my god really and this makes sense since the keratin that’s produced by your body hair it gets clogged down in your pores and then the hair follicle gets trapped which means it has to try to push its way out which is how you get all those little bumps so how do we get rid of them or how do we get rid of look at them by using this routine that I put together just for you now the first step in this routine is a really simple one but it’s one that’s really important it is the basis of how to get rid of these and that is you need to employ taking hot or warm to hot baths that lasts for at least 20 minutes and the reason you want to do this is you want to soak in that tub and you will let that hot water softened it’s sort of liquify those bumps that keratin and the dead skin cells that are trapped down in the pore will begin to loosen up kind of soften up and be easier to remove which leads us to the next obvious step which is exfoliation and the way you want to do that is you want to use a body brush or what I like to recommend is a buff puff gentle exfoliation body sponge there’s a difference between the facial sponge in the body sponge those body sponges a little wider the body sponge is a little wiry err and wiry err the body sponge is a little wiry earth white wiry or wiry ER anyway it’s a little wiry err a little coarser and it will help open up those pores and begin to remove those bumps from the skin now look you don’t want to scrub them so there’s gonna be this this deep deep need in you to want to scrub those things off and you don’t want to do that because if you irritate the skin you’re gonna stimulate your skin cells and the hair follicle to produce more keratin and that’s what we don’t want we don’t want to produce more of these bubbles we’re trying to get rid of them next you want to use something like coconut oil to moisturize now coconut oil is a great moisturizer because it does not clog the pore but it does help continue to soften whatever’s left down in the pore of those little bumps those a little keratin bumps the other great thing about coconut oils it makes a really great body scrub you can take one part coconut oil 2/3 part sugar this is about 1/4 a cup to 3/4 a cup of sugar and mix that together it makes a great dissolving body scrub that will help you exfoliate and hydrate your skin at the same time now the next thing you want to do is be sure North arises here is every single day with a really good a har BH a product like alpha hydroxy or alpha skin care now has a 14% cream lotion for the skin it’s really great the alpha hydroxy or glycolic acids or BHA s which is salicylic acids will help liquefy what’s down in that port and help it naturally expel itself it also will help moisturize it will help speed up cellular turnover and help you keep from getting them again now please do not use products that have mineral oil in them petroleum or wax because you’re just gonna go about blocking up the pores again and those of you who follow me know that those 3 are on my big no-no list and if you don’t follow me why don’t you follow me huh-huh-huh now a couple of great additional tips that will help you a lot with this is to make sure you’re not wearing tight clothing or cloth up against your skin because it rubs and it will stimulate those little bumps to grow the other thing is this time of year especially the air is really really dry and dryer does not help this condition at all so think about getting a humidifier especially at night while you sleep so it keeps the air moist and keeps your skin hydrated now I hope you found this video helpful and informative because that’s what I’m here for please by all means in the comments below let me know what your biggest skincare concern is because if I haven’t made a video on it already I probably will so thank you so much for watching subscribing you guys are wonderful love you stay beautiful and I will see you over on the next video

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  1. OMG this is the one issue I can’t treat so this is super useful and will take your recommendations..epic video as always x

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