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eng sub MY NIGHT TIME SKINCARE ROUTINE | Tereza Schneeberg

Hey everyone! Welcome to this video, in which I’ll show you my night time skincare routine. You will find all of the used products in the description box below. To start off, I’ll put hair off my face and the first step is to use a cleansing balm. These balms are good for removing any dirt deep inside your pores, makeup and sunscreen. I massage it into my face, but I personally don’t use it on eye makeup. Then I take dry and clean cotton round and wipe off the oil from the balm. I use the same cotton round from the other side and remove my eye makeup with micellar water. This is the only micellar water that doesn’t irritate my eyes so this is why I use it in this area. Micellar water is great in removing makeup and improving the quality of skin You can choose your micellar water according to your preferences – for sensitive skin, for removing waterproof makeup etc. The next step is to use a cleanser and this one is from my favorite korean brand Innisfree. This one contains mandarin peels which help to remove dead skin cells and brighten the skin. The benefit of using this type of cleanser is it removes any residue from previous products and makeup and also sebum. I dry my face carefully with a clean dry towel and I make sure that my skin is almost dry between every product. My favorite product is facial toner which is so important because it balances the skin’s pH levels after all the cleansing which prevents new acne from coming If you’re still here, drink a glass of water because hydration is so important and comment down below that you really drank the water 🙂 Next is vitamin C serum which helps brighten up the skin tone and fight the signs of aging. You can see here that my bathroom light is not in the best condition and I burned myself 😀 I like to pat in serums and creams more than to massage them in to make sure they absorb well. Following with an eye serum with caffeine in it which helps to brighten up the area and minimize the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. I use retinol in squalane twice a week which is a derivate form of vitamin A. It helps skin cell regeneration, fights against the signs of aging and brightens the skin tone. The next product is a derivate of vitamin C which evens out the skin tone, brightens it and minimizes redness. Using this you are at higher risk of harm from UV rays so always use a sunsreen in the morning. Next I apply moisturizer which is the most important step even if you don’t have dry skin. I haven’t mentioned it so far but my skin type is normal and a little dryer in the colder months. And of course, don’t forget to massage the moisturizer into your neck and décolletage. Equally important is an eye cream which helps tighten the skin and hydrates this delicate area. The last step in my skin care routine is some sort of eyelash and eyebrow serum. I’m using castor oil in this video. Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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  1. Takze Retinol neni jen na predpis, da se koupit i normalne? Nebo je to nejaka nizsi koncentrace?
    Jinak bozi video ❤️ bych na to nemela nervy delat tolik kroku 😂

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