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My first initial reaction after My first initial reaction after I put it on was “I’m going to use makeup remover.” And I realized it wasn’t even makeup It was literally sticky the next day Hey guys its Wengie and welcome back to my channel and if you’re new guess what you get and you guys complain about chest hug so here’s an armpit hug the other day I spent two hours in the candy store and I felt like a
kid in a candy store (That joke doesn’t work) I swear the shop assistant
literally thought we were like pocketing candy because we were just there for so long. This video was inspired by nikkitutorials I thought candy would be so fun and when I did my DIY lip peal video you guys all said that I reminded you guys of Harley Quinn
so I thought why not let’s do a Harley Quinn inspired video.Now hold up if you are not apart of this family join us here we are a lovely bunch you can win one of two mac book airs and to enter all you need to do is to be subscribed to this channel and be part of my vlogsquad, which means subscribe to my vlog channel good luck lets get this video to a 100,000 thumbs up
And without further ado lets get straight To the video, let’s go. For my foundation I’m
using Wizz Fizz when I was a kid I used to love this stuff you have like a white
carst and this is really fine so I think it will go on Super dooper well wow its super powdery I’m really tempted to lick this stuff right now got my trusty
favorite foundation brush I’m just gonna dip it in buff it in. this must sting if I get this in my
Eye. Circular motion so that is it on and this is it off flawless this is actually going on pretty well well if you guys ever run out of powder some wizz fizz you know what to do
I give this a 7 out of 10 alright so my base is done yea I got to say feels pretty good on the skin I’m going to use kool-aid for the eyeshadow; cherry, strawberry, and blue raspberry raspberry lemonade and I also got this
star candy that’s supposed to make your tongue really blue so I’m gonna like use the kool-aid and like
mix it with like a bit of water to make like a eyeshadow sort of paste we’ll see how we go these two colors for the pink side i’m going to see what color the
strawberry if I need a bit more red I’ve got the cherry color well like this
purple color not even sure this is the right color I’m gonna add some water, wow it is so
red, I’m gonna add some of that pink cherry It’s the same color yeah still red oh my God it looks like
blood you guys need special effects makeup for blood I think kool-aid
will do the trick and I’ve got this strawberry cloud that’s.. I’m just going to eat.. Since
the other two colors were to red I’m gonna go with pink lemonade Oh like a promising color woah could
work Ow. Dont get kool-aid in your eye guys it really hurts we have this blended thing like she cried and
her eyeshadow around I’m gonna take the tiniest drop of water with some of the
pink lemonade color a tiny drop of water it’s just moist. Don’t do this at home;
purely for your entertainment . with a darker color it on my crease It’s getting a bit sticky that one eye done It turned out pretty well we
can do the blue side and now to take some of this blue raspberry lemonade,
fingers crossed it’s the right color it’s white I’m not sure it’s going to be the right
color Oh as soon as you wet it turns like blue think we’re good here with
this this color the blue dab it on a little bit tricky lucky this makeup is
really messy-looking really mess right now this color is not as strong as the
red color got the second candy just to make your tongue blue of any color comes
up really nope going to take a blue cloud
and eat it going to build up the color with the Kool-Aid I think the other blue
stuff ain’t happening is getting like super sticky can just blend it out of
the ayah it blends somewhat how’s this probably use kool aid to dye your hair
like one side blue and one side pink she has like this cool like smokey eye
sorta look so I got these aniseed balls I figured I could use as a black eye shadows
i’m going to just Rub brush on it with some water that’s kinda cool the coloring
is coming off and I’m going to try it on the back of my hand it’s like a nice washed out black turning green i’m gonna try to give myself like a black eye pretty good I really like this effect like I said I’m really hopeful about
this look I tried licorice by the way licorice does not work let me just
dab it I haven’t actually tasted this so it tastes like licorice. Ah these are licorice
gum balls! It all make sense now this is so this part is going to be the super fun part
we’re going to do a winged liner with candy i’m so excited I’m gonna be using the
ninety percent cocoa for my eye liner it’s the darkest color I could get to make it
into the right consistency we’re actually gonna melt it I tried
microwaving it before and it literally did not melt I had to add a little bit
of like water in it for it to melt we can do like a double boiler but I’m just way
too impatient for that this the color of the dark chocolate it is pretty much
black and use the block as like a guide for your wing liner if you really want Mm
I actually got 85% and as well that’s the color difference thinking I might put some 85
in to do my brows and pop it in the microwave and I’ll be right back. I’m back from
microwaving it and I’m literally so excited how good this looks there I
made myself my very own eyeliner gel let’s get this on before it hardens
black eyeliner goodness hey that looks pretty awesome to blend some out
here really proud of myself right now Andy goodness winged liner are fleek I’m having a really good day oh yeah inside I’m
like jumping up and down. I’m going to blend this down here as well we good I’m gonna do my brows to find
the brown chocolate like so excited like how good these brows look like what do you guys think of
my new brows *Ahh* who needs make-up right now I want to give you guys a hug they’re on fleek
normally my brows are not this on fleek like okay and line the top of my
little bit more you don’t recommend doing your waterline with this set so my
eyes done but do gumball do sort of like my inner corners just
literally looks green it’s not turning out silver it’s so disappointing. This work? No.
I’m gonna finally get a bit and that’s the color it comes out not even like shiny I feel
like a dupe I’m gonna try this gold one so that is yellow i’m really sad i’m gonna give up
on my inner corners I want some like Blush yes must pick some color up
not that much color time for a break in a cloud great flavor cloud i’m going
with some water and see if this musk lolly is comin off with us…no nothing have a pink gumball that’s super
cute! its like this baby pink color I love it maybe I can just go directly by what if Iick it and like look at that there we go we got some pink cheeks really cool now
finally we’re gonna do the lip which I am super super excited about because I
managed to find some lip gloss is gonna go in with some Skittles American mixed
Skittles so it’s got the blue, the red, and the white which is like very Harley Quinn I’m gonna get a red of course when you hold skittles in your hand is like super hot
all the color comes off like lick it look how amazing that is makeup hack if
you need some color just using some Skittles and get another one not really pigmented I’m gonna go add
some kool-aid to this that will add that red actually like the most exciting part
called the TNT mega sour strawberry slime and I was like how good would this be as
lipgloss I’m gonna taste it I’ve never had this before Oh it’s so sour. Its like the perfect lip gloss
consistency oh my gosh guys this is life how good is
this kind of shiny and you can eat it as well I actually got a blueberry sour foam
and I thought I could use it as a hair product. My hair dresser is gonna kill me and look
what it does oh that is disgusting it’s not foaming up i’m not going to use it
the final thing she has on her face is like this little heart right here she has like the
word rotten written on her face I literally don’t know if I’m like even what I need
enough to write rotten on my face going with the heart first the dark
chocolate is so useful turned out better than I thought I could do so i’m
going to write rotten it’s literally going to be written backwards for me I’d
actually really nervous because I don’t want to ruin this whole look if you guys want to cheer me on like click
the like button, cross your fingers do whatever you want just do it! knowing me
i’m going to spell it wrong…. is that the right way? heart is pumping so bad my god what
does the “N” look like backwards? ok alright that’s good enough guys to do the hair
now and finish up this look Tadaaa ok actually super proud of myself right now
I thought this would turn out like horrendous but we still look like a mess
but Micah a hot mess my gosh guys I have so much fun today and you guys have fun
with you we as well and I love to know what you guys think you give me a rating
out of 10 or maybe to let me know what you thought. Low-key guys im so proud of
myself right now you can catch me on my social media or on my vlog and i’ll see you guys
soon bye Love you *Laughing* ok I’m good.

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