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[ENG/INDO/FRA/THA] Knowing Bros – Ep. 133: Running Man’s Haha & Singer Noh Sa-yeon

Jang Hoon. Sang Min. – What? – Where are you? The residents of Yangpyeong are upset at you. – Why? – Why? – You’ve been benefiting… – The phone. Yes. It’s going crazy right now. – Key. – What are you talking about? – The phone? – Yes. My father said it was ridiculous. Each region has different situation. (You didn’t have a phone?) (Soo Geun said there was only a magnetic phone at the barber shop.) (The phone started the battle for truth.) (You’re saying we had to use the dial?) (My father should teach you a lesson.) (The truth was never revealed.) The thing is… he said he was in Grade 5 or 6. In 1985, 1986, Asian Games was held in Seoul. I remember calling my mom for 2 cents… – for umbrella. – Ask my father. He’s waiting. It’s connected to a mic. – My father’s waiting. – Is he your real father? As far as I know. – No. – As far as I know. That’s not what I meant. – Is he an actor? – Right. It could be an actor. – Are you sure? – I know his father’s voice. I’d know whether he hired an actor. Is it really your father? Let me see his number. – It’s my father. – He could be from “Surprise TV”. – An actor? – I actually shouldn’t… call him right now because he asked… for money for his trip, but I ignored him. Can he answer… – It’s the wrong timing. – Whether it was 1982… – or before. – Right. There was no phone where you turn its dials. Let’s say there was, but you wouldn’t pay a dollar for a phone call… when haircut cost 50 cents. No. That doesn’t make sense. There’s something more we have to find out. He always says he went to school with a book wrapper. I’ll let you get away with wearing straw shoes. – Anyway… – Straw shoes? He said he wore straw shoes to school. – I’ll let you get away with it. – Are you going to… – reveal that you had a topknot? – I said… I tried on straw shoes at my relative’s house. When did I say I wore them to school? You said you had a book wrapper and straw shoes. – 1985. – Be quiet. Talk about 1985. – My father. – No, it was 1982. – Be quiet. – I said 1985. The year doesn’t matter. (Calling Soo Geun’s father) He doesn’t pick up right away because he knows the show. – Almost… – Hello. – Father. – Yes. Are you back from Gangwon Province? Yes. I should’ve sent you money, but I couldn’t. – He really didn’t send it. – You said you couldn’t. You said you had no money to send me. – Father. Actually… – Come on. I didn’t have time to go to the bank. Are you home, Father? I’ll pass you to Ho Dong. – Father. – Yes. How are you doing in hot weather? Are you speaking English or Japanese? I can’t hear you. – “Speaking English.” – “English.” – Father. When Soo Geun was young… – In elementary school. When Soo Geun was in elementary school, did you have a phone in town that… you turn its dials? It’s magnetic. You have to turn the handle on the side. When you turn it, the operator is on. You have to tell the address and number, then she put you through. They picked up and put you through. – When was that? – It could take up to an hour. Sometimes it took more than an hour. How old was Soo Geun at the time? – He was in the fourth grade. – I was right. You planned it with him. – Come on. – Father. – What? – At the time, did you charge customers… 50 cents for a haircut? I charged them 25 cents. I couldn’t even charge them 50 cents. How much did you charge them for a phone call? Generous people paid a dollar, if not, they didn’t pay. Some people didn’t pay, but generous people paid a dollar? Of course. (Soo Geun was right.) Father. When Soo Geun was young, did he really use book wrapper? – I only used it once. – Back in the days, not many people had backpacks. So poor people carried books… – wrapped in clothes. – But… He’s mean. – Hold on. – He’s mean. – Father. – My backpack got wet. Soo Geun had a backpack, right? – He didn’t have one. – You’re so mean. – My dad’s right. – He said he did. Jang Hoon. My backpack… – Jang Hoon. It makes you weird. – I didn’t have it every day. – Gosh. – Father. Soo Geun… had his first chocolate… from the US army. That’s right. See? He said right. He said right to everything. – No. – I tried straw shoes once. Listen to your father. There used to be Team Spirit training… where US army and Korean army trained together. They used to ask for a chocolate to US army. (See? What did I tell you?) I’ve only read it in history books. – Father. – Soo Geun struggled so much. Before we hang up, Soo Geun said… he wore straw shoes to school. There weren’t people who make straw shoes back then. So we used to walk barefoot. – “Barefoot.” – Barefoot. Still… – Still… – Father. – Father. – Yes. My uncle used to… make straw shoes. Yes. People are talking about… my experience of trying them on. – He walked barefoot. – Father. What kind of son is Soo Geun? What should I say? I love him when he gives me money. He’s disgraceful when he doesn’t. (Soo Geun’s father’s witty answer) – Right. – Father. I’ll visit you with my friends this summer. Take care. – Take care. – Take care. I’ll call you. Yes. It was all true. – You’re mean. – You’re weird. Seriously. – Actually… – Explain. The place he lived in… – is further in Yangpyeong. – It’s right under the mountain. – It’s in the mountains. – It was only 2 cents. Why can’t you trust him? Why can’t you trust him? (Today’s transfer students enter.) (Smiling) (He follows Sa Yeon shyly.) Get up. You’re amazing. Give it up for her. Give it up for her. (They greet more than usual.) – Hi, guys. – Hi. I pay for meals… I eat well… I’m from Pretty High School where people eat well. I’m from Pretty High School. (Noh Sa Yeon is from Pretty Sister High who eats well.) I’m Noh Sa Yeon. I’m as strong as a buffalo… and as pretty as a gentle deer. Hi. (Nice to meet you, Sa Yeon.) – Buffalo. – Buffalo. – Buffalo. – It suits her. – Hi. – Hi. I’m Haha transferred from… Check High to check whether the rumor… on Ho Dong that he’s become nice is true. Nice to meet you. High school names are getting longer. Are you two really close? – We’re close. – We’re close. I knew Haha even before he became a celebrity. Z-kiri. We lived in the same apartment building in Dongbuichon-dong. Yes. We lived in the same building. Haha told me when he was in high school. “Hello. I’m going to be a celebrity.” “I’m going to be a celebrity. I’m Haha.” Haha’s mom said her son’s going to be a celebrity. Ok Jung? Am I supposed to talk down or what? – We talk down. – We talk down. Okay. I don’t mind. Hee Chul. I wanted to hear you calling me Sa Yeon. Then can I talk down to you, Sa Yeon? – Yes. – Okay, Sa Yeon. It feels nice. You can talk down too, Kyung Hwan. – Kyung Hwan? – Kyung Hwan? – Who’s Kyung Hwan? – You thought he’s Heo Kyung Hwan? – Kyung Hwan’s not here. – Give me a name tag. He is Kyung Hoon. You should understand me. I’m sorry, Kyung Hoon. – Yes. Nice to meet you. – It’s all good. MFS. Is she younger than you? My friend, Sa Yeon. – Oh, not my sister, Sa Yeon? – MFS? You’re my friend, Sa Yeon. – We were both super babies. – Really? How much did you weigh when you were born? 4.8kg. – How about you? – That’s a super baby. – How about you? – I was born at home. They couldn’t weigh me. I’m sure I weighed around 5 to 6kg. – I was 4.9kg when I was born. – What? – You were a super baby too? – Don’t lie. Really? I had two front teeth and a parting. He’s lying again. – I’m serious. – Really? He wasn’t born in Korea. – Really? – He was born in Germany. I was in German news that a super baby was born. Really? You were a super baby, but… This is my height from when I was three. (Short and thick growth period) What happened? That’s his height from Germany. “Height from Germany.” We might call your mom too. – Don’t lie. – I’m serious. Super babies… eat unusual since we were young. Yes. My mom fed me meat juice for baby food. Meat soup. – We should call her mom. – What did you eat for baby food? I asked my mom. – I didn’t have baby food. – Then? I ate doenjang jjigae before I was a year old. – Come on. – I’m serious. – Come on. – I’m serious. – Come on. – I ate doenjang jjigae. – Hey. – Come on. I had two bowls of rice. I ate doenjang jjigae. The baby will get sick from eating something so salty. I highly respect you, but you’ve gone too far. How can you eat doenjang jjigae and two bowls of rice? It’s not boiled-down doenjang. This is why we can’t trust their childhood stories. Did you add chili pepper? I never had baby food. I ate doenjang jjigae and kimchi jjigae since I was youjng. Until my mom gave birth to me, she ate 100 chickens in town. – What? – 100 chickens. – How far are we going today? – Why? Because she was weak? She suffered from morning sickness, but she craved for chicken. She ate them all that there were no chickens in town. So when I was born, I was soaked in chicken fat. I don’t know how much of it is true. Because we called Soo Geun’s father, I don’t know how much of it is true… – and false. – We should all call parents. “She was soaked in chicken fat.” Because I was soaked in chicken fat, my mom was able to give birth safely… – to me who weighed 4.8kg. – Safely. At a hospital? I was born at a hospital. I set a new record, so everything was free. – Really? – They didn’t charge her. Until I grew up, on my birthday, – my mom got sick. – Why? I guess the pain of giving birth to me was big. So I gave more presents to my mom on my birthday. Is that your old uniform? Yes. I’m still the same. – It looks good on you. – This is for spring and autumn. Is that your Chuncheon Girl’s High School uniform? – Yes. – Really? – When you went to school? – Yes. You went to the home of dakgalbi? Yes. I have something to do with chickens. – She has something with chickens. – Also, I was born in the Year of the Chicken. – Really? – Really? She can also mimic a rooster. – Right. – Right. – A rooster. – What is that? (Crowing) (Everyone’s laughing at the appearance of a rooster.) You start with a chicken and end with a chicken? I’ve seen it like 1,000 times, but it’s still funny. – Every time I see it. – Her crow is good too. What’s crow? Have you seen it? – Crow? – It’s hilarious. (Screaming) What is that? What kind of skill is that? You were just yelling, weren’t you? – Aren’t you just warming up? – It’s funny. Show me the elephant. How is she going to do it? Watch. (Get ready.) (Roaring) – What is that? – What is that? – What is that? – She’s just doing it. It’s not any different from a crow. – Crow? – Crow please. Crow please. (Wild animal in the area) It’s pretty addictive. – Yes. – It’s hilarious. You can’t stop asking for the rooster. When I see her smiling, she reminds me of my mom. – They look alike. – They look alike. – They look alike. – That reminds me, when I laugh at home, my son says, “You look like Haha’s mom.” I was surprised. Haha. Is that a compliment? I want to ask you. Hey. She’s still my mom. What does that suppose to mean? It’s a compliment. Why do you ask? – I’m sorry. – That’s cute. I’m sorry. Hey. Do you have any food? – She’s already hungry. – Suddenly? I only have water. Would you like this? It’s the first time getting bread during class. Because you made me show many tricks. – Did we? – Are you tired already? “Many tricks.” – Eat, Sa Yeon. – Okay. When Haha walked in, he said… Ho Dong’s become nice. Are you Ho Dong’s victim or a beneficiary? If you watch shows such as “Star King”… – and other shows, – “Star King”. there are Kang Ho Dong’s victims. – Right. – Yes. They all argue they’re victims, but they shouldn’t call themselves victims… – just for a few scoldings. – Why? I’m not sure if it’s okay to say it. A few scoldings? Ho Dong hit me. (Ho Dong hit me.) Don’t lie. – I can’t take this anymore. – No? – Seriously. – Hey. – Hey. – Hey. Did I really hit you? – I hit you? – You did. People who have gotten… abused by him formed a group. – It’s called PBK. – What is PBK? What does it stand for? “People Who Got Beaten by Kang Ho Dong.” (It’s a group of people who got beaten by Ho Dong.) – My goodness. – There are a few of us. Chairman. Soo Geun. I’m not part of it. You are part of it. – No, I am not. – Soo Geun formed the group. I have never done that. I’ve never done that. Don’t do a sketch. The atmosphere is becoming strange. – You have to stop yourself. – It’s true. There’s such group. What do you do in that group? Do you treat each other’s wounds? Soo Geun is active in mobile area. Mobile. There are people who meet up regularly. Can you tell us who they are? Can I say it? – Sure. – Tell us. When Ho Dong was on “One Night Two Days”, he came out as his best friend. He’s a famous designer named Mr. Park Kwang. Did he beat a designer too? Kwang… – His nickname is Rice Noodles. – Why? He got beaten with rice noodles. – And my nickname is Watermelon. – Why are you Watermelon? I got beaten in the summer. – Did you? – I got beaten in the summer. There’s the CEO of Mystic Entertainment. – He is Mr. An. – I know him. He is Rakkyo Zuke. – Why is he Rakkyo Zuke? – The pickle, you mean? It’s because he got beaten in a Japanese bar. (That’s why he got a Japanese nickname.) There’s such a group. – He must’ve hit your lightly. – No. No. – He’s a great man. – It’s our first time hearing it. He was worried that we would go into a wrong direction. Sa Yeon is the living witness of “Star King”. She was with Star King ever since the start, and she was on the show for the longest time. I am just like Haha. – Did you get beaten too? – I can’t help you. I am a victim too. – What happened? – What happened? No way. I became really old because of Ho Dong. – Why? – Why? Before Ho Dong became a big-time host, we finished filming a 1-hour program in about 2 hours. But ever since Ho Dong joined, the shoot lasted for 8 to 9 hours. He was so healthy that… – Right. – so he just dragged it long. I was doing my best. He made sure we got the best possible outcome. I was okay with other things. But… we had to sit on a stool. – Everyone had the same one. – Right. I didn’t get any special treatments, despite being older than him. Hee Chul sat on the same chair I was sitting on. After nine hours of shoot, who would be more tired? You should’ve been more considerate. Why do you make the shoot last for such a long time? Is it because you don’t want to go home? Why are you sweating? – I… – He’s making things up. And that’s making me upset. Wipe your sweat. It makes you seem guilty. – I can’t believe this. – I… once became curious. – What is it? – After taking a few years off, – I went on “Star King”. – He did. I was in 2009. For the first time on a variety show, I saw… a guest leaving in the middle of the shoot. “I’ll get going now.” That person left, and a new guest came in. – Was he too tired? – He had another gig. I asked, “How can the guest leave in the middle of the shoot?” And people said busy people leave first… because they don’t know when the shoot will end. – Right. – That’s when I first realized it. When you watch the show, guests change. – The guests change. – You see new people. Watch out. Ho Dong might hit someone. Sa Yeon, his fist is as light as cotton. – He’s not who he once was. – The tiger’s lost all his teeth. – But he was there all along. – I was really surprised. – Right. I was surprised. – By the way, Shin Young came here last time, and she said something about it. She was copying Ho Dong. “Don’t get tired. Don’t get tried.” “It’s 3am right now, but it’s 6pm for the viewers.” “We have no right to get tired.” And that story went viral on social media. People praised Ho Dong for his professionalism. So I report every post I see… as being an inappropriate content. – I report every post. – You block it. You have to give a reason for reporting. – Right. – When it asks… why I am reporting it, – Report it where? – On social media… when you report a post, you have to give a reason. So I said all those posts contained inappropriate contents. It happened all because of what Shin Young said. When someone reports a post, it gets deleted. – Yes. It gets deleted. – The good posts get deleted. Do you report it to the police? You don’t report it to the police. – You report it to the website. – Police? He thought you reported him to the police. – For being inappropriate. – He’s an old-fashioned man. “Star King” was tough enough. Why did you come out here… when you knew it was going to be tough? I wanted to see Ho Dong. – Really? – Yes. Really. – I wanted to see Jang Hoon too. – You’re on a show together. On “Same Life, Different Dreams”, Jang Hoon is terrible. What? Terrible? – Terrific, you mean. – Why terrible? – Terrific. – He’s terrific. Terrible. (She’s embarrassed.) – Terrible? – She means terrific. – Terrific. – Terrific. (He almost became a terrible man.) – I wondered what he did. – Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh. I am trying, you see. Be nice to her. Let me ask you this. You are close to Jang Hoon, aren’t you, Haha? – Yes, I am close to him. What? – I heard a rumor. Is it true? Did Haha teach Jang Hoon how to be on a variety show? – Even before I became… – Excuse me. a TV personality, he was a basketball fan, so we were close. – You were close. – Yes. – She fell the other day. – She fell. – So her hip joints are bad. – Why did you fall? The doctor told me… – to take rest. – You can put the bag down. I am injured. – It hurts too badly. – You can’t be unwell. It’s awkward to just sit there. Do you want a guitar? – You would look like a guitarist. – Sa Yeon. Please sing “What Is Life” for us. Holding a guitar gave me comfort. It covered my tummy. (She could correct her body shape herself.) It was useful to cover my tummy with it. It would be nice if you can get me a guitar. I think Haha… helped Jang Hoon in many ways. But he spread the rumor that he taught Jang Hoon. – That’s not it. – I heard it many times. It’s really not true. Even when he was a basketball player, he used to be funny. – I saved him as “Host Seo”. – Was he funny? – He was an host. – Did he talk well too? I just found the gem and introduced him to this world. You could say… that he’s the baby I gave birth to. – Right. – My goodness. Other people raised him too. There is… Gu Ra is one of them. What I want to ask him is… – But you gave birth to him. – What do you want to ask? I did give birth to him. – At an awards ceremony, – You gave birth to him. he was giving an award acceptance speech. And I was expecting him to mention me. I know what you mean. But he didn’t mention me until the end. He acted all cool. He said, “Thank you.” Then he suddenly remembered me. – “And…” – “Haha.” I knew it. “Haha.” “I want to thank you.” – “I am…” – When did I do that? – “a true celebrity now.” – You are lying. That’s what I imagined, but he didn’t do it. – I mentioned you. – No. That’s when you received the Rookie of the Year Award. – You didn’t mention me. – That was the very first one. You even sent me a text message to apologize. – Ho Dong… – Wait. Haha… helped me a lot when I first came out on variety shows. There’s no doubt about that. But I learned the know-hows from Gu Ra, Ho Dong, and Jae Seok. Wait. I forgot. – They were my mentors. – This happened today. I was told that I shouldn’t say hi to you before the shoot. – It could make me nervous. – You’re not allowed. But Jang Hoon came to my waiting room. – And he said, “Gosh!” – Why? – He’s a bully. – Why did you do that? “How can you not say hi to me?” So I told him. “Ho Dong told me that was the rule.” And he said, “That’s just what Ho Dong does.” (He gets dizzy.) “That’s just what Ho Dong does.” (What’s wrong with saying it?) That really surprised me. My gosh. – Baeksang Arts Award is great. – No. No. (He angrily gulps down the tea.) It sounded like he drank a whole tub of water. I understand how he must’ve felt… when we were talking about “Star King”. But did you or did you not say that? – I… – Did you or did you not? – Did you or did you not? – I… Did you mention my name or not? Did I say “That’s just what Ho Dong does?” – You… – You didn’t sound that bad. – But you did say it. – Jang Hoon. – There. – Didn’t you say it? You got sweat on philtrum. Did you or did you not? – Did you or did you not? – When he’s flustered, his philtrum gets sweaty. – I precisely… – Jang Hoon. didn’t say it. What did you say then? Tell us. What did you say? When did I mention Ho Dong? – You did. – What did I say? It must be true. (His anger explodes.) – It’s okay. – Jang Hoon, – just say it. – You said it. You said it. I will really kill you. My goodness. – Let’s go. – Seriously. I can’t work with a bully. He’s a bully. – He’s a bully. – My goodness. You are not bad at all. – My gosh. – You are. – You are great. – You should treat me better. I never lie. – I was honest. – He’s not a human. – I… – He is not a human. I admit this. I annoy people, but I don’t lie to people. – Say it honestly. – Let’s be honest. Was my name mentioned in the waiting room or not? – I said he shouldn’t… – “Kang Ho Dong.” go and say hi to you. I told him that. But I didn’t make it sound that bad. Why did you make up the story? – It’s a made-up story, isn’t it? – It’s not. – Did you create that story? – I didn’t. – You liar. – To be funny once? I didn’t come up with that story. – Then? What did you say? – I swear. He said, “You just do that to Ho Dong.” You betrayer! I will tell you this. – What is it? – Jang Hoon. I will say something too. Go on. – Tell him everything. – Okay. I’m not afraid. Just spill out everything today. – Everything. – Ho Dong, – don’t stop them. – I won’t. Tell him everything. – Tell me. – In the past, Jang Hoon… didn’t have an agency. – A lot of agencies… – Did they want him? called me. Mystic Entertainment was one of them. Mr. An asked me… to introduce him to Jang Hoon. – I was close to Mr. An. – Right. I said I’d tell him, and I asked Jang Hoon. “What do you think of Mystic Entertainment?” He said, “Aren’t they bad?” – Bad. – Mystic Entertainment is bad? – Listen. – So? – Wait. – Let’s hear what he has to say. – He’s mad. – I told him this. – I… – Are you mad? – I told him this. – Hey! Are you crazy? (Laughing) He’s… He’s lost his mind because he’s got too much time to kill. – Hasn’t he? – And… he told me. “Haha, I don’t want to be a celebrity.” He said he didn’t want to sign a contract with an agency. So I told them that. But Mr. An insisted that Jang Hoon had a talent. He said Jang Hoon should begin his career with them. – They take good care of you. – He said that. Jang Hoon called me again. “This is crazy.” “Mr. An is bothering me so much.” “What do I do?” Then he told me. “How about this?” I said, “What is it?” “What if I say my dad is against the idea?” (He wanted to use his dad as an excuse.) Did you or did you not say it? Did you or did you not? – That’s funny. – But my dad was really against it. That’s so cute. It’s true that my dad was against the idea. He was a papa’s boy. “What if I say my dad is against the idea?” I told Mr. An exactly what Jang Hoon told me. – What happened? – He’s a liar. “Jang Hoon says…” “his dad is against the idea.” Mr. An replied, “Is he a lunatic?” – What did your mom say? – In the end… In the end, things turned out well. He benefited Mystic Entertainment a lot. – By the way, – Should I call him? – Talk to them. – Should we confirm it with him? Just say it yourself. Did you or did you not say it? – Did you say they were bad? – I… didn’t say that they were bad. He created all of those stories. There’s going to be an article today. “Jang Hoon Thinks Yoon Jong Shin Is Bad.” No. “Jang Hoon’s Dad Was Against His Debut.” (His daddy didn’t want him to become a variety show star.) “Jang Hoon Is a Great Son.” Honestly, my parents are still… proud of me as a basketball player. Their pride is even stronger than mine. So at first, they weren’t happy about it. Seriously. – You. – Why? You will pay for this. I am not joking. During the break, you should be somewhere I can’t see you. Today… I will make sure to hit you today. (He’s enraged.) I will. I am not joking. I will actually hit you. If you hit me today, you will be shackled. I will hit you. Just know that. By the way, Sa Yeon, have you hit anyone from here before? I don’t hit people these days. She doesn’t hit people these days. Did you hit a lot of people in the past? – I don’t do that these days. – I heard Sang Min got beaten. Sang Min, do you greet people well these days? When you were in Roo’Ra… I didn’t say hi to you? – Why did you hit him? – I didn’t hit him. Roo’Ra was really busy then. They didn’t say hi to me properly, – so I scolded them one time. – They got scolded. That’s when Sang Min didn’t have such a good image. He’s very worried. Recently, I’ve been doing shows with her. She’s a little girl. – She’s like deer. – Right. – She is… – Sa Yeon. – Sa Yeon’s song is “Meeting”. – Right. – I still remember that song. – Right. Ho Dong, after that incident… When he was coming back… My gosh. – Maybe she doesn’t know. – That really shocked me. She… I want to be a great person. – I will let this go for my goal. – I thought she wouldn’t know. There are so many good stories about you on social media, and it’s overwhelming to report every one of them. – He sang your song. – Right. He sang “Meeting” when he came back. (He didn’t know what to say.) (I missed your smile.) (I am coming back to you.) – Why did you sing that song? – Why choose that song? He said the codes were easy.[VIU Ver] E133 Knowing Brothers
“Haha and Noh Sa Yeon”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-– It was tough to play piano. – Isn’t “Meeting” easy to play? Our meeting was She put “Meeting” behind… and began anew. You have a new song. We are talking about your new song. Right. Kim Tae Won wrote the song and the lyrics. – From Boohwal. – Tae Won from Boohwal… – It must be lovely. – wrote the song and the lyrics. I won’t sing here. – Why? – I don’t sing without equipment. I don’t sing at a classroom. You should search for it and listen to it. How does it begin? (We are curious.) No. It wasn’t a coincidence That’s not how it goes. (Being alone is like autumn) (It’s like a falling leaf) (He’s impressed.) Didn’t you say you won’t sing without the equipment? – Today… – We’ve got everything. She’s got the mic. There are cameras. You are trying really hard. – I’m glad you heard it. – Her voice… Her voice is the best. Your song titles are like a series, aren’t they? “Meeting”, “Wish”, and “Beginning”. – “Wish” was a great song. – “Wish”. (He gives a thumbs up.) (She sings again.) (It’s slowly ripening) I will write you the last song. – What will it be? – “The End”. – “The End”. – How would it go? I should start writing it. (He names it first and writes it later.) – I will have to write it. – It’s ridiculous. By the way… – Let’s check EF. – Bring your enrollment forms. Her name is Noh Sa Yeon. Haha’s birth name is Ha Dong Hoon. We know that very well. Haha’s wish is… – Are you learning English? – Why? – I want to learn. – He wants to speak English well. My son is really good at speaking English. – He’s got a great accent, right? – That made me feel insecure. – I want to make jokes in English. – It’s because of your son. He’s got two children. That’s why I am not making my children learn English. – That’s a great idea. – Why not? I feel like I have to learn it too. We decided not to learn it altogether. Sa Yeon, your son brought friends home one time. When I went home one day, my son’s friends had come over. One of them said, “Can I… Water?” I could hear “water”. So I said, “Right.” “Here is water.” My son came and said, “Mom, he was asking…” “what drinks other than water we had at home.” But she only heard “water”. – But I gave him water. – Water is perfectly fine. – Fine. – Sa Yeon’s strength is… This is what we all expected. It’s her voice. Stop, Soo Geun. – What is it? – She mimics all kinds of sounds. What is it? My voice is no ordinary voice. It’s a loud voice. (That was shocking.) (Soo Geun is flustered.) Did you hear that, Sang Min? I hope it caught the sound. – Something came out. – I thought you lost a tooth. (He thought she lost a tooth.) Was it that big? – It was this big. – Was it that big? Everyone knows that your voice is loud. Ho Dong… – Ho Dong… – He’s loud when he shouts when… – Yeong Cheol annoys him. – Let’s give it a try. – She has to beat all of us. – It’s 7 on 1. – It will be 7 on 1. – Give it a try. – Let’s give it a try. – Let’s give it a try. – I will do it alone. – Okay. (Kyung Hoon tries it first.) (He makes a loud noise.) – It’s 129.2. – That won’t do. He got 129dB. Next is Yeong Cheol. – You have to give one loud shout. – I am really good at this. (Shouting) That was loud. – 131dB. – 131dB. (Yeong Cheol got 131dB.) – Ready. – I think he will be good. Hee Chul is next. Beginning. – 129dB. – That’s it? – You have to be high-pitched. – That’s loud. Even my moderate shout… – would be really loud. – Try it. Ready and go. (He starts his Crying Rap.) (He sounds like he’s crying.) (It absorbs his sound and the number goes up.) – It’s 132.8dB. He’s number 1. – He beat the others. He’s number one. (He warms up his voice.) Jang Hoon, why don’t you do this? – “Mom!” – How about “dad”? (He doesn’t listen.) – No, it’s… – Hey! (They tease the giant.) Do it when I press the button. (He was too impatient.) I didn’t even press the button. I didn’t press the button. You said I was fine. You shouted before I pressed the button. – My gosh. Jang Hoon. – Ready. And go. – Is it ready? – Yes. (Shouting and coughing) What was that? It wouldn’t even be 100dB. – He got 115dB. – I am terrible at it. – Ho Dong is next. – I am terrible. Think that Yeong Cheol is in front of you. – Sang Min got the highest number. – 132dB. – He got 132.95dB. – I will annoy you. Ho Dong, hurry. Ho Dong. (Shouting) That was loud. – 154dB. – 154dB. (Ho Dong got 154dB.) 154dB. – That’s unbelievable. – What did he get? – He got 154dB. – It’s amazing. She’s the champion from the previous game. She broke six crocks with her voice. (Sa Yeon joins the game.) – Please welcome Ms. Noh Sa Yeon. – I might not be as good. You should make a high-pitched sound. Her voice has gone hoarse. – Right. – Her voice has gone hoarse. She’s not in her best shape. What if you put the head in your mouth? Should I put it in my mouth? – Would it be better? – You need power. You have to give a loud shout like Ho Dong. (Over the mountain) Will you end with “mountain” or “rock”? You have to make it clear. – You held the mic too far. – Put it in front of your mouth. – Just go with “rock”. – Just shout “rock”. Rock! (What result did she get?) It’s still good. She’s second. – 147dB. – 147dB. That’s amazing. Well done, Ho Dong. Here is the new champion. You lost, Sa Yeon. You’re in the second place. – I won against you. – Let’s do it again. If she were in a good condition, she would have won. – Right. – I am in bad condition now. – She has a hoarse throat now. – My gosh. I forgot to consider Ho Dong when I thought of this game. We just try our best to win without mercy. That reminds me of something that happened long time ago. – What happened? – When we were doing “X-man”, MIchelle Wie was there one day. We had a long drive competition, – and Ho Dong won. – Against Michelle Wie? He swung with all his might, so Michelle saw him… and got astonished a lot. On the second drive, he won again. Then her father stepped up. – Really? – He did? He stepped up saying, “Hey, Ho Dong!” – Meaning “Give her a break”? – After she stretched quite a while, – they had a real match. – Did she eventually win? Let me talk about Haha’s merit. You may not know it, but he’s very consistent. – Consistent? – He consistently loves his wife? He’s an opportunist, but I admit that he’s consistent. How can he prove that he is consistent? Did you say he’s consistent? – He’s only nice to Byul. – He is still doing reggae. – Right. – That’s right. – Okay. – “Okay”? – Did Byul come here? – Come in, Zizo. – It’s not Zizo, the rapper, right? – What’s going on? – It’s Zizo. – My goodness. (Haha’s consistent friend, rapper Zizo) (My goodness.) My gosh. (Time-out) I can’t believe it. I was transferred from… a high school where there is no one that you know. By the way, Sa Yeon seems to be surprised a lot. Say hello to her. – Hi. – Hi. – Who are you? – I’m Zizo. I was transferred from a school where there is no one you know. My name is Zizo. Nice to meet you. Do you belong to the same agency? We’re close friends, and we also belong to the same agency. Zizo is not someone to be just inserted briefly. – He’s a busy person. – He’s great, isn’t he? – He’s a famous rapper. – Right. – He is consistent indeed. – He is. I can understand your situation. – Thank you. – But the important thing is… that this may… – It could be difficult. – turn out to be a bad choice. – This could be edited out entirely. – Sure. – Okay? – Zizo’s part may be edited out. – All right? – They said that. The producer already said that. Usually, producers try to cheer up the guests, – but she didn’t. – Right. The whole part of yours will be edited out if you’re not good. – She said that. – Right. The whole part can be edited out. He has many talents. Tell us about them. I prepared many things for this. I didn’t want to waste your time and feel uncomfortable. – In fact… – Let me tell you one thing. The back of his neck is trembling now. (Trembling) It is? – First, – I’m worried about him. I want to appeal to you by saying hello. – Is it magic? – Well… – Okay. – Please pay attention. He is quite a famous person. – Who is it? – A famous person? Hello, Korean citizens. I’m historian Seol Min Seok. (This part is edited out because Kwon Hyuk Soo was better than him.) Now “VJ Commando”. – It’ll be brief. – Oh, the voice actor of the show? Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soo Geun, and even Seo Jang Hoon are here. (It has to be edited out too.) – Do you have more? – Anything else? – Something else. – It was just a warm-up. It was not his main talent. – Sure. – He has something else. He is a genius. Voice imitation is not his main talent. He didn’t warm up before he started. – I know. – That was just like a side dish. – Anything else? – There is a Zizo game. – A Zizo game? – A Zizo game. If you give him any object, he can make up a game with that. – Give him something right away. – This will be a good object. You’ll be able to make a fun game with it. – This will be good. – But that’ll be too easy. I like something like this. A box of tissues. It should be a new game. – He can do it. – He can. The name of the game is… I Wish Everything Goes smoothly. Two people should pair up to play this game. One should pull out the tissues smoothly? Exactly. One pulls the tissues out quickly, and the other should catch them all. (Please do not waste tissues.) Do you have socks? Sure. All of us are wearing socks now. Yeong Cheol is wearing socks too. Then I’ll make up a simple game with a sock. With a sock? I can’t wait to see what it is. Can you take off your sock? – Are you okay with using my sock? – Sure. I need only one of your socks. I can’t wait. What’s the name of the game? – The name is… – I can’t wait to hear the name. The name is… (Sighing) – Zizo. – I chose the name. It is I Can Barely See through the Sock. All you have to do is say, “The sock.” – Okay. – Let’s do it together. I can barely see through… – the sock. – The sock. – Two people will pair up. – Okay. One of them writes a number on the blackboard. Haha, could you write any number on the blackboard? And I shouldn’t see it. – You should not? – You can see it… if you turn around. The name is I Can Barely See through the Sock. – So stretch it out. – To cover your eyes? Exactly. If you stretch it out, it gets thinner. (Checking the letters through the sock) (Shaking a lot) You may tear my sock. This sock must be for the winter. Socks for the summer is much better. – Mine is for the summer. – Gosh. – It’s June now. – Here is a sock for the summer. – I have socks for the summer. – I can’t turn back. – Look. – I can’t do it with this sock. Should it be a sock for the summer? – That’ll do, right? – Try it again. – I’m sorry. I’ll try it again. – Don’t tear the sock. Say the name of the game once again. – I can barely see through the sock. – The sock. (Let me see through it.) What is written? What’s the answer? “Age… Next time…” “Zizo, maybe next time”? (He can’t believe what he saw.) – It’s been Zizo. – Okay. (That’s enough, Zizo.) – Did he pass? – Well… Did he? – All right. – I’ll get going now. – It was funny. – It was funny. – Bye. – I Can Barely See through the sock. – It was funny, Zizo. – I can barely see… – I Can Barely See through the Sock. – That was funny. – Erase the blackboard quickly. – Okay. (Now that he’s gone, erase the blackboard.) (Destroying the evidence to edit it out) – You two passed. – You passed. (Congratulations on your enrollment.) (Brother School) Let me give you exciting questions about me. – My voice is… – Why do you have a hoarse throat? I shouldn’t have competed with the decibel. – What about a decibel? – I didn’t think of Ho Dong. We didn’t do anything regarding a decibel. – What about a decibel? – What about it? The staff is now trying to edit out either the decibel game or Zizo. So I told them I hope they won’t edit out Zizo… – Me too. – because he is younger than us. – I liked his sock game, – Zizo was funny. – I want them not to edit him out. – Okay. We have to wait and see how Haha will be doing… – Okay. – to decide whether to air… Zizo’s part or edit it out. Let’s wait and see. All right. How hard can I hit with this toy hammer? I can hit very hard, right? How hard? Will you try it? Like this. My gosh. (Thump) Wait. Didn’t the desk sink? (It was as loud as a thunder.) Are you Thor or what? That was really hard. You look like Thor. Isn’t this the way I should hit? – You’re right. – That’s right. Sa Yeon, you’re wearing a wig, aren’t you? No. It’s my own hair. – Please say it’s a wig. – You can hit him now. – You… – She’s upset. It’s really a wig, isn’t it? Why don’t you pull it? It’s my own hair. It’s a wig. (Darn it.) (Thump) (A full smash) (She punished Soo Geun with just one smash.) Say it again, Soo Geun. No. How come you have such a beautiful long hair? (Sa Yeon’s power makes him suddenly become polite.) Let’s start. Here is the first question. – When I was young, – “When I was young…” I had never felt this before. – What could it be? – Hunger. No. it is not hunger. – I think she had never felt full. – Right. – It’s the opposite. – The opposite. – Hunger… – He said the answer. – What did he say? – You’d never felt full. – Punish him. – You were always hungry. It means you were hungry no matter how much you ate. – You’d never had enough food. – Is he right already? How did you come up with that idea? I thought about myself. You and I are very similar for sure. He thought about it in his position. – I got it. An empty stomach. – An empty stomach? No, it’s not. Do you want to get hit? Well… Do as you wish. (Surprised) She is Thor indeed. Sa Yeon. He has many fans. You’re doomed. – Sa Yeon… – Never mind. – They’re sensitive. – Does he have… – No way. – many fans? – No. – 200,000 fans. – No. – I’ll hit him again then. No. You don’t have to. Sit down, Kyung Hoon. I’ll hit you again. (Feeling sorry, she tries to hit him less hard.) It’s the same. – Try it again. – She can’t hit gently. She can’t control her power. (Gently) Gosh, you have good manners. All the three hits will be aired anyway. (What should I do?) – You don’t have to worry. – Never. – Buzz fans are not mean. – Sa Yeon is… – They would like it. – I thought I should hit… – as hard as I can. – She’s very athletic… – Ho Dong is the bad one. – and strong. You should hit him. Kyung Hoon’s fans won’t react like that, but he tried to come between you. – Really? – Yes. – No, I didn’t. – I don’t know how to do on shows… – I… wanted to take care of you. – these days. – Really? – Sure. – Because of his eyes… – What about his eyes? – His eyes look so sincere now. – I swear. (Trying to look as sincere as he can) Then hit his eyes. Right. Hit his eyes. – It’s a good idea. – Don’t make him look sincere. (A clever idea to stop him from looking sincere) – I got it. – Okay. You didn’t know that you should eat three meals a day. Three meals a day. You mean I didn’t know I should eat three meals a day? – Because she ate all the time? – Because you kept eating. Instead of having three separate meals. Do you have many fans like Buzz? – This is okay, right? – It’s okay. – Isn’t it? – Yes. – You can hit him harder. – Hit him harder. – Ho Dong ruined it. – Just go ahead. It’s not supposed to be like this. The fans are not like that. – The fans will understand. – Sang Min has so many fans though. Gosh, I don’t care now. (Feeling dizzy) (Not timid anymore) What had she never felt when she was young? – She never felt… – I’ll rephrase it. You’d never felt stuffed. – Stuffed? – Yes. That must be correct. – He doesn’t have… – Hit me in this part. – neck bones. – Hit me hard. I don’t have fans. – You’re okay, right? – I don’t have fans. – I’ll give you a massage. – Okay. – Hit him hard. – I don’t have fans. (Smashing) (He looks irritated because it hurts too much.) She’s like a deer in buffalo’s skin. Gosh, you should really hit him now. – Is she a buffalo? – What did he say? You know what, Sa Yeon? He should have said you’re a buffalo in deer’s skin, but he said you’re a deer in buffalo’s skin. – It means you look like a buffalo. – Sa Yeon… don’t you like a buffalo? A buffalo just means strength. Follow, follow me. Buffalo, follow me. – You should hit him. – Hey. Sa Yeon. – Sa Yeon. – Don’t be cheated by him. Sa Yeon, can you really hit me? – He said you’re a buffalo. – Are you sure? – He said you’re a buffalo. – Are you sure? – A buffalo. – You should hit him harder. – Can you? Don’t be swayed by them. – He said you’re a buffalo. – Don’t give in. – It’s a TV show. – Don’t give in to Haha. – It’s a variety show. – Sa Yeon. – I haven’t heard something like it. A buffalo may not sound that bad, but it’s like a bison. How does that sound to you? Are you okay with that? It’s like he called you… – a bison. – It can beat a lion sometimes. – A bison? – No. – How could you? – Gosh. (She slightly missed the target, so the hammer scraped his face.) It scraped his face. – He may have a scar. – Gosh. He’s injured. – He needs an ointment. – It scraped his face. My goodness. (The queen of the hammer is worried a lot.) – It must hurt a lot. – Gosh. – She’s so tender-hearted. – She is. (She’s trying to soothe him.) – All the bumps scraped my face. – Your forehead is red. – Like this. – Your face swells up often anyway. The bumps scraped the skin continuously. For goodness’ sake. That was awful. Let’s say Ho Dong got it right. (He got one question right after sacrificing his face.) What’s the precise answer? The precise answer is… I’d never felt my stomach flat. – We couldn’t have got it right. – It was hard. – We couldn’t have. – We didn’t think of that. We didn’t. I always felt full. I didn’t know what it’s like to have a flat stomach. You’re similar to me, right, Ho Dong? I ate a lot too. – So did I. – What was your favorite food? – What are the best three? – The best three? Rice, meat, – Eating rice and meat together… – and bread. – Rice and bread. – When you were young, was your family well off? – Yes. – It was. She says yes right away. We can’t say anything more to that. – My dad always said I was pretty. – He adored her. Saying that I’m so slim and pretty, he insisted me on eating a lot, so I ended up like this. So when I was… in puberty, my mom gave me only a little bit of food. I think she was worried that I might become fat. So my dad thought of an idea. He deposited some money in my favorite store, and asked them to let me eat… any bread I want at any time. He loved me so much that I ate a lot of bread. Even after I had a meal, I ate bread so often too. I still eat bread for a snack. I gain energy when I eat bread. – I know. – When I can’t eat rice or meat, I make sure to eat bread instead. When we were shooting “Star King” long time ago, Sa Yeon arrived at the waiting room a little late as she was tired. – I can’t forget what Ho Dong said. – What was it? She was in a hurry, so I think she couldn’t dry her hair very well. She entered the room with that hair saying sorry, and Ho Dong got surprised… and said, “I thought you were General Guan Yu.” – Guan Yu? – Guan Yu. Guan Yu from “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”? (The modern version of Guan Yu with great energy) Guan Yu, the general with a special big sword? You remember that, right? He was so shocked. She had puffy hair on the top. – That was impressive. – Right. – She had puffy hair. – Like a lion’s mane. – Like a male lion. – “A male lion”? He called you a male lion. – A male lion. – You liked a male lion. You liked to be called a male lion, right? I liked it. – The lion king. – Right. I don’t get angry at such a thing at all. Sa Yeon, what is your limit then? – You’re so generous. – A bison? – A bison. – I think she’s okay with it. – A buffalo is okay. – Is it? – A male lion is also okay. – I see. I’m okay with animals, but I get very angry… when I’m compared with pretty women. I can’t talk or laugh like a girly girl, but some girls do, so I always want to hit them. (She is kidding.) She said… she scolded Roo’Ra members, but I can’t remember… because she only scolded Ji Hyun. Oh, you’re right. (Kidding) (She admits it right away.) (Haha respects her.) Shall we move on to the second question? – You all know my husband, right? – Sure. Mu Song. After he married me, he carefully confessed this. What could it be? – I got it. – What is it? Honey, I’m a woman in fact. (Shocked) (A sobering smash) – What a smash. – Gosh. She was actually irritated by that… because she imagined it. (Panting with anger) – You imagined it? – I did. He said that after we got back from our honeymoon. I got it. As Mu Song came from the US, you thought you’d have common favorite food, so you expected him to eat meat with you, – but he suddenly said, – What did he say? “I’m sorry, honey. I’m a vegetarian.” That is plausible. So it was really shocking to you. – He just ate it for Sa Yeon. – “For you,” – “I ate meat that I didn’t want.” – He pretended… to like meat. I’m a vegetarian. I agree with Jang Hoon. – I don’t. – He turned out to be a vegetarian. What’s that smile? Was he a vegetarian? Am I right or wrong? (He’s wrong.) – A vegetarian… – Because… – We first met in a swimming pool. – Right. I was wearing a bikini. It’s a hint. And Mu Song… was wearing a white high-cut swimsuit. – A high-cut swimsuit? – A white one. – Men hate that kind of swimsuit. – He said… that he couldn’t see something back then. Was she only in the water? What do you think Mu Song couldn’t see? I think there is nothing else but this. He couldn’t see the front side of you. Gosh. He only saw you from behind. You looked pretty from the front too, but when he saw you from behind, he was amazed by you. She’s approaching with the hammer. I wish it were true. – I got it. – Say it quickly. “I couldn’t see you get up from the sunbed.” “I only saw you lying on it.” – I wasn’t lying on my stomach. – I knew it. I was lying on my side. “I saw you lying on the sunbed from behind,” “but I couldn’t see your belly.” That’s what I said. You said something like that with Mr. Joo… on “Sunday Night”. You looked glamorous with a small waist from behind, but when looked from the front… (You had a sagging belly.) (Did she have different charms from the front?) Because she was lying on the side. – She was like this. – Right. She must’ve been beautiful from behind. But you had a big sagging belly. (He couldn’t see her hidden belly?) – Ho Dong. – Yes? You’re right. – Really? – Really? (Ho Dong got it right.) I was lying on the side. So when my husband saw me, he thought he’d never seen a curvy woman like that in Korea. So he liked that a lot, but when looked from the front, I had a sagging belly. Why didn’t you tell him it melted for a moment because of the sun? (Her cute belly melted for a moment.) I fell in love with him wearing a white swimming cap and a swimsuit. I was with Lee Sung Mi and said to her, “Isn’t he cool?” “He looks great with that while cap and his broad shoulders.” “Isn’t he amazing?” And Sung Mi said, “There is nothing great about him.” “He just looks like a patient on rehab.” – The cap looked like a bandage. – Because it was white. (She mistook the white cap for a bandage.) – Everyone has… – The swimming cap? – different taste. – You were destined. – I was blinded by love. – That’s amazing. I hope I could meet someone like that. It is well known that you tried hard… to win his heart. I did try hard to win his heart. After you met him in the swimming pool, you had to go to another place to perform, so you told Sung Mi and Mi Sun to watch him, right? Then did they watch him somewhere else too? Yes. In a club. – They moved to a club? – They did. The followed him. Sung Mi and Mi Sun don’t usually… go to a club, but they went there because I told them to watch him. I hurried up to go there after I finished my performance… and tried to find Mu Song as soon as I arrived. I was looking around… and found him dancing. – Did he look cool? – He was dancing in the club… with a girl. There was a girl. I thought, “You’re dead.” (She was so jealous.) When he was dancing, – Was he sexy? – he looked stunning. – So I fell in love with him. – You fell for him even more. I had a crush on him for two years… – So what did you do? – since then. How did you show your feelings? Well… I was hosting a radio show with Joo Byung Jin. So that I could see him once a week, – You made him a regular guest? – I cast him for an English segment. You recommended him. The producer and Mu Song knew each other, so I suggested… that we should make a segment… for learning English. So he came for that segment. I bought so many outfits for the day when he came, but I pretended that I wasn’t wearing a new outfit. When you cast him for the show, what did Mu Song say? Did he say, “Thank you. I love you”? – No. All of a sudden? – I bet she didn’t let him know. – Never. – He didn’t know. He released “What’s the Big Deal about Life?” back then, – It was a hit. – and it became a big hit. But he didn’t accept your love at first. So later, my pride got hurt a lot. No wonder. There was a critical incident. When he came to my home, I got drunk… – and put my head on his lap. – Gosh. (It’s so romantic.) And I fell asleep. – With your head on his lap. – Yes. But when I woke up, I found… my head was put on a cold pillow. – What about Mu Song? – Mu Song… pulled out his legs carefully, put my head on a pillow, and left. He often visited my place back then. Maybe you were sleeping like this. (Snoring) It’s possible. Then anyone would have been flustered. – You should have slept pretty. – She can’t remember. – That might have happened. – You should have pretended. Mu Song was well-mannered, but it’s understandable that you thought… I thought he didn’t like me. – It hurt my pride to be rejected, – It wasn’t a rejection though. so I told him that I will stop seeing him. – You said that first? – Yes, I did. I told him to stop contacting me. A few days later, he called me and asked me… to marry him. – He asked you that right away. – Suddenly? It’s an entertaining story. You were head over heels in love with him. Did you still fight after marriage? Before marriage, I said, “I can’t live without you.” After marriage, I once said, “I can’t live with you.” It was hard. I learned that the married life is hard. It’s hard. It’s quite a feat. You are pretending to be happy. Jang Hoon is the brave one. (She compliments Jang Hoon.) (She exits with her wise words.) That was so sudden. (Everyone claps for Jang Hoon’s bravery.) I am happy. Jang Hoon’s divorce came up once again. He is a brave man. He is a brave man. You are very happy now that you overcame it. When I hit the rough patch, I couldn’t make the decision Jang Hoon made. No matter what my husband or I do… at this point, we accept each other with comradeship. – It’s commendable. – We are comrades. – Mu Song treats her very well. – That’s right. However, since Sa Yeon is very girlish, she misunderstands… when Mu Song teases her. Mu Song treats her very well. You would be surprised. Do you fight with your wife? I never fight with my wife. I simply get scolded. (I see.) Everything she says is right. – “Don’t drink and come home early.” – That’s the only thing she wants. He gets scolded in his wasted state. That’s it. That’s the problem I have. She is okay with everything, but she hates it when I drink. When I come home in a drunken state, I want to see my children… – and talk to my wife. – Do you wake her up? – That’s right. – It’s my only drunk habit. I wake everyone up and party with the lights on. (For goodness’ sake.) It’s the worst. I know. I have changed a lot. Don’t give me that look because we are happy. We are happy. I got scolded the day before yesterday too. Did you stop spitting everywhere when you are drunk? I have a picture of you peeing. I am sorry. – My goodness. – I can’t win against him. He sowed the wind and reaped the whirlwind. I got a big scolding. – In that case… – Can I add a story? – What story? – Sang Min wanted… to officiate my wedding. – Who? – Sang Min. – Did he come to you and ask? – No, we were at a get-together. Haha is the only friend… who shares even the most difficult problems… with me. That’s why I offered to officiate his wedding. You made the offer. Sang Min said to me… You didn’t have an officiant, did you? I made sure my wedding didn’t need an officiant. Sang Min was serious about officiating my wedding. Everyone makes promises in a drunken state. Sang Min, at that point, you had already made… – a brave decision. – That’s right. – It was cool. – You had made a brave decision. – It was cool. – Why would you officiate… – someone’s wedding? – It could teach a lesson. – That’s right. – “Don’t be like me and my wife.” We are tight. – I love you, Sang Min. – That’s right. Let’s go. – I will get started with the quiz. – Okay. It’s related to Ho Dong. – Ho Dong? – Yes. Don’t get stressed out. There are good stories too. A long time ago, I did something to become close to Ho Dong. – I got it. – Jang Hoon would know the answer. – He knows. – Back then, Haha wasn’t as popular as he is right now. He probably thanked Ho Dong… and put 30,000 dollars in his pocket. 30,000 dollars? (Shocked) Sa Yeon thinks it actually happened. “Are you that kind of a person?” He said Haha gave me 30,000 dollars to befriend me. I heard that. Are you that kind of a person? My goodness. – I can’t believe she believes it. – Sa Yeon. So that Kyung Hoon and I could join Knowing Brothers, my agency gave Ho Dong 50,000 dollars. I had to sell my house. – To become regular members… – You became strange! – I can’t believe you. – “You are a bad person.” – That’s just wrong. – I got it. It happened before Ho Dong got married, right? Maybe Ho Dong asked Haha… to set him up with a woman. – A blind date. – I guess you don’t remember… because you did that to me. (Are you speaking from an experience?) Did you do that to me or not? Did you do that to me or not? Hold on. – I mean… – Did you do that to me or not? – Did you do that to me or not? – I will kill you. – Did you do that to me or not? – Do you want to die? – Did you do that to me or not? – I did? I asked you to set me up with a woman. – Yes, you did. – My goodness. – I didn’t do it. – That’s just ridiculous. – Haha says you did. – He is a lunatic! You were the lunatic back then! (Right back at you.) (He is in tatters.) Jang Hoon. – Did you do that to me or not? – My goodness. My goodness. It’s okay to ask for a blind date. Back in the days, best friends refrained… from revealing each other’s secrets on TV. The world has changed and such thing is no longer a taboo. – Who am I supposed to meet now? – I didn’t do that! Sa Yeon! I didn’t do that! Sa Yeon! – I can’t meet people anymore. – I didn’t do that! – Sa Yeon thinks he actually did it. – I really didn’t do that. It’s not a sin to ask for a blind date. I know it’s not a sin, but I didn’t do it. – It’s not a sin. – This is driving me crazy. – It’s not a sin. – I can’t believe you. – Be good to me. – It’s not a sin, but the revelation might bring a fight. – Soo Geun is the best. – Be good to me. – You can ask for a blind date. – He is a dependable friend. – Pay attention, everyone. – Okay. This is something I did to become close to Ho Dong. Back in the days, Ho Dong drank a lot. Even though you can’t drink as much as Ho Dong, you forced yourself to drink a lot to become close to him. That’s true. It’s not the right answer, but it’s true? Back in the days, Ho Dong smoked. – That’s right. – He used to smoke. He quit smoking altogether, but he used to smoke back then. – The time Ho Dong used to smoke. – Perhaps he used a pipe. Because of that, even though Haha didn’t want to smoke, He took up the bad habit… – in order to become close to him. – Oh, no. They began to smoke together. You did that. (I can’t hold it any longer.) I am serious. You did that, right? Everything you say is an attack to Jang Hoon. I am not making things up. This is driving me crazy. Jang Hoon, today isn’t the day for you. Jang Hoon, don’t go. Where are you going? Keep your mouth shut today. Remain seated. He is going for a smoke. (Don’t worry.) Get rid of the smell before you come back. I have never seen anyone leave during the shoot. – This happens from time to time. – Goodness. – The atmosphere is great today. – That’s right. He is doing a skit. He is going down the stairs. He is good. – Come on up. – Come on up. – He can’t get up. – Come on up. The camera probably caught him struggling to get up. He is good. – He is good. – He is. He improved a lot. – He is suited for variety shows. – I got it. Like Secretary Kim in the drama, you carried everything Ho Dong likes. My goodness. When he asked for something, you gave it to him. – Like a book? – What? A hand ax. A sashimi knife. – A hammer. – A hammer. A monkey wrench. Gosh, you are so good at creating stories. You are the most annoying. For goodness’ sake. (Sang Min’s answer is incorrect.) – Give us a hint. This is hard. – I will give you a hint. It’s something I did in the waiting room. You need to meet at least once a week… – to leave an impression. – I got it. This isn’t something I did anyway. It has nothing to do with me. In the waiting room, Ho Dong kept saying, “I want to eat something. Is there a snack?” That’s when Haha began to order… a lot of food. – Incorrect. – I got it. In the waiting room, you had to become close to Ho Dong. That’s why you badmouthed Jae Seok. (Does it suit Ho Dong’s taste?) It must be correct. – Is it correct? – No. (He was shocked.) I thought it was correct. – Ho Dong was shocked. – It’s incorrect. I got it. There was no way Haha could go into Ho Dong’s waiting room. Think about it. He loitered in front of the waiting room… until Ho Dong came out. – My goodness. – My room was… It’s true that it was difficult to enter his waiting room. – It’s a good hint. – Figuratively speaking, my waiting room had the lowest threshold back then. “Figuratively speaking”? – My room was… – There were three bodyguards. My waiting room was always like a port. Ships came and went. – I like a port. – I got it. Since Ho Dong’s waiting room didn’t have a threshold, you made a threshold to protect Ho Dong. (You made a threshold to protect Ho Dong.) What? I need to hit you. I wanted to get hit. You gave Ho Dong a massage. I did that often after we became close. He often made me wash his feet. – Did he make you wash his feet? – Wash his feet? He wouldn’t start the shoot if I didn’t do it. What will you all do if I just cry someday? What will you all do? – Soo Geun. – I got it. – This is what Haha did. – What? Gave him an airplane ride. (The airplane ride) Gosh. Kyung Hoon is a genius. I know now. I got it. He wanted to get closer to him. Whenever he bumped into Ho Dong in the waiting room, he’d say hello and ask to sit on his lap. – Oh, that. – Good job. – I love you, Ho Dong. – My child. – I love you. – Here’s a rocking chair. Am I right? (Would this really be correct?) Correct. – What is this? – You really did that? – Really? Why? – You did? In the past, Kang Ho Dong to me, – You looked up to him? – was an idol. My dream… was to become close to him and to always spend time with him. This was back when he was a dream to all his juniors. – I see. – I’m being honest. Back when “X-Man” was on air, Jae Seok and Ho Dong had a waiting room to themselves. The rest of their underlings used a separate communal room. But one day, I think I was just out of my mind. I just opened the door. Hi, Ho Dong. – Is that you, Haha? – Yes. – Have you been well? – Yes. Jae Seok was sitting in front of him. They’d always face one another and goof around. It was almost involuntary. I was insane. I have no idea why I did that. – What did you do? Try it. – I just went over. Hey, Jae Seok. What’s with you? I just plopped down on his lap. Oh, my. To get closer to him? He was taken aback too. – He was confounded. – He made… this expression now. This is usually… the face people make when they’re completely caught off guard. This is what Ho Dong suddenly said, – Oh, that. – “Good job.” – “My child.” – My child. – I love you. – Here’s a rocking chair. Good job. This is how all of this got started. – I’m being serious. – So, you’re… – the originator. – I can say this with authority. I’m the originator. Jae Seok must’ve rolled over laughing. – Yes. From then on, – That how it started. we became very close. It’s clear that he was being considerate. He didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable. – He was really something. – You were brave too. But, these days… – Remember, this is my stunt. – Right. He puts way too many people on his lap. – That’s true. – It made me a bit sad. This is what I want to tell Ho Dong. Your lap is mine. (He claims his exclusive right.) Don’t let just anyone sit there. There was Jae Seok there too. But the fact that he chose to sit on Ho Dong’s… And after he won over… my affections, he began sucking up to Jae Seok. – That’s not true. – He stuck right next to him. – That’s not true. – You left me cold. – What happened was… – You got me down. Hey, Haha. Then, let’s host a Mentors’ World Cup. – A what? – Instead of Ideal Type World Cup, hold on Mentors’ World Cup. – At least… – I have no choice, right? Yes, you must choose no matter what. – This is crazy. – Sang Min versus Jang Hoon. – Sang Min is a basketball player? – Seo Jang Hoon. – Gosh. – Haha is supposed to answer. She decided to answer. This is like sprinkling pepper over Sang Min’s wound. The “Same Life, Unlike Dreams” synergy is strong. That’s true. What is Haha’s choice? 1, 2, 3. (Seo Jang Hoon versus Lee Sang Min) Look at him hesitating. Sang Min. – Here’s why… – Haha’s just… – Time out. – Just keep your mouth shut. Hey, – just keep your mouth shut. – Why? – I got the point. – I was asked a question. Scoundrels like you… – Hey, Kyung Hoon. – are useless. I thought it would be Jang Hoon. – Now, it’s Sang Min versus… – Hey, just scram. Get out of here. He told him to scram. Did you just tell me to scram? Yes. Isn’t that a bit too much? What? Did I say something wrong? – Hey. – I can’t even speak? – Why can’t I tell him to go? – Hey. Hey. You can’t tell me to scram during a game. – Because he didn’t get picked. – By choosing… Sang Min, you basically told me to scram too. (Is this something to get so worked up about?) – Hey, listen. – Celebrities… – Hey. – He got rejected. He told me to scram just because I didn’t pick him. One of this program’s main hosts, – told you, the guest, to scram. – What in the world… – He told you to scram. – What kind of show is this? If Haha picked Jang Hoon, he’d be thrilled by now. – Next round. – Hey. You were always that kind of punk. I always knew. Next is Lee Sang Min versus Kim Jong Kook. 1, 2, 3. Jong Kook. – Ultimately, one person survives. – Everyone. Now, it’s Kim Jong Kook versus Yu Jae Seok. 1, 2, 3. (Kim Jong Kook versus Yu Jae Seok) (Sighing) (Four-star difficulty) This is crazy. Hold on. I have a request. Can I pay to drop this question? – Is this too hard? – I’ll pay a large sum. – I know. – This concerns teamwork. – Hold on. – He’s so serious. – Gosh. – It’s not like they’re here now. Haha is taking this very seriously. It’s all for laughs. Why do you have to think so hard? Jang Hoon told me to scram. How can it be for laughs? – Personally, for me… Hey. – Come on now. I couldn’t care less about Jae Seok or Jong Kook. Just scram, Haha. (Just get out of here.) – Then, let’s do this. – What? Kim Jong Kook versus Kang Ho Dong. Hey, why are you changing it up for him? Just make him answer the question. – Jang Hoon… – Make it Jae Seok versus Jong Kook. I’m sorry, but weren’t you already eliminated? – Okay. – Why do you talk so much? Someone might mistake this is your segment. Where are you going? Don’t leave. Stay seated. Stay seated. Where are you going? – We’re not even considered. – There are others here too. We’re not even important enough to be considered. Be content. I think I need some time alone. You can’t come back then. You lived alone all this time. You need more alone time? – Just… – Gosh. Just stay with us. Just stay seated. Where are you going? – He’s so good. – Just stay seated, please. Go ahead and put your head down. (Looking solemn) This is so hard. – Jae Seok or Jong Kook? – Yes. – Jong Kook. – 1, 2, 3. – 1, 2, 3. – 2, 3. Jae Seok. Now, the final round. Jae Seok versus Ho Dong. – This round is just… – Jae Seok versus Dong. – Be quick and concise. – Mentors’ World Cup. Don’t even consider an influence. Who did you simply look up to? Don’t consider the influence? – Influence is totally Jae Seok. – Just consider the person. Jae Seok just gets overinflated with influence involved. – Personality. – He’s too big. – Personality. – Consider the warmth. – That’s still Jae Seok. – Ho Dong, you’ll be at a disadvantage if personality is considered. Fine, just leave it out. (Leave personality out of the question too.) Just think of warmth. – 1, 2, 3. – Hold on. – Ask me this question too. – Okay then, – before you get started, – This isn’t it. we’ll give you time to think. – Everything… – I’ll ask you. Jae Seok or Ho Dong? – 1, 2, 3. – 1, 2, 3. Ho Dong. Ho Dong or Mu Song? 1, 2, 3. Ho Dong. (Ho Dong win’s Sa Yeon’s World Cup) No, you can’t. (But honey, I’m your husband.) (It’s just a joke.) – Back to Haha’s World Cup. – Jae Seok or Ho Dong? – 1, 2… – Jae Seok. – Of course. – He’s that kind of punk. – Hey. – Let me ask one question. When Jae Seok and Ho Dong were sitting together, why did you choose to sit on Ho Dong’s lap? Forget it. Scram. (Just get out of here.) (This is the second eviction notice today.) Get out of here, punk. (Go to Jae Seok.) (Haha’s seniors are fundamentalists.) But still, you chose to sit on Ho Dong’s lap. – Why did you do that? – In terms of everyday life, I’ve drunk a lot more with Ho Dong. – Much more often. – Jae Seok doesn’t drink. Now, for myself. Kyung Hoon versus Haha. I choose Kyung Hoon. You raise the question and answer it yourself? (He attempts to win a small fantastical victory in his head.) What is going on? – Hey, are you being serious? – What is going on? – You’re so bitter. – I’ll ask him. Haha or Yeong Cheol? Yeong Cheol. Good answer. (Yeong Cheol is happy.) Me or your neighbor’s dog? The dog. (Jang Hoon’s World Cup) (The Mentors’ World Cup ends here.) Okay. Have you ever done something to get close… Good work, everyone. (Looking flustered) – Next question. – Next. I’ll ask the next question. Focus, everyone. You, back there. (Focus, Jang Hoon.) (Jang Hoon laughs it off.) Focus. He’s laughing away. Go wash your face. Maybe he knows… something about Jang Hoon that is being kept from everyone. The following question also pertains to an event long ago. I became extremely close to Ho Dong, whom I really respected and looked up to. Right. We ended up hiking together. Hiking? It was late. He suddenly wanted to… breathe in negative ions. He wanted to breathe them in up in the mountains. No one was around. – I heard this story I think. – No one was around. He took off his clothes. He decided to become a full on wild man. He undressed. The moonlight was shining down, and he was basking in negative ions with his hands behind his back. He strolled about. – However, – It was a therapeutic stroll. – He looked cool. – However? – What happened? – From the other side, – someone was approaching. – Oh, my. What did Ho Dong decide to react? I got it. There are no solutions. He has to seem savage. (Delayed shock) (You’re on my wavelength.) That’s what I would do if I were in his shoes. – I like this response. – What can I do? Maybe this is funnier than the actual answer. – Oh, no. – Just crawl around. Like this. – Like a warthog. – But before… – This is hilarious. – It’s so funny. Sure, it seems funny. I just had my shirt off, and I was wearing shorts. I was trying to take in negative ions from the mountain… – at night as I took a stroll. – Based on what he’s saying, I think he reacted physically. I got it. I think he might’ve covered his chest. “Oh, my.” (Did he embarrassingly cover his chest?) He is the type to do that. He’s kind of cute. Incorrect. Let me try. Up in the mountains, there are very large leaves. That’s true. He might’ve picked two of them up to cover himself. What is this? Adam and Eve? Incorrect. – Maple leaves. – Ho Dong is pretty naive. If he can’t see other people, he thinks he can’t be seen. If he heard someone coming, he probably covered his eyes. (He might have covered his eyes at someone’s approach.) (Ho Dong isn’t around.) Is he a pheasant or something? If he can’t see others, he thinks he can’t be seen. Like this. – Don’t you admit? – That was good. Respect. – That was great. – Hi-five. – This is so funny. – Like sunglasses at the airport. People still recognize you. – He’s cute. – I’ve seen him do that. I was holding Ho Dong’s clothes. (Haha was holding onto Ho Dong’s clothes.) But I didn’t give it back to him. You didn’t give it back? He hid behind a tree. Like the Wood Cutter and the Faerie Maiden. You hung from a tree. Yeong Cheol is getting slightly closer. I got it. He hung from a cliff. That’s getting closer. Not bad. He climbed up a tree. He was within visibility. So, he scrambled up… No, he didn’t have enough time. That wouldn’t have been possible. There are usually crooked trees on cliffsides. He hung from one and hid. It’s getting warmer. – First off, – Yes? the people could not see him. Then, he did manage to hide. – I got it. – Yes. There was a spring water fountain, and he posed like Manneken Pis. (He disguised himself as a prominent landmark.) The women passed by… and said, “Gosh. This looks so real.” (He gets red for no reason.) (Haha gives a crouching ovation.) “Isn’t there a same statue elsewhere too?” But everyone, just because it’s a mountain, it doesn’t mean that there are mountain trails everywhere. True. There are stairs too. Of course. There are stairs. Did he hold onto the roping out of sight? – I think it’s similar. – You’re almost there. There are ropes on hiking trails to use during descents. He held onto it and hung off the trail. Correct. – Really? – That’s amazing. There are ropes lining hiking trails. You can hold onto to them as you descend. He hung onto a rope away from the main trail. I hung on until they were out of sight. – I held on. – Gosh. Pure persistence. That’s amazing. – Actually, I should’ve… – That’s how… gave him his clothes back. But I’m not sure why I didn’t. – Your mischief was turned on. – That is correct. He was strolling uphill. But he heard people coming his way. He hesitated and said, “Oh, no.” “Bring me my clothes.” That way he said it sounded like, “Play a prank on me, please.” Like a variety show? Before I knew it, I was hiding too. But the women’s voices were getting louder. But he was getting desperate. He called urgently, but I didn’t appear. He started whispering me gently saying, “Come here.” “Hey, Haha.” (Last minute coercion effort) – He wanted to calm me down. – Of course. – He knew you weren’t listening. – He’s saying, “I won’t get caught.” “Hey, Haha.” “Where are you Haha?” It was so hilarious that I had to suppress my laughter. He started getting angry. “Hey, Haha. I’m going to tear you into pieces.” (It is a stern warning.) I have no idea why I felt so mischievous. I hid, but Ho Dong quickly… just hung onto the rope as a last-ditch effort. The drop was high enough for him to break an ankle. But he managed to hang on and came up later. That was amazing. Those kind of stories are so entertaining. They’re memories. – Sheer willpower. – It could end my career. But why hiking? Whose idea was it? Actually, Ho Dong, and I’m not kidding here, looks after his juniors very well. He hates seeing them go through difficult times. After trashing me all this time? After bringing me down this far? Sure, I’ll listen to everything very thoroughly. This is the honest truth. That was absolutely the hardest period of my life. I had issues with the company. And I had so many personal difficulties as well. It was when I was trying to shut myself out from the world. But Ho Dong always worried for me, so he’d look after me. He really did. There is that saying too. “Mountains must be climbed for trails to be paved”. In the same way, people must meet others to commune with them. Never hide and withdraw. He’d tell me such wise things. You sure say a lot of good things. He encouraged me. Perhaps that’s why I felt so playful that day. Before I knew it too. Honestly, I can’t forget Ho Dong’s presence in my life back then. Give him a round of applause. (He is a thankful figure in Haha’s life.) I have a question too. How does Ho Dong look out for you when you’re down? I have a lot of instances. He took me along on a trip for “One Night and Two Days”. – We spent time together. – That’s right. He had many meaningful conversations. He tries his best to be by my side when I’m struggling. – He’s great. – He’s like that. There are so many stories. But I can’t say because it doesn’t fit the mood today. (He brings the moving tales to a halt.) Of course there are so many moving stories to tell. – But I can’t say them all here. – He’s really great. I’m being honest. – He was the most thankful person. – Hey. Are you down, traitor? – Not yet. – There’s one left. Ask your question. Ask and scram. Before, Sa Yeon, – It’s about me? – came to “Star King”. She had a moment where she got teary during a story. Why did she cry? – Is it related to Ho Dong? – I don’t know. The filming was getting late. It was busy, and they were all encouraging one another. Sa Yeon never knew the meaning of hunger. She felt it for the first time. But they can’t just halt the broadcast. She wanted to eat, but she couldn’t. Yet, she was so hungry. Before she knew it, she had tears in her eyes. Because she was hungry. I forgot about it, but I’m hungry now. You’re incredible. (Sighing) Great timing. (Hunger must be quelled right away.) This is amazing. But… (Munching away) – She forgot about it. – I felt strange. Jang Hoon is amazing. Jang Hoon is amazing. – Is he correct? – He played along so well. – He was proactive. – It was very proactive. – Incorrect. – So, that’s not right. It has to be accurate. – I got it. – Yes? Only talented people make appearances on that show. Some of the guests had talents related to food. But Sa Yeon, couldn’t eat what was in front of her, so she cried. Try to combine Jang Hoon and Hee Chul’s answer. The answer should come out right away. – I’ll give you a hint. – No, nothing. There was bit of verbal dispute… that got her teary. Whenever, chefs or cooks appeared on “Star King”, they’d give out samples. But the time for samples was over. They had to clean up the set. But Sa Yeon wanted to eat more. She was eating, but the staff was complaining. The next segment had to air. But they were kind of irritated. So, she tears of deep sadness. (She really wanted to eat.) Actually, she had an argument with her own staff. I got it. A staff member… took one of Sa Yeon’s favorite snacks or bread… and ate it in front of her. You’re getting very warm. Sa Yeon was eating one of her favorite foods… in the waiting room before coming out to the set. Unaware, her members of her staff ate it. She asked them to bring her some. But they said there was none left. It’s so close. It was intermission time. She had to eat. But the members of her staff ate without her. Correct. Amazing. – I did that? – That can be sad. Ho Dong is like that too. – Here’s what happened. – Tell us in detail. We were on “Star King”, Sa Yeon’s manager was one of her oldest friends. They are almost inseparable. They’re very close. To take a brief break, I arrived late to the waiting room. Sa Yeon was kind of tearing up on the side. Her friend was just kind of staring at her back. They’re so close. I had never seen them like that before. They always laugh together. So, I just kind of stood there quietly. Her friend told Sa Yeon, “I’m so sorry.” Everyone was listening, the entire staff. “We were so hungry while waiting.” “We ate first. I’m so sorry.” But… It was hilarious, but I couldn’t laugh. She was very disappointed. It would’ve been nice if you shared. – Right. – I could’ve waited. I’m okay with other stuff, but I’m strict when it comes to food. You must wait for the elder. No matter how hungry you are, I was not there. I was still working. – He should’ve waited for you. – Yes. When she arrived for “Star King” shooting, she always carried a snack bag with her. When she was exhausted, she shared bear jelly and chocolate… with the guests. One time, she brought raw ramyeon. She shared it with them. I found that adorable. She always needs to eat sugar. The shooting was pretty long that day… that she ran out of snacks in her snack bag. Then when we were done, we were eating already without her, so she was disappointed. That’s funny. You’re pretty observant. – I remember everything. – I thought no one knew. – If the shooting wasn’t that long, – Of course. they could’ve eaten together. It’s because of the person who took long. You shoot for too long. (You shoot for too long.) You liked Ho Dong so much before. Sa Yeon. What do you think about today? It was so fun today that the time flied. Also, I got to hear how you’re doing after a long time. I realized what your relationships are like. (I realized what your relationships are like.) Let’s move to the next class. Let’s go. It’s finally the lunchtime. What we’ve all been waiting for. (It’s finally the lunchtime.) – I’ve been waiting for this. – What do we do in the lunchtime? I’d like to rehearse first with you. Knowing Brothers broadcasting… Debut? In school broadcasting club? – A high school student debuts? – She passed it. I passed the school broadcasting club. – Congratulations. – Congratulations. – Let’s try the lunch broadcasting. – Okay. – Go ahead. – Then… (The new anchor Sa Yeon’s lunch broadcasting) This segment is my idea. Sa Yeon’s I Have a Story. – That’s a good one. – Listen to Sa Yeon and Haha. – Isn’t it nice? – I love it. – Listen to Sa Yeon and Haha. – Yes. Laugh after listening to the story, right? – Isn’t it nice? – It’s nice. – It’s nice. – I love it. I can relax too. (Clearing her voice) Dear Brother School students. Isn’t life tough? – Yes. – Yes. Ho Dong is wounded again as a punching bag. (Sulk) Sang Min who pays off the endless debt. Goodness. This isn’t for school. Jang Hoon. I know you’re lonely. Tell me all your hard, sad… and unfortunate stories. You’ll feel better when you share it together. So here’s what I prepared for you. – Listen to Sa Yeon and Haha. – Haha. Are you going to listen to our stories… – and help us laugh? – Yes. To heal… your heart right, – you must open up first. – Yes. When you open up your heart, you need a friend to listen to it… – and sympathize with you. – Right. – Like psychological counseling. – Then our mental health improves. At least for this time, don’t care about broadcasting, and feel free to share your feelings. You’ll get sick if you keep it in your heart. Also, when you share happiness, it doubles. When you share sadness, it reduces to half. Ho Dong. I like you. He’s reading the wise saying book again. Let’s talk about the struggles first. – From now on… – Unfortunate event battle? – I haven’t heard for a long time. – We used to do that on the show. Unfortunate event battle. I was unfortunate to be misunderstood… that I have a large head because my shoulders are narrow. (Sublimate unfortunate misunderstanding in laughter.) I deleted one of… I deleted one of… my favorite friends’ number today. We were very close. (I had fun with you.) I lost one of… my favorite friends as of today. I don’t think I’ll ever get to see him again… as long as I’m alive. I feel bad. (For some reason, he agrees.) I… went to the wedding of a friend… who abandoned me. (Haha brushes off the sorrow of being abandoned.) Listen to his annoying laughter. You were a grateful friend. I’m starting… a new show with Yeong Cheol soon. (Unfortunate enough to make everyone laugh) He wins. It sounds hilarious to say it now. You’re the most unfortunate. Hey. I’m in the situation. I’m starting a new show with Yeong Cheol too. It’s even worse because… we’re both hosts. (He’s likely to be the winner of unfortunate event battle.) – What is it, Sang Min? – He keeps telling me to say it. – What is it? – I’m starting one… with Yeong Cheol too. I’m starting three new shows with them. Why are you starting so many shows all of a sudden? I don’t know. One with Hee Chul, one with Ho Dong and one with Sang Min. Yeong Cheol’s the happiest one. You all get to start a new show. This is the only one I have. Guys. I only had four red bean buns today. What? – What is that? – Awesome. – Oh, right. Guys. – Yes. Zizo was here today. – That’s unbelievable. – Haha. Don’t lie. (I’m not laughing.) We haven’t met Zizo. What are you talking about? Put this on your eyes. You’ll see him. (You might see Zizo.) – I Can Barely See through the Sock – I Can Barely See through the Sock When I was in high school… (Sa Yeon’s another unfortunate story) I commuted by bus, and the bus broke down. I collapsed from sunstroke. My body felt cold, so I walked home alone. It was sad. I walked alone. Can I tell you the full story? Do you want to hear it? It’s a sad story. The bus broke down when I was going to school, so I walked to school. I guess I fainted because it was so hot. I got up at night because it was cold. Then I realized I collapsed. So I got up, brushed off dirt, and walked home alone. Then some guys were talking in the alley. “I saw a wild animal dead…” “on the way here.” (Louder laughter for more sorrow) I live alone. I slipped on water… as I walked out of restroom. (Goodness.) I yelled so loud because it was very painful. (Screaming) But no one came to check on me. I was lonely… – more than it was painful. – I see. Laugh. (Sublimate loneliness that is bigger than sorrow in laughter.) Laugh louder. Jang Hoon. Do you want me to introduce you to my friends? (She blows all misfortune at once.) (Very happy) – Knock out. – Knock out. “Do you want me to introduce you to my friends?” – Isn’t Sa Yeon the winner? – She’s the winner. – “My friends.” – Today’s MVP… Noh Sa Yeon. (She becomes the winner by blowing everyone’s misfortune.) Is that the end of class today? – Done. – Done. (The preview of Apink episode will be revealed.) It’s sad. (Apink is back all matured after 1 year.) (Long time no see.) (How have you been doing, Ho Dong?) (I heard you reap what you sow.) (I’m confident in front of them.) (I’ve never seen them on “Star King”.) (We were on “Star King”.) (Bo Mi’s father is a taekwondo instructor.) (No. He owns a store.) (Suit yourselves.) (The angry windup) (Twitching) (Apink has become strong.) (Ha Young joins too.) (Hee Chul likes women he has never met before.) (Ha Young is like a family.) (Why am I your family?) (Let’s reconcile now.) (I choose Sang Min.) (He doesn’t give up easily.) (Although he gave up on love.) (Bring it on.) (We know how to dance.) (I bet you can’t do this.) (Their dance is only intense.) (Dancing) (Wrong) (This is how you dance.) (The site of excitement with Apink) (Knowing Brothers)

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  1. 0:10 Intro
    6:25 Guests’ Entrance
    29:35 Enrollment Forms
    31:16 Sa-yeon’s Loudest Voice Competition
    34:50 Rapper Zizo’s Entrance
    39:42 Guess About Me − Noh Sa-yeon
    57:37 Guess About Me − Haha
    1:24:30 Lunch Time Broadcast

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