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Dr. Adler Discusses Thread Lift Procedures- Park Cities Dermatology

Hi Im Dr. Max Adler with Park Cities Dermatology,
and today we’re going to discuss the injectable thread lift. You can use filler agents in
many areas on the face to make it look better. But one thing that happens over a period of
time is skin does sag. Not everyone wants to go to a plastic surgeon and have the traditional
face lift. With the injectable thread lift using filler agents we can often lift the
skin and even lift a part of the neck enough to avoid major surgery, sometimes for years.
It’s an easy procedure to do in the office, and the cost may be somewhere between $2000-$2500
for the injectable thread lift. Ask about it and look at our website. Please give us
a call at Park CIties Dermatology, 2146927447 and learn more.

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