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Even More In Your Face: Confronting Tattoo Prejudice (Face Tattoo Documentary) | Real Stories

– I’m cute as hell. I think people are really
gonna wanna engage with me. – [Woman] So, I hope you like it. – Do I look badass? Oh, what the fuck? Oh my god, these kids are full on staring at me like I’m a piece of shit. People are walking past
me and can me see upset and don’t even give a– (upbeat percussive music) – Excuse me? My phone ran out of battery
and I really need to… These people who do tattoos
with meaning in their bodies, I don’t. I just wanna be blue. This is my second body suit,
I have tattoos all over, and I’m going black now. I just wanted to go and
do it again, all over. People stare sometimes,
especially the older generation, which I completely understand because I look like a nutcase. – Brownies, guys? In reality I’ve got close to £20,000 worth of ink on my skin and I’m
going to probably have 20 to £30,000 more before I’m finished. Growing up I came from a rough town, so it was a lot of drinking and drugs and setting stuff on fire, or finding something else to do. I ended up being homeless
for about a year, and it’s definitely helped
me be who I am today. – Ooh, no, that look was not good. She was daggering. I think if I had a face
tattoo and I showed my mum, that would be the biggest no-no. She’d probably kick the shit out of me. Oh my god, I got my first
tattoo when I was 18, and it was £30. You’ll never get that now. If you put a face tattoo
on me and I went out into the streets and I
had a negative reaction, I think that would make me want one more. (dramatic music) I’m gonna go out on the
streets now and see if, without any face tattoos, anyone would let me borrow their phone. I think I’m gonna do a lot
better than Johnny and Lilly. Because of the way they look, in their mind subconsciously
they’ve already built this barrier, and I think people can feel the vibe off them. – Excuse me? I’m a bit lost, I’m
trying to find my friends, and my phone’s died. Is there any chance I
could borrow your phone just for a quick phone call? – I’m afraid it’s in my office, sorry. – No problem dude, thanks. – Since the moment I decided
I wanted to be a tattoo woman I’ve always been confident
with my own skin. Always. Excuse me guys, I just ran out of battery and I need to make a phone call, is there any chance I
can borrow your phone? I just ran out of battery and
I need to make a phone call, can I borrow your phone? – Sorry. – Sorry to be a massive
pain but my phone just died and I’m meeting my friend and
I don’t know where they are, is it alright if I use your phone? You don’t have to, it’s fine. – No it’s okay. – Are you sure? Thank you, sorry. – Just use my phone, yeah, that’s fine. – Yeah like I said, I’m literally just meeting them here anyway. Thank you so much, you lovely. Hi, I’m nearby. – Do you have the number? – Yeah yeah yeah I have the number. Is that alright? Thank you. You’re a (bleep) lifesaver. Sorry to swear at you. – Trying to find someone to help me. Dick. Excuse me? Excuse me? You know I like the fact
that I walk down the street and I have people whispering about me or staring at me and saying things. The worst reaction I’ve
had to my face tattoos is I got jumped coming home from
work at five in the morning. Three guys that were
quite drunk came up to me and the first one was saying
stuff about my face tattoos, and his friends jumped in and started throwing punches at me and stuff. Yeah I came home and I was
pretty beaten and battered, and I definitely think that’s because they were drawn to me because
of the way that I looked. I had my first face tattoo when I was 19. I have a noose here that
has a lot of meaning to me. It’s as a reminder to me
say gone through dark times but I don’t have to
feel like that anymore. I have hope, because no matter
what situation I’ve been in, I always seem to land on my feet. So I’ve always had hope. My phone’s died, is
there any chance I could borrow your phone to just
give them a quick call? – My phone is out of battery I’m afraid. – Right, okay, no problem. Thank you. My phone’s died, is there any chance I could borrow your phone
for like a 30 second call to just ask where he is? – Yeah. – Thank you. – There you go. – Brilliant, thank you so much. – It’s alright, my good deed for the day. – So I’ve just asked about 20 people up and down the street if I could just borrow their phone just
to make a quick phone call and you’re the first person that stopped. What made you stop? – I think when I stopped I had
that few seconds of thought, am I gonna be threatened
in any way, you know? I wouldn’t wanna give
into that feeling of fear, because then I’m not
gonna be who I wanna be. – I did have one person stopping. Could I borrow your phone? – Sure. – Oh thank you so much. Which was rewarding. But the whole experience
was quite upsetting. I definitely do think more people will lend me their mobile phones if I look more average or approachable. But that’s the way human beings are. Sad. Growing up in Argentina
for me was very hard, people used to associate
tattoos with lowlife. I started getting tattooed
at very very young age. 14 years old. My mum consent to a very small tattoo that would be hidden. She can barely look at me in the eye. She doesn’t like them. My mum sent me to nun
school, believe it or not, so I grew up with nuns. Basically it was very straight,
so I was very repressed. And I moved to the UK 13 years ago. I get a lot of horrible
horrible comments on Instagram, and internet bullying, which I hate. And even though I look
really really confident, it destroys me inside, and I wish no one had to go through those things. The thing is like I did my ear stretchers because I had a tattoo
and I didn’t like it. So I just cut a chunk of my
ear and I put jewelry on. For me it’s not about
standing out but to show how badass I am. – They say never take
candy from strangers. Thank you. – That’s okay. (R&B music) – I think they’d probably
take one look at me and be a bit concerned about why is this guy giving away free food? Alright guys, do you want
to try some vegan brownies? – [Male] I’m alright
man, thank you though. – Alright. Brownies, guys? – I don’t even see my tattoos when I look at myself in the mirror, or when I take a picture with my friends, I realize when I look at
the picture I look mental. Hey guys, would you like
to try some brownies? – No. – Hey guys, would you like
to try some vegan brownies? – No. – Hiya, would you like to
try some vegan brownies? – It’s just giving away brownies, dude. You think it’d be a bit easier than this. Brownies, guys? – What is it? – It’s vegan brownies. – I’ll try one. – No, I swear to god. Fucking hell, did you hear that? He thinks he’s gonna get
stoned from the brownies. – Oh my god. Growing up in Leicester was really hard. Had a really strict mum, so
I wasn’t allowed out like … Once the streetlights were
on, that was it, you were in. She’s very paranoid. She’s seen a lot of bad things happen, like one of her best
friends were murdered. It wasn’t girls that bullied
me at school, it was boys. My mum used to tell me that
if boys are horrible to you they fancy you, but that’s bullshit, man. Quite a lot of them that
did give me a hard time do follow me on social
media and have tried to conversate with me, but
they don’t get a response. Ever. I actually don’t know how many
tattoos I have all together. It’s stupidly addictive. It’s so addictive. If I had the money that I wish I had, there would be no blank space ever. I haven’t really thought how
many face tattoos I want, I just know that I do want some. My tattoos really do help me. It’s like an armor, it’s like when you’re playing a video game and you have a character,
and you have to go around doing the missions, and
then when you upgrade, that’s what it’s like for me. Every time I get a new tattoo it’s like I’m upgrading my armor. So the more I add the stronger I feel and the more confident I feel. Do you guys wanna try
a vegan free brownie? They’re vegan. It’s like all natural
ingredients and stuff. – Oh my god they are good. – Yeah they are. Come and get your chocolate fix
that’s not really chocolate. – Okay. – Yeah go on, put some in his mouth. – Big one. – Oh that was so lovely. – That is amazing. – Don’t worry. – Great, see you later. – It went really well. A lot of people were engaging and asking what’s in them and stuff. It was really good, I really enjoyed it. Hopefully tomorrow when I have the tattoos people are still gonna be cool. – It was really frustrating. I didn’t think it’d be so hard to give free food away to people. Being covered up there’s
definitely gonna be a difference. – Do you guys feel like
you feel really welcome in this neighborhood and stuff? – It’s not that I felt unwelcome, I think it was more
the fact of if I was to live in an area like this I’d be ignored. – I feel a bit uncomfortable,
but not unwelcome. But apart from that I think
no, I would not live here. – [Della] Really? (upbeat music) – Hey guys. – Hey! How are you? – Yeah alright, yourselves? – [Della] Good! – [Lilly] Not bad, not bad. – So, how’s it been going? – Oh mate, I’ve smashed it. – She smashed it, nobody
wanted to speak to us. – So I guess, because I’ve been through
the same sort of thing, people are avoiding you like the plague. – Yeah. – Right. And I bet you’re getting all
the good reactions, right? – Oh yeah, people love me. – That little baby face. – [Della] Yeah, literally. – And you guys like, mhmm, avoid. – [Jonny] Exactly what I expected. – Totally, yeah. – So, you two are getting covered up, and you’re getting inked. – I’m getting, I’m getting
inked like all over. I’m wearing a skirt tomorrow so I’m gonna like put them everywhere. – How do you think people
are gonna treat you? What are you thinking, what
are you expecting after today? – Do you know what it is,
you know because in my mind I know that I can take
them off and it’s fake, I don’t think it’s
gonna affect me as much. – How do you think people
are gonna treat you? – I’m hoping because I’m so cute people will just be like, “Oh she’s fine.” – And you guys, you’re gonna have no ink. – I’m terrified. I’m terrified, I have
no memories of myself– – You’re gonna feel vulnerable? – Totally. – [Jonny] Yeah I feel like it’s gonna give me anxiety not having my tattoos. – I have no memories of
myself with clear skin. – From being there before, it’s horrible. – What was the reveal like? What was like going
through your initial mind? – It was shocking, I actually felt ill. Like my stomach was doing flips, I was like ugh, it’s not me. I’m that avatar looking guy. – That’s a really good
analogy actually, yeah. – I’m very very scared of it. – Yeah, good luck guys, it’ll be awesome. – What is it exciting– – Oh yeah you’re gonna have so much fun, you’re gonna have so much
fun, it’s gonna be cool. (percussive music) – I’m looking forward to
seeing how people react once I have no visible tattoos. What is that? Is it alcohol? – It’s a stringent. – Oh, because some of this is healing, that’s why when you put it on I was like oh it burns so much. – And then we’ll put the red on top. Not red but like the pink. Sorry, I feel like
inappropriate going down here. – Don’t worry, I’m always with my boobs
out when I get tattoos. Since I sat here I feel like I’m gonna cry because I’m thinking about
myself with no tattoos. – Oh no! – Aww. – It makes me really sad. – Are we okay to do the earrings? – My ears were really fatty. – Funny? – No, fatty. Like little mushy things. – That’s us finished now. – Cool. I hate it. I really do. I worked so hard to look the way I look, and it was so much pain and struggle. I just feel like I’m
not looking at myself. I feel I’m looking at someone else. This is not how I wanna look. At all. – I haven’t seen myself
without tattoos for six years. So I’d really like to see what it’s like to see myself with completely clean skin. I used to have horn implants as well but I’ve had them taken out. – You had what implants? – Horn implants. So is this just paint or is it … – This? This is actually a special
tattoo coverage paint, and it’s supposedly water
proof, smudge proof, you name it. You’re looking like really good. Yeah, happy. – I feel stiff. Fucking hell. That’s horrible. It’s not like looking
at myself in the mirror, it’s like looking at someone else. I don’t think people are
gonna notice me, at all. I think I’ll just fade into the background like most people do. For someone who’s legally
changed his middle name to demonic it doesn’t work, at all. – Oh my god. – Wow. – Check you out. What do you think? – I hate it. – So do I, welcome to my club. – You look like a geography
teacher or something. – Wow. – Wow it’s crazy. Especially because obviously
you’ve got solid black as well. – I know and all these
ones on you are gone. It’s so well done as well, I love it. I love it but I don’t. – Do you feel like something’s missing or? – Yeah, my personality. (laughter) Have you seen Della yet? – No I’m really excited to see her though. – Me too, I can’t wait. – Do you think she’s gonna
like having face tattoos? – I think they’ll definitely suit her, her personality, because
she’s so out there. – I’ve got a selection of tattoos here. – Would these be too big or do you think they’re quite daring? – They are quite big. – Quite big. They might take up most of your forehead. – I literally just wanna have
like this whole face covered. Just little gaps, little gaps. (upbeat techno music) – Beautiful. – I don’t know how I feel about this. – I really like it actually. – Yeah. – Relax your face, put your head up. Are you looking forward
to seeing yourself? – I’m really nervous. I’m scared. – Are you? – Because I’ve had it in my head now that I want face tattoos,
so if I look in the mirror and I don’t like it as much as I’d like to then I really am gonna be like peeved. – That’s finished now. So I hope you like it. – Do I look better? – I think they look really cool. – Do feel badass. Super super badass. Oh what the fuck? That’s so weird. Oh my god, that doesn’t even look like me. I think the red rose is fucking sick. That’s really fucking cool. I think I would go that big. I think I would have it this big, I think I’d have it more
curved around my eyebrow. Because it just gets rid
of the fucking forehead, like no one wants to put makeup on their forehead in the morning. Now I just want a face tattoo. Boo! – Oh my gosh! – Yo! – Oh, look! – Do you like it? – They’re perfect. – Do you like it? – They really suit you, look at your neck. – I love you both but you look terrible. – So do you feel any
different with these tattoos? – I don’t think I’ll get
… I don’t know, like … I feel like the reaction might
be the same as yesterday, because of who– – Really? – Just because of who I am. What do you think? Do you think people are
gonna be different with me? – Well I don’t know because
now I’m looking at you I think you look (bleep) awesome. (dramatic music) – Excuse me mate? I’m a bit lost and I’m
trying to find a mate of mine for a meeting and my phone’s dead, is there any chance I
could borrow yours quickly just to give him a quick
call and see where he is? Thank you so much. – Are you busy? Could you help me please? – We’re kind of busy. – That’s fine, don’t worry. It’s fine, don’t worry. Excuse me? Are you busy? – Yes, sorry. – Oh okay, sorry. It’s alright, I just wanted to call my
friend because my phone died. The (bleep) you looking
at me like that for? Oh my god, what a knob. Full on looking at me
like I’m a piece of shit. Excuse me? Oh fuck you then. – Is there any chance I could
borrow one of your phones just to call my mate
and see where he’s at? – Oh definitely, sure. There you go. – Brilliant, thank you so much. That’s his phone number. I was just wondering if
you could call him for me and tell him that I’m here? Maybe he can meet me or something. – Oh god. Right, tell me the number. – It’s 0 double … What made you stop to
let me borrow your phone? – Well you look quite nice. – Would you like to see a photo of what I normally look like? – Yes, go on. – So this is what normally look like. – It’s like all your
character’s been taken away. – Excuse me, my phone just died and I need to make a phone call, is there any chance I can borrow yours? – Sorry, I need to– – That’s okay, no problem, thank you. Excuse me, my phone just died
and I need to call my friend. I did expect more people to stop because today I look more like
I blend into society. I don’t know what put people off today. – Could I use your phone or are you busy? – I don’t have it with me, I’m sorry. – That’s fine, don’t worry. No no no, it’s fine. Thank you for stopping though. Yeah she (bleep) lied, I’ve
just seen her holding her phone. I can feel myself like welling up. She literally just avoided me completely. I’m actually shaking I’m getting so angry. I might need a minute, guys. I need a minute. I need a minute, guys,
I’m so upset right now. It’s really opened my eyes a bit. It’s really really changed
my opinion on things. Just I didn’t think … I was very confident that it didn’t matter if I had face tattoos. I thought if I had face tattoos or not people would still wanna engage with me, because of how I am and
the way I speak, but no. People literally looked at me but they’re not looking in my eyes, they’re looking around my eyes, and they’re just like
completely different with me. – When someone said no to me today they were polite enough
to say, “Sorry I can’t,” or something like that, whereas yesterday a lot of people just put their hand up to me
and blanked me completely. (upbeat music) – Do you guys wanna try a vegan brownie? – No thanks. – No? – No thanks. – Hi, do you wanna try
some vegan brownies? – Thank you. – No problem. – Nice isn’t it? – Would you like to try some? Would you like to try some? – Yeah, I’ll take some for my wife. Thank you very much. – Definitely getting
better reactions this time. People actually have been
polite, which is cool. – Would you like some? – Yes, always. – Good, they are vegan. Would you like a brownie? – Yeah go on then. – Go for it. – Cheers, thank you. – Bye bye. – Would you like to try a vegan brownie? Okay arse hole. Fucking dickhead. Arr. Do you guys wanna try a vegan brownie? Oh that really wound me up
the way he looked at me. Everyone wanted one yesterday. Everyone. Do you wanna try a vegan brownie? He just literally gave me a hand signal. – I definitely felt more
approachable like this, but it doesn’t mean that’s
something I’m happy about. My tattoos for me are a bit of protection from society, I’d say. So being approachable to
me isn’t such a good thing. I’ve put an ad out on a flat sharing site to see if someone’s
willing to share a flat with a complete stranger
who’s covered in tattoos. Hi. – Hi. – Jonny, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you, Velvet. – Velvet? – Yeah. – That’s an interesting name. – Thanks. – What are your thoughts of possibly living with a complete stranger? – Oh it’s absolutely fine. Like at the moment I
live with eight people. – Hey, how are you? – How are you doing, you alright? – My name is Lilly, lovely to meet you. – Nice to meet you, Harvey. – Harvey. – Are there any like definite no-nos? – I like people that are tidy. – So how old are you? – I’m 18 at the moment. – 18? Jesus. – It’s surprising innit? – You look older, but not in a bad way. – I’ve got one other person
that I just want to talk to. – Okay. Very nice to meet you. – Yeah you too. – What kind of dogs do you like? – Big ones. – [Harvey] Big ones? – Yeah. – If you could describe the
worst roommate to ever have. – The worst roommate is
somebody that’s loud, somebody that doesn’t
respect your privacy. – I am really hot, like, I have to … What about tattoos, do
you have any tattoos? Shall I show you a picture of myself? – Okay then. – You look terrified right now. – No show me. – That’s me. – No way! – What do you think? – Is that your actual? – Yeah, these are my tattoos. – Nah. – [Lilly] Yes. – So I’m gonna show you something. So this isn’t me at all. I’m actually covered from
head to toe in tattoos. I’m a tattoo artist. – Okay. – So I’m pretty heavily tattooed. – I like tattoos. – [Harvey] Does it bother you at all or? – No it doesn’t. I have a tattoo and
I’m trying to get more. Like not, I wouldn’t get a face tattoo. – If I brought a bird around
she’d get scared and run away. (laughter) – So, as you can tell I haven’t been completely honest with you. We’re not filming a documentary about people trying to find a
flat or somewhere to live, we’re filming a documentary about prejudice towards people
with facial tattoos. – I don’t have a problem with it at all. I think it’s amazing. – [Lilly] Would you move with me? – I would yeah, honestly, like … – Awesome. – I mean it’d be great, I
mean no one would burgle us. (laughter) That’s for sure. I think it’s great that
someone’s like this because it just shows that everyone’s got their own kind of way of expressing their feelings and emotions. I wouldn’t do it personally. I would get a tattoo but I wouldn’t get something that crazy. – I literally had the
biggest melt down earlier, and it was horrendous. But that’s how I felt and
that’s how people made me feel. So I’m glad that you captured it. – I think it has been
an amazing experience, that I got to know people
and myself much better. – No, it’s not put me off
having face tattoos at all. – I have no regrets, only memories. – The fact that random
people who I don’t even know had that impact on me was ridiculous. No one’s ever made me feel like that, not even close friends and family. And that really affected me. – One thing that I’ll take away
from today is the fact that I know how much I love my tattoos now. And I’ll never want to get rid of them. – Go on! (cheering) (relaxed music) – I’d much rather be
able to just rub them on.

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  27. The UK must suck. I live in Oregon USA and Im covered. My face and whole head is tattooed and no one stares at me. I own a food cart and my customers love me. Old ladies dont even look twice at me. The UK is like 15 yrs behind us.

  28. I really feel like this experiment is kinda biased, if some stranger is asking to use my phone 9 times out of 10 it's so they can sprint off with it (i've experienced this) so i'd be hesitant regardless of whether they have tattoos or not.

  29. The red haired girl wth our without tattoos have kind of shity personality. When she had the face tats she acted more cocky and different as if expected of people to reject her, and they did.

  30. Dear Della i I had a feeling you was pregnant befotr yo u put the fake tattoos on ur face than I was confused but ur blouse around ur waste and you burst in years than I thought ,yess.When you have tattoos in ur face, the expression is gone. And the first impression is ur face, I am happy thart you could try it out
    SUC6 MOM <2<B
    Hoorayyy i had my 1st tattoo in 2014 with 1 of my gaughters, I was 44 a huge cross with uhm the Catholic I forgot the English word
    Greetings ftom the Netherlands

  31. They're not saying no because they've got face tattoos, they're saying no because the brownies are vegan. 😆
    Edit: Many boys DO tease, even bully, girls who they like. It's because when we are kids we don't know how to, or are too shy to, express ourselves and our feelings properly. It's a sad thing, but it is how we are. Now some boys will pick on girls just to be mean, but still it is very true that guys mess with girls they like when they're little. We're goofy like that.

  32. Don’t blame ppl for this. In countless movies and TVs, ppl with large amount of tattoos are portrait as anti-social norms or dangerous. And if u want to be a minority, u should accept the fact that ppl from major might not be accept u at first sight.

  33. Just people screaming for attention "Look at me" I mean really how often does one sit around looking at their face in a mirror for no reason? This world is really getting messed up.

  34. Every single person doing this experiment here is ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL…I would've given the guy my phone.

    …and I would've left him with my number…🖤😏

  35. Daaaammm THAT guy!! He is bearded . He is just lush! 😍😍

    The dark hair chick… she looks like she needs a good wash. She looks dirty 😑😑

    The red hair girl? Lolol pathetic! No tattoos can fix her inner confidence and that attitude!

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