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GET A FACE FULL OF FILLER WITH ME (graphic) (also fake)

Hi guys, it’s Tana Mongeau, welcome to my filler or welcome back to my filler I don’t know if this video is ever gonna make it to the Internet to be real with you It might just go in the archives of lost Tana videos that never make it anywhere like me going to Dubai and Greece and all the fun shit I do and never post but if this makes it to the Internet? Hello, this is the way I’ve wanted to film for a long time. But I always pussy out last minute because like *has existential crisis* People are gonna judge me and not that people don’t judge me with everything I do but I just feel like the Internet is so weird about like filler and shit like all your favorite fucking Youtubers and Instagram models have filler but the second that they like talk about it or post it or whatever People are just mad and I guess I’m not really much of a disclaimer ass bitch And I’m still not gonna really give a disclaimer But I’m gonna do what I want with my face and if you’re mad about it Don’t do it to your face and that’s like the end of the story hUaH self-confidence is important But also like if you don’t like something life is short fucking change it if you think your lips small make them bigger. if you don’t, don’t you know, um So yeah today Ashley and I are on our way to get filler Ashley: I’m literally your filler buddy A: I have like videos of us getting filler from like years T: we’ve been getting filler for a minute. Okay? I don’t think anyone looks at Ashley and I and her like wow, those are some naturally beautiful girls People might look at us and know that our foreheads don’t move in then our lips are a little too big proportionally, you know T: like look at that like excuse me (A: I can kinda squint so that’s kinda awesome) Today we are on a road trip to Huntington Beach right now because we drive for good filler I’ve definitely gotten botched in LA a few times So we went to this like place in LA that like every single low-budget Instagram model goes to They did actually kind of well, but they botched the fuck out of me, but I also sucked dick the same day I got lip filler one time and I think that might have like really fucked me up I don’t really know if it was the place or like my poor decisions I don’t know it just wasn’t cute and then Corinna and James and Laura mulatto started going to Joanna the nurse and They all look good and fun and fresh So I started going to Joanna and she kind of just like fixed all my shit and she’s a queen She’s actually the most hilarious brutally honest icon She literally posts photos to her own grid on Instagram of her injecting her own face like once a week She’s a queen shit’s not real. She’ll just be on Instagram like like with a syringe like injecting her own face So yeah, we’re driving there right now. I don’t know what I’m getting done today. I literally just texted her and was like, I’m in the mood for filler and she’s like okay come in. I don’t know what this clip is. again I don’t know if this is ever gonna make it to the internet But I just think if I titled the video like get filler with me it would get a lot of views Taking the girls on a field trip today T:FiEld tRiP T: bitch we look different (A: sooo different) diiiiiifferent the first time we got filler afterwards We were driving home and I was in so much pain from the filler that I was smoking weed But my lips were so filled. I couldn’t smoke it out of my mouth like around the pipe So I was smoking weed through my nostril in the car like actually having someone like light that’s so bad oh my god, oh my god. Oh my god Oh, I love Brad. The first time I ever got filler and I wanted lip filler for a really long time I really thought it through I think that at the time when I wanted lip filler it was like when Kylie first got her fucking T: first (A: lip kit was plokol) fuckin vile Yeah, like candy K just drops every fucking bitch on Instagram like had new lips and I was like, okay me next same for Ashley, obviously the fake bitches unite. I thought about it a lot And I knew that I only wanted like a little bit and I really just want to like get rid of the lines like that Was such a thing. So Ashley’s cousin had gotten a lot of feeling our cousin. She’s like a little bit older than us So she recommended a really sensible place to us. We went there and I got like fucking 117th of a vial of filler in my mouth like you really couldn’t even tell the difference They were just like a little swollen, you know Okay, my gal backing me up Yeah We did not like people also just have a Goddamn cow over filler, but like newsflash you can dissolve that shit If you don’t like it you can dissolve it and look just the same I get this filler and I face on my boyfriend after and I’m like Babe, guess what? Like I’m so excited. I’m so happy So happy I’d wanted it for so long and I FaceTime him and he’s like, what’s up? Like where have you been for the past few hours and I’m like does anything look different and he’s like no like do you look? The same like what’s up, and I’m like, I just thought filler and he’s like are you fucking kidding me? You are so fucking ugly. That’s a fucking stupid like the last thing I want to do is be dating a fucking fake-ass bitch like you looks and I’m in the car bags and Ready? He was screaming out of this like Literally being like that was so fucking ugly like what the fuck is wrong with you you stupid ass bitch and everyone else is like in the car like so excited but like Jitender break up with her boyfriend right now like we were with our old best friend and her boyfriend was there too and like he was being so supportive of her new filler and then my boy was just on the phone telling me I look like the ugliest bitch ever now when I got this like 1/10 of a fucking vial of lip filler and that was the moment that I realized him and I needed to break up and That I liked getting filler and then loving my new lips and then kissing other boys with them it also literally Just started pouring rain in How Ashley shows up to get a filler like and then there’s me You know looking at with my body now it’s so oh my god that’s actually crazy that flitter inside of you it feels like Kind of the same which is so weird your hey wait look It’s Philly right here Hmm. They have the same vibe. Yeah. Yeah. She said I’ll have two knockers please start Me using Ashley’s off-white bag as a tripod right now is making everything worse But I just came to a realization that we always get filler before Coachella and now I feel like on purpose It’s just like that season. Yeah Well, I think last year we were thinking when we have to get it enough time. So we don’t want to dumb at Coachella yeah, literally a so like basic and like pathetic that we’re literally like those you had to squeeze you in because all my other dumb Bleep, I really hate that for me. I’m also like face frozen for Coachella or Tired so tired. Yes, you guys look good though, you know We better get a face full of Illinois I know right now I also think Botox in the master yahoo. Talk to the masseter That’s actually they’re probably the only thing I need medically because I have TMJ and my jaw cracks every time I opens oh Yeah, no, no, no. No, I think you’re gonna throw me up too Okay, so let me know you believe I’m putting this on the internet This is really something I never thought I would like vlog or make a video about but here we are Actually, like my first video was actually no actually like my third video literally actually was like lips weren’t after I was like palsy bitch you know, but now it’s like so the dorm it really is I feel like for a long time it was so Everyone doing it. No you can too Well, my lips are already getting so numb the shame is like cocaine I Don’t know how people get similar without numbing me there I never I always like think about episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians work Kim. My lips are going I’m on my webcam Yeah bed that where Kim like got all the filler without numbing cuz like her friends did that I’m kind of you look like you just got out of bed with Brad Come joke yeah cute. I literally was excellent game on my face Do people are always like she means to lay off the viewer and I’m like did you see me before? Right fucking tiny ass disproportionate ass fucking face like cry me a river I think I’m accrediting lip filler to my Instagram growth almost Yeah, and to me hooking up with far hotter people, which I also accredit to my Instagram growth. Yeah, I’m like no, I’m like drooling You know, I Don’t think I can go a youtube video without spitting but I mean in real life, I’m not really a spitter me Just hanging out all my girl get spilled All over my face right now anyway perfect time to inject power no literally Livius needle ASMR lips Well, yes, she guys are swollen right now by the way, so don’t judge I don’t want to see no fucking duck face looking Oh my god, they looks a bit like their swollen. Like literally they’re fucking swollen I like radius because that because it comes filler nice thing about it is that it is Calcium claims last up to a year Han about it though is you cannot get rid of it? Pretty much surely. Wait. What is it? Like the cheek filler is like on get rid of a bull as I’m on the way here Like if I don’t like I can get rid of it boots. Okay, guys, sorry I just made a decision to get a little bit more permanent of cheek filler, which is permanent It don’t they’ll go away near me. That’s not knowing shit It’s Juvederm like that a little bit more pouty by feeling for Ashley because she has dinner lives especially on her top I don’t want to create so much excess volume on top, but because you naturally have pretty full lips any of that Might actually be evil lives. I’m like, I’ve just had two years of filler Elena Hey Ashley, just compressing her bloody lip while also filming me for my blog No, no, no same ol same ol so join me when you’re injecting me we’re gonna take a thumbnail Coolio Okay, so should I look really scary? Yes That’s why I love to Anna because she’s like I’m gonna fix your fucking face and I’ll help you with this side I know cheak voters crazy you guys I’m like, oh, how did I beat? That wasn’t like a veterans I can talk about it She feels crazy because I went on sheets of when ya know I’ve only had really shitty cheap filler Actually, that’s all gone now, but it’s crazy because when you’re getting it you hear it going into your face and you hear like every one of them like Like yeah, it’s crazy crunching it literally sounds like someone’s like opening a bag of chips inside of your face, yeah Oh my god, oh my fucking good well, I don’t think of Course me being a seasoned filler together. They have this thing your vibrator On your face and it makes you like not think about what’s happening to you First off you are gonna love it. Wait. I Mean good, I love with the distracting You guys like Coachella Hawaii get the filler. You stupid sweat boy. It looks hurt. So I don’t know I’m trying to get like basically the hardest so the easiest oh good. Wait, we don’t really quickly Can we go like small cuz I’m scared. I’m Sorry, yeah small, it’s good. Don’t worry. You’re gonna look good. I don’t know why weeks like this. You’re always waiting in the video. No A little bit lower, you know, I’m like in victim her face. I’m just being a pussy Baby subscribe does your favorite youtuber from this? Do you think it’s too big I don’t think so, okay, I’m being a pussy. How’s she doing I’ll take it. No. Oh I didn’t cause that but by the way guys blame her That’s not me sucking dick after bad litter seriously The shape is so good I Just hate the world you drink this. Oh fuck two big waves amazing Good job Oh Your eyes look like great today, I think it’s the lack of life Beauty is pain girl. Like I’m scared. I’m scared little bloody a moment. Mm-hmm My favorite lip color actually blood red a little bit little Vivi hit my dad. Yeah. Yeah Just a little oh My god, I can’t wait on doing this invader. That’s all I can think about. Oh So does I heard that much car eating Stassi has this Joanne Stassi Kylie’s friend. It’s Jordan saw their friend We’re all trying to figure out fucking Oso doesn’t hurt that much car dude, yeah, how come from Jordan woods literally hooked up with Tristan Thompson now she gets tripled away Yeah, the world was happy. She did that shit. Yeah, that’s so I Know she’s dated Jesus Christ boy just look so blurry. Oh my god. I gotta pass out living. No, no wait. You need to know me? Yeah, okay you okay. Yeah, I just look so weird. That’s never happening filler I’m glad it’s happening for the clickbait though. That happened to me. Oh my god pass out keep blogging wait Yummy why am I so why am I gonna mess up? Alright guys almost passed out we’re back That’s it Don’t dress me off this look right now. We’re a little swollen. I think she actually oh my goodness Okay, guys, we’re a little bloody and a little swollen, but Joanne I just fixed us up I was gonna do smile lines, but you know like I almost passed out so we decided to like wait on I think you know Joanna you guys are in the honeymoon beach or SoCal area and you want filler from anyone she literally does all of your favorite youtubers and celebrities, so I will link her below Yeah, I’m gonna go ice my face now on not die Okay, so Jordans here But he hasn’t seen my filler yet and Jordan hates that kind of stuff the first time I got fillers wrote I was so mad. So I’m about to record his reaction to Let me do it, so let me just do it We literally look identical right now Can I see it though for my video Ok, guys. I’m so my face is so swollen right now. I forgot I was making this video By a backdoor document but looking unlicensed man behind a Kmart injecting you in your face From one of the people that I got mine done remember to the jeffree star video where like he opened up his lips and there was like little Pockets of like so I showed dr. Nassif from botched insert pic here My pores are so big. Oh wow Dude you’re going to jail again you blew a bee

100 thoughts on “GET A FACE FULL OF FILLER WITH ME (graphic) (also fake)

  1. I guess when your vapid and shallow. Those tiny bumps you develop from filler.. not worth it. But it’s your face ??‍♀️ gotta fix ugly somehow.

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  3. This is a cool process to see. But being someone who hates needles, and even just imagining a needle going into a lip makes me wanna die.. this was interesting. But make me cringe every second.

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  10. I’m all for changing your appearance and plastic surgery, do what you want. But all these teenagers and young 20 some year olds getting faces full of filler is just soooooo unattractive and unnecessary. They look like they are in their late 20’s/30’s!? Then they have to constantly keep up with it and look all deflated if they don’t. Like wait until you’re older and actually NEED a full face. Lips are one thing. But a full face when you’re that young is a bit much and does more aging to you in the long run

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