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Exorcist Comes Face to Face with Satanist. Then This Happens…

Sid: My guest, a professional exorcist. You
will actually see him cast demons out of two people. Next on this edition of It’s Supernatural.
[music] Centuries have come and gone offering wisdom
and understanding throughout the ages. Today there should be nothing beyond one’s power
to discover. And yet the strange, unusual and mysterious world of the supernatural defies
understanding. Stay tuned for a unique and powerful investigation into a curious undiscovered
universe only on It’s Supernatural. Sid: Hello. I’m Sid Roth your investigative
reporter. I’m here with Bob Larson. Bob, what is an exorcist.
Bob: Well simply said, it’s someone who casts out demons. It’s someone who confronts the
devil who has invaded someone’s life and tells him to leave, and restores that person to
some normal functioning capacity that they haven’t had because of the demon’s intrusion.
Sid: Now how does a nice man like you end up being a professional exorcist? How did
you even find out about this? Most people think it’s all a boogie monster. It’s all a
fairytale, Christians, non-Christians, Jews, Muslims. But some people think it’s real.
Bob: Well or they think it’s someone in clerical garb. All of the Roman Catholic Church was
used in the most visible component of it, waiving a crucifix and flailing holy water
away. Sid: We’ve all seen the Dracula movies.
Bob: Yeah. The movie “The Exorcist” and people bouncing off walls and spitting green pea
soup, it’s really not like that at all. I got interested in this as a young man traveling
overseas and seeing in societies, in cultures where self-mutilation and torture rituals
are practiced, amazing supernatural phenomena. And I came back.
Sid: Give me a glimpse, one thing you saw that you–
Bob: One of the first things that I saw, as a very young man, I traveled to Asia. There
are only actually two places left on Earth where they’re allowed to do, it’s called the
Thaipusam ceremony of Hinduism. That’s in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in Singapore, and it’s
a self-mutilation torture ritual. For example, they’ll take a hundred three-foot long skewers
sharp as a pin, thrust them into their body and support them on a large device called
a kavadi that holds them in places if they’re a human pin cushion. They slice their tongues.
They’ll put big meat hooks into their back and drag idols down the street, put spikes
shoes on their feet. Sid: What’s the motivation? Why do they do
this? Bob: Devotion for the gods to be forgiven
of sin, to thank the gods for what they believe is an answer to prayer or as a petition to
get something done by the gods. Sid: Doesn’t this hurt them?
Bob: Absolutely not. They feel no pain and they never shed any blood.
Sid: You’re telling me they, wait a second, they don’t feel no pain and they don’t shed
blood. How come they don’t shed blood? Bob: Well they say it’s the power of their
god being demonstrated. What happens is that the priest walks up, does an incantation,
touches them on the forehead, boom, they’re out. They’re in a trance. And for the next
several hours while they go through the mutilation they’re in a state of oblivion. They have
no idea what happened. So I saw this. I mean, it’s a very raw demonstration of the supernatural.
I came back to America. I said a simple prayer: God, if this happens in America, not like
that, but if this raw expression of the demonic happens and you’d like me to do something
about it I’m available. And it started coming my way. I mean, I didn’t, you don’t look for
this stuff. Nobody wants to take Exorcism 101. Nobody really wants to do this. You need
to be called. And so it happened spontaneously. Sid: You believe that God called you to do
this. Bob: Well I really didn’t have a choice. What
happened is that I would be traveling. I would be public speaking. I did a lot of public
speaking and so on and people would just walk up to me to share a problem. And they’d look
at me and they’d say, “I feel like I want to kill myself all the time. I mean, I feel
like I want to jump off bridges.” And I would start to talk to them. And as I would be speaking
with them another voice would speak out of their body sometimes.
Sid: I’ll tell you what, stop right there. Let’s take a look at an actual deliverance
right now. Bob: All right.
[begin video] Bob: Spirit of hate.
Woman: No! Bob: Spirit of hate.
Woman: No! Bob: Do you have any right to her any more?
Woman: No! Bob: She’s forgiven, hasn’t she?
Woman: Yes she has. Bob: Say I hate.
Woman: I hate! Bob: Renounce.
Woman: No! Bob: Renounce.
Woman: No. Bob: Look at me. Open your eyes and look at
me. Say renounce. Woman: Renounce!
Bob: All claims. Woman: All claims!
Bob: To this woman. Woman: To this woman.
Bob: I receive! Woman: I receive.
Bob: The judgment of God. Woman: The judgment.
Bob: Of God! Of God! Woman: Of God.
Bob: I lie not. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. I lie not.
Woman: Lie not. Bob: To the Holy Spirit!
Woman: To the Holy Spirit. Bob: You don’t like saying Holy Spirit. The
demon of hate does not like the Holy Spirit. [laugh] He’s the one who fills us with what?
The love of God. Doesn’t he? He’s the one who fills us with God’s love. We praise the
Holy Spirit who fills us with God’s love tonight. Come out!
Woman [moans, cries] Bob: Your hold is loose. Come out of her! Come
out! Out! Say, we the people of God. Crowd: We the people of God.
Bob: Command you! Crowd: Command you!
Bob: Obey what you said! Crowd: Obey what you said.
Bob: Obey what you confess! Crowd: Obey what you confess.
Bob: Obey the will of God! Crowd: Obey the will of God.
Bob: Leave this child of God alone! Crowd: Leave this child of God alone.
Bob: Come out of her in Jesus’ name! Out of her hate! Out of her!
Woman [moans, cries] Bob: Out of her! Out of her!
Woman: [moans, cries] Bob: Out of her! [clapping] Bob: I pray for the Holy Spirit to fill
every part of her life where hate has been. Make her so full of the love of Jesus Christ
that whoever wrongs her ever she will return that wrong with love and goodness, and
blessing in the name of Jesus. Lord bless you. What do you say? Woman: Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.
Thank you, Jesus. [cheers, applause]
Bob: Amen! Get on your feet. Give the Lord a hand.
[end video] Sid: What is going through your mind when
something like that is going on? Bob: I’ve done it so many times. I’m kind
of on automatic pilot. I’m just, I’m strategically thinking, what is the devil doing, how do
I need to counter it with the truth of God and get this person to a place of freedom.
See, when someone has a demon there is a reason. The grace of goodness of a loving God protects
us from the devil unless we step over a line. In this case, in this particular woman’s instance,
she had been deeply wronged, and instead of just getting some therapy, some counseling,
some help to process through that she allowed it to become a deeply embedded hatred.
Sid: Out of curiosity, do witches or Satanists ever show up at your meetings?
Bob: Oh yes, many times, many times. But you know, this is kind of interesting. Not a lot
of Satanists and witches have demons. I know all the leaders of the councils.
Sid: You see, my peanut brain would say they all do.
Bob: No. For example, I know all the leaders of the Satanic movement in America. I’ve sat
down with the Council of 13 with the Church of Satan. I know these people have been around.
Sid: Do you have any fear of them? Bob: Oh absolutely not, none whatsoever.
Sid: Why? Bob: Because God in me is greater than anything
that they have. I mean, God’s got the upper hand. The devil is a loser. God’s the winner.
I don’t fear any of that because of God. Not me. In the natural I would. But my confidence
is in God. But my point is those people don’t need demons. You see, philosophically they’re
doing evil. Why waste a demon on somebody who’s going to do what the devil wants them
to do anyway? But a good person who would do the right thing unless they were impeded, that’s
who Satan goes after. I tell folks he goes after the good stuff.
Sid: Are there doors that people innocently open up?
Bob: Yes. This woman, for example, hatred. It isn’t just anger. It’s want I call anger
over the edge. It’s getting even anger and they harbor it.
Sid: All right. There are called demons. Bob: Yes.
Sid: What is a demon? Bob: A demon is an angel who fell in the original
rebellion that the Jewish Scriptures talk about in the Old Testament, going way back
millennia ago. When Satan Lucifer rebelled against God these demons went along with him
and they all got kicked out of Heaven. And now they’re trying to destroy all of God’s
purposes by seizing control of people. You see, the devil, just like God, we are God’s
hands. We are his feet. Sid: I’ll tell you what, hold that thought.
I want to see what happens when a Satanist that has this evil spirit, this demon inside
of them, shows up to harass Bob at his meeting. Don’t go away. Be right back. Hello YouTube mishpochah! Mishpochah is a Hebrew word;
It means family. This is Sid Roth. Welcome to my world
where it’s naturally supernatural! If you’ve been blessed by this show,
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single episode of It’s Supernatural! Sid: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter. I’m here with Bob Larson. Bob is a professional
exorcist. Now most of you think that exorcism is imaginary. As a matter of fact, Bob, psychiatrists
will tell us people can divide their brain up and that’s how they have multiple personalities.
Obviously, you would say something different. But how do you know?
Bob: No I wouldn’t. Sid: You wouldn’t.
Bob: Oh no, absolutely not. I deal with multiple personalities all the time. In fact, it’s
90 percent of what I do is dealing with multiple personalities. Ten percent is dealing with
demons. Oh you have to know how to deal with multiple personalities or you can’t deal with
demons. Sid: But how do you know the difference between
a demon and just a psychological phenomenon? Bob: Well almost all people with multiple
personalities have demons. That’s why the psychiatrists are missing it. The demons hide
in the multiple personalities. See, people disassociate or have multiple personalities
because of trauma. But when trauma causes the mind to split the thing that created the
trauma also allows the opening for the demon. For example, let’s suppose someone was violently
sexually abused. They disassociate. That’s a psychological phenomenon. But because there’s
the potential to hate the abuser then the demon will pick on that what we call the associative
identify of multiple personality and demonize that psychological part of the person. So
in fact, the majority of what a good exorcist does is Psychology 101. It’s as you process
through the psychological issues you get to the demonic issues.
Sid: A witch or a Satanist showed up at one of your meetings.
Bob: Yes. Sid: We’re going to take a look at this. Tell
me. Set the stage a little. Bob: Well I didn’t know who this person was
and they just stood up in the middle of the meeting and confronted me, and interrupted
and tried to stop me. And there was, it was in a public hall and they literally gave a
Satanic salute and set off the fire alarm, and it just [snap] was like that. It just
freaked everybody out. Very supernatural. Another case one time like that where there
was a Satanist and there was an earthquake. Literally an earthquake shook the building.
In fact it was recorded on the Richter scale. I mean, strange things happened.
Sid: Do you have compassion for people like that? I mean, it must be awful for someone
to have a personality inside of them and not even realize it’s someone beyond themselves.
I mean, what drives you? What keeps you going? Bob: I think the first thing that keeps me
going, I carry these pictures with me wherever I go. I have a precious family. That’s our
new little baby. I have three little girls. Every day I think, what kind of world are
they going to grow up in? Am I going to make a difference in their world? Is evil going
to have less of an opportunity to destroy people because I made a difference? And then
also Jesus Christ said, he stood up in the synagogue on the Sabbath, and he read from
the scriptures, and he said, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me. He has sent me to preach
the Gospel, to heal the broken-hearted.” To heal the broken-hearted. If he came to do
that, if that’s God’s purpose for humanity, that should be my purpose, too.
Sid: Well there’s a lot of broken-hearted people. But when a Satanist or a witch shows
up to disrupt what you’re doing, let’s take a look at that right now.
[begin video] Bob: You want to face me right now? I don’t
think so. No, I don’t think so. Can I have a couple Christian ladies come over here?
Sit down. Sit down. You have something you want to say to me?
D.J.: You have no authority over me. Bob: You’re right. I don’t have any authority
over you. The authority that I have comes from Christ and Christ alone.
D.J.: Mine comes from Satan. Bob: Yours what?
D.J.: Comes from Satan. Bob: Really? You’re so brave. Turn around
and face these people. Turn around and face them. Look into the eyes of the people of
God. Go ahead. Look at them. Look at them. How you are fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer,
son of the morning. How you are cut down to the ground, you who weaken the nations, where
said in your heart, “I will ascend into Heaven. I will exalt my throne among the stars of
God. I will sit on the mount of congregation on the farther sides of the north. I will
ascend above the heights of the clouds. I will be like the most high.” You will be brought
down Hell. D.J.: So will you.
Bob: Me? I’ll be brought to Hell? No. I’m a blood bought child of God.
[alarm] [crowd noise]
Bob: Oh that’s cute. [applause, cheers]
[crowd claps and chants “Jesus!”] Bob: Take a hold of her. Come over her. I
want some men. Force her down. Force her down. Sit down.
[end video] [crowd claps and chantes “Jesus!”] Sid: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter.
We just watched some footage. Bob Larson was having a meeting and a Satanist came in and
tried to take over everything. What was that alarm that went off?
Bob: That was actually an alarm in this public facility.
Sid: What causes the alarm to go off? I saw her do something with her hands.
Bob: Well that all depends what you believe. You could believe it was a coincidence, it
just happened. Or you can believe as she later claimed that the power of the devil set off
that alarm just to demonstrate that he was there. But the good news is this woman is
now a child of God. She has a family. She has children. She’s a fully functioning member
of society. Subsequent to what you saw. We met with her on other occasions and did a
series of exorcisms. Sid: I’ll tell you what, I want to see what
happens to her. I mean, here she thinks she’s in control. She thinks she’s made that fire
alarm go. She thinks she’s disrupted the entire meeting. Don’t go away. We’re going to see
the results of what happens. Who’s going to win? I mean, it’s like a war between evil
and good. Who’s going to win? We’ll find out. Be back right after this word. Sid: Hello. Sid Roth investigative reporter here with Bob Larson, exorcist. We just saw
a Satanist that showed up to one of his meetings and tried to disrupt it. Literally she did
some incantation, caused the fire alarm to go on, thought she won. Now the battle starts.
Let’s go to the rest of that clip right now. [begin video]
Bob: D.J., are you there? D.J., are you there? D.J., come out. Come out. Hi D.J. How are
you doing? She just came through and looked at me like, who’s this guy, what’s he doing
staring in my face? This is Bob Larson. Hi. D.J.: Hi.
Bob: Come out here for a minute. Come on. D.J., right?
D.J.: Yeah. Bob: All right. Did you just kind of come
to and see me staring at you? Woman: Yeah.
Bob: Did you wonder why is this guy staring at me?
Woman: Yeah. Bob: Let me tell you why. Because God has
appointed an hour for you. Look at me. She’s like, what’s going on? Yet you don’t know,
do you? D.J.: Not a lot.
Bob: Not a lot. D.J.: My sister from Alaska called and told
me to come here. Bob: Your sister from Alaska called and told
you to come here? Why? You’re the prodigal sister, aren’t you?
D.J.: Yes. Bob: Would you? I’m not going to push you.
I’m just asking. Would you give your life to Christ?
D.J.: Does it hurt? Bob: What?
D.J.: Does it hurt? Bob: Does it hurt? It feels good.
[applause, cheers] Bob: D.J., I want you to say, I D.J.
D.J.: I D.J. Bob: Confess.
D.J. Confess. Bob: Jesus Christ.
D.J. Jesus Christ Bob: Is the Son of God. Is the Son of God.
Everybody quiet. Is the Son of God. Is the Son of God.
D.J. Son of God. Bob: He rose from the dead. He rose.
D.J. Rose. Bob: From the dead.
D.J. From the dead. Bob: He died for my sins. He died. Died. Died.
D.J. Died. Bob: For my sin.
D.J. My sin. Bob: Jesus.
D.J.: Jesus. Bob: Be my savior. Be my savior. You can say
it. D.J. Be my savior.
Bob: Forgive me. Forgive me. You’ve done some rotten things and I know it, and I see it
in your eyes, and I know what’s in there is in there. But say, forgive me.
D.J. Forgive me. Bob: All my sin. Right now. Right now.
D.J. Right now. Bob: Oh God bless you.
[applause] Bob: Thank you Jesus. Oh thank you, God.
[end video] Sid: You know, it’s real and how do I know
it’s real? Because as a Jewish man, almost 30 years ago I had that same problem and I
didn’t know where to go. I didn’t know a Bob Larson. I didn’t know where to go for help.
And some of my Christian friends said, if you would pray to the King of the Jews, Jesus,
Yeshua, the Messiah, he’ll set you free. And I figured, what have I got to lose. I mean,
it was awful. I knew there was something evil inside of me. This is my story. I can tell
you, I cried out and I said, “Jesus, help.” Nothing classic. Help. And this is what happened
to me. The evil that was in me, it left because the name of Jesus was stronger than that evil.
I was set free. God restored my mind, my marriage, my family. He gave me a reason to live. I
didn’t have a reason to live. Some of you are like that now. And I would urge you to
think for yourself. I would urge you to say, God, I’m sorry for the mistakes I’ve made
in my life. I believe the blood of Jesus washes them away. I make Jesus my Messiah and Lord.

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  37. The exorcism and showing the cross and the others are only old manmade and Hollywood made-up stories. The reason is that this fake name so called "Jesus" is a manmade and fake name and you would never find it in the original Bible in Aramaic language. Second that fake name never ever crucified yet, it appeared to people that way. These are all fake stories made up by satan in order to mislead people. That is why satan want you to show that "Cross" to a person possessed by jinns because he loves to see been fooled by satan and those fake stories. And remember no one has the power or able to perform exorcism not even those prophets ever performed this exorcism that he made it up. It all depends on the person who has been possessed by jinns to come to realization and make a decision to worship the Almighty Creator Alone otherwise those jinns would not leave him or her alone. Jinns can talk through your brain and mess you up good. They have a permission from the Almighty to be a companion of those who are turning away from our Creator and those who are worshipping dead saints and fake names besides the Almighty Creator. They are allowed to share with their family, and money.

  38. A demon is not and was never an angel. Angels were created from light whereas Demons were created from smokeless fire.

  39. There isn't even a word exorcist in the bible. We are all supposed to cast out demons. To me the word exorcist is a title and a pride name. God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. This man needs to check himself being called an exorcist. We are all commanded to cast out demons. @10:10 that keyboard sound just made it sound like a horror movie. Eerie if you ask me

  40. I as a Holy Spirit filled Christian can decern this is completely all for show. They shouldn’t have reposted this . False witness. And I love Sid Roth’s show.

  41. I watched a few of Bob Larson's videos a while back. As soon as I learned that there's an envelope under every chair, and the audience is asked to give as much as they're willing to give. They're under the impression that if they give as much money as they can, God will choose them for deliverance that day. It reminds me of that preacher, I think Peter poffet was the name. The guy that gave away holy water and oil, and said it would only work if you gave him money to prove your faith. I can't believe any of this, because of the reaction I see from genuine people who view something that is a hoax. They claim to have felt all of these things that are divine, even the power of God in the room, but how can that be when we later learn it was a fraud putting on a show? It's all psychological, and there are no literal demons, or fallen Angel's that live inside of your head. It's obvious that you cannot trust feeling or emotion, and without that, no one knows God, cuz 99.9 percent of people only describe the feeling as God, or affirmation of God's presence. The other .1 percent are the con men convincing the rest of the lot that there's logic to their belief, because if you can't trust in your own eyes, what can you trust?

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