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– Oh! I didn’t recognize you there. Are you following me again? Today there’s something special
I want to talk to you about. Because I hired somebody
very special today to learn the tips and the tricks, how to get that Dita Von Teese look. And you’re like, oh my God,
but you already look stunning. Thank you. But I’m the messiest pinup you will find. My hair will always be fluffy. My face will always have a stick-on. And today I’m like, I want to show everybody how to do it like it’s supposed to be, ’cause, Dita, this woman is flawless. So I hired Jane von Vintage to tell us all the tips and tricks, how to do our makeup. So ladies, and even gents, and everyone who wants to
be involved in this process, come with me and let’s get
that perfect look going. – So you want to get rid
of all the imperfections in your face, just to
have that perfect base. So your red lips and your cat eye eyeliner
will look perfect. Always blend down your foundation to neck, so you don’t have, like, a harsh line here and it looks like you’re wearing a mask. You want it to look as
natural as possible. All right, second step is concealer. A concealer can always
be a little bit lighter than your foundation just to have that extra highlight underneath your eyes, so you look as awake as possible. Just apply it in kind of like a triangle. Always set under the eyes with a powder, I’m doing this with translucent powder, just so you don’t have
creases underneath the eyes. So because her hair is almost black, I’m using a pencil that’s like
a really, really dark brown. Never use straight black on eyebrows, ’cause it will look really unnatural. So I’m just going to use the
darkest brown that I have. And what you need to worry about is just really focusing on
the arch of the eyebrow, ’cause that is what’s going
to make it the more retro. Also what you need to worry
about is doing, like, an ombre, so it’s darker on the back
than it is in the front. So as you can see, eyebrows
are never exactly the same. You should look at them
as sisters, not as twins, because no one’s eyebrows are the same. So don’t be too perfectionist about it. So for the eye shadow, I’m
using this LORAC PRO palette. This is, like, the perfect pinup palette, ’cause it has all of these
neutral shades in it, and that’s perfect for a pinup look. So I’m going to start with just a really
neutral shade as a base, which makes it easier for me
to blend the other colors. So I’m going to put it on all of her eye and blend it out. Then in the crease, we’re going to use just a neutral brown shade, just to deepen the eye a little bit. For a pinup look, you
want it to look natural, so just emphasize the natural
beauty of someone’s face. Also, because you don’t want
to get the attention away from the red lips we’re going to put on. Then on top of the eyelid, we’re just going to do a really
light shimmery eyeshadow. This is nice because
it still looks natural, but because it’s shimmery, it lets the light reflect beautifully and kind of emphasize
the shape of the eyes. Blending is key with these looks. You want it to look as natural as you can. So, eyeliner time. She looks scared. Don’t be scared of eyeliner,
because it can smell your fear. So all you need is a good black eyeliner, and I’m using this little
tiny brush from ZOEVA. A brush is really, really important, because if you use a brush
that’s too thick or too junky, it won’t give you the
crisp line that you need. So just use a little tiny brush. I’m going to ask her to look down. So you do the upper lid first, and then we’re going
to tie the wing to it. Always be sure that you’re
doing it really close to the lash line, otherwise you’ll have, like,
a weird space in between. Okay, now you can look
straight ahead to the camera. Always, when you do your wing, make sure you look straight in the camera, otherwise your wing will
kind of change its shape, and you don’t want it to
hang down or anything. Don’t worry if you smudge it a little bit or you go out of the line, you can always fix that with a little bit of concealer afterwards. All right, now we’re going to fix it. So what I do is I just use a little bit of the leftover foundation
on a really sturdy brush and I just swipe away the extra eyeliner. So you can look down. And there is your perfect wing. Can you look down for the people? There we go. Perfect, now mascara and lashes. So I always use a disposable spoolies, because it’s way more hygienic than using the actual wand of the mascara. So yeah, you don’t want to get an eye infection, do you? So okay, you can look down a little bit. I’m just going to put a tiny
bit of mascara on your lashes just to make them black, so you can’t tell you’re
wearing the fake eyelashes. Doing your bottom eyelashes. Some people don’t like it, but it actually opens up
your eye a little bit more. So I would recommend
doing it for this look. There we go, and now lashes. – Which lashes do you use and why? – So my favorite glue to
use is the green one by DUO, because it has no latex in it, so you won’t have trouble with anyone having allergies or something. And it also dries really fast, so that’s really nice. First I’m going to have
to see if these eyelashes are too long for her or not. So you can look down,
don’t close your eyes. And see if we have to
cut a piece off or not. I think they work. All right, perfect. So we don’t have to cut anything off. If you have to, always do
this on the end of the lashes, the longest bit, never
on the shortest bit, ’cause then it will look weird. Just put a little bit of glue
on, wait for like 30 seconds, and then you can start sticking them. So now they got a little bit tacky, so I’m going to ask her to look down and I can just put them
on top of her own lashes. So I grab the two sides,
and put them on top. And then just press them on. Can you look up? They’re comfortable? – Very comfortable. – Good. It’s because there’s a thin band on it. If you take the one with
the black band right there, it’s going to be
uncomfortable for most people. So, only place that I want
drama in my life are my lashes. – It’s a good quote. – Right? – And we were also just talking
about having fake lashes or having fake lashes – Extensions.
– Extensions. The permanent ones, I would
never do the permanent ones. – No. It’s such a hassle, and if they fall out, it looks so weird. – You look like a spider, a stripper spider is opening
their legs on your eyes, and you’re, like, it’s really weird. – Yeah. So I’d rather just stick them on instead. – It’s only a 30 second
job, ladies and gents. – And gents. – And anyone who prefers to wear lashes. – Yeah, right. Here we go. – I feel like myself again. – Yes. This gets the glamour into
your look instantly, right? – And this isn’t just a dated look. You can do this anytime, anywhere. – So I always like to
use liquid lipsticks. This one is one by
Sephora, just the brand. They really stay on way
longer than normal lipsticks, so that’s why I like to use them, especially if you’re working red colors. I also use a lip liner just
to make sure that it’s nice and crisp around the edges. I use this disposable lip brushes as well. You can use a regular lip brush for this, but just the hassle of
washing them every time, so I use these. Bombshell lips. – So there’s one more step, right? – One more step is the cheeks, because you have the
bright red lips right now, and it gets kind of gets all
the color out of your face, so we’re going to put it back into it. Just get a nice fluffy brush. I’m going to use, like,
a peachy color on her. This is, like, a really dark
peachy color, which I like. – So fluffy. – And we’re going to put it
on the apples of the cheeks, but not too far in, ’cause
that will make it look weird. Just like that and swipe it
a little bit to the back. – This is the only time
we swipe right, ladies. – Right. And this is going to give
you that perfect retro blush in your face. It’s really nice. Other side. There we go. Transformation done. How do you think? – I think it looks amazing. – Awesome. – Thank you.

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