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‘Face the Islamic tsunami. Encourage OUR tsunami.’ Jordanian ex-Muslim

Let me tell you something: Islam is very powerful. It’s superpowerful. It has the oil, the money, the countries. But here, it’s a small minority that needs special rights, Sharia courts. I asked a lot of you outside, why do you have faith schools? Why do you have schools that would bring up extremists? Why do you have schools
that teach children that I should be put to death? That I have to live every day as a target and be okay with it and live with it. And if I say a word, if I say that Islam is bad, I am an Islamophobe and I should shut up. This is it. And yet we are here debating about ‘Is it okay to curse at Islam or not? Is it okay to draw a cartoon or not or should we be more tolerant?’ Yeah, we can be more tolerant. Would the other side be more tolerant? Would the other side give us
what they are claiming? If Islam is the most
powerful force in England, will it give you the rights
that you are giving them? And I am not asking you to take away the rights of religion. But I am asking you to face the tsunami
that is coming to you. And to encourage the tsunami that we are doing by facing them off
and by saying ‘No!’ ‘No, I can leave. Being out is being able to speak and to be who you are. Because you can never
live with yourself — anybody, you can’t live with yourself if you just choose to be quiet. And this is what you are doing. You are being quiet. But we are not. Look what we are having to give and what you are giving. You are giving your freedom and we are giving our life.

24 thoughts on “‘Face the Islamic tsunami. Encourage OUR tsunami.’ Jordanian ex-Muslim

  1. There no need actually in many words and many hours days month and years explaination – just take, western people, and read Koran, just a few pages and you will see how horrible islam is!

  2. More & more muslims are realizing that NAZISLAM is a crooked stuff !!!

    We welcome them to the truth !!!

    From France, BRAVO to the speaker :-)))

  3. Takbiiiir! Hahaha… What a brave young man. I hope he comes to know the truth about Jesus Christ. I'm an ex-Muslim too 😉

  4. Thank you for your contagious courage. You've left the darkness I pray you find the light, it's promised to those that earnestly look for it.

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  6. Jesus christ defeated Satan at the cross and resurrection clearly we who are filled with the holy Spirit will trample on the scorpions and serpent's as christ jesus promised we can,are, will. Come to christ jesus and be free or face hell fire Islamic followers, there is no other way to God but through his only begotten son.

  7. Islam allah is terrorist violent maker murderer killer chopper child Bride founder forced mariage founder islam allah is rapist stonning allah chopper cutter of hands legs for stealing even one egg islam allah is immorality islam allah is greatest liar

  8. as a fellow ex muslim i am in tears because i can hear the pain in his voice. rise up all who value love and peace and respect because believe me when they say islam is a religion of peace they are not quoting the quran when they say that

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