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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. Today we are taking a look at the Full Cover
Extreme Camouflage cream which is a concealer that I am testing out today for you guys. So yea, this is the MakeUp Forever Full Cover
Extreme Camouflage Cream in waterproof. It has no perfume, it’s no comodogenic, and
it is sensitive skin tested. I have the color 5. If I apply just a tiny bit to the back of
my hand you can see what it looks like. And if I just rub that in it feels like thick,
like you definitely need a sponge or something to blend that in. Very matte. All right, so it’s 9:30 in the morning and
I’m just applying my new cover effects primer that is especially for acne which I will be
doing a review on in a couple of days, so watch out for that. Next I’m going to go in with my Revlon 24
hour colour stay foundation and apply that all over. Just going in with a beauty blender , or this
Joe Fresh beauty sponge which you can get at Superstore or Shoppers Drug Mart here in
Canada. It’s like $10 for 2 so I thought I would give
it a go. It’s super soft I do kind of like it. Next I’m using my Maybelline dark circle undereye
eraser under my eyes and kind of any places I want to brighten up a little bit. And then going in with the Make up forever
concealer. So I’m just using the tiniest bit and blending
it in with my finger until everything just disappears. Next I’m going to powder everything using
my Clinique pressed powder. I’m not a huge fan of this stuff but I just
hit pan so it’s about time to move on. Next the rest of my makeup is magically finished
through the power of youtube and we are ready to go for the day. How’s the zits looking? They are looking good… Very very good coverage, the texture is of
course an issue but the colour blends very very nicely with the rest of my skin. And it wore till after lunch. And throughout my work day. I’m standing in the mud room at work and around
this time I noticed that a little bit of the spots were peeking through, but from far away
it’s looking pretty good still. It’s now 5:22pm and you can see it’s lasted
really well here and it’s worn off on this middle guy here. Overall a lot better than just using something
like the make up forever hd concealer which I guess is more for undereyes. or just using
the instant age rewind (when i’m really lazy) which is a dark circle eraser. Sometimes I just apply it everywhere if you’re
in a rush. But it definitely does wear off. Under the eyes they look great I’m wearing
this one today. I still look good. It might look a little dark but compared to
nothing it is doing good. So I have to confess I’m having a good skin
day and I’m having a good zit day, and I’m having a good lip day, and I’m having a good
hair day. What the heck? I haven’t blotted or anything all day, which
is amazing. Just gonna quickly blot – oh man that feels
greasy (haha). All right that feels a lot better. And then I’m going to quickly, before I powder,
I’m going to touch up my middle one – I wanna see how long it lasts on the sides since I
put it on earlier this morning, but maybe we’ll reapply it here on the middle guy just
because I want to demo it here in studio so you can see what it’s like. all right, there it is in it’s natural glory
– so again i’m not gonna touch up these guys – even though they kind of need it a little
bit, just so we can see how it wears throughout the entire day. just applying the tiniest bit to my finger,
which is probably too much. Just gonna pat it into the skin. and again
there is not a lot you can do about these super 3d zits, they are still going to show
texture, but we can always hide and camouflage as best as we can. I’m just gonna re powder over everything since
I did just blot I would repowder normally. What do you think? A lot better right? Not perfect but so far the lasting power is
very good. I will check back throughout the day, we are
gonna test this for a long long time. And I’ll give you my final thoughts a little
later tonight. After dinner, we are still looking good. More red right now, even on the middle one
which I did reapply it to. Maybe it’s just an extra greasy zit? And around quarter to 9. pretty much looks the same as it did before
but I took this footage, so I thought I’d use it. Just checking in at the end of the night. The concealer is looking really good. There is a tiny bit of redness peeking through
and of course texture is always gonna be a bit of an issue. But overall considering I put it on almost
12 hours ago it’s definitely doing really well I’m very impressed. You also need to use just the smallest amount
of product so that little tube I use is gonna last a long long time. So overall I would totally recommend it, and
you might need to reapply especially on your deeper red spots maybe half way through the
day if you want it to look absolutely perfect. But for decent looking coverage all day it’s
actually not that bad. Thank you guys so much for watching I really
appreciate the time you spend on my channel watching my videos. If you want to see more from me please subscribe
down below, I do a new beauty product video every single day of the week. If you enjoyed this video please give me a
big thumbs up I would super appreciate that, and I will see you all tomorrow in my next
video. Baiii.

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