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I do quite a few full episodes and every once in awhile I want to do an episode
just for fun To see how it looks or what’s going to happen Which is the case and this episode right here I’m really excited about this one I’m going to be going around Chicago To a few dog parks And I’m going to keep it simple I’m just going to go up And ask the dog owners Excuse me Miss Does your dog lick your face by any chance? She was telling me that it’s a licker To re-enact when their dog greets them When they get home from work school or whatever And to keep this equal I’m going to try this
test On large dogs medium dogs and small dogs Not only to give us some more diversity But what I think is going to happen is I think the larger dogs are going to lick
slower then the smaller dogs. that’s one of the things that I’m curious
about And that’s one of the things we’re going to
find out Alright so it turns out the first dog of the
day is going to be lucky I mean his name is actually lucky he’s right
over there Where did he go oh there he is He’s a boxer and it’s as simple as the owner is just going
to call him up He’s going to greet his owner To get a better understanding for what’s going
on When the dog licks the owners face that’s
the idea. Alrighty let me just frame this up so it looks
nice and pretty Go lucky go go lucky go you need some encouragement Got it Good job You’re going to be famous you know that right? You know what it feels like to be famous? So that looked pretty cool no doubt Our second dog is going to be a small dog The dog’s name is Harley Yeah you ready Harley ready to rock and roll He licked me and then I think he tried to
bite me But that’s okay I’ve been bit before let’s
do it Okay I’m good whenever you’re ready Dana you
can go ahead this is what I find really amazing just about
nature and technology So the big dog at at a1000 frames per second Seemed just perfect but the small dog it was
a completely different story The dog licked so much faster the whole thing
happened faster With the smaller dog now I just have to find
a medium sized dog Her name is yoshimi big licker Right in the face yoshimi It’s a cool name right? That is a cool name Would you be willing to do it yeah why not What do you think I love it This is going to be our medium sized dog yoshimi You ready yoshimi? What frame rate should I shoot this at? Well she said the dog is a puppy so I’m thinking I’m going to do like 2500 frames per second Oh my God was that it? Yes Oh that’s absurd that’s hilarious Go go go I got that one That was like the slimiest kiss this is going to get all the comments on YouTube I like her tongue how it goes to the side Thank you so much that was super awesome I’ll
give you five to Yoshimi awesome job wherever you are So that was our medium dog that was actually the coolest medium dog that
I have seen at this park Yoshimi yeah So that just about wraps this episode up These dog parks were beyond amazing Okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little But the dog parks were cool We saw a lot of different dogs This was quite a challenge to film but I’m going to have to say It definitely wasn’t what I expected to see But that happens a lot of times when you get
really closed and really slow With really high resolution There’s a lot of information that emerges
from that footage that you normally don’t think about or you
can’t even imagine This is one of those cases So hopefully you enjoyed the episode Share your thoughts and leave a comment below Hit the subscribe button and check out that
Bell Because a lot of things have changed here
with the bell situation That’s about it I’m out of here Time to go home and take a shower

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