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Alright guys So, of course first we’re starting out with the brows and I’m gonna be using my Fanta beauty brow MVP Ultrafine brow pencil and the color dark brown. This isn’t the darkest shade that she has and his broad pencil She actually has colors all the way up to black But this dark brown color is perfect to me because I feel like it’s not too harsh And I can build it up if I want it to so dark brown to me It’s the perfect shade if you actually do have black hair because I do dye my hair black Next I’m going in with the candle on skin enhancer concealer and I think this is in the color 613 I’ve had this one pot for about three or four years It’s lasted me so long because I only use it to carve out my brows, and I only do underneath I don’t do the top anymore. It’s because I feel like it’s unnecessary Now I’m just gonna take the Laura Mercier translucent powder The original translucent and just set my face just apply in the areas that I get the most oily before. I apply my foundation Which is the milk makeup blur liquid matte foundation and I mix two colors. I mix golden deep and warm deep I’ve been really liking this foundation lately. You guys should try it if you’re on the oily side I like it because it’s not too thick Next I’m going in with concealer and I’m gonna be using a new favor of mine This is the Estee Lauder Double Wear radiant concealer and the color 5w deep and I really like this But the only thing about it is you have to work kind of fast with it or like work and certain sections because it dries kind of fast So you’ll notice that if you try this out you just work in sections with it and then just blend it as you go And now I’m just going to bait with my Laura Mercier translucent Powder and medium deep. So I like to bake with this color because it’s perfect for baking if you have darker skin And now moving on to the eyes I’m gonna be using the urban decay on the Rhino palette and for my go-to look lately I’ve been liking matte eyes just because it’s a lot quicker and I mix two different shades I mix chat van and Road soda So they’re both really nice matte Neutral orange shades one darker one lighter and I just take that all over my lid into my crease as well That’s on my lower lash line And now I’m taking a little bit of rest stop and my inner tear-duct just because you guys know I love a nice shimmery inner Tear-duct. I just feel like it makes the eyes look more open and awake Especially if you’re doing this look in the morning this really helps And now I’m just going to do a little baby wing with my the balm liquid liner I’ll have the exact name in the description box But this is my favorite liquid liner ever is so easy to work with So I just did a tiny baby wing because I want this look to stay nice and soft and not too dramatic And for lashes I just used my Ardell wispy lashes, these are like a og favorite of mine and now after I apply my lashes, I’m just going to press in my translucent medium deep powder from Laura Mercier and Make sure that it’s blended into really nicely. And this one spot on my forehead was driving me crazy I probably can’t even notice it but I can notice it was driving me crazy throughout the rest of this video But I’m just using my fancy Beauty moko. Mommy bronzer to warm up my face a little bit I feel like bronzer makes the biggest difference I don’t see how I used to like not use bronzer when I first started out doing my makeup and high school I just I don’t know how loose without ronzo but back then they don’t really have that many options for a darker girls when I came to bronzers, so And now I’m just gonna hit my lashes with one of my favorite mascaras this is the milk makeup push mascara And for my lips I’m gonna be mixing three different colors, this combo was actually in our lip combos video You guys should go check that video out if you haven’t already I’m just lining my lips with Kat Von D’s crucifix Lip pencil and then after that I’m gonna take my Patrick top that I could not get open she’s bold lip crayon, and I’m gonna apply that over top of Crucifix, so I just applied that all over the lips not just in the center the next color I actually just applied in the center and it’s the hood of beauty liquid lipstick and the color spice girl So yeah, this is my go-to makeup than I’ve been doing at the moment these are all the products that I’ve been loving So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Make sure you guys check the description box If you want a detailed list of all the products and I’ll see y’all next time

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