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Episode 3: Face Off – Backstage at THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA with Ben Crawford

(orchestral music) – Hello, and welcome to
this week’s edition of “Face Off.” This week on “Face Off,”
I’m going to be doing impromptu interviews with
some of my castmates. It’s going to be amazing. So, sit down and get ready. This week also, we’re
scaring Terence, as usual. This week’s scary word
that will frighten him is going to be types of fruit. – [Terence] What a weirdo. – [Ben] Kumquat!
– (gasps) – Again, turn that. – [Ben] An impromptu interview, impromptu interview!
(Eryn screaming) Impromptu interview, impromptu interview. Impromptu interview, impromptu interview. Eryn–
– (laughs) Okay, I’m ready. – Eryn, Eryn, how are you?
– Hit me with some questions. – I did, how are you?
– I’m doing great! – (neighs) – I’m so happy to be here right now. – [Ben] Good, good, good, good, good. Eryn, what did you do yesterday? And don’t lie. – Yesterday, I went to the gym. – Yeah, yass!
– I do my workout at the gym. – Yass honey.
– It was great. My strength training and conditioning. – [Ben] Ooh, and conditioning. – ’cause that’s like, ’cause
that’s like, really important. – [Ben] So is the
strength like the shampoo, and then the conditioning is
just like the conditioner? – Yes, that’s exactly what it is. One of my roommates just
got back from vacation. So we went out to dinner last night, at this restaurant called Oso. Which was really good, it’s
a Mexican food restaurant. – [Ben] Is it, oh so good? – It is– (laughs) – [Ben] This has been
an impromptu interview! – [Eryn] (laughs) – [Ben] Are you ready? For an impromptu interview,
impromptu interview! Impromptu interview.
– How dare you? – [Ben] No, impromptu interview. Guys it’s Meghan, it’s Meghan Picerno. How’s it going, how is your day today? – Oh good, it was good. I worked out. – [Ben] Oh, where did you work out at? – At the Shequinox. – [Ben] Ooh! – Ooh!
– (laughs) The Shequinox! I like that name.
– (laughs) Yeah, I steamed. – [Ben] Ooh, I should have steamed today. I should have done that.
– Yeah, it was good, Oh man, that thing’s just like (vocalizes) – (laughs)
– What, the camera? – Yeah. (laughs)
– You mean filming you? – It scared me more that
you were sitting there– – [Ben] And I was like “Are you ready?” – Like a meerkat.
– And you were like “For what” Like “meep meep meep, meep meep!” – Okay, I’m ready, I’m ready.
– That’s a meerkat face. – I’m ready, wait I’ll put my- – [Ben] Well this is
it, we’re already in it. It’s too late now, we’re started. We’ve started the impromptu interview.
– Let me put my lights on! – [Ben] Oh yeah, get the lights on. Get the light, yes, yes. – Do we want like ah… – [Ben] Sure give us the
whole thing, give us-oh my. Oh my god it’s a beautiful
land of fairytales. – (laughs) – [Ben] Meghan what else did
you do today besides the gym? – That’s literally all I did. – [Ben] That’s fantastic though. – Yeah. Oh I, I started
a new series on Netflix. I’ve been binging a lot lately. – [Ben] Which one did you start? – Uhm, it’s an oldie actually. Outlander. – [Ben] Oh yeah. – Yeah. Whoever plays Jamie. Hello. (laughs wildly) – Do you hear that
Jamie? Do you hear that? – Look this is from you. – [Ben] Oh my God! That’s an amazing gift! – I know who would get this for me? – [Ben] Who would give
such an incredible gift? (deep voice) I would. – [Meghan] (laughs) – [Ben] Well Meghan, thank you so much for this impromptu interview. – You’re welcome. – [Ben] They’re short and
quick and fun, you know. – Oh, okay, very informative, great. (laughs wildly) – You guys wanna see something
kind of nerdy, but awesome? Globe of the moon. Now hear me out. Listen. Listen. Okay. Everyone is like colonize
Mars, colonize Mars. What about the moon, y’all? Point one, out of our atmosphere, okay. You don’t have to like
push (makes rocket noise) a rocket out of the atmosphere
and then fly to Mars, okay. Number two. I want to go
to the moon in my lifetime. I don’t care about Mars. Mars seems scary. It’s a very far trip. The moon is like a day, maybe. I want that to happen in my lifetime before the robots kill us, okay? So this is the new addition
to my dressing room. ♪A globe of the moon ♪ It has all the moon landings on it. And all these fun markings.
I’m going to learn all about the moon, and I’m gonna know the moon better than the earth. Which isn’t saying much, cause
I’m terrible at geography. But I can find Iran on the map. – [Ben] Craig are you ready? – [Craig] For what? – [Ben] For an impromptu interview, Craig. Ladies and gentlemen, Craig Bennett. – What in the hell? – It’s an impromptu
interview for “Face Off,” my Broadway.com vlog. – Face Off? – [Ben] Yeah, cause
like, the Phantom face. Craig, how are you today?
What did you do today? – Like a hockey face-off? – [Ben] Sure, if that’s
what makes you talk to me. How was your day today, Craig? – It was fantastic. – [Ben] Yeah? What was the highlight of
your day besides seeing me? – Uh, I uh, I put some Christmas decorations away. – [Ben] Oh it’s about that time right? – Yeah. – [Ben] Why do you have
such a agitated face? – I would, because you, because I’m-because you’re
pointing a camera at me. Here, here, wait a minute.
Let me try it again. (cheerfully) Hey Ben! – [Ben] Oh my god, Craig! – It’s so good to see you. – [Ben] (laughs) How are you? – This is amazing. – [Ben] You’re a breath
of sunshine, Mr.Man. – Did you get that for Christmas? – No, well I guess kinda.
– Best Christmas. – [Ben] Well thank you. (laughter) – [Ben] All right look
at this, look at this. All these fun places. Sea of Rains, Mare Imbrium. Here’s my favorite though. Sea of Cold. You’ll get the sniffles if you go there. (chuckles) – [Ben] Hey, John? – [Terence] No. – [Ben] John, are you ready? John-John? – [Terrence] No. – [Ben] John? What’s
he ready for? Oh, what? ♪Impromptu ♪ – [Ben] I’m not showing your underwear. I’m not showing your underwear. – [Terence] Please don’t. – [John] What are you wearing? – [Ben] I uh, cause, here’s the problem. I can’t show my makeup on camera. – So I just–
– Oh, so you bought that? – What I did is I– – I put my modesty robe– – I bought a stormtrooper
mask and I cut it out. – Oh you’re a stormtrooper. – [John] You’re just in time. Look. – [Ben] Wait is that my NASA cup? – No. – [Ben] Oh, you have one
too? Is that my NASA cup? – No. – [Ben] John, is that my NASA cup? – No. – That is my NASA glass. – [Ben] John what are you
doing? What are you drinking? – I’m drinking some
coffee that Craig Bennett and Bradley Dean made.
– Delish! – And we’re watching, um, final, what show is this? Wheel of Fortune. – [Ben] To poop? About to poop? – About to– – [Ben] Look it, P-O-O-P. About to poop. – [John] Right, I think you got it. – [Ben] I did. I did get it. John how was your break between shows? – It was so good. – [Ben] Like what was
your favorite part though? – Going to the gym. Working on my fitness. – [Ben] Oh, you went to the gym? – Yeah and I worked on my hair. – [Ben] I hate you. Ooh, now I’m really like robo-cop. (robot voice) Stop in the name of the law. I am robo-cop. Beep-boop bop. Shut up, Terence. Just shut your mouth. Raquel.
– Yes? – How are you doing today?
– So great. – [Ben] Fantastic. How
was your matinee show? – Oh fantastic. I mean probably one of the
best shows I’ve ever done. – [Ben] And we had a wonderful guest from across the pond today. – We did. We had Britt here
who’s our Carlotta in London. She’s amazing. – [Ben] She’s very cool. – She’s also like, way taller
than me, which is really cool. (chuckles) – [Ben] She’s good people. – She’s really good people.
I wish she lived here. – [Ben] What did you
do between shows today? – I had lunch with Britt, – [Ben] (gasps) Fantastic. – I watched a little TV up in my room. – [Ben] Nice, what did you watch? – Had a little chicken and rice. A little Food Network. – [Ben] Oh yeah. – It was like the pros versus
the cons to figure out who’s the real chef and who’s the fake chef. – Ooh, that sounds fun.
– Yeah it was very exciting. – [Ben] did you figure it out? – I didn’t, no. It’s always very tricky. – [Ben] They like to deceive you. – They really do. – [Ben] They like put
someone one and he’s like “I don’t look like a cook.” – I know and then it’s
like (trills tongue). – [Ben] What did he do? – (trills tongue) – Very deceiving.
– [Ben] He chopped the food. – Yeah. – [Ben] That’s pretty solid. – All right, well go
kill it, don’t kill me. – [Ben] Thanks. Ah, well you know the Phantom. Threaten women. Kill men. That’s my job. – Rude. – [Ben] Break a leg. – [Ben] Cantaloupes. – Oh shi- – Hey. Thanks for watching episode three of “Face Off.” You can check it out every
week here at Broadway.com, it comes out every Tuesday. We got many more episodes. Next week I’m gonna be
in town for a little bit. But then I’m going to
Baltimore to go sing with the Baltimore symphony so you’re
going to come with me, as I go do that and have a great time. So remember, every Tuesday check
out Broadway.com so you can take a look at the new episode of “Face Off.” (orchestral music)

34 thoughts on “Episode 3: Face Off – Backstage at THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA with Ben Crawford

  1. I recently received and IMMEDIATELY had exquisitely framed a signed (by the entire cast!) a full window poster for the 20th anniversary of Phantom! (now at 32 years??? Wow!) It is absolutely breathtaking! I went with an ornate carved dark wooden frame, with a charcoal gray mat, and a bright rose red thin inner mat! I wish I could share it with you all! It is on my wall next to my framed and signed poster for Wicked! I adore Broadway and have been in quite a number of productions (off off off off Broadway LoL) but Phantom and Wicked shine in my heart….May Phantom run another 32 years!!! Peace, Love, and Break a leg!!

  2. And by the way??? Impromptu interviews made me do a serious spit take!! There ain't NO people as crazy nuts as show people (and Ben? you ramp it up a notch!! ! XOXO

  3. I was looking through my Phantom playbill and realized that you played the Phantom when I went to see it! I can't believe it took me so long to remember that

  4. Great vlog! Can you have on-the-spot interviews with the musicans in the orchestra pit? Also, please scare Terence more! Lol

  5. What you expect: Average broadway backstage proceedings
    What you get: 8 minutes of the most chaotic interviews and Ben geeking out about the moon and somehow every second is glorious

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