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hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel for today’s video I’m recreating a beautiful classic look inspired by
Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice I love this iconic
updo so I do start off with a quick makeup look and then really focus on how
to get this big updo and because if the makeup is very barely there you can pair
this with any lip and it looks awesome as part of the Revlon tirage i will be
swatching some of my favorite sticks from the revlon matte is everything by
Super Lustrous Collection to switch up this look and I wanted to let my
Canadian babes know that I do have a giveaway for this collection over on
Instagram and you can win all 12 shades speaking of lipsticks last year in
Toronto Revlon launched its first ever feeling lippy pop-up experience it was
super fun and they’re doing it again this year so if you’ve ever seen a
bloggers Instagram stories of really cool makeup events and you’ve wanted
that experience yourself well Revlon is doing an event open to public so you can
go see it the most innovative lip launches from Revlon on Friday June 14th
and Saturday the 15th they’re super fun at product stations and beauty experts
there sadly I can’t attend this event I will be on the other side of the world
but I definitely encourage you guys to go and get some new products and
instagrams and of course I know not everyone lives in Canada watching this
so to everybody else wherever you’re viewing from I hope you enjoy the rest
of this video make sure you give it a thumbs up if you enjoy and subscribe so
you don’t miss any of my pop culture tutorials also more information about
this event will be in the description box and let’s get started
I’m speeding through the makeup here but I used a lighter foundation base and my
skin had a bit of a tan so I went full coverage and added powder foundation as
well from Maybelline and then benefit hoola light bronzer for a bit of a
contour and dimension I’ve really been loving the Wanderlust primer infused
flushes this one is dolly and to make it very Keira bring the blush higher up on
the apples of the cheeks and this deeper shade will help sink in the cheeks for a
hollowed out look and higher cheekbones also kind of stipple this product for a
natural blushing look you can definitely use a cream blush my skin just wasn’t
the best here so this tends to be a bit more flattering and as always a nose
contour I always just take a look at the recreation photo and shade where I see
natural contours on Keira it’s definitely defined at the tip and then
in between the eyes her nose bridge is quite a bit more inward than mine so I’m
replicating that a bit and I’m keeping the look super simple same contour shade
as shadow in the crease and all over the lid for a wash of a neutral brown shade
that defines the eye a cream highlight on the lid very small
amount of mascara I like to remove most of the product from the wand and as the
mascara is drying I will use my finger or a clean wand to make sure there isn’t
too much product and just enough to tint the lash gimme brow to thicken up the brow
strands for a natural-looking fullness and brushed up effect also like I said
my skin had a couple of blemishes especially around my mouth I added a bit
of another brow product as faux freckles this makes the skin look more natural
when done with a really light hand and you don’t want to use a shade that’s too
dark either or it’ll kind of stick out too
much on the skin and then the lipstick I chose very lightly to add on my lips is
the Revlon and that is everything by Super Lustrous in the shade raisa bros blending out so you can see at my
natural lip shade as well and I’ll really swatch this lipstick and full on
my lips so you can see how it all applies once we get the hair done but
this is the complete breakdown of the Elizabeth makeup look and now onto the
updo I always go with the heat protectant spray in that in and then
brushing through and clearly I don’t have any bangs but luckily this old
English lookin hairstyle has very curly bangs that we can recreate with a small
curling iron and some bobby pins oh and a lot of hairspray I’ve done several
versions of this over the years but for this one we’re going to create a middle
ish part spray some hairspray at the root for volume so we don’t have to
tease and then curl towards the face then you want to pin in a loop before
you wedge the bobby pin through the loop and into the rest of your hair tweak the
bubble to be irregular like bangs using a hairspray keep the loops where you
want them and this makes the world of a difference I’m obsessed with the OGX
hairspray that I have on screen it just really makes it easier to kind of
manipulate my hair strands and gives me a lot of volume another detail of the style is curls
around the ears so just shorten them by doing a pin curl or maybe it’s left over
from the bangs like it happened with mine again on the other side curl loop
and pin and shorter hair is a bit easier to work
with for the entire Curley section of the updo because you won’t have as much
hair to worry about keeping pinned up but because we are basically pin curling
in my hair is thinner there’ll be a little too much scalp showing so I’m
going to use an extension for the bulk of this style and it’s super easy to
place up on top here because there will be a fishtail braid that can hide it you
can totally skip the extensions if you have thicker hair than me or just if you
don’t really mind but if your hair is shorter you might need an extension
anyway for the fishtail portion of the updo so that you can reach the braid
over the head like a crown otherwise just create a medium-sized fishtail
braid to create this simple but unique looking braid divide the hair into two
and then take a small piece from the outermost portion of the strand and
cross over to join the other main section so we are just Criss crossing
this is a little time-consuming you can always do a simple braid as well and I
fanned out the braid a tiny bit so it was consistent but fishtail braids do
tend to get a lot of flyaways if you do this too much so a little hairspray over
the finished braid is really helpful there was totally a fly in the room
I left my door open so if you see me talking I’m trying to communicate with
that fly asking him politely to leave but I did have to shoo him out anyway
didn’t kill that fly I can never get them but place the braids over the
extension if you used one and if you don’t need an extension just make sure
the rest of your hair is brushed backwards so you don’t see a part same
tiny curling iron and as always everything will be linked down below if
you want to try out any of these products and this section after the
braids we have a bit of wave going backwards and then a lot of curls up top curling those sections back doesn’t have
to be a too tight we just want that wave and then taking two sections out and
then pinning the rest of the hair into a twist this will make sure that the back
of the hair kind of is in a v-shape and shortens the hair if your hair is too
long so it’s a bit easier to work with and then with the side sections you want
to curl this like crazy and tease it out I love messy curly braids like this I
feel like they’re so princess-like and this is a detail that is pretty hard to
see in some of the movie but I swear it is in there so I wanted to try to add it
in and we’ll help add both to the back of the style more curls now create tight ones from
the pinned up hair from the back and then pin on top play with this to get a
shape that has quite a bit of volume and soft curls surrounding the fishtail
braid boom step done and then with the rest of the hair we’re just going to be
a pin curling it looked like Elizabeth style was pin curled upwards but with
long hair pinning downwards is going to be a lot neater and a lot less flyaways
and we can get a similar effect anyways so curl loop and pin right to the scalp
and the hair we twisted and pinned also does hide the scalp more anyways so it’s
just a hair pinned into hair which does make it easier to keep the loops in
place too it is all coming together now just take the braids and cross them over
the section kind of between those pin curls up top and the curls that we’ve
looked at the bottom to keep consistent volume through the back lots of steps but I promise this is not
too hard to do once you know the steps it’s just getting section by section
done before the luck comes together and of course we need pearls Elizabeth
Bennet had a string of pearls and I have just loose pearls from what I hold my
makeup brushes in I thought this looked vintage and pretty so I bought it for my
vanity a long time ago and I thought I would just sacrifice if you buy out a
lot of hair sprayed each one and then adding in it’s kind of works like glue
but really is not the most effective you can always create your own hair piece by
adding loose pearls it’s strung onto a clear elastic e-string or use Pro flips
blue pearls onto bobby pins any options but guys I love this it’s so nice and
elegant and like I was saying in my intro you can really switch off this
classic look with any lip shade so I picked out eight different shades out of
the twelve colors in the revlon matte is everything by Super Lustrous collection
to show you and to my Canadian gals you can win the full line over on my
Instagram so thanks for up on for doing the skip away with me and you guys will
love these lipsticks so on-screen that you’ve been seeing how nice they glide
on they are very comfortable there Matt but non-drying to the lips at all and
all shades are listed on screen so you can screenshot the swatch if you want to
remember while you’re shopping and I think a matte red is essential in any
girls collection and really goes with this updo too we have showstopper and so
let I’d recommend that the first read shown for cooler pink based skin tones
and so lit for more olive yellow based skin tones superstar Browne is another one of my
go-to and to finish off we have the nude in
the collection dare to be nude in contrast with the deepest shade Dark
Knight Queen for a gothic spin on the classic look but which lip shade you liked best or if
there is one that you know we’re gonna pick up two thanks for watching I hope
you guys enjoyed this Keira Knightley tutorial I think it’s been my first one
on this channel so if you have any other characters that she’s played that you’d
want a tutorial on let me know in the comments below and I cannot wait to take
off this top it’s supposed to be an over-the-shoulder top like this and I
hiked it up and I’m suffering now so that’s not fun but hopefully that heals
up quickly um if you want to follow me on Instagram to stay updated with me at
rocky wires and I love it when you guys tag me on Instagram so I can feature you
in videos so here’s a couple of my favorite photos and append it to New
York and then a week after that I’m going to be going to South Korea so I’m
very excited there will definitely be travel blogs and everything so thanks
for your support and I’ll see my next video

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