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How To Apply Mascara (2020) | How to Get Long, Full Lashes

Do you want long lashes do you want thick lashes? well You’ve come to the right place because today I’m gonna be sharing my tips and tricks and how I apply my mascara To get them looking long and full and thick so let’s get into it Alright, so this is what my natural lashes look like. They’re very stick straight and they point downwards So if you don’t have a natural curl in your lash like how I do then I think the thing that makes the biggest difference Is how you curl your lashes? So I just use a very basic eyelash curler. I got this at CVS I’ve had this for years and it works just fine So I’ll show you how I curl my lashes get as close to the lash line as possible start from the very root I usually look down into a mirror and curl my lashes as well I just think it’s easier that way rather than looking straight into the mirror get as close to the lash line as possible Kind of tugged my lid upward so that the root is more exposed and then Pro my lashes I’ve pumped the curler about like ten times I would say and then I move the curler a little more out more in the middle Of your lashes do the same thing And then kind of toward the end or like the tips of my lashes and do that again That way it makes your lashes look more curled like this rather than just Curling it straight from the root then it’ll kind of just stick up straight like this, but we’re making it more curled like this So that it looks a little bit more natural. Then I go back to the root and curl it a little bit more So now they should be nice and cold and Now we can apply mascara. I’m using L’Oreal’s telescopic mascara in their waterproof formula and that is also another tip that I have if you have stick straight lashes And they’re not good at holding the curl throughout the day like you notice that they’re out the day they start to go back down To its natural position then use a waterproof. Mascara waterproof mascaras will hold your curl They are the only thing that I use because I want my curl to last all day regular mascaras Just don’t do it for me, but waterproof mascaras hold my curl all day long Well, I have eyelash in my eye right now. You can see it right there If you want to prevent that from happening Then I would say to look down in your mirror while you’re curling it. That way your lashes can fall out I really like this mascara because the wand is super skinny so I can get a really accurate And precise application with it as you can see the bristles are super tiny and that makes it really easy to coat each Individual eyelash and that helps it look more separated and a lot fuller So if there’s any excess I wipe it off into the tube and I like to look down into a mirror again This also helps to prevent mascara from getting onto your eyelid If you’re looking up, then there’s more chance that you might accidentally bump your mascara wand onto your lid which really sucks Especially if you spent time doing a balm I shadow look you really don’t want to mess it up so I have to start from the very root of my lashes and wiggle the wand upward I Find that this coats each individual lash a lot better, which makes my lashes look thicker I usually start right in the middle go toward the front and then finish off at the end. Okay, so there’s the first coat And what I like to do is without dipping my brush back into the tube I’m just gonna take whatever is left and Do my bottom lashes because I don’t want my bottom lashes to be too thick and I’m using the same method I’m starting from the root and just like wiggling it downwards So I’m gonna use this little tool and use the combs side and Kind of brush out my lashes and I always use that wiggling motion because I just feel like it works the best at really separating the lashes because when your lashes look super Separated that’s how it looks the fullest. Okay So now I’m gonna do a second coats of mascara on my top lashes only but I’m mainly focusing it just on the tip of my Asha’s that way add some more product to the lashes Makes them look darker thus making them look a little bit longer I think this mascara is already really good at lengthening your lashes I think that’s why it’s named telescopic because it just makes your lashes look super long and then what I also like to do sometimes is Go from the back of my lash and add some product and that’ll really make your lashes look a lot thicker because you’re adding Product to the front and the back coating your lash 360 as much as possible getting as much product on there But if you feel like your lashes are looking a little clumpy then I usually like to take a little clean spoolie brush And I’m just going to run it through my lashes that just hopes to break up any of the clumps Then I always like to go back in with the comb to comb out the lashes So I think I’ve gotten my lashes to a point where I really like how they look they look very Separated very long and very full everything that I want in my lashes lashes. Honestly take me the longest. I don’t know I just think it’s a really pretty part of people’s faces. It’s one of my favorite parts of my own face So I like to take the time to make sure that my lashes are looking good So I’m going to go ahead and do the other side. Okay, so we’re doing the same thing curling the lashes It definitely takes some time and practice to get used to curling your lashes So closely to the roots you’ll get used to it and you’ll get faster at it once you are used to it Okay, so we’ve got the lashes curled it’s gonna take my mascara and repeat So for my left eye because I’m right-handed when I get to the lashes more toward the inner corner of my eyes usually have to flip my brush like this doing this also prevents you from Accidentally hitting your nose bridge and getting mascara on your nose Okay, I think that’s a good first layer. Now with whatever is left on my brush. I’m gonna do my bottom lashes Okay, so now I’m gonna do a second coat for my top lashes and then if it’s looking a little crazy I’ll comb through the Lashes. Okay, so we’re pretty much done with applying our mascara now I have a couple of extra tips that I want to share So a lot of people just weren’t blessed with being born with having nice long natural lashes So you’re probably wondering like how do I get my lashes to grow longer? I personally have not tried because I’m just lazy to be completely honest But one thing that a lot of people swear by is castor oil you get a bottle of it at drugstores or online at Amazon and use a little spoolie dip it in the bottle and apply it to your lashes like before you go to sleep every night and I think within a few weeks people have seen good results from their lashes looking a lot longer One thing that I do though is make sure that I keep my lashes Moisturized and hydrated so during my night time skincare routine. The last step is to Moisturize my face and I do that with some vino daily moisturizing lotion. It’s a super basic lotion You can find it at like pretty much all drugstores so I usually take whatever is left over and gently rub it into my eyelids, but also like massage it into my lashes, I feel like it’ll just maintain the integrity of them and help them stay healthy and something else that I am very conscious of Now is not rubbing my eyes But I just have a really bad habit of rubbing For some reason like my eyes get really itchy and irritated very easily and like a couple weeks ago I was rubbing my eyes a lot I don’t know why maybe I had like allergies or something But I was rubbing my right eye more than my left eye and I noticed that it actually Affected my lashes, which I think makes sense because I’m constantly rubbing and tugging at it so I noticed that my left eye the lashes were like nice and long and full but my right eyes lashes were like all Janky and messed up and very sparse. They were a lot shorter than my left eye as well So don’t rub your eyes Ben. Finally. I did mention that I use waterproof. Mascara I feel like a lot of people don’t like to use waterproof mascara because it’s difficult to remove but I’ve been using Garnier micellar cleansing water in the waterproof formula. So this is made to remove waterproof. Mascara It has like a oil layer and then like a water layer So you have to shake the bottle to combine it and it works better that way So I’ll shake it up saturate a ground cotton pad Hold it against my eye For like a minute so that the product can like soak into the mascara break it down and after a minute I’ll just wipe it away and it gets most of the makeup off I just go back in keep gently rubbing my eye until all the makeup has been removed. I also wanted to add that I always Completely remove my mascara and the rest of my makeup before going to bed every single night because I feel like the mascara will dry out your lashes and make them more prone to breakage the more you wear it and your lashes Are delicate so you want to take good care of them? Also, I feel like when I wear mascara for too many days in a row My lashes look wonky and uneven by the end of it So I like to give my lashes a break from mascara every now and then so that I can rehydrate them and give them time To breathe and regrow so that’s it for this little tutorial and I hope that it helped you out Let me know if you have other Tips that I didn’t mention in this video that you think would be helpful for other people to know Leave them in the comments below and if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up subscribe And I will see you guys my next video by

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  1. We’re going back to basics with this lil tutorial on how I apply mascara to make my eyelashes look long, full, and THICCCCC 😍 Check the description box for info on everything I used. Hope you guys enjoy!! ♡

  2. I usually don’t like using waterproof mascara, but I’m going to try it! My lashes always go back down again 😢 I love how you’re uploading more videos! I’ve missed watching your videos so much!!

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