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Get Twiggy’s 1960s eye makeup in 5 minutes with Charlotte Tilbury | Beauty Expert | Vogue Paris

– Hi.
– Hi darling, I’m Charlotte. – I’m Elsa.
– You must be Elsa. Yes, nice to meet you. Elsa, darling,
tell me about your beauty inspirations or what look you’d like to achieve today. I really like the Twiggy look, like this. Fantastic. You have that very ’60s, gamine kind of look. So darling, let’s go and get started.
I can’t wait to put some make up on you. Darling, Elsa,
I’m going to take a little bit of concealer and then I’m going to take a blender brush and I’m just going to brush this all over the lid. It will give it that kind of juxtaposition,
that kind of definition between the arch. Now I’m going to take these two colors
and I’m going to take this smaller brush because Twiggy used to always have
this very exaggerated arch here, that went all the way down,
almost like a half circle, and that’s going to give you the doe-eyed effect. And then what we just need to do is take your brush and follow the socket all the way down. When you’re doing this,
it’s really important to look in the mirror. If you’ve got heavy eyelids like me, then you will look in the mirror
and you’ll feel where the bone is. Even though Elsa’s natural lid is here,
I cheated it to here. So I’ve gone from here to here, and I’ve gone where the natural bone
of the socket of the eye is. So almost like your skull,
where the socket of the eye ends, where the bone ends, and then you trace this line
just around your socket and that cheats the socket to give you
the exaggerated eyes to make them look bigger and brighter. I’m now going to use the beige color, the beige cream color.
Just set that eye shadow. I’m going to get my eyelash curlers. So you get your eyelashes
and you get them right at the base of the lash, as close as you can go, and then you clamp it
and then you hold it back like that, and it really gives them an amazing lift. Now I’m going to take a sharpened eyeliner and this pencil is kind of like a liquid liner
in a pencil. Don’t pull your eyes
because that’s when you want to do a feline flick or something that just drags them up. With this,
you’re trying to just follow your eye line down. You’re elongating this part of your eye
and you’re elongating this part of your eye. So you’re adding length here and here
which then exaggerates the length of the eye. And that really already you can tell
that’s exaggerating the eyes and making the eyes just look bigger. Now I’m going to take a pointed cotton bud and dip it in the glue and then I’m just going to stroke it along the lash. And then blow it a bit, bring it in, twist it in so that it twists to the shape of your eye. Hold it on like that. Wait for the glue to dry
before you put any mascara on. Now we’re going to take
my Legendary Lashes mascara. I’m going to take the edge of this
where there’s lots of mascara and then we just paint it really like that, almost like you’re painting
each individual lash. Twiggy had very natural brows, so I’m not doing really strong 
I just think the focus is, even if you have blonde eyebrows,
leave them and put all the focus on the eyes. When you’re applying freckles,
it’s always this pretty part here. Now I’m going to use a lip liner,
which is a gorgeous lip liner of mine called Foxy Brown, and this color mimics the color of freckles. And I’m going to lightly dab it. If you go a little bit hard, like that, then you just take your finger and blend it in. So a couple of tricks I’m going to show you. I’ve just finished the freckles on the skin,
I’m going to take a little bit of Magic Cream and I’m just going to put that
on top of the cheekbones because that just gives
a kind of realness and freshness. And another trick that I always do
is this Pillow Talk lipstick and it naturally mimics the color of your lips and I’m just going to dab that. And if you have any left over on your finger,
you can just dab a bit onto the cheeks like that. Elsa, darling, I want to show you this face. You look gorgeous! Yeah, I love everything. Thank you, Elsa, for being this gorgeous model. I think it’s so fresh and divine. Darlings, thank you for watching
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  1. Elsa Muse est déjà très belle au naturel. Maquillée par Charlotte Tilbury, Elsa est sublime ! 💖💖💖

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