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How my baby became a child of other men step by step |ep44-3

Lele, Sister Yi Xin I checked everything you asked me to check The person who broke the news with the reporter It’s really Mr. Poon. Something else I don’t know if i should say You said I also heard some rumors The reason why qianyu is here now Have something to do with him I wonder if he will approach you For what purpose So do you think about that investment again? Is not Why did you withdraw your capital? Can you talk to me … Ok Why are you looking at me like this Do you have something to tell me? My dad’s business You broke the news right Yes That qianyu thing Related to you right zhannanxian told you It turns out all this is true Why are you doing this Why are you doing this Let go I do this I just want you to rely on me You speak nice In the name of love Actually these things you do You are just for yourself yixin For so long What am i to you You should know Are these things changed for zhannanxian today? You will be happy He will not do such a thing He will not do such a thing Because he is in your heart Is a gentleman And me I am a mean man You know why our family won’t let me be with you Not because you are an actress It’s because you haven’t been able to speak clearly with Zhan Nanxian over the years I’m under such pressure from my family what are you doing You have to turn my face panweining You are simply unreasonable I already told you I will be separated from zhannanxian We will never have any more relationship what have you done I can I can ignore the things you did to me before But why do you frame zhannanxian with this improper means? why Do you feel bad for him? He is so good in you You will distress him And me I am despicable! This is what you think of me, I don’t deserve you. . . Your child is fine Then you are in the early stages of pregnancy, you must relax Don’t have too much mood swings Doctors Can you give me that Bring your child’s dad together when building the card I want to tell him some precautions during pregnancy it is good

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