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How does ROCKZ face market risk – Alexey Borichev

Alexey Borichev – Founder of Alprockz: By buying ROCKZ, you’re receiving a possibility
to avoid the market risk and to avoid market volatility, but by staying in the crypto world. It’s just a temporary solution for someone
who is exhausted with market volatility or who wants to fix some profits and to have
some more time to evaluate the market now, and to look on the market from the side to
find a better possibility and better timing to enter the market and to make some more
money or to fix the profit again. ROCKZ is backed by the most stable fiat currency,
in our opinion, which is the Swiss franc. Why is it the most stable? It’s easy, I mean you can look at the historical
data, and Swiss franc is protected by the system, by the regulations, by Switzerland
itself and historically Swiss franc is the only currency which has been appreciating
against other currencies within the last 30 years. If you want to keep your adrenaline pumping,
I mean make sure that you keep a part of your assets in ROCKZ. There is definitely nothing boring by being

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