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Say hi Wolfie J Ehhh…I don’t know anymore it’s so late Hey guys it’s me Sylvia back with another video, welcome back to my channel! So today i’m going to be doing my full face of makeup using only products that beauty guru’s swear up and down by they love these products I went through a ton of favorites videos of all the beauty guru’s I watch and adore and picked out some products to do a full face So, some of these products I’ve tried before, some of them I haven’t but before we get into the video make sure you are subscribed to my channel, all you have to do is click that red button, it is free to
subscribe and hit the notification bell right next to it so you get notified when I drop a new video, so without further ado, lets get right into the video So for primer, I’m going to be using a recommendation from Casey Holmes. She has talked about this Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water in so many of her videos! She swears by it, and I have actually NEVER tried this before, so I’m really excited to go So it took a few spritz for it to like, actually start functioning, but ooooh, that’s refreshing! And it has a scent to it… I can’t describe it, but she REALLY recommends it cause she says it’s great because she has really oily skin but her skin is also pretty dehydrated so it’s a pretty hydrating product. It’s silicone free, so it’s not going to be one of those primers that like, fill in your pores…you know? It seems like something for just like, hydrating, but we’ll see how the foundation applies over top, so far it feels refreshing, it made my skin look really dewy and pretty, and it does have a little bit of that tackiness to it so I have some high hopes that’ll work well with the foundation. Also! Another tip she gave with us which really intrigued me, was that you can keep this in the fridge, so then it can be nice and cool, and then when you spray it on it’s like, even more refreshing, and it’ll help calm your skin so next time I try this out, I’m definitely gonna put in the fridge first and see what difference that makes cause I Want it to feel like a spa. So next up for foundation I’m gunna be using the Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation This was been reccomended by so many beauty gurus I’ve seen it in a ton of favorites videos but the one who kinda sold me on it is Manny MUA I remember him talking about it and his yearly favourites a while back and so many beauty gurus have talked about it since so let’s apply So I’m just gonna a shade that obviously matches my neck and my body because I’m super spray tanned right now So let’s won this out. I really like this foundation I’ve tried it a couple times, but I don’t know why I never really stuck with it But everybody just like raves on about this foundation So I definitely want to keep using it and give it more of a chance so the foundation is completely on I’m like looking way orange right now. I Felt like this was the best shade to match my spray tan, but it looks a little bit more yellow It is what it is I feel like it’ll come together when we do the concealer But anyways focusing on just the finish and everything I feel like the primer underneath is definitely making it even more like a dewy Radiant finish because yes the foundation has a natural finish on its own, but it’s definitely never looked like this dewy for me And I think it’s that primer water so that definitely goes to show that has a super hydrating effect the foundation itself I do really like it’s very lightweight. It has a medium to full coverage depending on how much you build it It’s pretty long wearing and the main thing about this foundation That they are promoting is that it doesn’t fade so for concealer We’re gonna use Kat Von D’s locket concealer in the shade warm Katy Aka luster luxe like here on YouTube was recommending this in her yearly favorites video And I thought I’d pick it because I haven’t really used it in a long time And you don’t really see people talking about this concealer anymore like it’s always shaped tape shape tape shape tape I mean I’m guilty of That too, but this is a really good concealer It’s got that full coverage that I really really like but it’s got a natural like satin finish to it Just like melts into your skin when you’re blending it out So you see this is literally covering up all of that discoloration and darkness underneath my eye I’m glad I’m using this again. Thanks to Katie’s Recommendation so now for loose powder I have the RCM a no color powder I saw this recommended by Kathleen lights and her yearly favorites video, and I think I remembered seeing in Jaclyn Hills video Too, so I definitely wanted to give it another go I haven’t used it in so long but from what I remember I did really like it, so let’s just bake the under-eye with it It’s so white it’s definitely super super soft and finally I’m gonna press whatever’s left over into my forehead to set it so well it’s baking let’s move on to brows I have something desi Perkins Recommended so this is the foolproof brow powder from Benefit Cosmetics in the shade number three. I also have the precisely my brow pencil I’m first gonna go in with this because this is how does Desi does it, so we’re gonna do it her way So how she recommended using this powder product is to first go in with a brow pencil to do the shape of your brow So I’m gonna first do this shape on the bottom of my brow then the top Okay, so now that I’ve kind of outlined my brows with a pencil She says she really likes this powder product because it does an amazing job filling in the brow And she’s talking about how sometimes if you only use a brow pencil like the one we just used it can like fade in certain Spots, I normally don’t like powder brow products But I definitely get that issue with when I use a brow pencil, so I’m gonna try her technique And maybe I like using a brow powder the way she uses it I normally just don’t like using a powder product on my brows because my brow hairs are so thick it just makes them look so Bold and I find it really difficult to go with the powder and a brush and really get like in between my hairs So it’s kind of like the powder is just like sitting on top so now Let’s use the dark brow powder at the tail there to fill in the tail of her brow So it kind of gives you like a nice gradient and ombre brow So now I’m just going to brush some of the product through and help to blend it so both brows are done and they don’t Look bad this is definitely not a brow product that I would regularly use and that’s just because it’s not the Technique in the way that I like to do my brows to get them to look how I like them to look moving on to eye shadow so for the eyes We’re gonna use the soft glam Palette from a BH and I’m very excited to try this one out Amanda and Singh recently talked about this and one of her Very recent videos, I think is her March favorites, so this just looks like a beautiful palette I love that it has all the colors that I just constantly I’m like steer towards because I feel like this could just be like That one go-to palette that you take everywhere with you And I like how it’s all in one let’s first go in with orange soda So I’m going to use this kind of as a transition shade right below the brow bone amanda actually mentioned that she thinks the mattes in this are so pigmented that they could be hard to work with for some people and She was having some issues Of like the pigment getting stuck or like being a little bit darker than what it is in the pan So I’m curious like am I gonna have those same issues No, cuz they didn’t seem big enough for her cuz you still put it in your favorites I’m only gonna keep this right on the outer kind of tail part of my brow there cuz usually I bring it all the way Across, but we’re gonna really focus all of the shadows just something about right here Okay so that color took a lot longer for me to build it than I thought maybe it’s just Meant to be very very soft subtle color. Let’s try a different shade it’s going with Sienna so they already have this shadow as a single shadow that I guess they just put it in the palette which I don’t mind cuz It is a really beautiful shade and it works well with everything else in the palette It’s like a classic a BH shadow everyone knows Sienna you all know Sienna So I’m just gonna place that right along the crease on the outer part of my eye here and slowly blend it now I’m gonna take mulberry we need to take that on a pencil brush, and I’m hoping this is gonna be a little bit darker I’m just gonna pack this shade on deepen up this outer corner and keep it under the crease there. Okay, not gonna Lie I had the camera off and I was blending for like a good 15 minutes. I would say The hosters, I don’t know why I feel like it turned out okay so far But it’s a lot harder to make work, then I would have to do with like other shadows there’s something wonky with the shadows I’m gonna keep trying Let’s use the black shade because the mulberry was not as dark as I wanted it to be it kind of looks the same as Sienna when I put them together so let’s Use no car, and I’m really gonna concentrate that right on my lash line With a very small detailing pencil brush, and then whenever there’s not that much product left on my brush Okay, so It is what it is, I don’t hate look, but it was harder to create Then it would with another shadow I feel like I’m gonna think about my final cuts and just continue on at the eye look So now I’m gonna just use a foundation powder. This is the Studio Fix powder from Mac I’m just gonna use this all over my lid I kind of want to look like we have like floating smoky shadow out here You know it’s also gonna help to blend all those shadows really nicely and like seamlessly here So now I’m gonna bring those same shadows to my lower lash line like normal blend those out so starting with Sienna I’m gonna bring that right on the outer part of my lower lash line And smoke it out and then taking mulberry mixed with the black shade I’m gonna tight line on my lower lash line Just right at the outer corner cleaning it up now with a bit of foundation on this concealer brush, okay? So shadows done final thoughts on the palette. I do like the look. I created took me a lot longer I think some of the shades are kind of wonky There’s just something about them having a hard time blending with each other and keeping their true colors I’m gonna have to use this palette again and try some of the different shades in it and see if I have the same kind Of issue or maybe I am just having a bad blending day I don’t know so now is just off that RCM a powder I feel like this is why maybe I stopped using it it definitely leaves a little bit of a white film I feel like that’ll go away once. I use a setting spray, okay Let me do the flash test and see if right after dusting it off. There’s any flashback No, no flashback whatsoever. It looks really good in the picture. I think once I set my face It’ll melt into the skin a lot better so next up. I’m gonna use a gel liner from pretty vulgar This is in the shade Lac list now this was recommended by Laura Lee in her yearly favorites video And I was really curious because I had this but I hadn’t tried it yet It looks like you get a lot in here, and it’s like super luxurious packaging. It’s pretty cool So Laura says she likes this because it does not transfer at all and it dries matte wow I really can’t talk into my wing one sec okay, so liner is on it did Drive very matte Which I really like in a gel liner and as far as it like transferring? I feel like you wouldn’t really know that unless you’re wearing it for like a full day So not too sure, but definitely a really good first impression for bronzer I have a product that Jaclyn Hill has recommended to all of us in her yearly favorites video. This is a Tom Ford bronzer I haven’t used it for a really long time I used a little lot when I first bought it for like a full two weeks. Just because it was so expensive I built you know But I don’t remember why I stopped using it probably because I tested other things and then I just never went back to it So she was saying that she really likes this bronzer because it’s very very subtle and you have to just keep building it and building It so it gives you a very soft Application and at first she didn’t like that because she thought like what the heck has no pigment But she kept using it, and she ended up really liking it and that was the first thing I noticed too right off the bat Is that it just takes a lot longer to build me some on my forehead – I’m gonna say. I really like this bronzer I think it is very easy to apply it gives you a nice like effortless bronze And it’s a really good formula. I mean it better be because it’s Sal expect But it’s huge you get a lot in there you also get this giant mirror in there So I agree with her on this. I think it is a really good bronzer Next up is blush, and we have another item that Casey Holmes recommended So this is the Burt’s Bees bear peach blush So I haven’t used this since I tested it out on my channel I tested out all the Burt’s Bees stuff And I don’t know why because I do remember thinking that it was good But I just haven’t picked it up since so she really really likes it And this is definitely a blush shade that I would normally like be drawn to you know So I don’t know why I haven’t used it again since the video. That is so pretty It’s just like blending so nicely with the bronzer, and it’s such a soft peach color that it’s not like too noticeable You know so the blush is on and oh my god. Why have I not been using this? I love it Casey was saying that she really likes it because it’s matte so it’s not gonna emphasize texture And I really like it. I think it’s a perfect peach shade so I’m glad I tried it out again so for lips I love Sarah II aka Karen included in one of her favorites video that she really liked the matte Intimate nudes from Maybelline, so I have two of the shades here purely nude and naked coral But she was saying it has a really great formula its opaque You know very pigmented and she recommended using the nudes with a darker more nude brownish lipliner So I have the lip liner stripped down from Mac which is like my go-to brownish nude blinder and then on top of that I’m going to use the shade if you’re ly nude never mind We’re not going to use that I’ll actually use this as kind of like a highlight at the end But let’s go in with naked coral cuz using that other shade all over the lips would just look crazy. Oh, that’s really pretty It’s like such a soft matte formula, too and then that purely nude like if you really wanted to it could be like a Center highlight shade to give your lips kind of like that ombre effect. You know so Maybelline does have really great lipstick formulas I’m a big fan of this nude color, and I can see why Karen added it in her favorites video I almost brought about a highlight I have the cover effects and glitter drops, which I have used But I kind of stopped using it because the glitter was just a little bit too much for me but Watching Carli bible’s video where she talked about this Really made me want to try it again and give it another go because she was saying all these different ways that she uses it So she uses it as like a highlight, but she mixes it in her foundation too and sometimes She just applies it directly on her lid so I was like kay, so I’m gonna give it another go and this time around I’m gonna spritz my Beauty Blender with that primer water And I’m gonna place some of this on my hand instead of directly putting it on my face And I’m gonna dip the sponge in there, so I feel like applying it this way is gonna. Give me a better application It’s like a little bit too strong and crazy to just use on its own now I’m gonna try to use it as an inner corner highlight because seeing her use it as an eye shadow kind of topper was Really inspiring like that’s pretty, but do you see how it’s kind of like hovering up my lush And then it’s a hard consistency to kind of put my blush over top it Just gets splotchy so I feel like I would like this more as just using it to mix with my foundation If I want like dewy foundation or even to use directly like this as an eyeshadow topper or an inner corner highlight So as I was trying to blend it to kind of took away some of my foundation and my concealer there And it looks splotchy this is just the issues I was having with it I don’t know if it doesn’t blend well, but I’m just not having a good time with it in this video And I feel like that’s why I stopped using it, too I was having issues with it blending it would just ruin my makeup every time I put it on so I’m gonna continue to try and use it different ways moving on to the last product which is recommended by Jackie aina Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie loved her so she reviewed the to face life’s the festival collection And I think this is her favorite product in the video, so let’s use. This as a setting spray. Oh my god It smells like candy and we dab that in my Beauty Blender Hopefully it makes that highlight blend in a little better because that looks kind of crazy right now Okay, that setting spray however I do really like that it smells so good And I feel like it worked similar to mac fix+ in that it just like melts everything together So i’ma say. I like it Okay guys So this is the full face using all of those favorite products from different Beauty Gers and for the most part it was a lot of hits the few items that I didn’t like I feel like that just had to do with my Preferences and my techniques, and how I do my own makeup overall though I do really like how the makeup turned out so a shout out to everyone who recommended those products because they look bomb and before You click off this video. I’m doing the five Days of Giveaways I’m on day four the day that this video drops, so make sure you check my socials to see which one I’m doing the giveaway on today, and yeah, that’s all for today’s video. I hope you guys enjoyed It make sure you don’t leave yet hit the subscribe button before you leave and then watch these other videos Because you got to watch more than one of my videos You can’t just stop here make it a marathon become an S Club member and watch these other videos of mine I’ll see you guys on my next one. Thanks so much for watching bye guys mmm. Bye

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