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How I Cleared Up My Horrible Acne | OILY / ASIAN SKIN CARE | JEN TALKS FOREVER

hi I’m Jen and I’m gonna be sharing how I
cleared up my acne for good and very cheaply so stay tuned welcome to jen
talks forever it is as advertised i touch on lots of random things from
money to houses to whatever i want to talk about product reviews and in this
video i’m gonna be sharing how i cleared up my skin very quickly very
inexpensively now i am 36 and I suffered from adult acne from the time I was like
16 which I know is still teen 18 years until probably about five years ago I
had really horrible cystic acne I was always broken out it was really
hard to put makeup on because I was always like I had all these like open
sores from the zits super gross I felt super ugly at the time and there was no
covering it up it was painful it was itchy I had a lot of acne scarring and I
went to dermatologists after dermatologists who had prescribed
antibiotics who would try to sell you all this super expensive stuff and
believe me yes I do feel really ripped off and I just really couldn’t find an
answer it would dry out my and also a lot of these medications or you know
things you would apply like clearer sell or whatever they would really dry out my
skin and it would be really flaky again making it really hard to put makeup on
I’ve been wanting to do this video for a while but I’ve been having trouble
finding a lot of old photos of me with the acne that’s very prominent but I
found a couple so I’m gonna insert them here so you can see what I look like
with all the acne it was super red very irritated and this was me all these
photos are with me with pretty heavy makeup on so about the same amount of
makeup I’m wearing now but you can see here you know you don’t really see a lot
of acne I do have a little bit of hyperpigmentation and being Korean I am
a little wondering about all those skin brighteners out there if you’ve tried
one and it works let me know because I’m kind of interested I want to kind of
clear up some of this discoloration I’ve got like one here you know I’m probably
a board that I don’t know about but a few years ago I was able to clear my
in a few days so I’m gonna share all of my skin products what I used so I had
just gotten married recently this was probably in like you know I don’t know
2010 2011 I don’t know something like that actually no it was earlier than
that so my skin is but actually been clearer longer I correct that my husband
suggested I tried putting neosporin on my face he was like you know what it’s a
very healing thing it’s got all these you know antibiotics why not give it a
try and I have tried everything I’ve been sold $400 things that didn’t work
it’s been insane so I got Jim I don’t even use brand name neosporin so here’s
what I did I mixed moisturizer in about like half and half I mixed moisturizer
like right now I use this as CeraVe stuff I love it it’s non greasy really
great and you can get it at the drugstore so it’s not super expensive I
really don’t use a lot of expensive skincare or cosmetic items I have a few
that are pricey but not a lot so you can mix about half and a half this with
antibiotic ointment so this is generic neosporin it’s like two or three dollars
you can also use the cream and it’s less greasy and you can apply this straight
up if you want and I will use this under makeup if I have a breakout so long
story short I try I you I was like you know what it’s worth a shot
so I put this on my face before bed for about three days literally was only
about three days and at the time I was I had crazy breakouts so did this for
about three days and by day 3 I’m telling you my skin was clear now my
skin type is pretty oily I’m not oily anywhere else just on my face just very
oily and typically makeup would just kind of slide off my face before I
discovered Skindinavia makeup setting spray which is another one of my top
recommendations for facial products so did this for three days and all of my
acne literally disappeared it went away it was healing very nicely and I all of
my acne scars also eventually went away so I really only did this for like a
week or so now you’ll see on the packaging it says not
to put it on like large areas or you know or do it like a whole lot so it
again major disclaimer I’m not a dermatologist or medical experts so
please again take this with a warning if you are concerned about your skin issues
you might want to consult a dermatologist I am NOT a dermatologist
but I’m just telling you what worked for me I’m Asian and I was dealing with acne
for over a decade pretty bad so did this and it it just worked I was I was just
flabbergasted I could not believe that my skin cleared up with something that’s
so freakin cheap like literally this is like three bucks this is usually like
ten or eleven dollars again I think it’s well worth the price because you can
spend 300 bucks on moisturizer and this stuff really kind of helps with my my
oil production so since then it’s been I guess like I don’t know like eight years
I guess yeah it’s better like eight years I guess and I don’t really get
breakouts very often if I do get a breakout I just apply a little bit of
this to the area and it goes away really quickly with no scarring and it heals up
you can’t ever tell it was there so I don’t know if other people do this
but I wanted to share what works for me because this isn’t really work for me
I’m wearing makeup right now but even without it I have like I had a couple
small and the breakouts I do get they’re much smaller they’re a lot easier to
like dry up and heal and I would say like if my acne was that like a level
eight before right now it’s at like a 1 and a half like it’s barely there I do
wash my face every night I removed my makeup I don’t I try not to leave my
makeup on like for a super long amount of time and I will share what soap I use
a I use for my face I use the super cheap dial gold antibacterial soap I
also really I hope Neutrogena never stops making this it’s the oil-free acne
stress control triple action micro clear toner they sell this at Walmart and
Target and what I do is I my face so I’ll wash my face with the
gold Dial soap I will apply this with a cotton ball make sure it gets you know
get soaked in I will rinse my face off again then I will mix moisturizer with a
couple drops of this apply it to my face and then if I’m if I’m wearing makeup
I’ll do my face then I do use skin to Navia products I will link them below
they are excellent I use the primer and I use the skins the makeup setting spray
if I’m not going anywhere and I’m like going to bed or if I’m you know don’t
want to wear makeup I will use this this is awesome it’s called Mario Badescu
special healing powder it’s about 12 bucks on Amazon or you can order from
the Mario Badescu site and it’s just like green powder and I will apply this
with a super cheap like ELF kabuki brush so what I’ll do is I will is there’s a
little sifter in here and I’ll just sift a little bit of this and then just you
know dust it on and I’ve noticed that really helps me cut down on the oiliness
and the shine like literally my face used to look like an like an oil spill
like deep we’re talking like Deepwater Horizon it was really really bad but
ever since I’ve been doing this for the past like literally over five years like
my skin has just been incredible I have been trying to drink more water and do a
little more healthy stuff but I’m telling you like this really worked for
me if you’re feeling super desperate and you’re like on your last straw you might
want to give this a try again generic neosporin they can and here’s
the thing you only really need to do this for like a few days and then after
your skin clears up you know use the rest of the products that I’ve talked
about like literally that combination has like this is like my holy grail
combo for skin care products so if you’re Asian you have really oily skin
give this a shot I was actually telling my stepsister’s teenage daughters about
this cuz again teenagers deal with acne and I’ve never been so happy with my
skin in my entire life I don’t feel so self-conscious and it’s just been such a
lifesaver so this is a little random but I just
wanted to share this information with you if you found it helpful be sure to
hit that like button and feel free to leave your own skincare tips below in
the comments and if you like videos like this if you just want to talk about
everyday stuff feel free to subscribe to this channel jen talks forever for a
very range of videos I will see you guys next time

8 thoughts on “How I Cleared Up My Horrible Acne | OILY / ASIAN SKIN CARE | JEN TALKS FOREVER

  1. Feel free to share your own experiences with adult acne / oily skin – would love to hear your skin care tips!
    Disclaimer: I am NOT a dermatologist or medical professional, nor am I a skin care expert. (Not even a beauty vlogger) Proceed at your own risk!

  2. Nice to meet you, Jen!
    I live in Tampa bay area, too.
    if you need anything about Korea and Korean, feel free to ask me!

    Wow!!! what a great idea!
    I still have acne from time to time and tried so many things.
    I will try this next time.
    Skindinavia product sounds good, too.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about spending a ton of money on the acne meds, lotions and doctor visits. I was in my late 20’s when Acutane came out and I got it prescribed by my dermatologist. Cleared me up immediately and have never had an acne problem again and I’m 58 now. I didn’t take it long, thank goodness, because a couple of years later they started reporting all the terrible side affects of this drug.

  4. Girl, I'm going to try it on my chin,that's where my acne like to hang out at. I will let u know if it works.

  5. omg Jen, i have such bad acne/scarrings as well. im in my late teens and i have been struggling w acne for 5-6 years. thank goodness i came across your video!! i will definitely try this!! did you apply the moisturizer before neosporin?

  6. I've been using neosporin on my face too and works pretty well, I'll try a mixture now too! Anything to fix my acne (withing reason)

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