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DRUGSTORE MAKEUP STARTER KIT (for beginners) | Roxette Arisa

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel So today I have another drugstore video for you guys And I know last year I was doing my drugstore series and I kind of want to start it up again So let me know if you guys would like to see that what videos you would want to see? Inside of the drugstore series. Like would you want to see like drugstore? How to’s Drugstore makeup tutorials drugstore favorites hot or knots whatever you want to see a comment down below But today I wanted to kind of kick off the round 2 of my drugstore series with a video that I’ve been wanting to do for so Long now and it is talking about my drugstore must-haves for like a makeup starter kit So for any of you guys who are just getting into makeup that you know may not know exactly what you’re looking for. Exactly What to get this little kit right here is going to save you it’s going to be everything you need from foundations concealers primers eyeshadow lip products brushes sponges everything you need that is affordable drugstore products, but they work amazingly and they Are just gonna like ease you in to the makeup world, you know, I’m trying to say so Let’s uh, let’s uh dig into this back also I got the bag on Amazon and I will link it down below for you guys if you wanna check it out that sounded sponsored, but it actually was not I’m just Yeah I’m so excited because I’ve actually wanted to do this video for so long and I’ve been like planning it for For what feels like forever now, but now that I’m here. I don’t know where to start But I guess we’ll just kind of go through the makeup as you would apply it if that makes sense So I went back and forth on whether I should Include a primer in this video because I really only wanted to stick to the products that were really essentials for people getting into makeup but I decided to include a primer because I really do feel like it makes a difference in how your makeup applies and how Your makeup lasts throughout the day. So this is the one that I would include in my makeup starter kit It’s the Physicians Formula spot light illuminating primer And the thing that I love about this is that it is radiant boosting But not only that it actually does blow out your pores and when you apply it It just leaves the most beautiful finish on your skin You can here you get a lot of radiance But you also get that almost blurring effect and I just feel like whatever. I apply foundation over this primer It looks so bomb throughout the day and it lasts forever It just looks glowy, but not oily but not too dewy if that makes sense It’s just like the most beautiful primer and I do have oily skin and I love this primer I think that it’d be amazing for dry skin as well but like I said I do have oily skin and I have not had a problem with it making me look like too luminous by any means so I Did want to mention that one and definitely include it inside of the video before foundation My OGIS will definitely know what helps all come about. This is the Maybelline matte and poreless fit me or fit me better poreless I’ve talked about this foundation so many times at this point but it is still one of my ride-or-die products one product that I always reach for and Sometimes even over high-end foundations Obviously you go through phases with your foundations, but I feel like I always go back to Maybelline matte and poreless What I love about this once again is that it’s very full coverage But it’s actually very easy to use even for a beginner. It doesn’t take up on you It doesn’t like attach to dry patches anywhere. It just kind of evens out your skin tone and it has very buildable coverage So it’s a great foundation to be learning with Sometimes if you are just getting into makeup and you go with like too much of a full coverage foundation It’s actually really difficult to blend that out and wear throughout the day because it takes time to learn how to work with the products what techniques to use and everything like that but with this foundation I guarantee that any beginner Anybody that’s just starting with makeup will be able to use this foundation and will love the foundation as well So definitely have to include this one again. I have only skin for the facial products I did want to mention that just so that you guys know But I do think that this kind of works for every skin type I mean I’ve recommend it to friends and family who have dry skin and they love it just as much as I do there are some anomalies like I know a lot of you guys tweet me are not a lot but like I get some tweets saying That the matte and poreless didn’t work for you. And if that’s the case, then I would suggest the L’Oreal True Match Lumi that’s probably my second favorite drugstore foundation But in my starter kick I wouldn’t include that one. Okay Concealer again another OG product. This is a product that never fails me So this is the instant age rewind eraser dark circles treatment concealer from Maybelline And like I said, I have personally been using this for years like ever since I first started makeup I’ve been using this product and I still use it to this day because it’s good for beginners. It’s good for pros It’s good for anybody on any makeup spectrum in their journey, and I just feel like it’s such an amazing Product because it’s easy to use it really does conceal everything that you want it to conceal and it doesn’t crease throughout the day because it has a very very Lightweight formula and it’s honestly the best drugstore concealer I have ever used So when you apply it, it has this little sponge on it and you can just apply it It’s like as you would underneath the eyes down the middle of the face, even on blemishes. You can apply this one So it’s like I said very easy to apply I do have some brushes and sponges to talk about later that I use to blend this out. But I love that It’s very user friendly You’ve got that applicator right on there and you can kind of just go in With the applicator straight onto your skin and then blend it out with a sponge So that is definitely inside of my makeup starter kit You guys know that in most of my tutorials I do do baking but I do feel like that is kind of like a more advanced technique if you will and Don’t get me wrong. Like if you’re a beginner and you want to bake you go for it, cuz like who’s stopping you, right? But I did want to give you guys an alternative option that will still mattify your face and hold everything home Hold everything in place. I said that’s so weird I was like cold But it will hold everything in place without having to go through the process of baking which can be kind of like a timely process Especially at first but the powder that I would recommend Instead of baking if you do not want to bake is the Rimmel stay matte pressed powder This is an awesome one for beginners because it is completely pressed but it completely Mattifies your face without ever looking cakey. Again. This is a product that I have probably used for years I think they maybelline concealer and this product were actually one of my personal first products I have are purchased and started playing around with so I definitely wanted to recommend that to you guys because Look where we are. I love makeup now, so the Rimmel stay matte powder is like a really good option if you are just getting into makeup and like I said You don’t want to spend you know, 5 to 10 minutes baking your face You can just take this with like a little powder brush or even like the elf blush brush that’s a really good one to use and Pack it underneath the eyes dust it over the forehead and dust it over the chin or any spots that you personally get oily in and this will do a pretty good job at Doing the same thing That’s a normal translucent powder or baking powder would do so that’s definitely one that I wanted to mention as far as you know What let’s move on to eyes. Let’s move on to eyes right now So you do definitely do not need eyes shadow If you are just getting to makeup like if um, you know if you don’t want to do I shut it you definitely don’t need to do I shout it don’t think that it is by any means necessary for Does that make sense? But I did want to give you guys a couple options in case you did want to and the first being my personal Favorite drugstore product. This is like a this is a very big claim, but I think this might be my favorite drugstore product eye product at least of all time So this is the Maybelline Color tattoo eye studio in bad to the bronze If you have been with me since the very beginning of my channel, you definitely know What I’m talking about because I used to use this so often and I still use this to this day so again
A lot of these products are products that I started using as a beginner that I still continue to use because they’re that good So this one is a cream eye shadow. It’s such a beautiful bronze shade. This is a very universal shade so it’s gonna look good on so many different skin tones on so many different eye colors and I just feel like it’s Mmm, like it’s that perfect like little umph to add to the eyes. This is what it swatches like It’s such a beautiful bronze because it’s not too warm It’s kind of just like the perfect Tone of bronze for like I said any skin tone and it’s very very easy to work with as well So what I usually do with this product is I just take it on my fingertip I take out my ring finger and I Pat it right into the center of the eyes and kind of just blend it out with My fingertips and that is like honestly, it’s the best way to go especially if you know You might not have a bunch of brushes or you might not want a bunch of brushes yet This is a perfect eye product for you because you don’t need them You can literally apply it with your fingertips and it’s gonna look bomb the other eyeshadow palette that I wanted to recommend This is I’m gonna call this a level 2 eye. Shut up out So this is like level 1 first getting to makeup But you want something that’s gonna look beautiful and bronze and just gorgeous for any look. This is what I would recommend This is like a level 2 for me. So if you do want an eyeshadow palette, like I said, I don’t personally think palettes are essentials for beginners that are just getting into makeup, but if you do want a palette in your life This is definitely the palette that I would recommend and it is by far my favorite drugstore palette So this is the NYX ultimate shadow palette and it’s in the shade warm neutrals So when you open this guy up, it just has the most beautiful tones in here I feel like these shades in here are very warm. They’re neutral, but they’re not too warm so that they’re Unwearable and hard to work with and they’re actually very good quality. So this is one of the matte shades Super-duper blendable very pigmented. I really like the shimmers in here, too And I feel like the palette is cohesive with each other. So there’s a lot of shades that you can use injunction with each other There’s shades that you could just use on its own if you just want like a wash of a copper you have that in there You know, so this palette just to me Embodies what I would have picked out for myself if I was looking for a good Drugstore palette to get me into makeup I think that you’re just getting so much with this palette because you can use these shades over and over and over again With themselves, I mean by themselves or with other shadows from the palette So definitely the palette that I would recommend if you’re looking for one What should we do next? Let’s do A mascara mascara is obviously sensual. Don’t tell me that I lost it. Oh, no, here it is So a mascara is obviously essential I would recommend the voluminous lashes from L’Oreal This is by far my favorite drugstore. Mascara although, you know it really does depend on your lashes because Everybody’s different and everybody’s looking for something different and everybody’s lashes are gonna do something different But for me personally, this has been amazing. It’s very comparable to a lot of high-end mascaras, but You’re not paying the high-end prices. So it’s a really really really really good option If you look at the wand it has a similar wand to a lot of the high-end mascaras that are out right now it has this like Hourglass shape to it and it’s just very easy to like connect onto the lashes and then glide up and get that volume and length That we all want mascara is really gonna open up your eyes It’s gonna give you more of like that bright eyed look and it’s you know It’s one of the first like starter products for sure I think even before eyeshadows like I was using mascaras So I definitely had to include that. Let’s talk about brows for a little bit so when I was first getting into makeup brows were not like a huge thing to be honest, so I didn’t have like You know, I didn’t really have brow products. And so I until I started doing YouTube videos to be honest but I don’t want to mention them for you guys because Nowadays your brows gotta be on fleek. If you are really really really just getting to makeup I would recommend just going with a tinted brow. Gel. You can just stroke through your brows and Pretty much just get her done it’s a very very quick and easy brow routine to do or brow product to use because That’s what we need if we’re really just getting into makeup. If you are like I said a level 2 maybe Then this is the product that I would recommend you guys know personally. I always use brow pomade Um, and this is very similar to benefits Cabrillo Actually, it even has the cap like the brush in the cap. And all you have to do is take the cap off Use the brush that comes with it dip it into the product and then go in and apply it’s super duper easy but again I know that this product can be intimidating if you don’t Really if you haven’t worked with brow pomade too much or cream brown gels too much So if that’s the case, then I would definitely go with the tinted brow. Gel We have to talk about a highlighter. Honestly, nowadays highlighter is an essential like back maybe six seven years ago I probably wouldn’t say that. It’s an essential but now it is you know, so for highlighter The best this is the best drugstore highlighter I have ever used. It’s the Maybelline master chrome It’s what I’m wearing today, and I just feel like it mmm It just does so much for the skin and the cheeks and it’s so beautiful it has the perfect little golden tint to it and I just feel like it’s so easy to work with it is Blinding like it is so pretty on the skin honestly, and especially if you blend it out Well, super duper easy to blend super easy to apply. I mean, there’s not really that much that goes into highlighting I feel it’s kind of just like working with the products and finding a product. That’s a good quality And this one definitely is so if you’re in the market for a highlighter So good as far as contouring. I honestly don’t feel like contouring is that essential, you know? Obviously if you do want to do it, you totally can but what I do feel is essential is bronzer and blush So I wanted to mention this duo this one’s actually from elf cosmetics and it’s called the contouring blush and bronzer and this is perfect for beginners because you have both of The products right here ready to go and they match each other really. Well. These are pretty Universal Universal shades I would say I feel like I use these When I’m more on my pale side when I’m more on my tan side, I can still actually use this blush and bronzer duo So I think that’s a good telltale sign of however social it really can be they do have a couple of different shades But this one’s in the shade Saint Lucia and it’s very comparable to NARS orgasm So that’s another little dupe for you guys, and it’s so affordable And like I said, you’re getting both products in one it’s perfect for you guys We’re just trying to build like a little you know makeup bag or a little starter kit for you guys to just get into makeup and They’re easy to use because you put the bronzer all over Like the outer corners of the face just to really warm everything up and then the blush I would apply right to the apples of the cheek and then blend backwards and they work really well together That’s why I wanted to mention this like as a do because for your beginners out there, you know You don’t have to go out and pick out ten different blushes that go with ten different makeup looks or like ten, you know So many different bronzers and whatever you could just kind of stick to like a little do it like this next up I’m gonna be talking about some lip products and I pretty much just stuck with nudes because I feel like when you’re just getting to Makeup you want it to look as natural as possible for the most part. So Starting off I have to talk about these. These are the most amazing lip products for beginners for professionals like something that I’ve used for years Now like I don’t even know how long I’ve been using this product, but it is the NYX soft matte lip cream These are my two favorite shades. They’re pretty similar They’re both nudes and they’re both warm tone news, but they do have like a slight difference to them So I’m just gonna you know, throw that out there for you guys But the first shade is Abu Dhabi and this one has a slightly darker hint to it And then the second one is called London, which has more of a brown undertone to it Just slightly, but to be honest, you only need one or the other But I have to say that throughout all the lip products that I’ve ever owned I Still to this day keep both of these inside of my purse because I always love having them on the hand and I think that they’re so perfect for beginners because They’re very very easy to use. The formula is soft. It is matte So it does dry down to be matte, but it’s never drying It’s just very creamy on the lips and it’s not one of those lip colors. That’s gonna be super Opaque like once you commit to it You’re not gonna be able to take it off and like rearrange it if you know You don’t like how you shaped your lips or if you don’t like how you apply it or if you don’t like the color with? The rest of your makeup, this is a formula that is very easy to take off reapply reapply Throughout the day if you love it And you just want to keep it on all day long and I just really recommend it for Anybody that’s getting into makeup because it’s such an amazing formula and so easy to use and these two colors are really really beautiful Nudes as well. So I do have a couple other lip products a classic lipstick a liquid lipstick and a lip gloss Just because along with the NYX soft matte lip creams I feel like we’re hitting all the bases, you know, whether you want it super glossy super matze. You’re kind of getting everything in between So the lipstick that I would really recommend for my beginners out there is this one from NYX and it’s in the shade Circ, I believe yes circ. So this is just the most beautiful nude lipstick It’s very comfortable to wear for a drugstore lipstick because it has a very creamy formula It is on the lighter side, but I still feel like it can work for a lot of skin tones I still wear the shade but they have like tons of shades So if you want something that’s a little darker or deeper You could probably find something along those lines, but really what I’m talking about for my beginners out There is the formula this formula is so good, especially for a very affordable lipstick because it’s super duper creamy Not only that. It’s easy to wear. It’s easy to apply It doesn’t get cakey or dry throughout the day and you can keep reapplying it throughout the day without it getting Crazy looking. So love this lipstick formula Another lipstick formula that I absolutely love is this liquid lipstick So this is from Wet n Wild and it’s the mega last liquid katsu. So this is in the shade nudie patootie like I said I really focused on nudes just for this video because I feel like for those of you who are just getting into makeup You know nudes are probably the easiest way to go the less, you know, the less crazy the less damage done I like to say because it’s it gets really crazy If you like apply a red lipstick and then you may be like over over like their lips too much and then it starts to Look crazy and then you pretty much have to like take off all of your the bottom part of your makeup in order to fix It that’s not gonna happen with nudes. So that’s why I wanted to get a lot of nudes for you guys I do think that a liquid lipstick is necessary for beginners even because you just want to know how to use them and it’s great to try them out with Affordable options like these that actually have a great formula to them. So this is a shade down here It’s a little bit more of a cool tone nude again on the lighter side but again something that I personally use all the time and something that I really like if you want to get more into makeup and you know that you’re gonna be using more expensive liquid lipsticks in the future trying out a drugstore liquid lipstick at first and practicing with that and practicing your techniques and practicing how you apply it is gonna be Essentials so definitely have to include that and of course we have a gloss in here the the glosses the glosses are back you know, I mean, I would honestly say the top two choices for me out of these five are the Soft matte lip cream and the gloss just because glosses are so easy to apply with a gloss There’s no damage done If you mess up a little it is gonna wear off but I just feel like it’s so beautiful So natural looking and it just gives your lips a little bit of extra shine So definitely my number one choice actually number two. So the next one’s maybe number three. I don’t know Okay, so we I love all of these obviously But this is definitely one of my number one choices for a lip product that beginners can use and love and enjoy and keep with them all the time and This particular one is amazing because it’s you know, it’s a plumping serum Volumizing lip gloss. I don’t feel like it like plumps them up too much to be honest Like I don’t feel like this makes my lips tingle but it just has the most beautiful shade to it and it can go over other lip products or You can use it by itself so I’m gonna apply a little bit just to the center so that you guys can see what it looks like cuz I just think That’s such a beautiful Formula and product and like I said definitely something that I would recommend to people that are just getting to makeup that are wanting a Classic gloss that they can use with anything with nothing by itself. It’s perfect brushes are interesting because when you’re first getting to makeup, I know that it can be very intimidating to see all these different types of brushes all these Expensive brushes that people are using I kind of feel like this is up in the air You definitely could do your makeup without brushes if you really wanted to but I did want to recommend Something that will kind of hit a lot of knees because I know that it can be so intimidating kind of stepping into the makeup world and seeing all these different brushes and all these expensive brushes and all these Different types of brushes and different shapes of brushes and not knowing exactly what to use and how to use it So the best way to go about it in my opinion is going with a that similar to this So this one on this particular one is from real techniques But really what I wanted to touch upon is just finding assets that comes with eyeshadow brushes and face brushes So this is one that I had on hand that I could show you guys but again, there are several different companies that do sell this so, you know BH Cosmetics has them Morphe has affordable ones there are ones that you can find at your local drugstore even but I do definitely recommend trying to find something that comes with like several different types of brushes just so that you guys can have the most learn with the most play with the most and Be the most well that sound like a motivational speech So yeah So that’s what I want to say about brushes is just finding a set that you can work with that has eye and face brushes But I really wanted to talk about this particular sponge if you’re looking for a drugstore sponge to get into makeup wave this is the sponge that I would recommend and they do sell it outside of sets like just Individual packages and it’s the Real Techniques sponge, obviously But it is so good at really blending out your foundation flawlessly like it works just as well as a lot of the higher-end blenders out there and It’s a way more affordable price for those of you that are on a budget and I just feel like this particular Blender because you guys know there are so many affordable blenders out there right now and this is the only one that I feel really really works well, and you’re still getting What you’re paying for it, does that make sense? I just don’t see the point in like buying a really cheap blender That doesn’t work So I definitely wanted to recommend you guys something that is affordable, but actually works well So I used it today to blend up my foundation and my concealer This is what I would use to blend out my it’s a to Ryan So I apply it with the applicator but then I go in with the blender with the flat side of the blender for my concealer and then I pounce it into the Skin, and if you don’t know exactly how to use blenders, they’re super duper easy to use You just have to wet them under running water So like under the sink wet them and squeeze them a bit until they kind of Expand they fluff up and they get a lot bigger and then once you have your blender fully expanded you just take A towel or even a tissue and wrap your blender and then squeeze out the excess water and when it’s just a little bit damp That is actually when your blender is working at its Optimum level and that’s when your foundation is gonna blend out so seamlessly so smoothly and especially with this particular blender like I just I’m just a huge fan of this blender because it’s so soft and bouncy and just really gets that foundation like on There this one isn’t really like an essential but I still wanted to mention it for those of you who really want to get into Makeup who maybe you know want to be makeup artist or even influencers or youtubers? So we all know that lashes are like such a thing right and lashes are another thing that can be so intimidating when you’re first using them but even though You know, this isn’t technically an essential for like the beginners kit I did want to mention a pair that any beginner could use to practice to get ready for Bigger lashes more dramatic lashes or just practice putting on lashes So the Ardell whispies are definitely what I would recommend because they’re so thin and small and the band is very thin So it’s really easy to work with and it’s just easy to get to know how to put on lashes how to like place them down and because they’re a more affordable brand you don’t have to worry about wasting, you know, 30 bucks on a pair of lashes cutting too much off the end and then applying it wrong and Peeling them off and ruining them or something. You know what? I mean? You don’t have to worry about that as much Because they’re gonna be easier to work with hopefully for you guys, but on top of that they are a more affordable option So these are actually the baby demi wispies, but they have a bit of a longer one. That’s just called the are gel wispy So one of those two is definitely what I would recommend if you want to get into lashes But again, if you don’t mascara is gonna do you just fine I really really hope that this helps you guys out just because that was the whole reason of starting my beginner series and also my drugstore series last year for those of you who are getting into makeup who may feel intimidated by makeup and just want to play around and like learn more about it and just Be able to do so on a budget if that makes sense. So I really hope that this helps you guys out Don’t forget to subscribe before you leave and I’ll see you my next video. I So, um, yeah We had to bring it back oh I’m gonna restart this cuz my phone was on this it was on camera

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