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GLAMCOR RIKI πŸ’‹ Tall Vanity Mirror | Thin LED Makeup Mirror (Riki Loves Riki)(BEST VANITY REVIEWS?)

Hey everybody! My name is Summer welcome
to Elevate Beauty Company … I am so excited to share one of my very favorite
products with you I use it every single day when I get ready and I get questions
about it all the time so I’m gonna tell you all about my baby my favorite thing
in the world besides my family of course of course that it is the Rickey
tamir I kind of think everybody needs one and I am about to tell you exactly
why okay so I am so excited to talk to you
guys about this I love sharing the things that make my life easier make my
business easier and just kind of bring me joy and this is one of those things
so this is the Rickey tall mirror that’s the name of the actual product it is
made by a company called glam core they produce professional makeup lighting
that they have handheld mirrors they have travel mirrors they’ve got giant
ears they’ve got bigger vanities and this is just one of the products that
they carry it’s one of the newer mirrors that they have out and I get questions
about it all the time so I’m gonna kind of walk you through some of my favorite
things about it all the features so that you can make a decision if it’s
something that you wanted to get for yourself I know Christmas is coming up
they’ve got Black Friday sales happening so this is the time to snag one if you
were ever going to do it let’s talk details of the mirror it is a
really nice size it is 20 inches high by 20 inches wide and it’s only 3/8 of an
inch deep so the mirror itself is actually super super thin and it comes
in this little stand right here it’s clear plexiglass and it doesn’t take up
much room at all I can have plenty of room to get ready at my desk without
worrying about a wobbling or falling over it’s really sturdy or I can sit it
over there in front of the window maybe controls it’s just a great size and
here’s why having such a big mirror is really fantastic it spreads out the
lights you don’t get the Rays of the lights and your photos or in your videos
so for me that’s a really awesome feature to have it nice and wide I’ve
got plenty of space to work on my hair or work on my makeup it comes with these
two attachments that attached to the mirror with a
magnet which is so so cool you don’t have to have anything separate all the
supplies that you need to do your selfies to do your videos come right
here so this is a magnifying mirror and like I said it’s got these magnets on
the back and there’s several places where you can hook up the mirror so
there’s one right here there’s a set of magnets you could do the magnets in the
middle or you could do the magnets at the bottom so there’s three different
sections now I could have my magnifying mirror on it Wow
using my selfie holder so using my phone holder that’s another reason why having
a large mirror is really great when you have just the small travel mirror you
only have room for one thing to be attached but I can attach two items at
one time with the larger mirror the cell phone holder is fantastic I have the
iPhone eight plus and I even have a case with a loopy on the back and it still
fits really nicely into the holder it doesn’t pop out I don’t have to worry
about it falling it doesn’t it’s like in there really sturdy now if I wanted to
take a landscape photo or video all I have to do is rotate the holder and I
could do that as well so it’s really versatile I can do it from up high I can
take this down I could put my phone down a little bit lower you can do it however
you want so I love that I can just quickly switch and rearrange when I have
customers over looking at makeup I throw this on there for my women who are a
little bit more mature and you should like see closer this is a really really
great option another great feature about the Rickey tall is that it comes with a
remote control now this remote control hooks up to the mirror it can power it
on and off it can turn the lights up and down it can also connect with your phone
and take a picture using or start your video using the Bluetooth feature right
here so just be careful cuz it is nice and
tiny I like to keep it in my drawer so I don’t lose that but this is great if
you’re taking photos of products or you’re taking photos of your hairstyle
or makeup you don’t have to be standing right in front of the mirror you can
back up if you want and take a picture using this another thing that I use all
the time pretty much every single time that I use this mirror is the built in
USB cable attachment in the back so I can power my phone while I’m recording
or while I’m going live and it actually charges
super fast it charges faster than my normal wall units do so I usually reach
for this any time I charge my phone even if I can go to an outlet because this
just does it so much faster let’s talk about lights so it has a ton of lights
and they’re small so it’s nice you’re not having big huge bolts that you have
to replace they’re all built in and they have five different lighting settings so
it’s just a simple little button right here and they just have one two three
four five and that’s the brightest so it gets nice and bright you could do a
lower setting for daytime you could do a higher setting for evening and I just
you guys like I said I love this mirror so much it came packed up really really
nicely in this giant box it’s like bigger than I am I mean look at it
doesn’t even fit in the frame this is the box that it came in so it’s like
packed in here so secure I didn’t have any damage on my near when it came every
gels for 495 it’s on sale for under $400 right now for Black Friday so I would
just keep an eye occasionally they do a sale that’s about 20% off the holidays
are 25% off inna is the least expensive I have ever ever seen it so I would run
and get one for the holidays if you are a guy watching this and you’ve got a
girlfriend who loves makeup holy smokes you would be like the savior of the
holidays birthday or anniversary if you were to
get your significant other this mirror because I could not do it that they now
I want to hear from you guys in the comments I know that this is a pricier
beauty item it retails for just under five hundred dollars but do you feel
like this would be worth it if you don’t have it and if you do have it do you
love it and feel like you’re getting your money’s worth
I personally absolutely 100% would not recommend something that I didn’t think
wasn’t meeting its value but I’m interested to hear from you guys for
those of you who don’t have it do you think you’d spend this much on a mirror
if you have it or do you think that it’s something you can look about tell me in
the comments I’ll be back soon to talk to you about the travel version of this
mirror because I love that one it’s a well I just use this one every single
day at home so I can’t wait to share that with you guys I will talk to you
soon have a great day you

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  1. GLAMCOR RIKI πŸ’‹ Tall Vanity Mirror | Thin LED Makeup Mirror

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  2. Thanks so much for doing this review & video Summer 😍 I think eventually it’s something I will NEED! In the meantime, my goal will be the travel version πŸ˜‰

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