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Yeah, woah…healthy skin! Hey guys! Today I’m going to be talking about my general skin care routine. So skincare is actually something that’s super important to me. Without healthy skin, it’s not going to matter how much makeup you put onto of it if you don’t have a nice base to start with. So it’s kind of really important I guess my number one tip would be – no matter how tire you are – no matter how sick you are please take off your makeup! When you go home or when you’re about to go to bed Do NOT sleep with makeup on. So I guess if you’re in kind of a hurry or you kinda you know…want to get to bed my biggest secret would be to grab some makeup remover wipes. They’re clean, they’re disposable. If you do just this one step I promise you, your skin is going to thank you for it. And you’re not going to wake up with a pimple the next day, or in two days. It’s annoying – It’s not worth it just grab one of these, and you’re good to go! Great! So after I’ve taken off the majority of my makeup I”ll grab a gentle skin cleanser. Now the one that my dermatologist reccomended to me – was the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser for all skin types. Now if you’ve got oily skin they make a new one that comes in a foam. That one’s just for oily skin but this one just seems to do the job. It’s super super gentle. And if I don’t have much makeup on I can use this and this actually takes off a little bit of makeup. If i have more makeup on I’ll actually go and grab a gauze. Basically what ill do is squeeze a bit of the cleanser onto the gauze. And i’ll actually go ahead and start gently rubbing my skin. And you’ll see how much makeup is still left on your skin. And you’ll be so glad that you used this. If I have heavier eye-makeup like a smokey eye or if i’ve used false lashes I have to go in with some pretty heavy duty stuff. My go to is the Loreal Paris Gentle eyes and lips express makeup remover This thing – Can I just tell you… You’re supposed to shake it up. And put a little bit on a cotton bud and sweep it across your eyes. I have never – ever had an eye makeup remover that can do as good as a job as this one. It’s pretty much guaranteed that it will take your makeup off. But not even just eye makeup – I’m talking like lash glue! Perfect so if I’m having a spa day or I just really want to treat my skin – say I feel like theres going to be a breakout…. What I’ll do is i’ll go and grab a mask. And my go to mask is the formula 10.0.6 pores be pure skin-clarifying mud mask. It really kind of just gets into your pores. I’ll just grab a little bit of this and do a really thin layer The secret is not to go overboard – Kind of less is more sort of thing Leave it on the skin and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. And then what i’ll do is I’ll wash it off. And once you wash it off – oh my gosh! There is no better feeling. It’s really good. And your pores will be like ‘thank you thank you vanessa’ If I don’t feel like i’m going to break out soon – and I feel like my skins looking a little bit dull – I’ll actually use the sister product. Which is a peel mask – It’s called ‘get your glow on – brightening peel off mask’ in papaya and citrus. So…this one is just going to kind of look a little bit more radiant. If you’re feeling like you’re skin is a bit duller I’d definitely use this. So I put this on a really thin layer again for about 10-15 minutes. Start peeling it off – It’s going to feel weird at first but I promise you it feels really good! Start peeling it off – and you’ll instantly notice something different – that you look a little bit more.. lifted and brighter and awake And then what I’ll do is I’ll apply my eye cream. So I actually use the benefit eye cream ‘its potent’. It’s really good. It really gets in there. what I’ll do is I’ll actually scoop a little bit of the produce with a Q Tip so I don’t contaminate the tub it’s in. And what I’ll do is I’ll just put a little bit on my ring finger and just pat pat pat pat pat. That way I’m not just kind of pulling that really delicate layer of skin near my eyes. I don’t want premature wrinkles! Cause that would suck 🙁 Well thats it for my skin care routine. As always please thumbs up this video! SUBSCRIBE! and comment down below on what you think i should do next or what you want to do next! Ok see you in the next one! Bai

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