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Esthetician Joanna Czech’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

– When I have a good show to watch, I just go to bed with my massager. I call it, Netflix friendly. (upbeat music) This is my nighttime routine but this is tonight’s routine. If I feel congested I
would use oil cleanser. Oil dissolves oil with the super purifying treatment. If my skin is completely
bare throughout the day and I want to only basically
refresh at the nighttime before I go with following steps, I would use a light foam. If I have makeup I will use usually milky or a creamy cleanser. Tonight I will be using a creamy cleanser but I will also add I need to be careful with the products
because of my skin condition. And I love referring to skins as conditions as opposed to types. I spend, as many of you know, a lot of time on a plane,
so it is quite dehydrated. And I do have stage one Rosacea. Skin gets easily reactive. This is the cleanser that
I’m going to use tonight. It’s a milky cleanser. I put a little bit of it on my hand and then mix with water. (water running) And remove it with my washcloth. Now I’m ready for my second step, a step that many people
misunderstand, toners. Very often toners are considered as a second cleansing step but that’s really a very
first treatment step. So I recommend washing face
as long as you need to wash it until your washcloth or
cotton is completely clean and definitely treating toner
as your first treatment step. That’s usually hydrating
or pH controlling. I’m going to use tonight
pH controlling toner. Apply a little bit of it on my hands and then with this press, release motion, my face, neck, and décolletage. Don’t forget that your face starts with the nipples and
ends in your hairline. Always treat neck and décolletage. My third step tonight, tonight and every night, it’s Super Potent Serum by Dior. It is my absolutely favorite because it’s all about cell energy here and that’s what I strongly believe in. If anything is happening for sure now, our cells are losing energy as we speaking so it is so important to reenergize it and the flower complex, floral flower complex here, it just simply works. I applied a few drops on my hands, warmed it up slightly. Again, apply all over the face and then slide, press, release motion. I can’t believe how many people forget still about nighttime routine. Your skin is about 60% more potent to absorb everything during rejuvenation and relaxation time. Just preparing your skin at the nighttime and I’m not talking even about face only, about talking at the whole body. 25% of your immune system
is in your skin so, so important is to, as I say, to rinse the streets and don’t
bring them to the sheets. My fourth step is an eye cream. Just warm it up slightly between my middle and ring finger. And please don’t worry about that area. Just press, release, and
you can be quite firm. I like getting close to my lashes. Make sure that my eye creams
are comforting enough, there’s no burning sensation,
no worries about it. Work on the weaker areas. My final step tonight is a
Dior cream from Capture Totale. That’s the product that I warm up in my hands a little longer to release all those active ingredients. And this moisturizer definitely feels like you are immersing your face in a cloud. With my English, I could not
describe it any other way. Application of the cream, I very often finish within the hairline with the muscles really and I always incorporate a little massage movements wherever I can. When my clients leave their treatment, I try with my recommendations and all the prescriptions that we create for every client, I try recreate professional
treatment as much as I can. My own facial massager
is one of the tools that I strongly recommend that
mimics basically manual massage. They are micro-current tools that they create more targeted
muscle stimulation. And then LED therapies which
I so strongly believe in. Especially using red LED light. And I think those three are my favorites. They are micro-needling
treatments that they work, they simply speed up
penetration of a product by creating micro-funnels in your skin so product penetrates faster and deeper. When I have sometimes
more energy or more time, I use various masks and
then again, depending, sometimes it could be brightening. Usually at the nighttime
I go for hydrating. And this is my routine for tonight. Thanks for watching. (relaxing music)

32 thoughts on “Esthetician Joanna Czech’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

  1. Gorgeous video thank you for sharing your routine.. I have a skincare channel and review videos like this so check it out and let me know what you think.. Love this channel xx

  2. I really really hate it when people let the water run while washing their face or brushing their teeth…people, water are so precious…don't waste it like there is a unlimited supply

  3. no offense but she looks so old for her age, even though she is an esthetician and treats her skin, and gets botox… shes only 56

    Edit: since many of you say she looks her age… it was just that my mom who is the same age as her looks half her age. Most asian women do.

  4. I'm surprised an esthetician is using jars of creams as I always thought they don't keep ingredients stable? Anyway, you can definitely tell the power of massage – she has great definition/tone in her face 🙂 . I'd like to have seen more of her routine (she mentions LED/micro/masks etc.) to get a full sense of what she does.

  5. when she dried her face with her cloth it got dirty because of the foundation that she couldn’t cleanse…

  6. Finally NOt a perfect-baby-skin routine. Thanks Vogue from all of us who actually Do need those skin care tips.

  7. We can clearly see she's being firm around her eyes.. wrinkles don't come from nowhere. That's very bad advice she gave..

  8. FINALLY someone that uses the same toner as I do! If that’s the original 1970 then amen. That stuff is the bomb. Smells wicked but it is the best and will forever be in my skincare routine. 🤔

  9. I think she’s a beautiful woman! Every face is different, and every dermatologist or aesthetician is different and going to have different advice, techniques, prescriptions etc. To judge an aesthetician’s ability doesn’t reflect on their own face but on the face of their clients! It’s like the saying, mechanics drive crappy cars, housekeepers have the messiest houses, cooks for a living don’t cook at home. Massage is incredible for your face and she does incorporate that.

  10. Her skin is beautiful! You can’t tell a difference between her in makeup and bare faced! She’s evenly toned, no visible hyperpigmentation, sunspots etc.

  11. Im gonna need dermatologists and aestheticians to agree. Transepidermal water loss is real. Isnt it? Dr. DRAY says showering everyday is bad for your skin and fragrance and essential oils in skincare.

  12. If she's over 70, then I bet this worked. If not, her skin ain't good for a aesthetic Ian in her mid 50's .

  13. Be more gentle since you have Rosacea. I can see you turning red and I have it also so I'm gentle with my face. Your skin looks great!

  14. Its clearly an free advert for dior skincare and biologique.. And dior has not good skincare at all.

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