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Hi everyone! It’s Julia, today I’m doing my next
Halloween tutorial and as you can tell I’m doing Harley Quinn,
she is actually a character that so many of you guys have requested on Facebook.
Speaking of Facebook I just want to give a big shout out to all of you on Facebook who
have been sharing at my videos on your wall.
You guys have been doing a great job; I love the fact that you guys are sharing my videos and hitting the thumbs up button, the like button on there. You guys are awesome thank you so so much I got twelve
thousand new Facebook likes within the past few days
just due to my Halloween videos so it really does help spread the word guys. It makes such a big difference to me I love
seeing it when you guys share my videos. It kind of gives me you know, the sense that you guys are actually
enjoying this so if you are seeing this video on Facebook um.. and you like it please consider sharing it on your wall
um… I actually saw a picture of an eye on tumblr that was kind of similar to this so that’s where I got the inspiration I
don’t know who it was from because tumblr is like, horrible about crediting but I kind of want to make a whole look
for it for your guys’s Halloween costume, so
I really hope you guys enjoy this look, also I got over 30 Halloween videos to date from all the different years I’ve done Halloween videos so make sure to check out the play list: I will also link it below because if you
don’t have any ideas yet, for costumes and stuff there are tons
of ideas and that’s it for blabbing, let’s get started: So Harley Quinn has a
really light complexion so I’m gonna be mixing the L’Oreal True Match Lumi with a Mac air brush foundation in a
white color. I didn’t want to have a pure white face, I just kinda lightened my face using those two foundations and also made sure
just to blend that down my neck of course. Next I’m going to be grabbing this eyeliner
by L’Oreal this is the infallable
eyeliner and it has a really thin felt-tip point and I’m going to be using this to trace out the
shape of the eye so I’m going to first put a marked down the center of my eye
so you want to look straight ahead and then you wanna put it in the middle of your pupil area and it is a little
bit tricky to do this because your eye is you know three-dimensional there’s
different, you know, shapes here to your eyes so just try and get a straight as you
can and then I just thickened that line up a little bit Next you are grabbing just a regular piece of
scotch tape and putting that on to the outer part of my eye, just like that and that just insures that you’re going to get a perfect shape on the outside. And I’m gonna grab an eye shadow
base. This is one of the Maybelline Color tattoos and it’s a straight-up black color and I apply that with a
brush onto the outer shape. I don’t know really how to tell you which shape but you can see
where putting it and I just put it on the lower one as well and just really
faded that out and for the other two shapes I’m going to be using a red eye shadow base. This one is also on the Maybelline Color tattoos and it is a kind of reddish burgundy
shade and I just added that to the opposite to parts of the eye and then I grabbed the blackest eye shadow that I have and a really precise brush this shadow is the Illamasqua one from Illamasqua and then the shadow
brush is by Hakuhodo l and I’m just
padding that as densely as I can onto the lid so that you get a
really strong color pay-off and than you start kind of fading it out as you go downwards. And to blend out the black you’re going to be using
this burgundy eye shadow by Kryolan and I used a large fluffy brush this is
the Mac 217 and then just gently blend it out the
black so it’s not quite as harsh there. And then just underneath the brow and to help blend that out a bit further and a bit more smoothly I used a eye shadow by Ben Nye this is Toast and it’s just about the same color as
my skin tone so it’s going to vary according to your skin and then for the red shape I used this bright red eye shadow by Ben Nye I think it’s called ‘Red Cherry’ and just
applied that right onto my lid again using a really precise
brush. I really love these little brushes by Hakuhodo they’re perfect for
stuff like this because they’re just really dense and then I applied that out and blended it with a blending brush same as it did on the other eye basically. And then it’s time to do the eyeliner
so I’m going to be using the same liner that I used before the one from
L’Oréal because it’s just really precise and easy to do and since I still got the tape there
it’s going to be perfect for making a winged eyeliner and I really brought that liner
all the way in and I kinda also did this pointed little
triangle on the inner part so it kinda looks like a very pointy shape on the inner part of your eye and I also
connected on the lower part and then where the lines come out I kinda bent the shape a little bit
as you can see I’m making A little bit of a caricature and then on the ends of those points that are sticking out I added these little round dots so these little black spheres. So you can see where I removed
the tape now I’m adding those dots to the lines. Then
I used that Pen also to just make some dots on the red
part not on the black because you can’t even really see it so just where the red eye shadow is I added some black points
there. Then for the eyebrow I actually use
this lip liner by Manhattan. It’s a bright red shade with a creamy texture so
it was really easy to distribute it and I just applied that right over my
natural brow hairs and then I just blended it out and
distributed it more evenly with a brush, so this angled brush that I have. And since that was quite a creamy product I actually just set it with that same bright red eyeshadow that I used before. And to give the brows a little bit more
depth, I used that burgundy eyeshadow also again and just applied that onto the lower half of
the brow and then blended it inwards with the bright red So then I’m gonna be grabbing this gel
liner this one is also by L’Oréal it’s one of the infallable liners I think and just a
really precise brush and I actually use this to do my
lips so you can definitely use different
products for this you know I just used whatever I had and what I want to do
is just make a really exaggerated grin on my face you know kinda like
Harley Quinn, she’s always got this this cheeky grin on her and this was
kinda tricky and I didn’t get all of it on
camera but you can kind-of see what I’m doing. I’m first tracing the outline of the shape that I
want and then using that same brush and then I’m just filling it in a little bit. And then I remembered I actually have a black lipstick this one is by Berry M so I just went over that with a
straight-up black lipstick. And in the center of my lips I’m going to be using this gorgeous pigment by ala mascot is just a bright red but it has all this multi-dimensional shimmer and glitter and it’s just so beautiful, so I apply that with a flat brush onto
the center of my lids on my lips and that’s going to give you that ombre red black lip look which is super cool I
think for this look. And to finish it off of course I had to give Harley
some cute lashes, so I’m using the ones by sleek makeup and they’re quite
dramatic as you can tell they almost look like doll’s eye lashes or something like that and I just
used some lash glue and then applied them
using some tweezers which is just a bit more precise for application. And then that is the completed Harley
Quinn look so as you can see it is quite dramatic and it’s quite bold, but very fun. I really
hope you guys enjoy this video and try it out and remember to give this video a thumbs
up if you liked it and also post your pictures of your recreation on my Facebook Wall.
Thank you guys SO much for watching and I’ll see you soon. Happy Halloween

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