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EN) Night Skincare Routine 착한성분 나이트 스킨케어루틴 | 안녕이쁜씨

Get Unready with Me – Night Skincare Routine Hello, Pretty. I’m Subin, and welcome back! It’s gonna be about my recent night skincare routine It’s all about genuine products and great ingredients, and how I take care of my sensitive, acne prone skin I take extra care of my skin especially at night, as I can use any actives and antioxidants, while relieving the thirst of my skin intensively Regardless of your skin type, you can benefit from using gentle cleansers, and it is the key of my routine I’d go for oil based cleanse for my first cleanse, to remove any spf/makeup nooni Snowflake Jelly Cleansing Oil is my latest favorite It has a balmy texture, which is emulsified with water It doesn’t strip off your skin, while removing any makeup For my second clenase, I’m using my all time favorite, Eucerin Redness Relief Cleansing Gel It doesn’t turn your face into a foam bath, and doesn’t dry out your skin, I use it both for my second cleanse and for my morning cleanse on its own A lot of my subscribers’s holy grail clenaser, too (See the link below to get 5% off at iHerb) I use acids from time to time only at night As I’ve told you before, you shouldn’t overuse acids! Depending on each product and your skin, you should decide how often you need acids I’m using Cosrx AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid now, and I only use it very sparingly, like once a week I’d never irritate my skin with harsh, grainy scrubs I generally love Cosrx products, as the brand is focusing on ingredients After acids, I wouldn’t wipe off my face again with toner as it is absurd and unnecessary! Isntree Hyaluronic Toner is more like an essence as it is rich with moisturizing ingredients So, I’d rather work it into the skin than wiping off You can use any watery products, mist/essence/moisturizing toner For evening routine, I’d like to add some antioxidants and eye cream isoi Intensive Lifting Spot is my recent fave eye cream It has a little massager applicator, which is great to relieve fatigue around your eyes isoi is one my favrotie Korean skincare brands, as they put the priority to ingredients Then, Isntree EGF Repair Ampoule for antioxidants It has very light and watery texture, absorbed so quickly into the skin It’s my third bottle, as EGF ingredient really suits my skin It isn’t irritating at all, as some of other antioxidnats are Then, I’d like to seal everything with primera Alpine Berry Intensive Watery Cream I love its ingredients! It’s a 5 free formula – no artificial color & fragrance, parabens, mineral oil and animal derived ingredients It has a lot skin friendly moisturizing factors As the weather is getting colder, I need something luxuriant for my night routine It delivers moisture quickly, and the thing is that the moisture really lasts until the next morning It has a rather rich texture that is absorbed quickly Moisturizing your skin thoroughly is the key to protect and strength your skin’s natural barrier! Before I go to bed, I’d like to nourish my chapped lips and nail cuticles Medicine Mama’s all in one cream has been my staple and I always order mine at iHerb It’s made of organic olive oil, beeswax, honey, propolis and royal jelly, and that’s it! I’d like to protect my split hair ends with Innisfree Milk Oil to keep it more manageable with less frizz Last but not least, I’d like to spray a bit of Aura Cacia Relaxing Lavender Mist on my body and pillow Aromatherapy products with essential oils can be really *dangerous* for your cats and dogs, so use it when they’re not around and be careful! So, that’s my night skincare routine! Any skin types can benefit from using gentle cleansers and sandwiching moisture! Please let me know your thoughts in the comment Find me on Instagram @hello.subin See you!

26 thoughts on “EN) Night Skincare Routine 착한성분 나이트 스킨케어루틴 | 안녕이쁜씨

  1. 와 스킨케어 루틴 기다렸는데..딱 떳네요! 나중에 황산화 제품들 추천&리뷰해주세요!전 선크림을 엄청 늦게 바르기 시작했어요!이쁜씨님은 언제부터 바르셨나요??

  2. 많은 유튜버들을 구독해오면서도 제일 믿음이 가고 관심이 가는 수빈님! 기본에 충실하면서도 간결하고 분위기 있는 메이크업과 스킨케어 방법들을 소개시켜주셔서 도움을 많이 받았어요! 분위기 있는 유튜버로는 수빈님이 갑인 것 같아요!

  3. 안녕 이쁜씨들! 나이트 스킨케어 루틴으로 겨울 건조한 피부를 지켜봐요 🙂 꿀피부, 꿀잠을 위한 영상 ♥
    Hello, Pretty! It's my night skincare routine at the moment for HONEY SKIN! Please share your thoughts in the comment, Thanks!

  4. 수빈님 스킨케어 영상은 이제는 믿고 보는거 같아요 자기 주관에 맞게 딱 필요한 제품만 사용하시는 거 같아서 좋아요 😀

  5. 요즘 급격,최악의 건조로 고민하다 이것저것 샀는데..하루만 더 기다렸다 살걸..하는 아쉬움..

  6. 아ㅜㅠ저도 각질제거 토너 하나 사야겠어요 수분감은 있지만 피부 표면이 거칠어서ㅠㅜ큽 수빈님처럼 매끈한 피부! 부러워용

  7. 영상 기다렸어요ㅠ0ㅠ♡ 정말 빠져드는 영상.. 잘봤습니다!! 다음 영상도 너무 기대돼요~

  8. Thank you Subin for always including english subtitles. I know it takes a long time to do them. They have been super helpful. You make me want to try the Isntree brand, but I got a lot of other skincare to go through. I'll have to wait to finish the other ones first. Hoping to have Honey skin like you. =)

    Can't wait to see another video from you. Maybe you can do suggestions on food to eat for good skin. 😉

  9. Lovely video as always Subin 🙂 I'm going to try the Nooni jelly cleansing oil as per your recommendation! It will be great for travel too. It has fragrance in it but I think it should be okay, no?
    I have really sensitive skin too and as of late, rosacea as well :(( It's really hard because I treat my skin so well but it's still all red and irritated… I'm hoping to just keep at my gentle skincare routine and follow your tips and my skin will soon be better. I should also follow your lifestyle advice too and try to cut down on sugar and junk… hehe

  10. I've been using a sample of the Primera Alpine Berry cream and it's almost out, and my skin is loving it, and I'm wishing I had purchased the full size after all.

  11. 언니가 쓰시는 스킨케어 제품들은 대체적으로 자극적이지 않고 순해서 좋아요! 피부가 궁극적으로 뭘 원하는지 아시는 느낌. 🙂 오늘 영상도 잘 보고 가요!✨

  12. 언니가 쓰시는 스킨케어 제품들은 대체적으로 자극적이지 않고 순해서 좋아요! 피부가 궁극적으로 뭘 원하는지 아시는 느낌. 🙂 오늘 영상도 잘 보고 가요!✨

  13. 할로겐 조명처럼 따스하고 차분한 느낌의 영상들이라 늘 보기 편하고 좋아요💞항상 유익한 영상 감사드려요🙇🏻‍♂️

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