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Drunken Adventures: Makeup

Hey everyone, it’s Plamondon Comics and today I’m going to do a slightly buzzed, maybe more buzzed, we’ll see how it goes makeup tutorial um…I’m was inspired by Jenna Marbles because I love her and she’s everything I want be. She is my absolute goals for when I’m a 33 year old lady. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore, let’s just get into it. So uh, disclaimer: this is my second one already and and I am the size of a 13 year old. I am almost 25 years old so I’m legally allowed to drink. Don’t drink if you’re not legally allowed to it’s not worth it! Let’s get into it! Sorry, I squint a lot when I’m buzzed so When I make this face I’m not trying to be… …weird. I’m… I don’t know why I do that. It’s also kind of bright but uh…I don’t know… so first thing that I do buzzed or not… is uh, that I cover up any blemishes that I may have. So um… let’s see here…I’m breaking out right here um, there is like a thing on my nose, you can’t really tell I have freckles so you can’t really tell between the blemishes and freckles so also I like to put uh… I like to cover up my I like… I like all of this to be covered *laugh* this is ONE can of cider in guys, this is not good I don’t feel like most drunk makeup tutorials are this much a mess this fast. oh well Continuing on! I also forgot to say that I just use my fingers, and I use my fingers for most of what I’m going to do and it’s probably going to trigger a lot of makeup artists… well, no one’s even going to even… …no makeup artist is even going to see this but if they do stumble upon it, it’s probably very very upsetting to them, and I don’t care. okay? I’m not getting paid to do this. I’m just doing it for fun. So get off my back! Next thing I’m going to do, which I usually don’t do honestly, but we’re going to get fancy I uh, I’m going to but this illumina… Illuminator on northern lights Ultra beauty. Oh…yeah… I forgot to tell you all the things I’m using. the other thing was just a cover stick…I don’t know, just a generic one. So I’m just going to put this like sooo these bags gotta gooo *laughs* oh god. Alright and I just kinda put badda buh buh buh, ba da buh buh buh bub like that. So I’m like a shiny queen. I’m like a dragon that glued all the glitter and sparkly things that I’ve stolen to my face. And I like to put it on my forehead *laughs* because my forehead’s not big enough. I really like my fivehead to to really be the center of *laughs* attention now *sigh* this is already more than I usually do *whispers* oh my god I’m feeling this crap, now what do I do? mmm boo doo buh buh bup I’ll do my eyebrows next so I’m just gonna use this to make it go in the direction I want it to go gotta pee already *incredulously* and then I’m gonna take this eyebrow gel that I got at the dollar store… anyways, I’m just gonna draw in my eyebrows a little bit oh lord, this is NOT something you do when you’re drunk oh NOOOOOOO ooookayyyy lines like what is it called? mimicking my ha-my own natural hair kind of on the ends so then… again, it’s not just like EEE EEEEE, you know? Like that? I don’t want it to be like ENNNG NNGG Life is a little less stressful now because I quit my full-time job…gonna get a part-time job… and then I’m gonna try and do art for the most part…full time so uh…oh my lord, anywa *laughs* yeah…ah alright, I never actually put full foundation on but I’m going to do it here because why not? I’m pretty sure this is way too *burps gently* I’m pretty sure this is way too dark for my skin tone right now *burps a bit more aggressively* Homegirl can’t find skin tone-oh what I’m I trying to say? I can’t find foundations that are good with my skintone because I’m pretty damn pale if ya haven’t noticed. Uh, so yeah this one is Ivory I believe and it’s too dark for me but *awkward singing voice* we’re going to use it anyways we’re going to look like a fuuuuu *normal voice* flipping I’m trying to be even though this is a drunk tutorial I’m trying not to swear so much. I’m gonna look like a pumpkin I’m going to blend right into my shirt um. but yeah, I’m just gonna, like, put it *laughs* all over my face I-I literally never put uhhhhh I never put….*drunken stooper* foundation on so I put cover up on and that’s pretty much it.*flails uncomfortably* I’m just gonna smack it onto myself I can’t feel my fingers *laughs* now, I guess I’ll put the pu-face powder on that’s way too dark for me (it isn’t that bad) I think where I went wrong is this is warm warm toned. And I think I’m more cool neutral. Why am I so fricken pale in this? I don’t- I am NOT this white That’s a little better…okay, that’s fair I am about this pale. It’s a little too warm for me I think. I think I’m more of a neutral closer to cool coloured… so I think that’s where I went wrong with this but anyway I’m just gonna take this I literally never use this I’m just gonna… eh bub bub bub EH BUP BUP BUPBUP I’ve been watching a lot of Jenna Marbles and Julien oh noooo I was doing pretty good until now… I’ve accepted myself for who I am because I’m too lazy to do otherwise alright so blehhh I hate the way this FEELS god, it feels like there’s just like, I could go like this and just like *weak burp* a layer of my skin will come off. DON’T LIKE IT. Next! I guess I’ll put I guess I’ll put this on…blush and this is uh… This is a neutral blush so yeah this definitely looks a lot better on my skin tone. Innocent flush…as opposed to naughty flush… That’s my nighttime routine it’s Loreal N-34 and I haven’t been telling you guys other stuff I’ve been putting on It’s a….buzzed tutorial. What the frick do you expect?! fricken plastic, that’s fricken plastic! Honestly I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. I’m trying to save the planet but I suck ass at it. haaa, that’s fresh. sometimes I also like to go like this and pinch it and I go ppt ptt pt pt and I go like this I don’t know if it does anything but… I’m starting to lose mobility. and that’s the perfect time to e-er start on your eyes! And I’m going to take my Elf Pallet Mat….no, Mad for Matte oh…ohh? ehh? okay. Mad for Matte. Looks like this Is this what the beauty gurus do? I’m going to use this one first and I’m just gonna Oh my god, I just like I’mma bout to fall asleep *sings* Buh da da daaa I’m really feeling this cider now Sir John, the Makeup Guru taught me to take the matte colour or, the, what’s this called? This is just my base Take your base colour and actually put it underneath your eye as well even though you’re not really going to see anything cuz it’s kinda almost your skin colour. but if you do that then when you put a darker colour on it will show up better and be as he would say…..seamless I’m really just doing this for kicks….so… sorry if this bother-the low quality and the insanity of the lighting bothers you check out my Patreon *laughs* I’ll make better videos *giggles* I seriously want to make-start making uh, content. Like, not this kind of content honestly but you know, this is just for fun. But I do really want to start making content full time. Because I can’t do anything else very well *sad laugh* So seriously though if you want to support me um, my Patreon is really great I’m going to start uh, making more videos for Youtube in the future, ne-near future so if you’re just interested in Youtube videos you can support me there *aggressive whisper* I’m so druuuunk but also if you’re just a fan of my art you can support me on Patreon. If you wanna just support me one time thing, you can do paypal which I’ll put below. And if you want to just… commission me to do something for you you can email me… and I’ll leave that below ohhhh my goooo- I think lastly I’m just going to take this brown I really like brown… I used to not like it but I like it now I’m just gonna put that on the the outskirts of town ahhh I look a little bit freaky but just wait It might turn itself around….maybe. I wanted to th-I wanted to also put some sparkles on because th-this is a celebratory v-video um this is E.L.F. Shimmer Eye Shadow Anyways. I’m just gonna take the silver one And I’m going to put that all over my eyelid. Boom! Now I’m just gonna take this eyeliner Maybelline New York Hyper-sharp liner Which I’m pretty sure Maybelline tests on animals so so I’m not going to get their stuff anymore because that’s fucked up I’mma put it on my eyes *sassily* eyeliner! so I actually have something to teach you besides just being drunk right now if you have eyes like mine where uhhhh when you open it up you know, there’s not a lot of space when I go like this then I go like this, some of it gets disappeared…it dippa- so I learned this trick oh I got a little dot there okay pretend that didn’t happen… but um do your lines with your eyes open if you have a little bit of a hood or a really a major hood. Hooded eye- eyeli-limer… *mumbles* eyelime eyelid. If you have really hooded eyelid keep your eyes open when you do this. Because then when you you know, your eyes are open for the most part, right? So you want people to see the way it’s going to look, right? oh noooooo ooo this is not going to turn out well. Okay my lips are numb. Okay so now I’m going to do this side which I already really fricked up I’m not going to touch that anymore *slurs* than I’ve already done okay ohhhh my goooosh okay I’m not gonna mess with it. But you see what I mean? no, don’t look at that. Let’s pretend that didn’t happen so now i’m gonna take this. In2it. I got it in the Philippines liquid Matte and this flavour is VM 03 Ravish. That’s… disturbing okay so now I’m scared. I have little lips. I have very thin upper lip I have a very thin upper lip so this isn’t going to turn out well but let’s just do it anyway. oh NOOOO. Mowmowmow okay so yeah, there’s that. Almost done Now the last thing I’m going to do is put some mascara on. I CANNOT FEEL MY LIPS RIGHT NOW I have no feeling in my lips and the need to urinate is great I’m just going to take again, Maybelline, fuck you, Maybelline Bunnies have feelings too. Okay so I’m going to take this Great Lash, just really basic make-m-mascara ohhhhh I’m drunk. I’m just put this puppy on my eyelashes. I like to put it on the lower lash too because I have long eyelashes especially lower I want to assert my lower eyelash dominance to the world. Whoa. Those puppies are looong oh no… they’re too long oh, a crow just flew over our house…is that bad? I like crows we have a lot of them here *whispers* a lot of them NOOOOO okay I’m just going to leave it. why did I do this? I thought this would be fun. I just have to pee. And look like I drunkenly put makeup on. There it is everyone It’s not that bad though, for being like as tipsy as I am right now this is not that bad. Don’t-just pretend this just don’t look at this eye and the rest. It’s like not and I did this looking into my computer and by my computer I mean my phone that’s not that bad. Should I do like, what the beauty gurus do when they’re like and then like put music to it? I’m going to do it *electronica music ensues* I’m sorry for the amount of cringe that you’ve subjugated your own self to watch for the past however many minutes this ends up being thank you so much for watching. Again subscribe to this if for some reason, you want to also though, this is not regular content. I’m gonna be putting up *slurred speech* some really cool stuff lately especially if you’re into spooky things and creepy things and cool things and video game things if you like hot Asian guys that’s my husband, and he’ll be here too so subscribe to meeeeee

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  1. Thanks for watching, giving a little thumb, a little sub, and stopping by! What's the weirdest thing you have ever said or done while tipsy? Mine is probably "listen to my leg"

  2. Been following you on Instagram for a while and I just found your YouTube, I love it! Also thank you so much for the captions, I really appreciate it 🙂

  3. What did I spend the last 16:24 mins of my life on, you ask? Only the best content EVER. Plam, we're here for this (and your art ofc :P)

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