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Drs. Rx: A Morning Wake-Up Shot of Health

Some days we all need a little boost to start the day. Today’s Doctor’s prescription, it’s not coffee, it’s a morning wake up shot and the recipe calls for four ingredients. Beets, carrots, lemon and pineapple. Before I talk further, docs– This is like a little blood transfusion– Give it a little whirl, tell me what you think. Yeah, cheers.
Cheers. The top of the mornin’ to ya. Top of the mornin’.
That’s lovely, that is lovely, I’m gonna tell you, beets, nothin’ beats a beet. Great source of fiber,
(audience clapping) great for digestive health, carrots I love ’em. Beta carotene, another great source of potassium, vitamin K1–
Why does that taste so good? Pineapples are so good, they contain an enzyme. You don’t like it?
Did they give you a different drink? (audience laughing) They can ease digestion, I’m just gonna pretend that you’re not upset with this drink, this is lovely. Are you not a big beet fan?
It’s the beets. The beets are very subtle. Even the smell of beets.
Really? Makes me nauseated.
This is wonderful. Yeah?
I don’t– Yeah?
I don’t love beets necessarily on their own.
Okay. But, this is really good.
I like them. (audience laughing) ‘Kay, just drink that little bit. Just a little bit.
Just a little hit, come on. Okay.
(glasses clanging) We want you as healthy–
Just throw it back, you won’t even know what happened. Okay.
(audience faintly speaking) Get it, Nita. Okay.
Nita, Nita, Nita, Nita, Nita, Nita, Nita.
(audience cheering) You just got a beet sam, huh? Oh. I want make this at home and then get on social media and rate it.
(audience laughing) We’re gonna have the recipe in terms of how to make this on our website, you can try it out, assuming you’re not allergic to any of these ingredients and I bet you that most people will enjoy it. Okay.
That Dr. Nita– Let’s bet on it. And you can’t say you like it just because it’s Travis because they’ll– I have an idea, we are– You cannot just vote for Travis. Yeah, we are going to have, on our social media, we’re gonna have people vote. Whether or not they like it, thumbs up, or don’t like it, thumbs down. So, what’s the bet?
Okay, what’s the bet? Okay, you determine, what’s the bet? What’s the bet?
Yeah. I have an idea.
Okay. The bet should be, whoever wins, they get to come up with their shot of healthy, and then the other person has to do it with them, so we can, I can do another shot with beets in it and you’d have to do it with me. Nita?
Well, why don’t you do that? You wouldn’t do that though, you wouldn’t do that. Nita, you wanna–
I know you, you wouldn’t do it.
All right, it’s a bet. It’s a bet.
Nita, wanna come over to my house, I’m serving beet soup tonight. Oh, it’s a movie night, I’m busy.
Come on down. I’m busy tonight. (laughing) All right, so, you’re gonna have to weigh in on this. I’m countin’ on you.
It’s a big bet. It’s a big bet.
I’m countin’ on you, America.

6 thoughts on “Drs. Rx: A Morning Wake-Up Shot of Health

  1. Try it! I make this (was trying to add more beets to my diet) and ended up with this combo plus an apple and ginger. Sub an orange for the pineapple now that's it's fall. With fresh beets, it really goes taste pretty good and it's an energy booster (Check out the research on beet juice). I had to quit coffee and it's a great substitute.

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